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Welcome To the WWF Stacy (F/F Gang Rape)
by Anonymous

Starring: Debra, Lita, Trish Stratus, Terri Runnels, Tori, Molly Holly,
Jacqueline, Ivory and Stacy Keibler.

Stacy Keibler arived at the areana for her first apearence on a WWF show,
it's was a Monday Night Raw taping so the leggy blond was very nervous. Her
boyfriend David Flair droped her off, giving her a swat on the ass as she
left the car. She blew the bang's off ger pretty eye's, and strutted into
the building. When she got inside she saw a slew of people, everyone from
Jobbers like Al Snow to Vince McMahon himself were rushing around the back
area of the building. The ex-Nitro girl, turned manager was instructed to go
to the women's locker room, and change into her "Miss Hancock" skirt suit.

She saw the familiar face of Molly Holly, who had been Mona in the WCW
less then a year before. She motioned to Stacy to follow her into a room
marked Visitors, witch had the word Diva's writen underneath. The nervouse
woman smilled, happy to see a someone she knew, and moved towared her. The
two huged, before Molly lead her friend into the room..."Now!" screamed a

Molly ducked, and Stacy found herself under attack by a slew of the World
Wrestling Federation's female preformers. She was easly taken to the floor
by the baned and recived kicked several times across her back. Nothing that
would leav a mark, but it still hurt. Then the pretty woman was pulled to
her feet and throwen into the running showers, were she saw Jackie and Ivory
naked and waiting. The patient, but powerful duo, leveled the 6' woman with
a double closeline, witch was followed up with more kicks to stacy's ribs and
chest. Her remaining attackers striped off their clothing, and crowded into
the Steaming area of the locker room.

"No stop!" screamed Stacy as they tore at her close, "Why are you doing

The baned didn't answer. They just pulled ate her sweat suit, untill she
was laying on the floor in a soaked bra and pink panties. Jackie rolled Miss
Keibler face down, and held her hands over her head. Debera then pulled the
giant womans panties down, and proceded to push her midle finger into Stacy's
tight ass. The tall beauty screamed, and tried to kick at the violatting
woman, only to have her ankles grabed by Tori, and then be bombarded with
kick once more.

"Please, stop it." begged Stacy, as Deb's fingered her as vigorously, "It
hurts, please don't."

Terri Runnels took hold of Stacy's left foott, and began to suck on her
beautiful toes. The woman felt tears startting to roll down her face as Lita
began to lick down her long sexy back. Molly strattled Miss Keiblers upper
back and locked her into a Camel Clutch submition hold. With her chin pulled
back and her upper armes drapped over her betrayer's knees Stacy was totaly

"Uhhh...ahgggg, no get away from me please." groaned Stacy, as Jackie
squated in front of her, "I'm not a lezbian, I don't...ahgggg!"

Molly pulled back on Stacy's head, if she didn't co-operate with the group
she was very well likly to end up crippled. She clossed her eyes, and felt
the nubian beauty's shaven cunt pressed against her face. She felt like she
was going to be sick as she licked the swolen pink pussy. She could hear the
other women chearing in victory, and felt their hadn smack and pinch her ass.

"Yeah bitch." said Jackie, grinding herself on Stacy's face, "This slut
really knows what she's doing."

Trish pinched Keibler's sensitive nipples forcing them to become erect,
and groaned when Lita sucked on hers. The busty Canadian remebered when she
was "initiated" by the women a while back. They tied her to a bench and beat
her with leather belts, and then fucked her with fat 10 inch dildoes. She
then walked out of the shower, and grabed her purse. When Stratus reterned,
Lita had taken Jackie's place, and was groaning with ecstacy.

"What have you'all got there, Trish?" asked Debra.

Trish smiled and pulled out a long thin vibrator, the other girls all
cheered at the site of the object. Debra pulled her finger out of Stacy's
ass, and pulled her firm round cheeks open for Trish's toy. As the buzzing
device pushed it's way into Stacy's ass the tall woman let out a scream, and
begged for them to pull it out... "NO....PLEASE STOP IT!" screamed Stacy, as
Lita came on her face.

The women turned Miss Keibler over, and pinned her hands behind her head.
Trish continued to pump Stacy's ass from underneath, while Debra took her
turn stratling the helpless woman's face. As Deb rode the pretty girls
mouth, Tori crawled up between her legs and started to lick her pussy. Stacy
began to struggle again, witch was met with slaps and kicks from Jackie.

"Oh goodness, oh she is sooo good with her tongue." remarked Debra as she
neared climax.

"Me next." said Terri Runnels, as Debra got off the restrained woman.

"You go Terri." cometed Lita, who kept Stacy's hands pinned.

Molly laid on her back and allowed Trish to sit on her face, while the
busty beauty watched the others. She continued to turn the vibrator in
Stacy's ass, while stroking Molly's cunt with her other hand. One by on each
girl would sit on Stacy's face, and one by one they would climax, until each
had a turn. They even forced Stacy to orgasm twice, witch was the most
humiliating part of the whole horrible event.

The End.

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