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by IMissTrishStratus

Prelude - TNA Impact! (July 2010)

Tara stopped dead in her tracks. She had planned to just get her stuff out of
the locker room and leave but now that she had entered the locker room, she
found her feet glued to the spot. She definitely hadn't been prepared for the
sight before her.

Madison Rayne was wet, from head to toe, obviously fresh from the shower. Her
hair clung damply to her shoulders, her smooth skin glistened with tiny pools
of water and her baby blue towel, which was loosely wrapped around her body,
just barely reached the apex of her thighs.

Tara knew this was the part where she should have turned around and left the
room but she just couldn't, she was captivated by the sight before her. She
swallowed hard watching, unknown to the younger blonde, as she busily
gathered her clothes.

Tara just stood and watched as Madison finished getting dressed wondering if
the risk of getting caught doing what she wanted to do was worth it or not.

Tara swallowed hard, nodding an affirmation. Great, she thought to herself,
now Madison wasn't the only one wet and just then she knew what to do...

Madison Rayne's P.O.V.

"Tara what are you doing?" I ask softly, as I feel her hands wrap around me
from behind, her fingertips drifting downward seductively to rest on my hips.
She traces out the patterns on my jeans pockets lightly before she moves my
hair to the side to softly kiss my neck. "Tara," I say again, this time her
name coming across more like a whimper then anything else, "Baby you've got
to stop anyone could just walk in."

Although I can't see her face I can feel her smile against my shoulder as she
pushes down my bra strap to continue her trail of kisses. "Babe, The
Beautiful People and Taylor Wilde just left for the ring, we're fine, just

I can't help but giggle at her soft lips on my back as she slides my shirt
down the rest of the way till its sitting gracefully on the locker-room
floor. "I know, just what about Sarita she's not in the match?"

"Madison, you know she's waiting for Taylor at stage like the lost puppy she
is. I just wish they'd fuck already its almost pathetic how desperate that
girl is and somehow Taylor is clueless."

Smiling I turn into her embrace, "We should set them up..."

Her lips find mine in urgency, "Maybe, but right now I'd just like to enjoy
the time I have with my girlfriend in this big empty locker room." She says
to me, pulling back for barley a moment before pressing her mouth against
mine again.

Tara's hot breath hits my ear and I'm ready to erupt right then and there.
It's been too long since I've felt her touch, and the simple action is enough
to make me need a fresh pair of panties before she actually touches me at
all. "God I've missed you." I pant, biting down on my bottom lip as her hand
runs up my still jean covered thigh.

"I've missed you too." She says, quickly un-buckling my belt and un-zipping
my jeans. Her fingers trail back and forth over my bare stomach, she's
teasing me.

My eyes close and I back up into the vanity, my spine hitting the counter
top. "Tara," I whimper, her hand slipping inside my loose jeans.

Her fingers feel like heaven as she moves her hand further into my pants,
stroking me softly through the lacy fabric of my underwear. "God Rayne you're
so wet." She whispers, her mouth brushing my jaw line to trail up to my ear,
her teeth tugging my earlobe.

I throw my head back in anticipation, as much as I was scared we'd get
caught, if she stopped now I was sure I'd die. She begins to add more
pressure, her rough circular motion causing me to moan loudly. "You have to
talk to me baby, let me know you're with me."

A devilish smirk spreads across my face, "I want you so badly." I tell her,
knowing that she wants to know her assault is working before she continues.

"I can tell." She banters, pushing my panties aside so her fingers can find
my center.

Once I feel her hands brush my wetness I'm sure it's going to be all over
before she even reaches the good part. With her gone all those months and me
taking over the Knockout's Division in her absence, our time like this has
become minimal before her return. I find myself living off of memories so the
sensation of her bare flesh on mine was making me loose all sense of control.

Her fingers move upward as she grazes my clit lightly, I feel my whole body
shutter and I know that she's once again smiling. She loves the affect she
has on me, "Is that the spot baby, you want me to touch you right there?"

My eyes are still glued shut; the wave of pleasure building inside me is too
much to handle now. I nod violently as I grip the edge of the vanity for
support, my knees feel weak and I don't know how much longer I can stand on
my own.

"I need to here you say it." She commands.

I groan, impatient because she's stopped her assault to wait for me to
respond. "I want you to touch me." I moan, "I need you to touch me."

She tangles her tongue with mine in a feverish kiss that could make a
beautiful person blush, and I would know because...well I am one. My arms
wrap around her waist as her free hand tangles in my hair, pulling it gently
to force her lips closer to mine.

Her other hand is still fast at work, gently rubbing my clit making it harder
and harder for me to stand, "TAAARRAAA!"

"You like that baby?" She questions, knowing full well it's impossible for me
to answer her clearly. I try but all I manage to get out is, "Mmmm."

Tara is pleased with herself, but I know she won't be totally satisfied until
I'm putty in her hands. She moves her finger to slip it into my slick heat,
thrusting in and out quickly all the while picking up her pace on my swollen
nub with her thumb, urging on my release. "You look so fucking sexy right
now." Tara coos, brushing the hair out of my face.

"Oh sweet Jesus," I cry out, bucking my hips forward and clawing at the back
of her shirt searching for something to cling to as I cum on her fingers.

My breathing is ragged and I collapse against her trying to steady it again,
"I love when you swear, seems so dirty coming from that pretty little mouth
of yours." She says with a smile, removing her hand from my jeans to suck on
her fingers. "Delicious."

I glance over my shoulder and catch my reflection in the mirror, my cheeks
are flushed and even I can't deny the look of sheer bliss on my face. "Well I
can think of better things for my pretty little mouth to do." I say with a
wink, spinning her around so she's now the one against the counter.

My hands run over her shoulders and down her arms before they rest at the
bottom of her t-shirt, tugging it upward and pulling it over her head. I
smile again and lower my mouth over her breast, sucking lightly through the
sheer fabric of her bra. She starts to pant and it's my turn to try and make
her melt.

Unclasping the back I let the black bra fall over her shoulders so I have
better access to her. I take one of her nipples in my mouth, blowing on it
till hardens against my lips then violently flicking my tongue across it make
Tara moan in delight. Tugging lightly with my teeth I release her nipple to
repeat my actions on the other one.

I trail my tongue down between her breasts moving lower until I reach her
bellybutton, leaving a wet trail around it before I decide to continue my
path. Its my turn to send the naughty smile as I undue her pants and roll
them town her hips.

Normally I'd tease her like she did to me and wait to remove her underwear
for a while but she's got me so damn worked up that I can't wait to taste
her. So it doesn't take long for her matching thong to join her around her
ankles. Running my tongue lower and lower until finally I wind up on my

Placing my hands on the inside of her thighs I push her tightly against the
counter insinuating for her to sit on it. Tara scoots herself up onto the
vanity with great speed obviously as impatient as I am. I nudge her knees
apart gently before I move my mouth to her heat.

Her back instantly arches, a sharp hiss escaping her lips as her hands tangle
in my curls, "Rayne." She whimpers, my tongue running up and down her
womanhood. I began lapping at her in fever pitch, urgently trying to weaken
her as much as she did me. My tongue swirls her clit rapidly, causing her
move with me, trying to desperately match my pace.

I slow down for a moment trying to prolong the moment much to Tara's dismay,
"Baby please, fuck..." She moans clenching her teeth as I continue to tease
her, "Faster baby don't stop..."

Obliging her I speed up again and it isn't long until I feel her tense up
then release, her sweat covered back hitting the mirror behind her.

"Wow." She pants, as I wipe my mouth and crawl up to kiss her, her taste
still fresh on my lips.

"I told you I missed you." I said smiling innocently.

She placed a hand on either side of my face to look in my eyes, "Remind me to
make you miss me more often."

"Jesus Christ..." A voice says from behind me.

Embarrassed I turn around to see Sarita standing in the doorway, her hands
covering her eyes.

"Sorry." She blurts, "I didn't think to knock."

I giggle as Tara climbs down off the vanity and pulls up her pants, "Chill
Sarita, it's not like you haven't got one, or see one for that matter." She
says with a saucy wink, grabbing my hand and leading me out of the locker
room with her.

The brunette's head turns around to face us, her hands placed prominently on
her hips, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means I know your not on the straight and narrow sweetheart, I've seen
the way you look at Taylor Wilde." Tara replies, not intimidated by the
Canadian and now Mexico native's stance.

The last comment appears to have disorientated her, "So I guess I better take
note to watch what rooms I'm going in when you're coming then Tara?"

She looks at me and smiles, "Yup, because I miss my baby."


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