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This story is obviously of a fictional nature. It is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18. I was a huge wrestling fan in the late 1990s and early 2000s so most of my stories will focus on that period.


Welcoming Madusa Back To WCW
by Doug Fitzgerald (DFG)

It was May 9, 1999 and we were in St. Louis for WCW's annual Slamboree pay-per-view event at the TWA Dome. My name's Jeff Willis. I worked for the company as a production assistant that started one year earlier. I was about to turn 30 years old. During my first year with WCW, I really wanted to date some of the women in the company, but nothing ever happened past casual sex. As a 6'2" 215 pound guy that was in shape, I had no problem meeting women or talking to women.

During the late afternoon, they had a big buffet set up in the backstage area. I decided to go there because I was starving after being in the arena helping to set things up all day. There really weren't that many people around as I was filling up a plate with some fruit, but then I got a tap on my shoulder. It was the lovely female wrestler Madusa aka Debra Miceli, who I didn't know that well because she was off TV for a few years. She asked if she could talk to me, so I said sure.

We sat down at a table with our fruits and snacks on our plates. She was wearing a tight top that was like a t-shirt and some jeans. Even though she wasn't showing any cleavage, I marveled at her tits right in front of me.

Me: "What's going on Madusa...I mean Debra?"

Her: "You can call me Madusa or Duce, sugar. I know we don't know eachother that well because I was out of the ring for a couple of years, but I did some asking around recently and found out that you suggested that I join this Team Madness group. Is that right?"

I smiled at her.

Me: "Yeah. We were in this production meeting and they were talking about ways to get Macho something of an entourage that was different. We didn't want it to be just Gorgeous George. So I said let's get him three girls - a young trained girl like Mona and a veteran that can be a mentor, so of course I mentioned you."

Her: "Well, I'm so glad that you did because I've been sitting at home for the last two years waiting for something to do. I'm so grateful for you."

She put her left hand on top of my right hand. I noticed no ring on her finger even though I was pretty sure she got married. I wasn't going to ask about it.

Me: "Hey no problem. I really don't get a lot of creative input. I mostly just work to help produce the shows and if they need ideas I'm happy to try to help."

Her: "Well between us, if this opportunity didn't come out I may have had to retire from the business because it's not like the WWF would ever want me back."

Me: "Oh right, the whole title in the garbage thing."

Her: "Yeah. But that was in the past. I'm looking ahead to the future...and tonight."

She paused to smile at me and then she ate a piece of banana slowly. A hint or just random?

Her: "As you know I'll be ringside for the George/Robinson match, which should be hilarious. It's about the midway point of the show. I was wondering - if you're not too busy with work - if we could hang out later. Think of it as a celebration and a thank you because you helped me get my WCW job back."

Me: "I'd love to. I can even make it happen that my work is done after your match so once you're done I'm done and we can figure it out from there."

Her: "That's perfect." She smiled at me big time. "I'll come find you before I enter for the match. I want you to see my outfit up close. I think you'll like it."

Me: "I look forward to it."

With that, we both got up out of chairs and went on our way to do our thing. I left that meeting excited about what might happen, but I honestly didn't know either.

* * *

It was around 8pm central time as I was working on a few things backstage and getting ready to leave with Madusa after the George/Robinson match.

"How do I look?"

It was Madusa. I turned around and saw her standing there in this silver/black low cut top, a black leather skirt and black high heels.

"Wow!" I looked her up and down. "You look incredible."

She smiled: "Thank you. Come here."

She pulled me into this small dressing room and closed the door.

I was pressed up against the door as she spoke. "I never usually dress like this, but figured it's a pay-per-view so might as well rock some leather and heels. Can you put this on my neck?"

She handed me this collar necklace thing that had a triangle in the front of it.

"No problem." She turned around. I smelled her. "Damn you smell so good."

She ran her fingers across my face. "Y'know, I'm not expecting some fancy dinner or anything like that. You've earned much more than that."

"Really," I asked while playing with her hair. "How about a preview?"

She tilted my jaw down and kissed me on the lips in the most passionate way possible. Our tongues were thrashing in our mouths as she moaned in pleasure. It was a 30 second kiss.

We both stopped. "Believe me," she said, "I want to do so much more. I'm all dolled up here, though, so I better go. See you in 20 minutes."

I gave her a gentle slap on the ass and she walked out first. I took a deep breath. Then I walked out excited.

* * *

Following the match, I had my luggage and hers ready in the parking lot along with the rental car. As soon as she walked back through the curtain, she put on an overcoat and walked with me to the car.

When we got in the car, we started making out again. She undid the top of my pants, yanked down my boxers a bit and started to give me a hand job.

I asked: "Want to go back to the hotel or..."

She was so horny. "The other hotel is a half hour away. I can't wait that long. Let's just go to this one down the street."

We pulled up to this Holiday Inn hotel that was close by even though we both had a room at the other hotel. She got out, we walked to the front desk and there was this lady at the counter. Madusa: "We need a room with a strong bed because we'll be fucking all night and all morning long." The lady just smiled at her. We kissed some more in the elevator and then we got to the room.

Holiday Inn 8:45pm

After we tossed our bags to the ground, she took off her overcoat to reveal that amazing leather outfit. We kissed some more. She unbuttoned my shirt and yanked it off. She pushed me onto this comfy chair that was in the room. She got on her knees in front of me. She rubbed her tits against my crotch up and down a few times. They were massive. I wanted them so bad.

She looked up at me while undoing my belt. "I'm an aggressive woman and it scares off some guys, but you're the one that thought enough of me to get me back on television. I appreciate that so much. You know, it's funny how you helped save my job and here I am on my knees...ready to give you a job of a different kind." She yanked off my pants.

She pulled off my boxers leaving me totally naked while she was on her knees in front of me in the chair. She stroked my cock, which was already hard. "Look at you. So firm and so ready for me." She looked at my massive throbbing cock. "I've been waiting for you all day."

She licked my dick, then put it in her mouth and went up and down the shaft. Her hands were so strong. She was the most muscular woman I've ever been with, so when she put my dick in her mouth she really did it aggressively.

I tried to encourage her: "Suck it baby. Take it all in. Over and over again."

She really picked up the pace as she went up and down the shaft. She was murmuring a lot while sucking me off. When she would reach the tip of my cock she would take a quick breath, then go back to it. I was so hard with my cock ready to explode for her.

"This is what you get for believing in me," she said while stroking my cock some more. "Did you dream of this day?" She kept going down on me with this blowjob.

"Oh fuck yeah," I told her. "But this is better than some dream. Way fucking better."

She came up for some air. "Good, but there's plenty more to come. See, I'm really excited for this, but so girls..."

She lowered the straps on her bra outfit, then yanked off her top completely so that her tits were right by my cock. She grabbed my cock in her hands, then batted it back and forth between her left and right tit. They were bigger than I even thought.

"Fuck my titties! Now!"

I leaned forward to get more force as she put my dick between her tits, then moved it up and down. She got my cock wet while she rubbed my dick against her titties again. They felt so good. I kept fucking her tits for a couple of minutes. She was incredible at that.

As I laid back in the chair, she got up in front of me. "That was just a warmup. We're just getting started." She kissed me on the lips.

She walked over to the bed, got on all fours with her ass facing me and gave me a direct order: "Fuck my pussy like you've always wanted."

I walked up to the edge of the bed, quickly took off her leather skirt and then yanked off her panties. We were both completely naked. I rubbed my hands around each of her ass cheeks. I didn't have any interest in doing anal with her and she said her pussy, so that's what I went with.

"Like this?" I asked as I rammed my cock into her pussy. She moaned. I rammed it in a little deeper.

She moaned: "Oh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeah...fuckkkk...fuck me!"

I pounded her pussy with my massive cock as she was in the doggy style position on all fours. She rocked back and forth while I pushed harder all the time. She tried to stay on all fours, but then she buried her head into the bed because the pressure was so much.

I decided to talk dirty a bit: "You're the hottest woman in WCW. You're the one I always wanted and I'm going to fuck you harder than you ever imagined."

"Yeah baby yeah....yeah...." she moaned in pleasure. "Show me what you got...don't stop..."

She seemed to get a second wind in terms of strength, so I picked up the pace as I put my hands on her hips, held on tight and rammed my cock repeatedly into her pussy. I had never felt stronger in my life. My cock was throbbing inside of her.

She was moaning a lot while I got deeper and deeper inside of her. "Ohhhhhh fuck...fuckkkkkk me....oh Godddddddddddddddddd!"

The pace of the fucking was incredible, but I could feel her slowing down. I decided to let up a bit as she continued to grind against me. I pulled out and sprayed some of the jizz on her ass cheeks. Then I wiped it off with some of the bed cover that I tossed onto the floor.

She laid back on the bed with a huge smile on her face. I laid beside her. She kissed me on the lips again. "I want that cock again. Now!"

With me laying back, she crawled on top of me. Her hands were by my massively hard cock. She positioned her legs on top of me as well, so we were in the 69 position. That let me know that she wanted to suck my dick again, but also wanted me to eat out her pussy. I was happy to oblige. She leaned her pussy right on my face as she started licking my cock.

She smiled back at me: "Who can overpower the other? Let's see what you've got, baby."

"Oh so this is a competition..." I smirked back at her. "You're on."

She put my cock in her mouth and went up and down the shaft. I had her legs spread on top of me with her pussy right by my mouth. I started fingering her pussy slowly at first, then I put my tongue deep in there. I was relentless as I moved my tongue in and out of there, going all around the base of her pussy while doing everything I could to make her happy.

With both of our mouths full, it was tough to really say anything, but she kept moaning "ooooohhhhhh fuckkkkkk" and would say things like "that's the spot" as she came up for air. She was pretty relentless with the blowjob she was giving me too. I had to take a few deep breaths while going down on her.

After about a minute more of that, she got off me. I was a bit surprised. Then she crawled to the headboard of the bed and smiled at me: "You're really good at that. You won that battle, but I want"

I smiled at her: "You got it."

I went down on her again as I spread her legs apart and put my tongue deep in her pussy. She was panting loudly: "Ohhhh Goddddddddddd!!" I could feel how wet she was as she panted heavily.

She kept moaning: "I needed this so much!! Fuck yes! Fuckkkkk! Oh Godddddddd yessssss!"

I decided to come up for air as she just collapsed in front of me.

She smirked at me: "I gotta give you credit baby, you were amazing." She kissed me. "But I need to get on top of you. Take me for a ride!"

Her massive tits were right in my face again, so I fondled them a lot while kissing the nipples repeatedly. They really were better than I could have ever imagined. Fake tits didn't bother me at all. I liked hers a lot.

"Your tits are amazing, Duce." I kissed them: "A handful...and a mouthful."

"Thanks baby," she said while kissing me. "I feel the same way about your massive cock...that is hard again." She stroked it some more. "You may have won that battle, but now it's time to see how much you have left."

I smiled at her: "I can go all night."

She smiled back: "Good because I want you inside me...right now."

I was on my back again as she crawled on top of me. My cock was as hard as ever while she stroked it repeatedly. I leaned up against the headboard on the bed while she positioned her pussy on my dick.

We locked hands as I rammed my cock deep into her vagina. I was really getting a lot of penetration as she encouraged me: "Don't fucking stop! I want more! Faster! Pound my pussy into submission!"

I reached forward to put my hands on her tits. I was panting hard, but managed to get the words out: "I know this is your favorite position and I love it too, but I want those titties in my mouth while I fuck you."

"Oh you bad boy," she smiled at me. "They're all yours."

She leaned forward with her massive tits right in front of me. I fondled them and kissed them while she was bouncing up and down on my cock. This was my favorite position because I was able to give her what she wanted while also getting to feel those massive boobs again.

She was riding my cock so well. I could feel how wet she was in her pussy as I continued to pound away with my cock. I don't think my cock had ever been this hard for this long before, but with her it was just so easy to stay that way.

"Fuck yessssssssssssss!" She moaned over and over. "Yesssss...oh God....fuck me more...harder...faster...don't...stop! More! Yes! Oh Goddd!"

Our bodies were in perfect sync as I continued to fuck her.

After a few more minutes, I told her that I had to cum. She got off me, then turned around and I sprayed it all over her ass and back. Then I wiped it off her.

When it was over, she laid there beside me while I held her in my arms.

She winked at me: "How was that for a thank you?"

I replied honestly: "I still can't believe it happened, but I'm so glad it did."

After that, we kissed some more and we knew it was the start of a great new relationship.

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