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SUMMARY: The sequel to 'The Secrets That You Keep'...Steph and Chris get
clean and dirty at the same time.

DISCLAIMER: This story is not meant to reflect the true natures,
personalities or sexual preferences of the people involved. I do this
without their permission and I do not own them.

Wet For Y2J
by Lady Jackyl

"You looked great out there, Steph!"

Steph smiled a tight, polite smile, nodding to Kurt as she walked by.
"Thank you."

Unfortunately, he followed after her like a little puppy dog all the way
back to her dressing room, and it was all she could do to keep from rolling
her eyes.

" gonna be busy after the show?" He asked, obviously trying to be

She almost laughed. Busy? Oh yes. It was also funny that this married man
was asking her this. At least she had enough tact to hide her

"Um■I think I'm gonna go back to my room and go to bed■" she grimaced a
little. "I'm so wiped out after tonight■"

Kurt gave her an odd look-after all, all she had done was stand at ringside
and throw a little tantrum on her way back to the locker room. She just
smiled though, trying to look pathetic and sorry. "Another time maybe,

He brightened a little, and she really wished she hadn't said that.

"Sure! Maybe tomorrow night or something?"

She nodded politely, biting back the urge to scream. "Thanks Kurt■I'll see
you later. Good luck in your match-take care of yourself!"

"Thank you!" He gave her a smile that was actually quite charming-but not
charming enough. Or maybe that was the problem■it was too charming. Too
sweet. What was wrong with being a little dangerous once in awhile?

She finally escaped him and slipped into her dressing room, shutting the
door behind her with a relieved sigh. Then she grinned, going over and
grabbing a ginger ale out of the little refrigerator in the room. She stood
in front of the vanity mirror while she opened it, smiling a smug and
devious smile, quite pleased with herself.

Chris had been evil to her tonight, but she deserved it-because she had
been evil to him. To start with, she had worn a black vinyl top and shorts,
knowing full well what vinyl did to him. They'd had a discussion about it
just a few nights prior-him saying how the sight and feel of vinyl was
something that turned him on tremendously-her brain had begun working
immediately, cooking up a wicked plan. She had gone shopping with one of
the wardrobe women and gotten the perfect outfit. She made sure Chris saw
it before they went out, too. The way he had been trying to look at her
while pretending not to almost made her burst into a fit of laughter.

Out at the ring, she took every opportunity to harass him. When she slapped
him across the face, she made sure to put some sting in it. The result
would be some definite `punishment' later on tonight, which she was quite
looking forward to.

Him kissing her had been decided earlier in the day by the lovely creative
staff. They felt it was what people were waiting for. They had both acted
nonchalant about it, but inside she was jumping up and down, feeling it was
a subtle way to stake her claim in front of the world without anyone
actually suspecting anything.

She was fired up by the time that spot came in the match. When he grabbed
her by the back of the head, they just stared into each other's eyes for a
moment. She felt a shiver go down her spine at the sight of him all rumpled
and sweaty, panting, his hands gripping her so firmly, letting her know in
no uncertain terms that she belonged to him. Then when he kissed her, she
almost forgot to act like she was hating it. His lips were salty with
sweat, his mouth incredibly wet against hers. To her shock, she even felt
the tip of his tongue brush hers before he pulled away. He let her down
slowly, holding on to her almost all the way to the floor.

It was extremely difficult to act disgusted, so she just overacted to
compensate for how giddy she actually was. And she did a good job of it, if
she did say so herself-writhing and gagging and acting like she'd just had
a mouthful of maggots, when in fact she wanted to jump him and shove her
tongue down his throat.

Her overacting carried to the end of the match when she left the ring,
throwing a massive fit all the way back. Really, she was just so wound up
that she had to do something-so she channeled that energy into making her
character appear truly humiliated and beaten.

She smiled smugly at herself in the mirror again, then took a drink of her
ginger ale. The rest of this night was certainly going to be interesting■

She wondered where Chris was right now-last she had seen, he was heading
back to the men's locker room. He usually showered at the arena, so he was
probably showering right now. A wicked thought crossed her mind and her
eyes widened.

"You can't do that■" she told her reflection in the mirror. Her reflection
just stared back at her, her startled expression gradually turning darker,
lips curling into an evil smile. "Or can you?"

It was a dumb, risky idea-but lately her and Chris had really been getting
off on being dumb and risky. Somehow the thought of being caught added
greatly to their excitement, to the taboo nature of what they were doing.

She slipped her shoes off, wiggling her bare toes and glad to be out of
them. If she was going to do this, it would require stealth■

She checked herself over in the mirror, fanning her hair out on her
shoulders and scowling a little. She had no idea why the hairdressers felt
that crimping her hair would make her look evil-it was so damn ugly. But
she lived with it, because they said it was a good `look' for her
character. She ran her fingers through it and got as many of the crimps out
as she could, then touched up her make-up. It was time to go sneaking.

She went over and pressed her ear to the door, trying to hear if anyone was
outside. When she didn't hear anything, she opened it slightly and peeked
out. Nobody around.

She slipped out of the room, quietly shutting the door behind her. She
heard voices down at the far end of the corridor, but she wasn't going that
way. Instead she snuck off in the other direction-the direction of the
men's locker room, but roundabout the back way. When she had gone to her
dressing room earlier, she'd taken note of it. Whenever they got to an
arena, she always took note of where Chris would be for the night, and
sneaky ways they might get to each other.

She didn't encounter anyone on the way, as she figured she wouldn't. There
was a direct shot to the men's locker room from the entryway to the
backstage area, so there was no need for anyone to go this way-unless of
course, they were sneaking from the women's area to the men's area, or vice
versa. They even had most of the lights off this way and it was rather
shadowy and mysterious. She was exciting herself, sneaking through dark
corridors-it was terribly thrilling. The only problem was, as quiet as she
was trying to be, her vinyl outfit was squeaking and making all kinds of
noise with every step she took.

She came to the end of the hall that led to the men's locker room and hid
around the corner, waiting for the coast to clear. The pay per view was
still going on, so most of the guys were off watching it. Plus they had a
thing going on tonight where all the WWF guys were supposed to be in one
room cheering on their team, so that's where everyone was hanging out.

She heard voices - Matt Hardy and Christian, if she wasn't mistaken - talking
as they left the locker room. She waited until they moved off down the hall
before she slipped out of the shadows, making a quick dash toward the
locker room door. It was open a little, and she listened for a moment
outside it. She didn't hear any movement or voices inside.

She concocted a quick story-she was going to open the door and peek in, and
if anyone was in there, she would tell them she was looking for Shane.

Slowly she opened the door and peeked around it, holding her breath. She
let it out when she saw that the room was indeed empty.

Quickly, she slipped inside, shutting the door all the way so she would
have some warning if someone came in. Everybody's stuff was sitting
around - duffel bags, water bottles, clothes lying on benches and hung up in
the little cubicles. She felt rather naughty-like she had infiltrated the
enemy camp. There was something strangely sexy about seeing bottles of
cologne, shaving cream, and aftershave sitting around, as well as all those
discarded clothes - a few of which were jock straps. Quite a
testosterone-filled little room, it was. Even without anyone there.

She couldn't stand around and stare though-she hurried over to the doorway
of the shower room, slipping inside and concealing herself in the first
shower stall she came to. Pressing herself against the cool tile wall, she
bit her lip to keep from giggling. She could hear water running down at the
other end, and the room was rather steamy.

However, when she heard a voice that was not Chris', she gasped and quickly
slipped behind the curtain in the stall she was in. Wide-eyed, she
listened, splayed flat against the wall.

She heard Chris speak-but there was someone else there with him, talking to
him. It took a minute of close listening for her to realize it was Lance
Storm. She scowled a little-why hadn't he showered earlier, after his
match? She listened to them talk, the sound of the water making their words
hard to make out, occasional bursts of laughter interspersing them.

She was starting to regret doing this. What if she never got her chance?
What if she got caught? Like an idiot, she hadn't really considered the
possibility that other guys might be there. And how the hell was she
supposed to get out of there if anyone else came in? Maybe she should just
escape right now while she had the chance■

The sound of the water quieted a bit, and she realized a shower had been
shut off. She chewed at her lower lip nervously, wondering if it was Chris
who was done. But a minute later she heard Lance's voice, much clearer.

"I'm gonna get dressed and go get something to drink■" he said. "You want
me to bring you back anything?"

She heard Chris chuckle, his voice still muffled a little by the water. "A

Lance laughed. "I'll see if I can con one of the crew into going out to the
concession stand and getting you one■"

She heard Lance's footsteps on the tile floor and flattened herself against
the wall more. He passed by the stall where she was, a towel around his
waist and water sluicing down his back. She watched him go out into the
locker room, and gnawed at her lip nervously. If he walked back in, he
would see her there. She had to get out of that stall.

She moved quickly, slipping out. There were two rows of shower stalls, back
to back. Lance had been in one on her side, and from what she could discern
from the sound of the water, Chris was on the other side. The partitions
between them were fairly high and each one had a curtain, so she could
continue to hide. She quickly made her way around to the other side where
Lance wouldn't see her if he came back in-the floor was a little slick and
she almost slipped, silently cursing herself for trying to pull off a stunt
like this.

She waited to see if Lance was coming back in, but he didn't. She only
heard the one shower running, so there was no one else in the room but
Chris now. When she felt it was safe, she snuck down to his shower stall,
not sure if she was naughty or crazy.

But in her haste, she wasn't quite careful enough. Her bare feet made a
slapping sound on the damp tile floor, and she froze, just outside his

"Lance?" Chris asked cautiously. She gritted her teeth, knowing he was
going to pull back the curtain and see her standing there. But that was
what she wanted, wasn't it?

Sure enough, he slid the curtain back a little and peeked out. When he saw
her, the look of shock on his face was priceless.

She grinned back at him, waving then quickly bringing a finger to her lips.
He gave her an emphatic look of `What the hell are you doing here?!'

"Hey Chris..." Lance's voice came from the shower room door. She gasped, but
before she could react or figure out where to hide, Chris reached out and
grabbed her arm, dragging her into the shower. She let out a little squeak
as she was pulled, fully clothed, into the spray.

Chris gave her a fierce look and pressed his hand to her mouth. She
flattened herself against the wall, wincing and trying to get out of the
water. It was thankfully a pretty big stall, so she was able to find a
place to escape most of it.

"Yeah, Lance?"

"I'm gonna put that T-shirt you lent me back in your bag before I go out."

"Ok..." Chris' eyes blazed as he looked into hers. "I'll meet up with you in
a bit."

"All right."

They were both silent for a moment, then Chris let out a breath, taking his
hand from her mouth and whispering fiercely. "What are you doing here!?"

"I wanted to surprise you■" she whispered back, trying not to smirk since
he seemed angry. "Surprise."

He rolled his eyes, stepping back a bit, and for the first time she got a
good look at him. Naked body glistening, water and suds sluicing down over
him. The wetness seemed to define his muscles even more, his naked form
breathtaking even without water-but like this, he was delicious. His hair
was slicked against his head and clinging to his shoulders, looking a dark
golden blond wet. She shifted against the wall, just taking him in, nearly
drooling. For a minute she almost forgot that she herself was getting

"You mean to tell me you snuck into the men's locker room to catch me in
the shower?" He whispered, still sounding angry, but also with a touch of
amusement in his voice. "What if you got caught?"

"I didn't■" she gave him a smug look. "Not yet, anyway."

He sighed, but she could tell that her boldness intrigued him, too. They
had done a lot of crazy things, but this pretty much topped it all. She
noticed that his cock was semi-hard, but she didn't know if it had just
gotten that way or he had been that way already. Perhaps someone was
jerking off in the shower?

She tried to step back further from the spray, making a face. Her legs and
shorts were soaked, the water dripping off the vinyl-it was a good thing
vinyl was a nice, waterproof material. Her top had gotten it a bit too, and
the one side of her hair was wet. She was going to have to sneak back to
her dressing room and change clothes before anyone saw her.

She noticed Chris' eyes sweeping her, and shivered in delight. She took him
in as well, gazing at his wet, naked body, taking in every curve and
nuance. She noticed his cock twitching and getting increasingly bigger, and
she squirmed, the risk and naughtiness of the situation sending a constant
rush of excitement through her. There was also something oddly erotic about
being fully clothed in the shower, even though she was going to have a hell
of a time sneaking back while she was dripping wet.

"Well..." Chris whispered, moving closer, blue eyes holding hers. "If you
went to all this trouble to get to me, I surely can't turn you away, now
can I?"

She felt a blush creep up in her cheeks, and a tremor of excitement go
through her. The thought of fucking right there in the shower with the
possibility of anyone coming in at any time was almost too arousing to

"You surely can't■" she whispered back, smiling softly and gazing into his

He reached out, running his hands over her vinyl shirt, streaking wetness
over it, the material making a soft squeaking sound. He let out a slow
breath, lips parting slightly and eyes growing hazy. "You wanted to tease
me with this tonight, didn't you?"

She smiled sweetly. "But of course■"

He let his hands roam slowly over her, and suddenly she didn't care if she
got soaked or not. A familiar throbbing excitement started between her
legs, a different kind of wetness entirely seeping into her panties. Her
nipples hardened against the vinyl, the delightful rubbing quite

"Jesus this is sexy■" he breathed, his hands slipping down and caressing
over her vinyl-clad hips. She stepped away from the wall a bit, pressing
lightly against him so he could touch her ass. She slid her arms around his
wet body, smiling up at him.

"Feel good?" She whispered.

He moaned softly, rubbing himself against her. His cock was fully erect
now, pressing between their bellies and rubbing against the now wet vinyl.
His hands roamed up and down her back, sliding down occasionally to squeeze
her ass.

He pulled her over completely into the spray with a mischievous grin, and
she gasped. The warm water sluiced down over her body, wetting the vinyl as
well as her skin and hair. She felt it pour down into the front of her
shirt, pooling in her cleavage and running down over her stomach underneath
it. It ran down her back, slicking her hair to her shoulders and running
down over her ass and legs. The vinyl stuck to her skin, feeling heavier
with the water on it, though of course most of it rolled off rather than
soaked in. The only underclothes she had on were her panties, and the water
leaking in around her waistband was soaking them as well.

"Chris..." she gasped, giggling softly. "I'm all wet..."

"Good..." he murmured against her lips, the water running down over their
faces and making her have to close her eyes, just tasting it on his lips.
"Makes it easier for me to slide in..."

She went weak in the knees, slumping against him. She wiggled, letting him
feel the vinyl and her body, both soaked, the feel of his cock rubbing
against her turning her on even more.

His hands continued to roam over the wet vinyl, seemingly getting more and
more turned on by the feel of it. She luxuriated in his touch, everything
else fading away for the moment, including the fact that they could quite
easily get caught.

"This is dangerous, you know..." he whispered in her ear, his warm breath
making her shiver.

"I know..." she whispered back. "That's why I'm so turned on..."

He chuckled softly, then pulled back and kissed her, the water running over
their faces again. It made it hard to breathe, making it so she had to draw
his breath into her, which she found incredibly erotic.

He pulled back after a moment, his hands drifting down to her hips again.
"Princess■you know you're in trouble, right?"

She grinned, pushing her wet hair back out of her face, and tried to look
sweet and innocent. "What ever for?"

He smirked, his voice still not much more than a whisper, making their
surroundings seem even more dangerous. "That slap stung a bit..."

She wiggled her ass into his hands as he slipped them around to it. "So
what are you gonna do about it? I'm Stephanie McMahon, after all■you can't
do anything to me."

He grinned, and she liked the quality of that grin. Dark and mischievous.
She was really in for it...

"Take those sexy shorts off, Princess..."

She licked her wet lips, the possibilities filling her mind. They were
going to have to be so very quiet, which would only make it more intense.
She thought about it for a moment, wondering if they really should do this,
but one look at his flushed, swollen cock, bobbing in front of him with
water running off it, she knew she couldn't resist.

She made a big show of taking her shorts off, wiggling them down over her
hips and turning to show off her ass to him as she pulled them down. Her
panties were now soaked like the rest of her, and the water sluiced down
her back, slicking them to her body and running down the crack of her ass.
It made taking the shorts off a chore, but she had to wiggle them all the
way down her legs because of that, which meant bending over in front of
him-and she took great joy in that.

She nearly yelped when she felt his hands on her ass, and she wobbled a
little, having to put her hand on the wall so she didn't topple over. She
finally got the shorts off and stepped out of them, turning back to him and
stepping more fully into the spray. His hands slid over her bare hips,
tugging lightly at the bikini panties she was wearing.

"These too..."

She smiled and stepped back, working them down as well. Again, being wet
made it difficult. But she got them off, and dangled them in front of him.

"God you make me wet," she grinned.

He rolled his eyes, and she giggled a little. Then she dropped them on the
floor, startled by how loud the wet `plop' they made was. They both froze,
listening to see if anyone else was around. But there was no sound from
elsewhere in the room, and as far as they could tell, they were alone.

"Lean up against the wall there..." he whispered, maneuvering her toward the
back wall of the shower.

She pressed her back to it, the tile warm and wet from the steam. She
splayed her hands on it and pressed her ass back against it, pushing her
feet apart so her legs were spread a little. Like always, being with him
and doing the crazy things they did made her feel so erotically wanton. She
listened carefully for anyone to come in, almost hoping they did.

Chris turned to a small shelf that was made into the wall, where his
shampoo and soap were sitting. There was also a can of shaving cream and a
disposable razor. Steph knew from being around wrestlers almost her entire
life that if you wanted to keep that `smooth' look, you had to shave your
body practically every day-but she was a little startled when he picked
these two items up.

He turned back to her, smirking and shaking the can of shaving cream. Her
eyes went wide.

"What are you doing?" She whispered.

He moved over in front of her and dropped to his knees, and she gasped,
toes curling against the wet tile floor. He looked up at her, eyes full of
lust and his smile taunting. "I'm going to shave your bush, Princess■that's
your punishment for slapping me."

She gasped, staring down at him in both desire and disbelief. She kept
herself trimmed, but she had never shaved herself before.

"But...what about Hunter?" She bit her lower lip. "He'll see it..."

"Well..." Chris popped the top off the can. "You can just tell him you got

She couldn't believe this-nor could she believe how arousing the thought of
him shaving her was. He sprayed a glob of shaving cream right on her and
she jumped, biting back a yelp. He grinned up at her and sat the can aside,
then started smoothing it over her.

She squirmed, the touch of his fingers through the foam sharpening her
arousal. He stroked her gently, lighting up all her nerves, teasing a
finger along her slit but never giving her the satisfaction of slipping it
in, just going back to smoothing the shaving cream over her.

"Chris..." she whimpered quietly.

"Spread your legs more..." he urged her.

She did, pushing her hips out a little as she braced her feet on the floor.
She trembled and jumped as his fingers touched her again, teasing her a
little as he popped the safety cap off the top of the razor with his thumb.

She watched him, taking note of his sinister little grin as he brought the
razor close to her skin. He looked up at her and smiled wider. "Hold still

She tried, but still flinched a little when it first touched her.

She couldn't believe how erotic it was-the touch of the razor slipping over
her sensitive skin made it almost impossible not to squirm. He worked
carefully and methodically, shaving a strip from top to bottom, then
washing out the razor in the spray. He repeated this action only a few
times, but it seemed to take forever to her. She bit on her bottom lip so
she didn't cry out, watching him through hazy eyes. The sight of her own
groin becoming bare made her blush profusely.

It only took a minute or so to completely shave her, but by that time she
was trembling with desire and incredibly wet, in a way that had nothing to
do with the shower.

When he finished, he laid the razor down and cupped his hands to catch some
water, since they were pretty much out of the spray, and washed the excess
shaving cream off her with it. She felt so weird down there now-so exposed,
so sensitive.

"Now that's pretty..." he stroked the bare skin with the tip of his finger,
and she squirmed. "I've always had a thing for a nice, shaved snatch."

She grinned, loving it when he got all crass and dirty. It somehow made her
feel even more like a woman.

"Really?" She whispered, gazing down at him. "How much?"

He smirked up at her, then leaned forward and touched the bare skin with
the tip of his tongue, running it all over the freshly-shaved area. The
light, teasing touch made her squirm and gasp, and she had to fight down
the urge to shriek.

"Chris..." she choked out, her voice unintentionally a little louder now.

He drew back and slid his hands up her wet thighs, skin sliding over skin.
Then he let his fingers trail over her shaved mound, spreading her gently
with his thumbs and leaning forward again, his tongue flicking over her

It was all she could do not to slide down the wall, her feet slipping a
little on the floor. He swirled his tongue around more firmly, working it
in a circle on her aching little nub. Trailing one finger down, he slipped
it into her wetness, and she gasped, squeezing around it.

She enjoyed the lovely sensations, his licking becoming more insistent, his
finger pushing deeper into her, then starting a swift in and out motion
with it that made her gasp and claw at the wall. The vinyl of her top
squeaked a bit as it rubbed against the tile, but the sound wouldn't be
heard outside the stall over the running water.

As much as she wanted to just stand there all night and let Chris work on
her, she knew the situation was dangerous, and they couldn't stay there
long. With a pained moan, she reached down and tangled her fingers in his
wet hair.

"Chris...we have to hurry..." she whispered.

He gave her a few more thrusts with his finger and a long, slow lick, then
looked up at her, her juices smeared on his mouth and chin. "I know■"

He slowly rose to his feet, wincing a little at having knelt on the tile
for a while, and ran his hands over the wet vinyl of her top. He found her
breasts and squeezed them through it, making her shudder.

She slid her hand down his slick body, feeling all the delicious curves and
contours, the silky flesh and the hard muscle beneath it. But the firmest
muscle with the silkiest skin was between his legs, and she wrapped her
hand around it, squeezing lightly and smiling as he gasped.

She stroked him gently, making a loose circle with her fist and sliding it
back and forth, the slight responsive thrust of his hips helping the
movement. He worked her top up, the wet material squeaking, until it was
over her breasts, exposing them to his touch. His fingers toyed with the
hard buds of her nipples, pulling and pinching them, making tingles of
pleasure go through her.

He leaned forward, pressing against her, his mouth going to her ear. He
tugged at her earlobe with his teeth, then swirled his tongue around in her
ear, making her squirm. After blowing a gentle breath of air into it, he

"Turn around and press against the wall Princess■so I can give you what you
came for."

She trembled in desire, heart racing and body on fire. He stepped back, but
before she turned around, she leaned over, unable to resist a nice long,
slow lick of his cock. She collected the fluid at the tip first, then slid
her tongue down to the base, ending with a nice sucking kiss right on the
shaft. He moaned softly, then grinned at her as she stood back up.

She turned and pressed herself against the wall, hands splayed against it
and hips thrust back wantonly, legs spread wide, pushing back a bit so she
was more exposed to him. The steam of the shower was creating a nice little
haze around them, making it seem even more secretive and heated. Water
rushed over her right side - a nice, soothing feeling to go with the raging
need inside her.

Chris pressed against her, his hands gripping her hips, and the feel of his
cock rubbing against her bare pussy was almost enough to make her scream.
She was so hungry for him, so eager. She had been all night■

Just as he was about to slide into her, there were noises from elsewhere in
the room-footsteps, and voices. They both froze, Steph looking back over
her shoulder at him, wide-eyed.

They both just sounded like Jeff Hardy, and someone else, who
they couldn't quite make out. They were talking and laughing, their voices
muffled a bit to them since the shower was running. They seemed to be down
at the other end, getting ready to shower. Despite the fact that Steph was
now terrified, it added a perverse little thrill to it that made her heart

"Maybe we shouldn't do this?" She whispered, feeling a pang of
disappointment. Couldn't they have waited ten more minutes?

Chris narrowed his eyes as though thinking, and she held her breath. Then
she gasped in surprise as he suddenly sank himself into her with one
thrust, quickly clenching her jaw, knowing she had to be perfectly silent

It was almost impossible though, with his thick cock stretching her, pushed
deep inside her. She throbbed and clenched around him, sharp bolts of
pleasure going through her and almost bringing her to orgasm at once. The
pure, carnal excitement of the situation made it even better, the voices
nearby adding a splendid backdrop to the heat of the moment.

He started to pump into her, a few slow, deep thrusts at first, then
quicker, harder ones. She curled her fingers against the wall, biting her
lip so hard it nearly bled to keep from shrieking. His hands slid from her
hips up her sides, finding her jiggling breasts and cupping them as he
pressed his chest to her back.

The only sound he made was his ragged breathing near her ear. She was
almost afraid to breathe, the air locked in her chest as she tried to
concentrate on not making any noise. His swift, hard pounding into her
nearly made her delirious with pleasure, glad that the wet, slapping sounds
of their coupling were disguised by the rushing water. His hands kneaded
her breasts, his fingers squeezing her nipples almost painfully hard, water
running from her hair down over her chest and adding to the sensation.

She pressed her forehead against the wall, her breath finally breaking free
and coming out in soft pants. She felt so full and stretched, his cock
slamming deep into her with each powerful thrust. The feel of his body
pressed against hers added to the pleasure as well. He nipped at her neck,
then at the vinyl of her top, and she was pretty sure he was licking it as

She gave the softest of whimpers, sliding a hand down between herself and
the wall. She heard one of the other showers come on, and was glad there
was going to be more noise. She was starting to think the other voice
belonged to Rob Van Dam - it sounded like him.

She slipped her hand between her legs, taking a moment to feel him sliding
in and out of her. Spreading her fingers and putting one on each side of
his cock, she stroked him with each inward thrust. He made a soft groaning
noise in her ear, and she licked her lips in delight, the lower one
throbbing from her teeth being sunk into it.

She reached back and touched his balls too, feeling them jiggling with his
movements, slapping against her. Everything was so nice and wet and sticky
down there, and she reveled in it, touching and toying with him.

Another shower came on, and she allowed herself a soft moan, knowing it
probably wouldn't be heard over the water. She slipped her hand forward a
little and found her clit, and began rubbing it vigorously with two
fingers. Her stomach clenched and quivered, her impending orgasm starting
to build sharply.

She leaned her head back, so she could whisper almost in his ear.

"When you cum...pull out of me and let me catch it in my mouth."

He growled softly, and pressed her harder against the wall, his thrusts
becoming even harder and faster.

It was all she could do not to cry out in ecstasy, her fingers working
harder, his hands kneading her breasts roughly and tugging at the nipples.
Some of the wetness between them now was sweat, the steam making them even
hotter. The voices down at the other end weren't as loud or as frequent
now, as they both seemed to be showering. But Steph imagined in her
lust-filled state that they could hear them, and they knew, and it was
turning them on.

She gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut, her body starting to
tense. His vigorous thrusts and soft, panting breaths drove her closer and
closer to the edge, and she just prayed she wouldn't cry out when she came.
Rubbing herself frantically, she felt the first delightful spasms deep
inside her, and gasped as she lost control and went over.

The force of her orgasm made her back arch, her hips snapping back against
Chris. The first intense wave of pleasure was almost overwhelming, making
her stiffen. Then it turned to violent shudders, and she opened her mouth
in a silent scream, body jerking and her inner walls clenching wildly
around him. She heard him gasping against her ear, his cock continuing to
pound into her spasming tunnel, which only added to the sensation. She
slumped heavily against the wall, legs weak and trembling, glad it was
there to support her.

He slipped out of her quite abruptly, and somehow in her pleasure-hazed mind,
she realized this meant he was about to cum. She spun around and dropped to
her knees, not caring that it hurt a little hitting the tile floor like that,
too shaky to stand on her own anyway. He was clutching his cock, thick and
flushed and slick with her juices, and began stroking it furiously.

She was actually still riding out the end of her orgasm when the first spurt
hit her tongue. She opened her mouth wide and tilted her head back, catching
it eagerly, swallowing as much as she could and letting the rest shamelessly
spill down her chin. She gazed up at him, watching his face as he came and
thinking he looked unspeakably lovely-eyes fluttering, mouth slack, cheeks
flushed. With his wet hair and glistening skin, he was hypnotic.

His cum had a wonderful taste, both sweet and salty, thick and delicious on
her tongue. When he finally stopped spurting, she leaned forward and lapped
the stray drops of it from the head of his cock, making him gasp and shudder.
Then she licked her lips, moaning softly in delight, before going to work on
cleaning the rest of his cock of her juices. It would be a crime to let all
that lovely, musky fluid run down the drain...

He caressed her hair as she licked his cock and balls clean, then took her
hands and helped her to her feet. She wobbled a bit, but stayed up, smiling
at him dreamily.

He kissed her lips deeply, sucking at them, sucking their mingled fluids
from them. She pressed against him, squirming against his softening cock,
sighing softly as he maneuvered them back into the warm spray.

They washed each other off, hands trailing over wet flesh and through each
other's hair, smiling and kissing, gazing into each other's eyes. The others
were still in the room, talking and laughing over the sound of their showers.
Getting out of there was not going to be easy...

Another thing that wasn't easy was getting dressed. She had a hell of a time
getting her soaked panties and shorts back on, and had to keep herself from
giggling wildly. She really hoped she could slip out without anyone seeing
her - or if they did, that she could come up with a good excuse.

"I've got an idea..." Chris whispered to her. "Just stay quiet, and come out
when I motion to you..."

She nodded, and he turned the water off. She slunk back into the corner of
the shower, dripping, clothes askew, still trembling a little.

He gathered up his things and cautiously pulled the shower curtain back,
peeking out. After looking back and forth to make sure no one was milling
about, he slipped out, leaving the curtain about a quarter of the way open.
She moved to where she couldn't be seen from outside it, but she could
still peek out by leaning to the side a little. Chris sat his stuff down
and wrapped a towel around his waist, and she quietly admired his naked

He gathered up his things again, then shot her a look, before walking off.
She slid back over where she couldn't be seen and waited, tense and nervous.
But it had all been worth it-every single risk.

She waited for what seemed like forever, listening to Jeff and Rob talking,
listening to the water run. She had horrifying thoughts of someone coming in
and taking this shower, and just prayed it didn't happen.

She kept peeking over to the side, and when Chris reappeared outside the
shower, she jumped. But then relief flooded over her, heart racing as he
motioned for her to come out. He was still in his towel, but had gotten rid
of everything else. She quickly slipped out, wide-eyed and nervous, and he
grabbed her by the arm.

They hurried through the shower room as quickly and quietly as possible,
Steph just praying that neither of them slipped. They went right past the
showers that Jeff and Rob were in, and she held her breath.

They got to the locker room, which was empty, and she saw that the door was
part way open. Chris hurried her over to it, stopping and peeking out. She
wrung her hands nervously, looking back toward the shower room door.

"All right, go on..." he whispered. "But get out of sight quick before anyone
comes along..."

She nodded, and started to slip out. Then she squeaked in surprise as he
slapped her wet, vinyl-covered ass and winked at her. She grinned and winked
back, hurrying out the door.

There was no one around, but she could hear voices not too far off. Quickly,
she got back to the shadowy corridor she had come down and made her way back
to her dressing room. She was quiet, and didn't run into anybody, but if
anybody was paying attention she was sure they could have followed the trail
of water she left on the floor.

She got back to her dressing room without incident, and fell against the
door once inside, finally letting her relieved laughter spill out. It was
by far the craziest thing she had ever done.

Now, to get into some dry clothes...

* * *

Steph had to suppress a grin as Chris strolled up beside her, both of them
on their way to the parking lot. She was exhausted from the long night-and
other things - but she had a feeling she wouldn't get much sleep tonight.

"Jeff said the funniest thing to me after he got out of the shower..." Chris
said, shifting his bag on his shoulder. Steph shifted her gaze sideways to

"What's that?"

"He told me if I was gonna jerk off in the shower to be a bit quieter about

Steph blinked, stunned and embarrassed for a moment, then she burst out
laughing. So they had heard them, even over the water.

"We're so bad..." she grinned. They reached the lot and she stopped.

"See you later," he smirked and waved, turning toward the side of the lot
where his car was. "Like■in about fifteen minutes."

She grinned, and turned on her heel, heading toward her own car. She was
far too smug and pleased with the situation-but she would deal with that

"Yeah...see you later!"


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