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What About Terri?
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the late summer of 2001, during the height of the Alliance invasion of
the WWF, the batty Perry Saturn is sitting alone in the meeting room, where
the WWF superstars gather to plan on how to deal with the Alliance in every
match. Perry Saturn is sitting on a chair near the corner of the room,
holding a mop between his legs and is brushing it's 'hair'. "Moppy likes
that's huh?" he says to the mop and pauses as if listening to the mop.
Saturn smiles, "You're welcome Moppy."

As Perry Saturn sits in the meeting room brushing Moppy's 'hair'; the manager
and girlfriend of Saturn, the stunning horny little she-devil Terri Runnels,
walks into the meeting room. Terri sighs as she starts to walk to Saturn
"Perry..." Terri says throwing her hands down as she approaches him "There
you are...." Terri shakes her head "You can't be alone…since your
little head injury..." Terri says as she stands behind Saturn and places her
delicate hands onto Saturn's shoulders. Terri is dressed in a tight pair of
jeans and a cream colored sleeve-less top, that shows off her gorgeous

Saturn looks at Terri with a bit of a raised eyebrow, before he smiles,
"Cows eat grass so they can make milk... you're welcome." Saturn then resumes
brushing Moppy's 'hair' with a brush that belongs to Terri.

Terri rolls her eyes "Perry....come on let's go..." Terri says as she glances
over Saturn's shoulders and seeing him holding Moppy in his hands "Perry! Do
you still have that stupid mop!?" Terri somewhat yells, she then notices the
brush " that my brush!?"

Perry looks up at Terri again, but replies by holding up the brush and
saying, "Brushes have bristles to make hair pretty... you're welcome."

Terri shakes her head and she reaches down and snatches the brush from
Saturn's hands "Perry! God! Perry..." Terri throws her hands down as she
starts to head towards the door "'re so...stupid!"

Saturn blinks a few times as he watches Terri leave and says, "You're
welcome..." He looks down at the Moppy and pats it affectionately as he
remains sitting on the chair.

Terri shakes her head as she opens the door to the meeting room and walks
out, letting the door slam behind her. Terri walks down the hallway as she
continues to shake her head "I can't believe…Perry...and that stupid mop!"
Terri says as she disappointing folds her arms "I can't even remember the
last Perry... and I..." Terri pauses as she talks to herself out loud
"That... mop... is so stupid!"

A few seconds after Terri makes her comment about Moppy, someone starts
laughing, "Perry sure has his way with women..." A voice says from down the
hall. Terri when she stops for a brief moment can clearly see the Alliance
wrestler known as Raven, leaning against the wall of the hallway. He's
dressed in cut-off faded blue jean shorts, a black sleeveless t-shirt, and
has a tattered long sleeved dark gray flannel shirt tied around his waist,
with his black leather jacket laying on the floor. He folds his arms and
looks in Terri's direction with a smirk on his face that is partially hidden
by his long unkempt hair.

Terri raises her eyebrow as she folds her arms "What do you want?!" Terri
snaps a bit, obviously still frustrated over her situation with Perry Saturn.

Raven chuckles a bit, "Me... oh I don't want anything... I just find your
whole relationship with Perry amusing... losing out to a mop..." Raven laughs
some more, "That is quite hilarious..."

Terri folds her arms over her large voluptuous chest "Perry's just stupid."
Terri says as she shakes her head "I mean a stupid mop! I'm so much better
then a stupid mop!"

Raven smirks as he bends down to pick up his jacket from the ground, "That
probably goes with out saying... unless someone picks the mop over you..."
Raven laughs a bit at his own comment.

Terri raises her eyebrow as she looks at Raven "Well...there's certain
things...I can do..." Terri licks her lips "That...a stupid mop...can't..."

Raven pushes the hair out of his face so that Terri can see him more clearly.
"There are many things that a mop can't do that you obvious can..." Raven
smirks as he puts on his jacket. "Perry will probably disagree somehow...
him and that mop sure are rather close..." Raven chuckles a bit more, "I can
just imagine what needs aren't being met on every possible angle of you're
little love triangle..."

Terri sighs and rolls her eyes "It's been months...since...I' know"
Terri says as she unfolds her arms and places them on her slender hips.

Raven smirks a bit and moves away from the wall. He starts to walk slowly
toward Terri, "Ahhh and Perry is obviously not paying any attention to
you..." Raven stops as he stands right in front of Terri. "You need someone
that takes care of those needs..."

Terri looks away and nods her head slowly with a slight smirk "Exactly...I
need someone who can meet all my needs..." Terri says in a soft, seductive
voice as her nipples begin to come to her trademarked erected state.

Raven raises a hand and places it under Terri's chin to have her look at him.
He lowers the tone of his voice as he licks his lips, "If... you want those
needs met... then follow me..." Raven smirks a bit before he turns to walk
towards a nearby room where the door is opened. Terri raises her eyebrow a
bit cautiously, before she starts to walk towards the opened locker room
door, and then finally entering into the locker room. Once Terri steps
inside, Raven closes the locker room door and locks it. He walks in a circle
around her one before stopping behind her, "There's no turning back now..."
he says into her ear as he reaches around to rub her exposed mid-section.
Terri turns her head and looks back at him over her shoulder as she feels his
warm breath against the back of her neck.

Raven looks into Terri's eyes giving him a mesmerizing stare as he slowly
starts to lift up her cream colored top. "Raise... your arms..." He whispers
to her. Terri slowly nods her head as she turns her head to look forward and
lifts her arms up. Raven slowly lifts her top up completely off her body and
up her arms. He stops when he gets her top up around her wrists and he holds
her top there as he kisses the left side of her neck softly.

Terri closes her eyes and bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Raven's
lips against the left side of her neck "Mmmm..." Terri moans softly. Raven
then pulls Terri's top from around her wrists off and drops it onto the floor
of the locker room. He reaches around her petite body and places both of his
large on her breasts. Raven blows his warm breath over her neck before he
slides his hands down the front of Terri's body and unbuttons the button of
her tight jeans followed by slowly unzipping them. Terri tilts her head back
against Raven's right shoulder and arches her body back a bit, licking her
soft and pouty lips.

Raven smirks a bit as he starts to tug down Terri's jeans. He kneels behind
so he's able to get her jeans down from her waist more easily. "Mmmmm...
very... beautiful..." Raven says when he gets an eyeful of Terri's round
backside as well as her thin cream-colored thong. Raven lowers Terri's jeans
all the way down to her ankles, and takes a moment to lift her feet one at a
time to have Terri step out of them.

Terri turns around to face Raven and licks her lips as she pinches her hard
erected nipples. Terri smiles "Raven...let me...give you a nice blow.." Terri
says with a wink.

Raven smirks as he stands up, "I thought this was about your needs..." Raven
says as he licks his lips. He slips off his leather jacket that drops to the
floor and then starts to untie the dark gray flannel shirt from around his

Terri laughs and shrugs "Well...if you don't want a blowjob...fine..." Terri
replies as she slides her hands through her soft blonde hair and fluffs her
hair up a bit.

Raven laughs slightly as he finishes untying the shirt from around his waist.
"I'll take the blowjob..." Raven says as he licks his lip. He unbuckles his
belt and undoes his cutoff jean shorts, which fall to his feet, immediately
exposing his fat fourteen-inch cock.

Terri looks down at Raven's cock and licks her lips as she leans over in
front of Raven. Terri takes Raven's semi-hard cock into her soft hands and
begins to move both of her hands freely against Raven's shaft, stroking his
cock to life.

Raven moans a bit and he ruffles up Terri's blond hair with his right hand,
"Mmmm.... you have quite a grip... on a stiff situation..." Raven laughs a
bit as he licks his lips. Terri licks her lips as she winks up at Raven,
before she leans her head in and places her tongue against Raven's shaft.
Terri gently flicks her delicate tongue against Raven's shaft. Terri then
slowly moves her tongue up Raven's shaft and then works her wet tongue back
down Raven's stiffened shaft. Raven moans each time he feels Terri's tongue
press completely against his cock, "And Perry... picked a mop... over you...
unbelievable..." Raven smirks a little as he pushes Terri's hair back so he
can see her lovely face completely.

Terri works her she-devil tongue down his ballsack and flicks her tongue
gently against his ballsack before she takes Raven's ballsack into her warm
mouth. Terri looks up at Raven as she starts to slowly rock her head against
Raven's ballsack as she tightly sucks on his nutsack. Raven groans a bit and
moans fairly loudly, "Mmmm... you're... like the second person to do that..."
Raven says, sounding really impressed, "I forget who's the first... but
whoever it was... mmmm... didn't do that half as good as you just did..."
Raven adds as he wraps a hand around the top half of his cock and he stroke
his long thick shaft slowly.

Terri gently pats her tongue back and forth against Raven's ballsack as his
sack remains in her hot, moist mouth. Terri slowly pulls her head up from
Raven's ballsack and brings her head up to the head of Raven's large sized
cock. Terri licks her lips "Mmmm...perfect...just perfect.." Terri says
before she opens her hot mouth and engulfs his cock. Terri wraps her pouty
lips tight around his shaft and starts to steadily bob her head up and down
on Raven's cock as she starts to suck.

Raven licks his lips as he hair hangs down over his face. He pushes his hand
through Terri's blond hair, slightly pulling up on it. "Ahhh yeah... those
lips... mmmm... those hot... lips feel great...." Raven moans as he looks
down at her with a pleases smile on his face. Terri tightens her lips around
Raven's shaft as she starts to deeper on Raven's cock, blowing him with long
and slow head bobs, working her skilled and delicate tongue around his shaft
as she gently moans against his. Terri looks up and locks her soft eyes with
Raven as bobs her head quicker on his cock. Raven licks his lips as he looks
deep into Terri's eyes when he begins to thrust his cock forward into her
mouth, "Shit.... you... can sure suck dick... in an extreme way..." Raven
then gets a wide grin on his face as a thought appears in his mind. "Wonder
if you can fuck... the same way..."

Terri slowly raises her head up from Raven's cock and smiles up at him as
his cock drips of Terri's warm saliva. Terri winks "I have been told...I am
a really good fuck..." Terri says before she presses her tongue against the
head of Raven's cock once again.

"Good is alright..." Raven smirks as he pulls his cock away from Terri's
tongue. He pushes her onto her back, kneels down and grabs hold of her thin
thong and rips it off of her body. Terri grits her teeth slightly as she
locks eyes with Raven. Raven grins as he licks his teeth a bit while spread
Terri's legs apart so he can lay between them. He grips his fat cock and
presses the thick tip against the entrance of her pussy. Before he pushes
it in, he grabs hold of both of Terri's voluptuous tits and then he rams
his cock all the way inside of her tight hot pussy.

Terri tilts her blond haired head back letting out a moan of pleasure
"Ahhhhhhh..." Terri licks her lips as she looks up at Raven as she feels
his cock pump in and out of her tight pussy.

"Look at me..." Raven says in a deep voice as thrusts his cock in and out
of her pussy at a fast, hard pace while clamping his hands down harder on
Terri's tits. His long hair hang down from his head and lightly brushes
over Terri's face with every thrust.

Terri grits her teeth as she wraps her smooth legs around Raven's waist. Her
petite body moves back and forth against the floor of the locker room after
quick and powerful thrust Raven delivers to her warm, moist pussy "Ohhhh...
ahhhh Raven...mmm... you know how to fuck..." Terri moans as she starts to
grind her pussy up against his cock.

Raven grins as he looks down at Terri's pleasure filled face, "That's...
because... I'm know... what it takes... to meet someone’s needs..." Raven
gives Terri a very hard thrust. He moves a hand from Terri's chest to her
hair and pulls her head up. "I can tell... you don't like... gentle crap...
you like it... hardcore..." Raven licks his teeth before he quickly lowers
his head and kisses Terri. He forces his tongue into her mouth and circles
it around Terri's own tongue. Terri moans into Raven's mouth as she pats
her tongue against Raven's tongue. Terri moves her pelvis up into Raven's
waist, grinding her pussy sharper against Raven's fat, large cock.

Raven breaks the kiss with Terri and wraps his arms around Terri's waist when
she pushes her pelvis up against him. Raven leans back, while pulling her up
against him and stands up. "Brace yourself!" Raven says as he rushes towards
a wall, and rams her back against it before he begins to bounce the small
gorgeous blond up and down on his cock.

Terri grits her teeth as she wildly bounces on his cock. Terri begins to rock
back and forth on Raven's cock with her own momentum and places her hands on
Raven's strong shoulders to brace her movements. Raven locks eyes with Terri
as he pumps his cock up into her pussy. He leans his head forward and licks
both of Terri's cheeks before pushing his tongue back into her mouth. Raven
adjusts his hold on Terri's body so that her stomach and chest presses
against his own body.

Terri wraps her tongue around Raven's tongue begins to suck on his tongue
as they kiss. Terri slams down hard on Raven's cock, taking it deep into her
tight, warm pussy "Mmmmmm...." Terri moans into Raven's mouth.

The way Terri comes down on his cock makes Raven stumble backward enough for
him fall down completely to the floor. "Ahhhh mother fucker... you little
horny devil..." Raven says with a wide grin as he moves his hand to Terri's
slender waist to lift her up and down on his fat, long, hard cock.

Terri tilts her hand back and slides her hands through her soft blonde hair
as she starts to rapidly bounce up and down Raven's cock as she rocks forward
and then leans back on his cock "Mmmmm....Ohhhh like my horny
pussy, don't?" Terri moans as she gently comes down on Raven's fat cock.

Raven nods his head as he thrusts up into her tight cunt, "Oh yeah... it's...
hot little cunt... and it needs this type of fucking... not just now... but
every fucking day!" Raven grunts as he lifts his hips to ram his up into her.

Terri grits her teeth as she suddenly slams down on Raven's cock "Ohhhhh
fuck..." Terri groans as she starts to sweat while riding quickly on Raven's
cock "Mmmm... maybe... I....should...join....the
get...hardcore...every...night!" Terri moans in between her heavy breaths.

Raven's eyes fill with lust right after he hears Terrie's reply he extends
a hand up to behind Terri's neck and proceeds to pull her head down. "We...
haven't gotten completely hardcore...yet...." Raven says in a low voice as
he flicks his tongue against her lips. "Your... ass... needs to be taken...
to an intense... level... of fucking... to entirely satisfy your needs... I
know it... and you know it..."

Terri licks her lips as she slows down on Raven's cock "Mmmm...I love it...
in the ass..." Terri groans.

"Of course you do..." Raven smirks as he starts to lift Terri off of his
cock. "Get down... and get prepared..." Raven says as he sits up. Terri
smirks and licks her lips as she lifts herself completely off of Raven's
cock and gets down on the floor next to him, positioning herself on her
hands and knees. Raven rolls himself upright and gets behind Terri, but
instead of sticking his cock into her asshole right away, he spreads her
ass cheeks apart with his hands and lowers his head to circle his tongue
around her asshole. Terri's eyes roll back as she opens her mouth, letting
out a slight moan as she places her left hand between her smooth legs and
then places her hands against her warm pussy Raven pushes his tongue deep
inside of Terri's asshole and begins darting it in and out of her butt as
he squeezes her ass cheeks.

Terri then closes her eyes and grits her teeth "Ohhhh yeah...Raven..."
Terri moans as she begins to rub the palm of her left hand against the
smooth lips of her tight pussy "Mmmmm Raven...ohhhh god baby.."

Raven slowly lifts his head from Terri's asshole and grins, "Mmmm I love
licking a hardcore chick's ass.... can taste how extreme they are...."
Raven licks his lips and kneels behind her. He grips his fat hard 14-inch
cock and with one swift movement as he plunges all of it into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhh fuck!" Terri, the horny little she-devil, moans as she swallows
her saliva and begins to already push her ass back against Raven's big,
fat cock.

As sweat drips down his body, Raven puts his moist hands on Terri's hips to
hold her still as he begins thrusting in and out of her asshole relentlessly.
Everyone one of his thrusts has his full of intention of driving Terri wild
and he grunts with every thrust. "Yeah... fuck yeah.... push back Terri...
get your needs... fulfilled..."

Terri tilts her head back and moans as she slams herself back against Raven's
cock at a hard rate "Ohhhhh ahhh...awww...fuck...yeah!" Terri moans as sweat
drips off of her body as well, while she furiously rubs her pussy.

Raven grits his teeth and reaches forward to grab hold of Terri's sweat
dampen hair. "Cross... over Terri... embrace the extreme... hardcore...
lust... feel it... as I fuck your ass..." Raven's thrusts somehow become
even more intense and quick making it hard for the hot ecstasy driven
beauty to match his rhythm as he ravages her ass.

"Ohhhh...I the extreme!" Terri moans loudly "I
wanna....join...the Alliance!" Terri moans as she suddenly cums on her own

Raven gets a wide smile on his face as he pulls out of Terri's asshole.
He turns her onto her back before she collapses under her own weight and
exhaustion. Raven then straddles her chest and wraps a hand around his
fat cock. "You... must... be marked Terri... to join the Alliance..."
Raven says as he breathes hard while he starts jerking off his cock.

Terri licks her lips as her soft eyes lock on the head of Raven's cock
"Mmmm...I'm also...a cum-loving horny devil..."

"Ahhhh.... you... are... extreme..." Raven moans as he starts to cum. Thick
streams of his hot sticky load shoots out from his fat throbbing cock and
lands in streaks across Terri's face as he tries to aim his dick at her

Terri flicks her delicate tongue catching a few drops of cum as she holds her
hot mouth open. Terri brings her tongue back into her mouth and swallows the
cum that landed on her tongue. Terri licks her lips "Mmmmmmmmm....." Terri
moans as she closes her eyes slightly.

Once Raven's cock is completely out of cum, the long haired Alliance
superstar places his hands on Terri's face and rubs the cum into her skin.
"Mmmm... you are... part of the Alliance now... and I trust... your needs
for now... were met..." Raven says softly.


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