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What Does The Future Hold Part 1: A Future Of Blood
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel, is sitting behind a small rounded
table in a dimly lit room by various candles that surround the mysterious
Vixen. Ariel gently grits her teeth together as she looks down at her tarot
cards that are set out on the rounded table as the cards are facing down.
Ariel, dressed in a short black skirt and a black halter-top, reaches down
and turns one of the cards over to face up "What...does the future hold?"
Ariel says to herself out loud in a soft, haunting voice "What...does the
future hold?" Ariel repeats as she turns her head and looks over her
shoulder, getting a sly smirk on her wicked face as she spots her mysterious
Vampire master, Kevin Thorn

Ariel licks her teeth " arrived..." Ariel says as she
locks her grimace, dark eyes on her mysterious lover. Ariel presses her lips
together as she turns back to her tarot card reading table and proceeds to
flip over another card "What...does the future hold?" Ariel hauntingly
repeats once again.

The mysterious vampire Kevin Thorn smiles, showing his long sharp fangs.
"Only you can see the future..." Thorn says as he moves towards the table,
dressed in black long black tights, dark red boots and a black sleeveless
collared shirt. Thorn then smirks as he looks at her, "So I ask you... my
dear... what do you see..." Thorn says as he looks down at the mysterious
tarot card reader.

Ariel grits her teeth together and tilts her head back slightly as she looks
up at her mysterious lover, the Vampire Kevin Thorn "Ohhh Master..." Ariel
says as she raises up one of her tarot cards "I see...a future of blood..."
Ariel says in a haunting voice, before she smirks wickedly "Master...The
future says it's time for us...rise up...and give ECW an extreme bite. It's
time...we take over our beloved ECW..." Ariel says with a soft moans as she
places her hand against the left side of dried blooded her neck, where Kevin
Thorn had bitten his tarot card mistress previously.

The Vampire Kevin Thorn lowers his head down as he looks at the left side
of Ariel's neck, "What you see... if very... accurate... the time... is now
right... for us... to take ECW... to a very... bloody... future..." Thorn
says before he places his right hand on Ariel's right shoulder and presses
his fangs against the left side of her neck.

Ariel closes her eyes and licks her lips as she keeps her head tilts back,
feeling the razor sharp fangs of Kevin Thorn press against skin of the left
side of her neck. "Mmmm Master..." Ariel groans softly. Kevin Thorn places
his left hand on Ariel's halter top covered chest as he presses his fangs
harder against her skin until he bites into her, drawing blood. The
mysterious extreme Vampire licks up Ariel's blood as it trickles down her

Ariel slowly opens her eyes and grits her teeth as Kevin Thorn steps away
from his mysterious Vixen mistress. Ariel licks her lips as she gets up from
seat and sits up on the table where her tarot cards are placed. Ariel presses
her lips together as she looks her dark, wicked eyes with Thorn and extends
her hand "Master...I request your desire..." Ariel says softly in a haunting
voice as she motions for Kevin Thorn to approach her.

Kevin Thorn licks his blood stained teeth, "My desire... is yours... my
love..." Thorn says as he approaches the mysterious tarot card reader and
places his hands on her legs, just above her knees. Slowly, the powerful
vampire slides his hands up her smooth, sexy legs and pushes Ariel's skirt
up over her hips, revealing her smooth, shaved pussy. Thorn then grabs
Ariel's extended hand with his right hand and tightly squeezes it as he
looks into her eyes, "And yours... is... mine..." The Extreme Vampire says
as he presses Ariel's hand against his shirt-covered chest, near where his
dark heart is.

Ariel groans softly as she slides her tongue against her upper teeth "Mmmm
Master...I am at your bidding..." Ariel says in a soft, haunting voice as
she moans her left hand down against Thorn's shirt covered chest, while the
mysterious Vampire begins to untie her black halter top.

Kevin Thorn pushes Ariel's black halter-top upward after untying it and he
slowly removes it from her body, freeing her large round tits. "My love...
lay back..." The mysterious Vampire says as he places a hand on Ariel's
chest and pushes her to lay back on the table. Thorn then starts to push
down his black wrestling tights, instantly freeing his large, hard
thirteen-inch shaft.

Ariel closes her eyes as she lays back against her tarot card reading table
"Mmmm...yesss my Master..." Ariel as she arches her back slightly and she
spreads her smooth, sexy legs apart. The powerful Vampire Kevin Thorn steps
between Ariel's legs and places his right hand on her waist. Gripping his
throbbing thirteen inch long shaft with his left hand he guides it into
Ariel's smooth, warm, tight pussy. Once his shaft is inside of her pussy,
Thorn places his left hand on Ariel's waist and begins to slowly thrust his
cock in and out of her cunt. Each time he pulls his cock back out of Ariel's
pussy, he drives it forward with incredible force, which makes the table
Ariel is laying on shake.

Ariel grits her teeth together as her wickedly smoking hot body moves back
and forth against the surface of the table as Kevin Thorn thrusts his mighty
cock into her sinisterly sweet pussy "Ohhhhh Master...ohhhh yesss" Ariel
moans as she begins to push herself back against Thorn's cock.

Thorn grits his teeth together as he begins to increase the momentum of his
thrusts. "Ahhhhh..." Thorn lets out a long moan of his own which sounds
almost like a low growl as he feel Ariel grind her pussy against his cock as
he continues to move it in and out of her pussy. Thorn moves his hands upward
from Ariel's waist and places them on her shoulders as he leans forward,
pressing his body down against Ariel's on the table. Ariel lifts her head up
and flicks her tongue against Thorn's lips as she wraps her black gloved
hands around Kevin Thorn's neck as she starts to grind her pussy sharply
against his cock, while he thrusts his cock deeply into the tarot card
reader's sinisterly sweet pussy. Kevin Thorn opens his mouth and sticks his
tongue out to slide it against Ariel's as he drives his shaft harder into
her pussy. When Ariel arches her back, the extreme Vampire slides his arms
underneath her and lifts her off of the table as he stands up. Thorn
continues to thrust his cock into her pussy as Ariel squeezes her legs
tightly around his body.

"Ohhhhh my Master..." Ariel moans as her wickedly hot body bounces quickly
and sharply on Kevin Thorn's hard, throbbing cock. With her arms and legs
wrapped around her mysterious lover's body, she begins rock and grind her
body against him and his cock as she slams down hard, taking him deeply
into her tight, sinisterly sweet pussy.

"Uhhh... my love..." Thorn groans as Ariel slams her wicked hot body down on
his cock as he thrusts into her hot, evil pussy. Thorn tilts his head to the
left and flicks his tongue against the side of Ariel's neck as relentlessly
plows his cock in and out of her pussy.

Ariel breaths heavily as she slams down harder on Thorn's cock as she arches
her body back as well as tilts her head back "Ohhhhh my Master..." Ariel
groans before she starts to cum against Thorn's hard cock.

Kevin Thorn grits his teeth as he feels Ariel's sinister pussy squeeze his
mighty thirteen-inch cock as she cums hard on it. Thorn sits Ariel back on
the table and slams his cock deep and hard into her pussy over and over
again. "Ahhhh... ahhhhh... ahhhh..." Thorn breathes in and out slowly as he
grinds his teeth together before he begins to cum inside of Ariel's warm,
soaking wet pussy.

Ariel closes her eyes and presses her teeth together as she feels the warmth
of Thorn's warm cum flood into her wickedly wet pussy "Ohhhhh my Master..."
Ariel groans. " chance...against us..." Ariel says softly
as she breaths heavily.

* * *

Hours later, in the ECW Extremists locker room area, ECW Original Danny
Doring is packing up wrestling gear into his travel bag after having finished
his match earlier in the night. Dressed in jeans and a long sleeved white
sweatshirt, Doring zips up the bag as the lights in the locker room flicker
repeatedly for several minuets. Doring raises an eyebrow, "Geez... someone
got to pay the electric bill..." Doring says to himself while not noticing
that the door to locker room is slowly opening when the lights go out again.
Doring squints his eyes in the now dark room, "Aw... what the hell is going
on..." Doring says.

"What...does the future hold..." Ariel's voices echoes throughout the locker
room of the ECW Extremists. "More importantly...what...does your future
hold?" Ariel voice echoes hauntingly throughout the locker room.

Doring looks around the dark locker room, trying to pin point the echoing
voice, "Hey this isn't funny..." Doring says as he puts his hands up, ready
to punch anything that comes near him in the pitch-black locker room. "Turn
on the god damn lights!" Doring yells as the inability to see his
surroundings greatly disturbs the former ECW Tag Team Champion.

" your only enemy..." Ariel says hauntingly as suddenly a few
candles slowly flicker on that surround the locker room.

Doring squints his eyes as the candles flicker to life around the locker
room. Doring looks around the room in confusion, "All right... this isn't
funny... it's fucking hilarious... so you can end the joke!" Doring yells
out as starts to walk backward towards the door of the locker room once he
sees it. When he gets to the door, he tries to turn the doorknob to open
it, but the door won't open. "You got to be kidding me..." Doring says as
he keeps trying to open the door despite it being obvious the door isn't
going to open.

"Is something...wrong?" Ariel asks as Danny Doring slowly turns around and
comes face to face with the mysterious tarot card reader. Ariel licks her
teeth as she locks her grimace, dark eyes with Doring as she reaches down
into the cleavage of her black halter top and produces one of her
future-telling tarot cards.

Danny Doring grits his teeth angrily, "All right... what the hell is going
on..." Doring says as he glares Ariel. The flickering lights of the candles
around the room produce shadows that give Ariel almost a frightening

Ariel tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she places her left hand
against the side of her blood-dried neck, before she opens her wicked eyes
and smirks evilly "Don't you...want to know...your future?" Ariel asks as
she slowly extends her right hand with the tarot card.

Doring raises an eyebrow as the mysterious tarot card reader has him
completely confused, "Fine... I'll play along... what's my future?" Doring
asks as he hesitantly takes the tarot card from Ariel's right hand.

"I see...a future...of blood...and mayhem..." Ariel licks her lips and smirks
before she pushes herself against Doring's body, shoving him against the
door. Ariel places her hands against Doring's chest as she leans her head in
and flicks her tongue against the right side of Doring's neck. The mysterious
tarot card reading Vixen smirks as she looks up at Doring "And I see...a
future of extreme...pain...and desire..." Ariel says softly as she lowers her
wicked hands and places them both against his crotch.

Doring bites his own tongue as Ariel firmly pushes her hands against the
crotch of his jeans. "So what... you're... here for an extreme fuck?" Doring
asks as he smirks a bit, "If you are you're sure... taking the long way
around to get to my dastardly Danaconda..." Doring says to Ariel as he looks
into her dark, sinister yet seductive eyes.

Ariel steps back slightly from Doring and licks her lips as she places her
wicked hands against Doring's jeans and begins to unbutton his jeans "The
future...will be...extreme..." Ariel says as she looks up at Doring, slowly
kneeling down in front of the dastardly Extremist and begins to pull and
yank down his jeans.

Doring smirks a bit as he starts to relax slightly, "Got that right..."
Doring says as he begins to lift up his sweatshirt. He lifts it up over his
head and drops it down to the floor as Ariel pulls his jeans down his legs,
revealing a pair of yellow boxer briefs, which are hiding a nice sized bulge
underneath them. Ariel licks her lips as she locks her grimace, dark and
cold eyes with Doring's eyes. Ariel grits her teeth together before she
slowly pulls down Doring's yellow boxer briefs, dropping them down his legs
and he then steps out of the boxer briefs. Once Doring has stepped out of
his boxer briefs he his completely naked. His nine-inch long shaft hangs
between his legs. "See something you like?" Doring asks as he puts his hands
on his waist, now feeling completely comfortable with the situation.

Ariel presses her lips together before she lowers her head and places her
hands around Doring's nine-inch, hardening cock. The mysterious tarot card
reader begins to slowly move her wicked hands against Doring's cock before
she places her sinisterly wet tongue against the head of his cock and begins
to circle her tongue around it. Doring grits his teeth as Ariel's warm, wet
tongue goes around the head of his stiff nine-inch cock. "Ohhh baby... mmm...
guess you're like every girl... you love the Danaconda..." Doring moans as
he leans his head back against the locker room door that's behind him.

Ariel traces her wicked tongue around the head of his cock before she drops
her tongue down and begins to travel her tongue down his hard shaft. Ariel
looks up once again and locks her dark eyes on Doring as she taps her tongue
against his shaft before she presses her bottom teeth against his shaft and
begins slowly rake her bottom teeth up Doring shaft as she lifts her head up.
"Owww... damn..." Doring groans, gritting his teeth again as he feels Ariel's
sharp bottom teeth glide against the underside of his stiff cock. "Fuck...
you're a kinky bitch...." Doring says as he tries to hide the fact that what
Ariel just did hurt him a bit Ariel removes her hands from Doring's cock as
she places her hands against her black halter top and begins to untie it,
peeling the black top away from her body to reveal her large, rounded and
firm tits. Ariel tilts her head back as she places her gloved covered hands
against her firm tits.

Doring smirks a bit as he looks down at Ariel covering her tits with her
black glove covered hands. "Hey... you're not going to say you're shy now are
you?" Doring says as he licks his lips and looks down at Ariel's tits as she
looks up at him. Ariel grits her teeth as she slowly stands up and removes
her hands from her large chest and places them against her short black skirt.
Ariel steps away from Danny Doring as she walks over to the couch in the
dimly light locker room and begins slowly push down her short black skirt
from her hips, gradually revealing her smooth wickedly hot pussy. Danny
Doring licks his lips as he sees Ariel's hot, wicked pussy. "Mmmm ok... so
you're the strong silent type... that's cool with me..." Doring says as he
starts to walk over to the couch where Ariel is. He stands in front of the
couch and wraps his right hand around his stiff nine-inch cock as he watches
to see how Ariel wants him.

Ariel closes her eyes as she runs her black gloved hands against her smooth,
sinister and hot body. The mysterious ECW tarot card reader licks her teeth
as she opens her eyes again and stands up in front of Doring. Ariel viciously
places her hands against his chest and pushes him onto the couch. Ariel flips
her dark black hair back as she straddles herself on top of his lap, taking
his cock into her sinisterly warm and tight pussy.

"Ohhh damn..." Doring moans as Ariel lowers herself down onto his stiff nine
inch cock. Doring places his hands onto her thick, smooth sexy legs as Ariel
begins to methodically move back and forth on his cock. Doring leans back on
the couch and closes his eyes, "Ahhh... fuck if you wanted this... you
could've just said so..." Doring moans.

Ariel grits her teeth tightly as she rocks quickly on his hard, throbbing
cock "Mmmmm ohhhh...the future...that's all...that matters..." Ariel groans
as she closes her eyes, grinding her sinister pussy sharply against Doring's
cock as she places her hands firmly against Doring's shoulder and
aggressively pushes him against the back cushion of the couch as he sits on

Doring groans loudly As Ariel viciously grinds her pussy against his cock
as she starts bouncing firmly on his cock. "You worry about... the future...
I'll live in the present..." Doring replies as Ariel practically pins his
shoulders to the back of the couch while he starts to thrust his cock up into
her pussy.

Ariel arches her back as she drives her sinisterly hot body down on Doring's
cock "Ohhhhh...the future is what matters..." Ariel moans as she gently digs
her sharp nails into his shoulders as she rocks sinisterly on his cock.

"If... that's what you... think..." Doring moans as he tries to push himself
forward on the couch, but it causes Ariel to dig her sharp finger nails into
his shoulders. Doring grits his teeth in pain as he wraps his arms around
Ariel and rolls over so that he's on to top of the sinister, hot, mysterious
tarot card reader. Once he gets himself set on top of her, Doring begins to
rapidly pump his cock in and out of Ariel's pussy.

Ariel grits her teeth tightly together as she wraps her smooth legs around
Doring's waist and begins to grind her pussy up against his cock as her
thrusts in her sinisterly tight pussy "Ohhhhh...mmmm...ohhhhhhh!" Ariel
groans as she closes her eyes.

Doring licks his lips as he slams his cock in and out of Ariel's pussy as
he fucks her, "Ahhh... ohhh yeah... ohhh yea baby..." Doring moans as he
begins to sweat. He lowers his head down and rubs his face against Ariel's
large tits as drives his cock as hard as he can into her pussy. Ariel the
mysterious ECW Vixen places her hands against Doring's smooth, muscular
chest and digs her razor sharp nails into his chest as she groans loudly
and breathes heavily. Ariel thrusts her wickedly hot and sweaty body against
Doring's cock as he slams his cock in and out of her wickedly wet pussy.

Ariel licks her lips as she smirks "Ohhhh yesss...ohhhh yesss..." Ariel moans
in haunting moan, grinding her pussy sharply against his cock as his cum
flows into her pussy.

Once he's finished cumming, Doring slowly pulls his cock out of her hot,
sinister pussy, "Ahhh... ohhh shit..." Doring moans as he sits on the couch,
sweating and breathing hard. Ariel licks her lips as she sits up on the couch
and stands up with a wicked smirk on her face. Ariel then kneels down in
front of Doring with her face just inches away from his face. The mysterious
tarot card reader narrows her eyes and then spits red blood into Doring's
face. Doring gets a disgusted look on his face as the blood on his face
trickles down it. "What the fuck?!" Doring yells as he tries to wipe the red
blood from his face.

Ariel licks her blood stained teeth smirks "What...does the future hold?"
Ariel says softly and then laughs sinisterly. "A future of...BLOOD!" Ariel
says in eerie, haunting voice before the dimly light candles slowly flicker
out, making the room an eerie darkness. Within a few moments the lights in
the locker room slowly flicker on, brightening the room up and now the
mysterious Ariel is suddenly gone from the locker room.


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