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What Does The Future Hold Part 2: A Future Of Homicide And Genocide
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

"What...does the future hold..." The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel,
says to herself out loud as she sits behind the small, circular table located
in the center of a dim-candle lit room in the ECW Arena. Ariel grits her
teeth together as she places her hands on top of the table, where numerous
tarot cards are laid out on "Only...I can see the future..." Ariel says with
a sly smirk on her wicked face. The mysterious ECW Vixen licks her teeth as
she slowly flips out one of her cards and glances down at the card as she
light from the candle casually flickers "What...does the future...hold?"
Ariel asks in an eerie, haunting voice "I see a future...a future of
homicide..." Ariel grits her teeth together once again and she leans her
head back and places her left hand against the left side of her dried-blood
stained neck from the bite that her mysterious Vampire lover, Kevin Thorn,
had taken from her delicious neck previously. Ariel eyes cold, dark eyes
slowly narrow "And a future...of...Genocide..."

* * *

In the boiler room of the ECW Arena, the homicidal, genocidal, suicidal
death defying mad man known only as Sabu is pacing back and forth like a
caged animal. Wearing a pair of gold Arabian style pants, the dangerous
ECW Original grits his teeth as he hears a door open and close. "Whoever
you are... you just... crossed a line... you should've have crossed..."
Sabu growls as he hears footsteps coming towards him.

The mysterious and wicked ECW tarot card reader, Ariel, stands behind Sabu
looking sinisterly hot in a short, red frilled skirt and a black halter top,
complete with black boots. Ariel licks her teeth as she places her soft,
wicked hands against the Scarred up back of Sabu. She presses her razor-sharp
fingernails against his back and viciously rakes her sharp nails down his
tortured back before the lights in the boiler room suddenly, and eerily black
out in a flash. "Do you believe... in the future...Sabu?" The mysterious
voice of Ariel echoes throughout the boiler room, surrounding as if Ariel is
entirely surrounding the homicidal, genocidal Extremist.

Sabu grits his teeth as he looks around the darken room as his fury builds
up, "The future is nothing yet..." Sabu says as his eyes shifts back and
forth as he tries to see any bit of movement. "Show yourself! I do not like
games!" Sabu yells as before he clenches his teeth.

Ariel laughs wickedly "Ohh...but the future is everything..." Ariel says is
soft, haunting voice as the boiler room becomes gradually cold "Are the your favor...Sabu?" Ariel asks her voice appears to be coming from
in front of him.

Sabu reaches forward with his right hand to grab at Ariel, but he grabs
nothing but air. Sabu starts breathing hard as clenches his hands into fists,
"SHOW YOURSELF! DO NOT TOY WITH ME!" Sabu yells as he spins around as if to
predict Ariel's next movement, but when he tries to grab her from the
darkness, he again doesn't succeed and just grabs air.

"Do you know...what I your future?" Ariel asks in a low, haunting
voice as her voice echoes throughout the room "I see...pain...I see...
homicide!" Ariel says loudly with a wicked laugh before the lights in the
boiler room slowly flicker back on, however the mysterious ECW Vixen is
nowhere to be seen.

Sabu grinds his teeth together as he looks around the now barely lit room,
"I do not care what you see you little witch!" Sabu yells his reply as he
scans every inch of the boiler room with his eyes as he tries to track down
where the mysterious tarot card reader is hiding.

"I would care...if I were you..." Ariel says wickedly as she now stands once
again behind Sabu. Before Sabu has a chance to react, the mysterious tarot
card reader kicks Sabu square in the center of his lower back with her left
heeled boot.

Sabu stumbles forward as he yells out from the sudden pain of the sharp heel
of Ariel's boot drives into his lower back. "Ahhhh... shit!" Sabu grunts as
he clenches his teeth. The death defying mad man and former ECW Champion
turns around slowly and glares at Ariel with an almost murderous look in his

Ariel raises her eyebrow up slightly as she gets a wicked smirk on her face
"The future...looks wicked..." Ariel says as she breath heavily with her
head tilts back slightly as she takes step towards the homicidal, genocidal
maniac. Ariel stands in front of Sabu, face to face, as she places her soft
wicked hands against Sabu's Scarred up chest. Ariel tosses her haunting black
hair exposing the left side of her blood-dried neck. The mysterious tarot
card reader slowly lowers her hands down his Scarred chest and to his stomach
before placing her wicked hands on his gold Arabian styled pants and begins
to lower them.

Sabu glares at Ariel as a look of confusion forms on his face as Ariel pushes
his gold Arabian styled pants down his legs. "What... are you doing?" Sabu
asks as he grits his teeth when his ten inch cock becomes freed from his
pants when Ariel pushes them down far enough.

Ariel licks her teeth as she wraps her right hand around Sabu's ten inch cock
and begins to stroke his extreme cock "Let...desire...over come...all..."
Ariel says as she locks her grim, dark eyes with the maniac, Sabu. Ariel
places her hand against her own large chest as she starts to untie her black
halter-top. Ariel tilts her head back and groans softly as she feels Sabu's
cock hardening against her right hand.

Sabu grinds his teeth as he looks down at Ariel's right hand moving back and
forth along his hardening extreme dick, "You do not know what you're asking
for..." Sabu says as he breathes deeply as Ariel's large tits become free
after she unties her black halter-top.

Ariel removes her right hand from Sabu's cock and licks her lips as she keeps
her head tilted back as she removes her black halter top from her sinisterly,
hot body as she exposes her large, firm tits. Ariel lowers her head and locks
her grim, cold eyes with Sabu as her eyes slowly narrow "The future
foresees...lust...extreme passion..." Ariel says as she licks her teeth as
she places her wicked, soft hands against Sabu's Scarred chest and slightly
digs her razor-sharp nails into his chest as she forces the maniac Sabu down
to the floor of the boiler room.

Sabu grits his teeth as he barely controls himself as looks at Ariel, "The
future isn't set yet..." Sabu says as he starts to push himself up from the
floor until Ariel pushes him
down without any trouble.

Ariel grits her teeth tightly as she places her wicked hands firmly on
Sabu's scarred, muscular chest forcing the homicidal, genocidal Extremist to
remain with his back down on the cold floor. Ariel, not wearing any panties
underneath her red frilled skirt, lowers herself down on Sabu's cock as she
takes his extreme cock into her sinister, warm and tight pussy "Mmmmm...
ohhhh...the everything Sabu..." Ariel moans as she begins to
immediately rock her sinister, hot body on his hard cock.

Sabu continues to grit his teeth even as he groans. The dangerous ECW
Original begins to sharply thrust his cock up into Ariel's pussy as she
slowly but fiercely moves up and down on his cock as she rocks back and
forth on his extreme dick. "It is... nothing... anything... can change
the future..." Sabu grunts as he roughly slaps his hands down onto Ariel's
skirt covered waist. Ariel grits her teeth as she narrows her eyes, looking
down at Sabu, and then suddenly digs her sharp nails into Sabu's chest as
she starts to her grind wicked pussy against his cock. Sabu grits his teeth
as Ariel scratches his battled Scarred covered chest with her sharp
fingernails. Sabu breathes hard as he slams his cock up into Ariel's cunt
as he looks back into her eyes. "Let... the future... change..." Sabu grunts
as he rolls over so that he's on top of Ariel and the homicidal, genocidal
mad man begins to sharply drive his extreme ten-inch cock in and out of her
pussy with hard fast thrusts.

Ariel wraps her arms around Sabu's neck and arches her back as Sabu drives
his cock deeply into her sinister, tight pussy "Ohhhh...ohhhhh...ahhhh..."
Ariel groans as she tosses her hauntingly black hair from side to side as
she presses her sinister, hot body against Sabu's muscular and Scarred body
"Mmmm...give in to the future..." Ariel groans as she viciously slams her
body against Sabu's cock as he's onto of the mysterious Vixen. Sabu clenches
his teeth together as he grunts while he drives his cock in and out of
Ariel's hot, tight pussy. The former ECW Champion places his hands down
firmly on the floor near Ariel's head. Sabu's thrusts become fiercer and
rougher as he fucks the mysterious Extreme Vixen on the cold floor of the
boiler room as she puts her hands on his back and digs her sharp fingernails
into his back. "Ohhhh...ahhhhh...mmmmm only I know...the future..." Ariel
groans as she grinds her sinister body against Sabu's body as she breaths
heavily and sweat drips off of her wickedly hot body.

"No... you... don't...." Sabu grunts as he feels Ariel's sharp fingernails
scratch his back as he begins to sweat. The homicidal, genocidal maniac leans
upward, forcing Ariel's hands to move from his back and he pulls out of her
pussy. Sabu grabs Ariel's legs and pushes them upward and backward so that
her feet hang almost directly above her shoulders. Sabu lays his war-torn
body onto Ariel's smooth legs as he plunges his cock back into her cunt.

Ariel tilts her head back and licks her teeth as she looks up, locking her
dark, wicked eyes with Sabu while he drives his cock in and out of her tight,
wicked pussy "Mmmm... ohhhh..." Sabu looks down and into Ariel's dark, wicked
eyes as sweat falls off of his face. Sabu sneers as he increases the force of
his thrusts, sharply driving his cock harder and faster into Ariel's hot, wet
pussy and he puts his hands onto her large tits and presses his fingers
firmly against the flesh of her tits as he squeezes them. Ariel grits her
teeth as she sits up slightly and flicks her tongue against the left side of
his face as she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him lower down on
top of her.

As Ariel pulls his head down, hos body presses down harder on her legs. Sabu
cringes as Ariel licks his scarred faces as he buries his shaft deep into
Ariel's pussy. The hardcore extremists grunts as he starts to cum inside of
Ariel's hot pussy, "Ahhhh... ahhhh..." Sabu groans as he fills Ariel's pussy
with his hot, extreme cum.

Ariel closes her eyes as she places her soft, wicked hands against her own
sweat covered body and licks her teeth as Sabu's warm, extreme cum floods her
wicked pussy "Ohhhhh...mmmm...the never wrong..." Ariel says with
a wicked smirk as she pushes the homicidal, genocidal, death-defying
Extremists off of her sinisterly hot body.

Sabu gets to his feet and grabs his gold Arabian style pants and puts them
on, "The future... isn't predictable..." Sabu says as he grits his teeth.

Ariel grits her teeth as she slowly slithers up and stands with her back
towards the death-defying Extremist "Ohhh...the never wrong..."
Ariel says as she keeps her back turned to Sabu "I see...a future..." Ariel
pauses as she slowly turns around as she holds onto a metal folding chair.
Ariel faces Sabu and presses her lips together with a wicked smirk "The
future is never wrong..." Ariel says hauntingly before she raises the chair
up and swinging the metal chair against the skull of Sabu. Ariel hits Sabu
with the metal folding chair with such force that it causes Sabu to stumble
towards a concrete wall. Sabu's head hits the hall hard and then he slumps
to the floor completely knocked out.

Ariel grits her teeth together as she narrows her eyes and then licks her
teeth "I see a future...a future of...HOMICIDE!"


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