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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Welcome To The WWE Part 30: Nikki Bella
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the trainer's room during the August 29, 2008 edition of Friday Night
SmackDown, Matt Hardy, wearing jeans, is putting on his black t-shirt after
getting his right elbow looked at, "Man. that John Morrison is tougher than
he looks." Matt says to himself as the trainer's room door opens. Matt looks
over at the door and he licks his lips as he sees Nikki Bella, the twin
sister of SmackDown's newest Diva Brie Bella, entering the room. "Hey
congratulations on your first win Brie." Matt says as he catches Nikki,
who's dressed in wearing a black and silver top with tight fitting wrestling
pants, by surprise.

Nikki Bella pauses and presses her lips together as she looks at Matt Hardy.
The mischievous and adorable twin sister of Brie, smirks slyly "Oh my win?"
Nikki laughs "Yeah it was so awesome wasn't it?" Nikki asks as she closes the
door to the training room.

"Of course... getting the first win is always awesome...." Matt says before
laughing, "I had to wait a few years to get my first win... you're real lucky
to get it in your first match."

Nikki smirks and nods her head "Oh yeah, that win tonight was so easy!" Nikki
says with a laugh as she takes a step to approach Matt Hardy "You know...I
always believe that if you want something enough, there isn't anything
standing in your way..." Nikki Bella says as she bites down on her bottom lip
before she slyly and seductively looks at Matt Hardy.

"That's a great way to think Brie..." Matt says as Nikki takes a small step
towards him.

Nikki Bella nods her head " matter what it is..." Nikki says with a
sly smirk as she keeps her adorable, seductive eyes locked on Matt Hardy
"Even if it's a hot stud..." Nikki says as she tosses her dark, smooth hair
back and places her hands onto Matt's strong arms as she slyly moves her
hands against and up his arms.

Matt licks his lips a bit, "I guess... there's something you want..." Matt
says as Nikki gently moves her hands up to his shoulders before sliding them
to his chest.

Nikki smiles and nods her head "Mmm...yeah there is..." Nikki Bella replies
as she locks her eyes with Matt Hardy and starts to lift his shirt from his
nicely toned and toned chest.

"I just put that on..." Matt laughs as he lifts his arms up so that Nikki can
lift off his shirt.

Nikki slyly raises an eyebrow and shrugs her shoulders "I don't care..." The
identical, mischievous twin sister of Brie Bella replies as she slides her
hands against Matt's smooth, toned chest before she leans up and teasingly
brushes her tongue against his lips.

"Mmmm... I can see that Brie..." Matt says as Nikki lightly rakes her
fingernails against his toned chest. Nikki then slides her hands down to his
jeans so that she can unbutton and unzip them. Nikki slyly smiles as she tugs
Matt Hardy's jeans down from his toned waist, causing them to instantly drop
from his legs. Nikki licks her lips as she eagerly lowers herself down onto
her knees in front of Matt Hardy as she proceeds to lower his black boxer

Matt leans back against the trainer's table as Nikki tug down his black boxer
short, freeing his long and meaty cock. Matt smiles as he watches Nikki just
stare at his cock before she wraps her hands around his shaft, "Like what you
see Brie?"

"Mmmm...oh yes!" Nikki Bella says with a wide, cute smile as she wraps her
soft hands around his shaft and starts to eagerly stroke her hands against
his shaft before she leans her head forward and playfully flicks her tongue
against his ballsack.

"Mmmmm...." Matt moans as he feels Nikki's tongue going back and forth
against his balls while she uses both of her hand to stroke his hardening
dick. Nikki closes her eyes as she flicks her tongue against Matt's ballsack
before she removes her hands from his hard shaft and starts to soothingly
guide her wet tongue up his long, hard shaft.

"Ohhhhh fuck...." Matt moans as Nikki's tongue reaches the tip of his shaft.
Nikki twirls her tongue around his the head of his cock before she takes it
past her lips.

"Mmmmm..." Nikki softly moans as Matt's cock enters her wet, warm mouth.
Nikki perfectly wraps her lips around Matt's cock and starts to steadily bob
her head on his cock, beginning to soothing suck.

"Ahhhh... mmmm yeah.... ahhh..." Matt licks his lips as he watches Nikki
Bella bob her head smoothly along the length of his cock. Matt slides a hand
through Nikki's black hair as she glances up at him as she sucks his dick.

Nikki lifts her mischievous, adorable and seductive eyes and locks them with
Matt Hardy as she continues to smoothly guide her head back and forth on his
cock. "Mmmmm..." Nikki groans as she slides her tongue against Matt's shaft
as she gradually takes him deeper into her mouth.

"Ahhhh shit... mmmmm fuck..." Matt Hardy moans as Nikki slowly, but steadily,
takes his entire cock past her soft wet lips. Matt tilts his head back and
groans with pleasure as Nikki holds his meaty shaft inside of her mouth.

Nikki slowly lifts her head from Matt Hardy's cock and cutely kisses the head
of his shaft while it drips with her saliva. " you want to fuck me?"
Nikki slyly asks.

"Fuck yeah!" Matt says eagerly as he nods his head. Matt steps away from the
trainer's table as Nikki stands up in order to slide down her tight fitting
wrestling pants. Nikki Bella bites down on her bottom lip as she slides her
tight fitting black pants down from her waist and down her gorgeous, smooth
legs before she steps out of her pants. With her smoothly shaved and
perfectly hot pushes exposed, she steps up to the trainer's table and
seductively bends over, sticking her seductive ass into the air.

Matt smirks, "Damn... my brother Jeff would just drool over that ass..." Matt
says with a grin as he steps behind Nikki and pushes his saliva-covered cock
into Nikki's warm, wet pussy with a first thrust.

"'re brother is pretty hot..." Nikki moans with a laugh as
she feels Matt Hardy's cock entering her tight pussy from behind. Nikki bites
down on her bottom lip as Matt starts to firmly thrust his cock into her.

"Mmmm ahhh... but I'm hotter than he is..." Matt says with a smile as he
places his hands on Nikki's waist while he pumps his cock in and out of her
tight pussy.

"Mmmmm...I know the feeling...I'm much hotter than..." Nikki suddenly pauses
and grits her teeth at her almost sudden slip of the tongue. "I mean...ohhh
mmmm yeah Matt!" Nikki moans while covering her almost misshape. Nikki
glances over her shoulder with a smirk and firmly guides her sultry ass back
against his waist as she feels his cock deeply thrusting into her pussy.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm fuck... ahhh!" Matt groans as he thrusts his fat cock deeply
into Nikki's pussy. Matt increase his pace as he fucks the hot twin sister of
Brie Bella and his large ballsack smacks against Nikki's smooth tanned skin.

Ohhhhh! Mmmm-Matt!" Nikki moans as she closes her eyes and tilts her head
back as she rocks back and forth against the trainer's table as Matt
continues to swiftly drive his cock into her warm pussy from behind.

"Mmmmm... shit... yeah fuck you're so tight..." Matt moans as he pounds
Nikki's pussy with quick, sharp thrusts. Matt slides his hands all over
Nikki's round seductive ass as she pushes back against him.

Nikki grits her teeth as she pushes her seductive, perfectly shaped body back
against Matt Hardy's cock as she forces her tight, wet pussy back on his
cock. "Ohhhh shit Matt!" Nikki moans as she starts to sweat. Matt Hardy licks
his lips as he slows his thrusts down and pulls his cock out of Nikki's
pussy. Matt turns Nikki around and lifts her onto the trainer's table. When
she spreads her legs, Matt steps between them and thrusts his cock back into
her wet pussy.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh..." Nikki Bella groans as she wraps her gorgeous legs around
Matt's toned waist as he starts to rapidly pump his cock into her tight
pussy. "Mmmmm yeah Matt..."

"Mmmm fuck... ahhhh ahhhhh!" Matt starts to lift up Nikki's black and silver
top to uncover her juicy tits that bounce with each of his thrusts. Matt
grins as Nikki uses her gorgeous legs to pull him towards her so that he
fucks her even harder. Nikki licks her lips as she locks her adorable,
mischievous eyes with Matt Hardy while she places her hands onto his strong
arms as she move back and forth on the trainer's table.

"Awww... mmmm!" Matt grits his teeth as he grabs Nikki's waist as he rams his
cock deep into her pussy. Matt leans his head forward to slide his tongue
against her lips, but Nikki instantly starts to flick her tongue against his.
Nikki closes her eyes as she opens her mouth and takes her kiss Matt Hardy as
she eagerly rocks forward against his cock as she tightens her wet pussy
around his shaft.

"Mmmmmm!" Matt moans into Nikki's mouth as he pounds her tightening pussy
with quick hard thrusts.

Nikki gently bites down on Matt's bottom lip as she kisses him before she
leans her head back to break the kiss. "Ohhhhhh shit Matt!" Nikki Bella moans
as she rocks forward on the trainer's table to push against his rapidly
thrusting cock.

"Awww.... ahhhh fuck Brie... mmmm!" Matt moans as he starts to cum inside of
Nikki Bella's tight wet pussy as she pushes against him.

Nikki licks her lips and smiles as she feels Matt's cum filling her wet
pussy. "Ohhhhh shit..." Nikki Bella moans.

"Ohhhh damn.... mmmm..." Matt licks his lips as his cock throbs slightly as
he finishes cumming. After lowers her legs from his waist, Matt pulls his
dick out of her pussy.

Nikki Bella smirks as she slides off of the trainer's table and nods her head
at Matt Hardy "Definitely what I wanted..."

Matt grins, "If you want it again..." Matt starts to say as Nikki pulls down
her black and silver top. Matt licks his lips as he looks at Nikki's ass as
she bends down to pick up her pants.

Nikki slyly winks at Matt Hardy "I'll know where to come..."

"Yup...." Matt smiles as Nikki pulls up her pants. "It was great meeting
you..." Matt adds as he bends down to pick up his jeans.

Nikki Bella nods her head as she opens the door of the trainer's room.
"Yeah...maybe I'll be seeing you around again..."

After Nikki leaves, Matt puts on his jeans and picks up his t-shirt before he
leaves the trainer's room. As he steps into the hallway he sees his brother
Jeff, "Hey bro. you gotta meet Brie Bella. she's smoking hot!" Matt says with
a smile.

Jeff rubs the side of his head and looks down one end of the hallway and then
down the other before he looks at Matt, "Ummm I do?" Matt asks.

"Yeah you'd totally dig her." Matt says before notices the confused look on
Jeff's face, "You okay bro?" Matt asks.

Jeff shrugs his shoulders, "Yeah. I think Shelton nailed me too hard in the
ring when he ran in."


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