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What Do You Think Of This Kind Of Cheating? Part 1 (FFF)
by My Divas (

After hearing the news,Candice is excited that she will be competing in the
number one contender's match to go up against the Trish Stratus for the
Women's Championship. But she isn't thrilled who she has to face. And her
opponent is none other than Ashley Massaro. So Candice wants the match to be
instead of a regular match, she would like to change the match into a bikini
pillow fight. Where the divas wrestle in bikinis with a King size bed in the
middle of the ring and you have to pin your opponent in bed. Plus you have
to tuck your opponent into win. Making it the first ever bikini pillow
tuck-in match.

The reason for Candice wanting this first match of its kind is she has a plan
up her sleeve. So to make this match possible she couldn't demand it just
like that or try to seduce Vince McMahon who is the Chairman and decides who
wrestles who. So she has a sneaky way she thought of and that was to use her
WWE fans online. Luckily she knew someone inside the WWE. She told her
contact to setup a voting poll so fans could vote what kind of match that
they would like to see Candice Michelle vs. Ashley Massaro compete in. The
choices were. 1. A regular match 2. A lingerie match. 3. A new match called
the first ever bikini pillow tuck-in match. And Mr. McMahon would find out
online on the WWE home page. And seeing the new pole he was wondering who
authorized this. But as he read the poll carefully he saw the results that
were shocking and decides to go with the leading result.

The result was that the fans voted for the Bikini pillow tuck-in match. The
poll wasn't even close, the choice won by a landslide. At the closing of the
pole Vince saw that there was an explanation of the rules of how the match is
to be won. Candice wasn't done she had more schemes that still had to be
arranged. Candice wasn't alone in this plot, Victoria was busy preparing a
van she bought that was an old Ambulance but it was quickly fixed up on the
outside and in the inside it was prepared for the plans they have. All of
this preparation took weeks to carry but in a couple of days it was to be
setup and planned for the night of Candice's number one contenders match
against Ashley. Candice was now hoping as she was heading down the ring for
tonight was her scheduled number one contenders match against Ashley. But
as she entered the ring as soon as Monday Night Raw kicked off. Candice then
got a microphone and started Talking.

Candice Michelle: Hello everyone, as you know tonight I will be facing Ashley
in a number one contenders match in which I am going to win whether you like
it or not. Because Ashley I hope you are listening backstage. Tonight won't
just be a regular match and oh yes Ashley don't be shocked. Later Mr. McMahon
will announce what the match it is going to be. One more thing Ashley I hope
you have a Bikini bra and panty set ‘cause you're going to have to where one
for tonight's match. Let save me Mr. McMahon the trouble of announcing the
match. Tonight's match will be the first ever bikini pillow tuck-in match.
The rules are simple, all you have to do is pin your opponent in a king size
bed that will be in the ring and tuck your opponent in by "WHAT EVER MEANS
NECESSARY". That is if you can keep me from tucking you in Ashley.

Candice smiles at her last comment and leaves the ring.

King: Wow what announcement, I mean Candice Michelle just announced the first
ever bikini pillow tuck-in match. Man would I love to see Candice and Ashley
go at it in bed in their bikinis. I wonder what Ashley thinks about that. I
do hope she has a bikini in her luggage bag.

Meanwhile after the commercial break WWE unlimited shows the television
audience by showing a segment of Candice browsing through her collection of
bikinis, bras 'n panties and lingerie that she packed for tonight. Every
time she picks out a set of bikinis the crowd reacts in the arena from which
are watching the segment on the titantron.

Ashley is walking down the hallway after watching the shocking announcement
on screen backstage. Then she's approached by Maria and she asks her.

Maria: Well hi, Ashley as she says enthusiastically. So Ashley what do you
think of Candice's challenge towards you in the first ever ‘bikini pillow
tuck-in match.

As the crowd goes wild to Maria's question

Ashley: Well Maria, it doesn't matter what kind of match I face Candice in,
because she can't beat me in a regular match. Well Candice you got what you
wanted you B...

But before Ashley could finish, Candice cuts her off in saying.

Candice: Well, well Ashley I hope you're prepared to lose in tonight's match
(as Ashley looks on), because you are going to need it. Don't think you're
beating me easily as she walks off when Raw airs off to go to commercial.

When Raw returns to live on air live coverage of the first ever bikini pillow
tuck-in match.

King: Well. this is the moment we have been waiting for and it's our next
match. Woo hooo, puppies Ashley vs. Candice for the number one contenders
match with Having the right to face Trish Stratus for women's title. And
J.R will miss this match due to an emergency.

Ashley's music hits as she appears at the ramp walking down to the ring in
her black silky robe and she enters the ring where a king size bed is
situated in the middle of the ring. When Ashley enters the ring she goes
over towards the bed. The bed is somewhat bouncy as Ashley tests the bed.
Then Ashley disrobes revealing her sexy black bra and panty bikini set as
the crowd reacts with cheers.

Then Candice's music hits as she walks down with all the confidence that she
will win the match with no difficulties. Then entering the ring with Ashley
staring her down she ignores her and does her trademark entrance by suddenly
opening her robe in a seducing manner. The crowd goes wild to her hot
entrance as she is strutting in her white bra and panty bikini set.

Then the two feuding divas square off with both trash talking each and finger
pointing and then they start shoving one another. Then Candice turns her head
after getting the last shove to her chest (breast) for just a second. Then
Candice suddenly turns her head and sneaks in a straight front kick to Ashley
in between her crotch below her waistline. Ashley goes down in pain on both
her knees holding her crotch. Then Candice grabs a hand full of her hair and
stands up Ashley still in pain and throws Ashley on to the bed rolling in
pain. Candice takes her time getting in bed in sexy bed crawl style and then
she goes for the pin on Ashley, 1 2 and Ashley kicks out.

Candice then grabs a pillow and attempts to put Ashley away when she starts
muffling and kicking and squirming wildly as the referee warns Candice and
she backs off letting Ashley up for air. In control early of the match
Candice goes off the bed and swings herself from ropes and comes flying on
to the bed with a flying clothesline and hits Ashley who rose up from her
dirty attack from Candice. Ashley the takes a fall backwards from the bed
and falls off. Candice quickly picks up Ashley and sets Ashley up for DDT
and nails it. Ashley is thrown on to the bed and Candice goes for the pin.
1 2 2.5 and Ashley barely kicks out.

Candice gets on top of Ashley and delivers several slaps. And then Ashley and
Candice start rolling and on the King size bed and Ashley gets the upper hand
and starts giving right hands to Candice's face. Ashley starts getting off
the bed dragging Candice along by her hair and swings her with two hands full
of hair and lets go, throwing her like a doll as lands face first. Now
stunned Ashley quickly grabs her by the panty waistline and executes a
suplex. As Ashley swings herself to ropes she then lands on Candice with a
splash but Candice moves away and Ashley hits nothing but the mat. Both divas
down as Candice is the first to get up and grabs Ashley from behind wraps
her with both arms on her neck to set her up on a sleeper. Ash ley now in
trouble, Candice brings Ashley and throws herself along with Ashley still in
a sleeper hold in bed and Candice wraps her sexy legs around Ashley's mid
section stomach trying to squeeze the air out of Ashley as she loses
consciousness. Then the ref begins the count and Ashley is slowly losing the
fight to stay awake.

1 as the ref raises and drops Ashley's arm which falls down, 2 the ref again
sees her arm drop limp and the third count she keeps her arm up. Ashley
starts to fight back loosening Candice's sleeper hold as they both squirm
and Ashley breaks the hold and fights off Candice by rolling away and kicks
Candice back as she tries to get on top of Ashley. Ashley then grabs the
staggered Candice and drags her off the bed and brings her standing up
swinging Candice and as she bounces off the ropes she delivers a nasty
clothesline. Ashley now in control gives a face buster to Candice and her
face bounces off the mat. With that she picks up Candice and throws the
stunned and dazed Candice on to the bed she goes for the pin.

1 2 and a kick out by Candice. And Ashley wanting to end this now she climbs
to the tope rope corner where in her view sees Candice from the side of the
bed. Then Ashley lunges towards Candice and puts her knees up playing possum
with Ashley as she lands on her knees. Then Candice reaches for the pillow
crawling over for she pulls out of the pillow a cloth. She gets ready to
pounce on Ashley still in pain she awaits her stalking Ashley like she's
prey and the second Ashley turns around Candice lunges towards Ashley
colliding face to face with the cloth and Ashley lands on her back and
Candice now pressing the clothes as Candice landing and staying on top of
Ashley with the cloth. Ashley is startled that she is being chloroformed.

Ashley: mmmmmpphhhh mmmmmpppphhhh nnhhhgggg mmmpphhhh hhhmmmmphhh!

Ashley struggling as the fumes of chloroform invades her lungs. Trying to
hold her breath, trying to fight off the chloroform. Candice feeling Ashley's
lungs not taking in her chloroform decides to quicken the process.

Candice: Breathe it in bitch, oh no you don't Ashley just take it. Time to go
to bed bitch, I am winning this match and there's no hope for you.

Candice then goes down and grabs Ashley crotch through her bikini panties
with one hand still pressing hard on the cloth of Ashley's mouth and nose.
As she opens up her mouth and takes a deep breath of chloroform. She then
starts to lose her fight to stay awake. As her eyes start to flutter and
roll back letting go several moans and whimpers (mmmpphhh mmmpphhh) trying
so hard but she goes limp and her eyes completely shut close giving one
soft muffled moan.

Candice still presses the cloth after Ashley is out as she gives one last
hard press on the cloth to Ashley. Then she let's go and then picks Ashley
and drags her limp beautiful sexy bikini body and throws Ashley on to the
bed and pins her. 1 2 3 and then she tucks in Ashley by rolling the bed
covers on her.

Candice: Good night Bitch you lose.


Then referee checks on Ashley and signals for the EMT as Candice with a grin
on her face skipping and strutting her stuff on her way up the ramp when the
EMT worker comes down the ramp with a stretcher gurney not aware that it's
Victoria is the disguised EMT worker and the ref helps the worker prepare
Ashley on the gurney. And Victoria carts off Ashley with the crowd unaware of
that it's really Victoria carting off Ashley. As Ashley is being carted off
to the back Candice gets dressed and waits for Candice by the setup EMT van
and she opens the back doors of the ambulance with the unconscious Ashley
still in her black bikini.

Candice and Victoria load the limp half naked Ashley into the van. Candice
dressed in her short jeans shorts and a white blouse and long sleeves showing
a lot a of cleavage sits in the back with Ashley. And Victoria gets in the
drivers seat and drives off with Ashley with the crowd not paying attention
to action that Ashley is being kidnapped in a fake Ambulance. As the scene
turns back to inside the ambulance van. Candice starts to pull out the
leather cuff straps and begins to strap in Ashley now knowing what Candice
is doing to her. She then looks on the sleeping Ashley.

Candice: Damn you do look kind of cute, but too bad I am going to have my
fun with you right now whether you like it or not.

She then reaches for her bag of toys. Candice then grabs her pussy digging
and grabbing through her bikini panties and gives Ashley a long French kiss
to Ashley. Still with one hand on her crotch Ashley starts getting wet
through bikini panties. Candice then pulls down Ashley's bikini panties
down to her ankles with Candice intending on having fun as she pulls out a
dildo out of her bag. With Ashley still out from the chloroform she doesn't
know what waits for as the van drives off into the night.

End of part 1

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