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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Welcome To The WWE Part 34: Lauren Mayhew
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

After the completion of the WWE Superstars tapings taking place at The
Dunkin' Donuts Center, RAW's Ring Announcer Justin Roberts is inside one of
the WWE production trucks waiting for his prot‚g‚ Lauren Mayhew to arrive.
Justin is wearing black slacks and a white button shirt, and he's listening
to how Lauren sounded when she did the ring introductions and match result
announcement for the ECW match that took place. Justin is so focused on what
he's listening too that he doesn't noticed the door to the production truck
being opened. The WWE's newest Ring Announcer, the blonde haired beauty,
Lauren Mayhew, dressed in a gorgeous, nicely fitting, single-piece white
skirt and white top, steps into the doorway of the production truck. Lauren
bites down on her bottom lip as she sees the individual who has been training
her for the past couple weeks on her vocal skills as it pertains to being a
Ring Announcer for the WWE. Lauren Mayhew closes her left hand into a fist
and quietly knocks on the doorframe.

Justin blinks his eyes and jumps bit before he looks behind him towards the
door, "Hi Lauren, come in, come in..." Justin smiles as he waves for Lauren
to enter the production truck.

Lauren Mayhew softly smiles and steps into the production truck, closing the
door behind her. Lauren shamefully lowers her blond haired head and nervously
shifts her feet from once she approaches and stands next to Justin Roberts.
"I did bad...didn't I?" Lauren asks.

"No you didn't..." Justin smiles, "You're getting better every single time
Lauren...I noticed that you took my advice about showing excitement in your

Lauren presses her soft lips together and nods her head "Yeah I did...and it
worked, right?" Lauren asks with a soft, somewhat nervous laugh.

"Yes it did.... and you look a lot less nervous than you did a few weeks
ago," Justin adds.

"Really?" Lauren asks with a smile and some excitement

"Yes it does..." Justin smiles, "At the rate you're going, pretty soon you
won't be needing any coaching from me..."

Lauren Mayhew blushes cutely and lowers her blond haired head "Awww...
thanks...but I'm afraid for your's still going to be a while..."
Lauren says with a cute laugh as she places her hands onto her gorgeously
shaped hips.

"It's no problem Lauren, I'm happy to help you out... we all got to
contribute to putting on a great show..." Justin says.

Lauren nods her head and smiles as she lightly leans against the soundboard
on the production truck. "Ummm...I don't know if this is the normal or not,
but...umm because you've helped me out so much and I greatly appreciate how
nice you've been to me and all, umm...well I'd like to buy you dinner

Justin smiles, "Well that would be awesome Lauren... thank you.... but you
don't have to, I know how tough it is getting used to how things work in the

Lauren Mayhew smiles as she steps away from the soundboard and closer to
Justin Roberts, as he remains sitting. "So would that be yes or no..." Lauren
sweetly asks.

"Ummmm.... that would be a yes..." Justin says as Lauren steps closer to him.

Lauren smiles softly as she takes Justin's hands as he raises an eyebrow,
curiously looking up at the beautiful blond Ring Announcer of ECW. "So...that
would be a date then...right?" Lauren asks with a laugh as she holds his

Justin Roberts pauses and then nods his head, "Yeah... yes it would be a
date..." Justin says.

"Awesome..." Lauren Mayhew says as she looks at Justin Roberts with her
adorable eyes and then lightly pulls on Justin Roberts, causing him to stand
up from the chair. Justin looks down into Lauren's beautiful eyes as they in
front of each other. There is a long silence between them and then Justin
leans slowly starts to lean down as Lauren starts to push up on her tiptoes
to softly kiss each other's lips.

"Mmmmm..." Lauren Mayhew softly moans as she closes her eyes and presses her
soft, luscious lips against Justin's firm lips, gently brushing her tongue
into his mouth.

"Mmmmm..." Justin moans as he returns the kiss. As Lauren reaches up to wrap
her arms around his neck, Justin places his hands on Lauren's waist as their
kiss slowly becomes deeper.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Lauren softly moans as she lightly grinds her body against
Justin, slapping her wet tongue against his tongue as she kisses him

"Mmmmmm... mmm...' Justin circles his tongue against Lauren's tongue as she
presses her body against his. Justin's hands move from Lauren's waist to her
lower back as he holds her against him.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh..." Lauren moans as she feels Justin's right hand lowering
against her skirt covered ass as she massages her luscious lips against
Justin's lips.

"Mmmmmmm... mmm..." Justin moans into Lauren's mouth as he lightly rubs her
ass through the material of her skirt. Justin and Lauren soon break their
lustful kiss and Justin smiles down at the gorgeous blond haired ring
announcer, "Wow..." Justin says.

Lauren bites down on her bottom lip and blushes before she places her hands
onto the waistline of Justin's black slacks. "We won't get in trouble for
this, will we?" Lauren asks as she starts to unbuckle his belt with her

"No... everyone's in the arena...." Justin says as he reaches behind Lauren
to unzip the zipper of her single-piece white skirt and top outfit.

"Good..." Lauren replies with a soft smile as she threads the belt through
the loops of his black slacks and drops the belt onto the floor of the
production truck. Lauren licks her lips lightly as Justin Roberts slides the
straps of her white top off of her shoulders to exposes her gorgeous, juicy
and nicely perky tits.

Lauren lifts her arms slightly to unbutton Justin's shirt as he brushes his
hands against her tits. As Lauren unbuttons his shirt, Justin's surprisingly
well-toned and tanned chest is revealed. Lauren places her hands against his
nicely toned and tanned bare chest, sliding his shirt open further before
causing it to drop from his shoulders.

"You're gorgeous Lauren..." Justin says with a smile as she slides her hands
over his chest and then stomach before she starts to undo his slacks.

"Thanks're extremely handsome yourself..." Lauren replies with
an adorable laughs as she unbuttons his slacks and lowers the zipper behind
pushing them down from his waist.

Lauren and Justin share another kiss as Lauren pushes down his slacks from
his waist. Justin's decently long and thick cock springs out of his slacks
and brushes against Lauren's legs when he and Lauren break their kiss. Lauren
blushes cutely and glances down at Justin's nicely long and hardening shaft
before she starts to lower herself down onto her knees. Lauren places her
left hand around Justin's cock and smoothly guides her hand against it,
feeling it hardening against her hand.

"Mmmm..." Justin moans as Lauren gently strokes his cock with her left hand.
Lauren Mayhew smiles up at Justin as she smoothly guides her left hand up and
down his shaft before she begins his cock up to her sweet mouth. Lauren
playfully kisses the head of his cock before she gently flicks her tongue
against the piss-slit.

"Mmmmm ohhh..." Justin moans as he smiles down at Lauren as she flicks her
tongue against the swollen head of his now fully harden cock.

"Mmmmm..." Lauren moans as she slides her wet tongue against the head of
Justin's cock, while lowering her left hand to the base and then following
with her tongue sliding down his shaft.

"Ohhhhh.... mmmm..." Justin licks his lips as Lauren slides her tongue down
the side of his cock. Lauren closes her eyes as she slides her wet tongue
slowly back up Justin's shaft, leaving a nice trail of her wet saliva. Lauren
reaches the head of Justin's cock and proceeds to open her mouth and take the
Ring Announcer of Monday Night RAW's cock into her mouth.

"Ohhhh..... ahhh..." Justin moans as he closes his eyes as Lauren Mayhew
starts to bob her head smoothly on his rock hard cock.

"Ohhhhhh..." Lauren softly moans as she lifts and lowers her head on Justin's
cock, smoothly brushing her luscious lips against his shaft.

"Ohhhh my... mmm..." Justin moans as he places his right hand on Lauren head.
As she bobs her head on his cock, Justin slides his fingers through Lauren's
smooth blond hair.

"Mmmmmm...mmmmm..." Lauren softly moans as she places her right hand up onto
Justin's toned waist as she twists her left hand lightly against the base of
his shaft while she continue to smoothly suck on it.

"Ahhh.... mmmmm.... ahhh.." Justin moans as Lauren adjusts the grip her left
hand has on the base of his cock as she bobs her head at a fairly quick pace
on his dick. Lauren's soft and wet tongue lightly slaps around Justin's shaft
as she continues to bob her head up and down on his nicely sized cock.

"Ohhh yes Lauren... mmm..." Justin moans as he opens his eyes in order to
watch Lauren work over his cock with her warm, wet and soothing mouth.

"Mmmmm....." Lauren softly moans as her soft and luscious lips brush against
his shaft as she smoothly bobs up and down on her head, slapping her wet
tongue against his shaft.

"Ohhhh ohhh Lauren..." Justin moans as he watches as Lauren turns her head
slightly as she bobs her head on his nicely sized cock.

Lauren Mayhew lightly turns her blond haired head on Justin's cock before she
slowly lifts her head and sweetly smiles up at him. "Mmmm're so

"You're gorgeous Lauren..." Justin smiles as he helps the beautiful blond
haired Diva up from the ground. Lauren presses her soft and pouty lips
together, blushing, as she places her hands onto her nicely curved, tanned
hips before pushing her white single piece top and skirt down from her waist
and down her nicely smooth, tanned legs. Justin licks his lips as he looks
down at Lauren's beautiful legs and her smoothly shaved pussy before she
turns around to place her hands on the soundboard. Lauren bites down on her
bottom lip and cutely laughs as she glances over her shoulder to glance back
at Justin Roberts, watching him stepping up toward her. Justin places his
right hand on Lauren's slender waist as he uses his left hand to guide his
cock towards Lauren's pussy. With the head of his cock pressing against her
pussy lips, Justin smoothly pushes his shaft into her.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmm Justin..." Lauren softly moans and closes her eyes as she
feels Justin's nicely sized shaft sliding into her wet and tight pussy from
behind. Lauren places her hands firmly on the edge of the soundboard while
she starts to rock forward on her feet with Justin pumping his shaft smoothly
into her from behind.

"Ahhhh... mmmm ohh Lauren..." Justin moans as he places his left hand on
Lauren's waist as he smoothly thrusts his cock in and out of her warm, tight
and wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhh yeah...ohhhh Justin..." Lauren Mayhew moans as she lightly
pushes back against Justin's cock as he continues to pump his shaft deeply
into her nicely wet, warm pussy.

"Mmmmm ahhh.... ahhh..." Justin licks his lips as he slides his hands around
Lauren as he starts to increase the pace of his thrusts.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhh yeah Justin...ohhh..." Lauren moans and tilts her blond
haired head back slightly as she moves back, lightly smacking her adorable
ass against his toned waist.

"Mmmmm.... ahhh... ohhh..." Justin moans as he quickly thrusts his cock in
and out of Lauren Mayhew's tight pussy as she pushes back against him.

Lauren grits her teeth lightly as she feels Justin's cock swiftly thrusting
in and out of her tight pussy, causing her to rock back and forth on her
feet. "Ohhhhh Justin!" Lauren lustfully and sweetly moans.

"Mmmmm... ahhh ohh yeah..." Justin Roberts grunts as he deeply thrusts his
cock into Lauren's pussy as she matches his pace. Lauren Mayhew once again
glances over her shoulder and sweetly smiles back at Justin Roberts as he
smoothly guides her back against his cock with his hands placed gently on her
gorgeous waist. Justin smiles at Lauren as she looks back at him. The
handsome RAW Ring Announcer slow down his thrusts and leans forward to kiss
Lauren as he pulls out of her pussy.

"Mmmmmm..." Lauren softly moans as she closes her eyes and presses her soft,
pouty lips back against his lips. Justin breaks the kiss with Lauren and
turns her around in order to have her sit on the edge of the soundboard. Once
Lauren spreads her legs, Justin steps between them and eases his cock back
into her pussy.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh Justin..." Lauren softly groans and wraps her gorgeously
smooth, tanned legs around Justin Roberts's waist as she lightly rocks on the
edge of the soundboard against his thrusting cock.

"Mmmmm ahhh..." Justin moans as he places his hands on Lauren's thighs as he
thrusts his cock in and out of Lauren's pussy as she leans back slightly on
the soundboard.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhh Justin..." Lauren Mayhew softly moans as she places her
hands behind her on the soundboard as she feels his cock thrusting in and out
of her tight and wet pussy.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm... ohhh Lauren..." Justin Roberts moans as he quickens the
pace of his thrusts against as he fucks the beautiful ECW Diva.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmm Justin!" Lauren moans as she smoothly grinds her pussy
against his thrusting shaft, tightening her gorgeous legs around his waist.

"Mmmm.... ahhh... awww..." Justin Roberts grunts as he pumps his cock swiftly
into Lauren's pussy as she squeezes his waist with her legs.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhh Justin!" Lauren moans and leans her head back as her pussy
starts to tighten around his shaft. As Lauren's pussy begins to tighten on
his pistoning cock, Justin's shaft starts to throb inside of the gorgeous
blond as he deeply fucks her. Lauren leans forward to Justin Roberts and
wraps her arms around his neck as she pulls him toward her. Lauren presses
her soft and luscious lips against Justin's lips, sweetly kissing him.

"Mmmmmm..." Justin moans against Lauren's lips as she slides her tongue into
his mouth. As their tongue slap against each other, Justin begins to cum
inside of Lauren's dripping wet pussy.

"Mmmmmm...." Lauren moans as she taps her tongue softly against Justin's
tongue as she sweetly kisses his lips, grinding her pussy against his
throbbing shaft.

"Mmmm... mmm..." Justin moans as his tongue slides against Lauren's as his
cock throbs as he finishes shooting his cum into her pussy.

Lauren slowly breaks the kiss and cutely laughs. "So...are we still on for
dinner tonight?"

Justin Roberts smiles, "Sure... but if I can suggest.... maybe we go back to
the hotel... and order room service?" Justin offers.

Lauren smiles sweetly and blushes "Oh that would be so nice Justin..."


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