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What Does The Future Hold Part 3: A Future Of Riot
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"What...does the future hold..." The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel,
says to herself out loud as she sits behind the small, circular table located
in the center of a dim-candle lit room in the ECW Arena. Ariel grits her
teeth together as she places her hands on top of the table, where numerous
tarot cards are laid out on "Only...I can see the future..." Ariel says with
a sly smirk on her wicked face. The mysterious ECW Vixen licks her teeth as
she slowly flips out one of her cards and glances down at the card as she
light from the candle casually flickers "What...does the future...hold?"
Ariel asks in an eerie, haunting voice "I see a future..." Ariel smirks
wickedly as her cold, dark eyes slowly narrow "A future of Riot..." Ariel
places the card down the small, circular table and licks her wickedly white

* * *

A short while later in the arena, the two men that make up Paul Heyman's
personal security force, Doug and Danny Basham are heading to their
employer's office to make sure it is safe for him. Both men are dressed in
black pants, black long sleeved sweat shirts, black armored vests, black
crash helmets and are carrying nightsticks. The visors for both of their
helmets are up, and Doug looks at Danny who is carrying the keys, "You do
got the right keys this time right?"

Danny looks back at Doug with a smirk, "Yeah I do, I made sure I kept them
with my gear..." Danny says as they approach Heyman's office.

Danny puts the key into the lock and unlocks the office door, then pushes it
open. Doug enters the room first and removes his helmet as he says, "Hit the
lights..." As Doug walks over to the desk and puts his helmet down on it,
Danny flips the light switch and closes the door. Doug raises an eyebrow when
he hears the door close and the lights don't come on. "Hey I told you to hit
the lights." Doug says as he looks around the pitch-black office.

"I did... the bulbs must've burnt out or something..." Danny says as he takes
off his helmet.

Doug shakes his head, "Great... well... go open the door so we can get some
light to find the phone to get patience in here... you know how Paul hates
the dark..."

"Right... right..." Danny says, shaking his head as he feels around the door
for the doorknob. When he tries to turn it the door won't open, making him
raise an eyebrow, "Aw shit... hey Doug... I think we're locked in..." Danny
says as he starts to fight with the door trying to open.

Doug shakes his head, "You locked us in?"

"I didn't do it! It must've locked on it's own!" Danny shouts back, "The
door's fucking..." Danny trails offs as the sound of sinister laughter echoes
around the room.

"What the hell..." Both of the Bashams say at the same time as they look
around the dark room.

"What...does the future hold..." The haunting, eerie voice of the ECW's
mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel, echoes throughout the office of the ECW
Representative, Paul Heyman. "Are...the cards in your favor?" Ariel says
softly as her voices echoes inside of the darkened room. "I sure hope so..."

Doug and Danny both raise their nightsticks up as if to attack anything they
see, but since they see nothing in the darkness it is mostly for defense.
"All right whoever you are... come on out! This is Paul Heyman's office...
and you shouldn't be here!" Doug shouts.

"Yeah! Come on out and we'll go easy on you!" Danny adds.

Ariel laughs sinisterly as the light inside of Paul Heyman's office slowly
flicker on, but remain for the most part dimmed. Doug and Danny Basham both
glance over to the leather couch where the sinister ECW Vixen, Ariel, is
laying. Ariel, dressed in a black halter-top and a pair of black sinisterly
lace panties, sits up slowly as she locks her cold eyes on Doug and Danny.
She licks her teeth as she places her hands on top of her black halter top
as she feels up her own large, rounded chest "Mmmm...I'd say...the cards are
in my favor..." Ariel says as she gently presses her teeth together.

Doug and Danny both stare at the hot, mysterious tarot card reader as she
feels up her own large, round tits through the material of her black
halter-top. "Who... what... are you?!" Danny asks as bit stunned at what
he's seeing.

"Looks like a chick with the need for some hot action..." Doug says under
his breath as he smirks a bit.

Ariel closes her eyes as she tilts her head back and licks her lips as she
slides her left hands against the bare skin of her neck "Mmmm...the future...
is what matters..." Ariel says as she opens her eyes and stands up from the
leather, as she begins walk towards both of Paul Heyman's special security
force, Doug and Danny Basham.

Doug and Danny both stand where they are as the sinister ECW Vixen slowly
walks towards both of them. Doug looks at Danny and smirks, "Hey Danny...
this could be like a reward from Paul... for what we put Dreamer through..."

Danny thinks about what Doug says for a long moment before he smiles,
"Yeah... yeah you're right..." Danny says as both he and Doug drop their
nightsticks down to the floor, and Danny sets his crash helmet down onto
the desk as well. Ariel presses her lips together as she locks her cold,
dark eyes on Doug and Danny until she steps in between the two Basham
Brothers. Ariel places her left hand on Danny's crotch, while she places
her right hand on Doug's crotch. The mysterious tarot card reader licks
her teeth as she slowly slithers herself down onto her knees in between
Doug and Danny.

Danny and Doug both lick their lips as the dark haired, mysterious vixen
kneels down in front of them. "Shit... she wants us bad..." Doug says as
both he and Danny take off their armored vests and drop them down to the

"Oh yeah... we gotta thank Paulie for this..." Danny adds as both men take
off the black sweatshirts they have on to reveal their smooth, slightly
toned upper bodies before they look down at Ariel.

Ariel grits her teeth together as she looks up at Doug and Danny with her
dark eyes narrowed "Now it seems as though...the cards are in your favor..."
Ariel says hauntingly as she gently rubs both of her hands against the
crotches of Doug and Danny Basham through the material of their black pants.

Danny grins as he licks his lips, "We're Paulie's personal security... its
always in our favor..." Danny says as he and Doug start to unbuckle their
belts before unbuttoning and unzipping their pants.

"Yeah babe... we're always in a good position..." Doug adds with a chuckle
as he and Danny start to push down their black pants. Both of the Bashams
step out of their pants at almost the same time before they start to lower
their black boxer shorts to free their thick, ten inch long cocks. Ariel
licks her lips as she wraps her soft, sinister hands around the shaft of
Doug and Danny Basham. The mysterious vixen begins to guide her wicked hand
up and down their shafts as she strokes them. Ariel slides her wicked tongue
against her teeth as she leans her head towards Doug's cock and lashes the
head of his cock with her devious tongue, before doing the same to Danny.

Doug and Danny both grit their teeth a bit as Ariel stroke their cocks as she
alternates flicking her sinister tongue back and forth against the tips of
both of their dicks. "Ohhh shit... damn..." Danny moans as Ariel taps her
tongue right against the piss slit of his thick cock.

Doug grins a bit as Ariel squeezes the head of his cock, "Mmmmm... she
wants us bad..." Dough laughs a bit. Ariel closes her eyes as she guides her
sinister tongue around the head of Danny's cock before she opens her wickedly
warm mouth and takes Danny's cock into her mouth. Ariel wraps her lips around
Danny's shaft and begins bob her head on his cock as she continues to guide
her right hand up and down Doug's hard shaft.

"Ahhhh... ohhhh... yeah..." Danny moans as he puts his hands on his hips as
Ariel bobs her head on his thick ten-inch cock. Danny slides a hand over his
own bald head as he looks down at Ariel, "Mmmm she's a hot cock sucker..."
Danny moans.

Doug smirks as Ariel strokes his thick cock with her right hand, "She sure
looks like it..." Doug says as he steps a bit closer to Danny to get a better
look at how Ariel is sucking Danny's shaft. Ariel presses her lips tighter
around Danny's shaft as she presses her teeth against his shaft and twists
her head on his cock, causing her teeth to scrape against his shaft. Ariel
lifts her head up and tosses her haunting black hair back as she licks her
teeth. The mysterious tarot card reader turns on her knees to face Doug,
before she takes the other Basham Brother's cock into her sinister, warm and
wet mouth.

Doug tilts his head back and groans loudly as Ariel takes over half of his
cock into her warm, wet mouth. "Ahhhh... ahhhh oh yeah... ohh yeah..." Doug
moans as he puts both of his hands on Ariel's head and pushes her dark hair

Danny frees his thick cock from Ariel's left hand and he moves around behind
her and kneels down. He pulls down her black lace panties from her hips and
slides them down her smooth sexy thighs. "Mmmm she's hot..." Danny says as he
gets close to her from behind so he can push his thick ten inch cock into her
tight, hot pussy. "Ohhhh fuck..." Danny groans as he begins to thrust his
prick in and out of Ariel's pussy. Ariel groans against Doug's cock as she
feels Danny's hard, throbbing cock enter her wicked, warm pussy. The
mysterious vixen laps her tongue around Doug's cock as she bobs her head
smoothly on his shaft, gently grating her against the skin as she sucks. At
the same, the sinister Ariel, pushes herself back against Danny's cock as he
starts to thrust into her warm, sinister pussy.

"Ahhh... ohhh... yeah... suck that dick babe..." Doug groans as he pushes
Ariel's dark black hair back behind her head as he thrusts his cock in and
out of Ariel's hot mouth by moving his hips back and forth.

Behind Ariel, Danny puts his hands firmly on Ariel's hips as he pumps his
cock hard and deep into the mysterious, sinister tarot car reader's cunt.
"Ahhh fuck... she's... got... a hot... tight pussy Doug..." Danny grunts as
he starts picking up momentum to drive his cock forward with more force.
Ariel slowly lifts her head up from Doug's cock and licks her teeth as she
locks up at him, as she then grits her teeth and narrows her cold, dark
eyes. The mysterious Ariel lowers her head again and spits her warm saliva
on to Doug's cock and watches her saliva trickle down his hard shaft, while
hot and sinister body rocks back and forth, while on her knees as Danny
thrusts into her tight pussy.

"Ohhh... fuck... she's a sexy little bitch..." Danny grits his teeth as he
drives his cock forward into Ariel's pussy.

Doug looks his brother as he fucks Ariel's cunt, "Hey Danny... let me take
a crack at her..." Doug says as he licks his teeth.

"Sure... Doug..." Danny grunts as he pulls his cock out of Ariel's hot pussy.
Doug bends down and pulls Ariel up and he bends her over the Paul Heyman's
desk. Doug bends her knees a bit and he slams his fat saliva dripping cock
deep into Ariel's cunt.

Ariel grits her teeth tightly together as she feels Doug's fat, hard cock
slam right into her tight pussy "Ohhhh...mmmm...the future I
painful..." Ariel says in a soft, haunting voice before she smirks wickedly
and then suddenly thrusts herself sinisterly hot body back against Doug cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhh you want... pain... we'll give you pain... in a few...
minutes..." Doug grunts as he repeatedly drives his cock balls deep into
Ariel's tight, wet pussy. Ariel's ass smashes up against his waist when she
pushes back, which softens the impact of Doug's sharp thrusts. Danny moves
over to the couch and sits down on it and lightly strokes his cock as he
watches Doug slam fuck the hot, sexy, sinister ECW Vixen over Heyman's desk.

Ariel begins to breath heavily as she viciously slams her hot, sinister body
back against Doug's cock with tremendous force and speed "Ohhhhh ahhh...
yessss..." Ariel groans as sweat drips off of her wicked body.

Doug grinds his teeth together as he drives his cock repeatedly all the way
into Ariel's pussy with long, hard thrusts. "Ahhh... ohhh yeah... time to
give you some pain... bitch!" Doug says as he pulls out of Ariel's pussy and
wraps his arms around her body. He lifts her up and puts her over his
shoulder as he carries her over to the couch where Danny is. Danny spread his
legs apart as Doug reaches him and then Doug maneuvers Ariel so that he can
help lower her down. Both of the Bashams smirk as they both work together to
lower Ariel's tight asshole right down onto Danny's hard, throbbing cock.
Ariel grits her teeth as she tilts her head back, exposing the bare left side
of the blood-dried neck. Ariel places her hand against the left side of her
neck and licks her teeth as Danny begins thrust up into her tight asshole.

Danny grits his he feels Ariel squeeze her asshole around his cock. "Ahhhh
owww shit... fuck..." Danny groans as Ariel grinds her asshole. Danny puts
his hands on Ariel's hips to push her off of him, but Ariel keeps herself
firmly on his cock. "Owww fuck!" Danny cries out.

Doug smirks and laugh, "Damn Danny, what her ass to tight?" Doug says
completely unaware that Ariel is causing Danny incredible pain as she grinds
her ass on Danny's cock. Ariel smirks wickedly as she narrows her cold, dark
eyes while she rocks back and forth on Danny's cock at a rough rate, as she
grinds her ass against his cock, causing extreme pain for Danny.

"Ahhhh owwww fuck... she's... ahhh damn!" Danny screams out as he leans
backward. Doug shakes his head and laughs at Danny while he spreads Ariel's

Doug bends down a bit and drives his cock into Ariel's pussy and begins to
fuck her pussy again. "Ahhh yeah..." Doug moans as he fucks Ariel while not
knowing he's helping her cause Danny pain. With each of Doug's thrusts, Ariel
uses them to help gain force to rock on Danny's cock.

Ariel grits her teeth as she tilts her head back against Danny's chest "I
told you...I saw a future...of pain..." Ariel says in soft whisper to Danny
before she licks the right side of his face with her wicked tongue as her
body rock back and forth continually due Doug's hard thrusts to her tight,
wicked pussy.

Ariel grits her teeth as she tilts her head back against Danny's chest "I
told you...I saw a future...of pain..." Ariel says in soft whisper to Danny
before she licks the right side of his face with her wicked tongue as her
body rock back and forth continually due Doug's hard thrusts to her tight,
wicked pussy.

"Ahhh... ohhhhh fuck... get her... off of me!" Danny cries out as Ariel drops
down on his cock harder. Danny grits his teeth as the immense pain Ariel is
causing him just with her ass distracts him so much that he starts to cum
inside of her incredibly tight asshole. Ariel closes her eyes as she bites
down on her bottom lip as she feels Danny's cum rush inside of her tight
asshole. The mysterious Ariel remains on top of Danny as she start to thrust
her body against Doug's cock as he thrusts into her wicked cunt.

Doug steadily pumps his cock in and out of Ariel's hot, tight pussy as
she thrusts herself towards him. Doug's baldhead shines with sweat as he
repeatedly rams his cock all the way into Ariel's pussy. "Ohhhh ahhh yeah...
ohhh yeah!" Doug moans as he starts to cum inside of Ariel's tight pussy as
she bounces hard on Danny's limp dick to grind her pussy against Doug's
throbbing cock as he fills her pussy with cum.

Ariel arches her back slightly as Doug cums into her wicked, hot and wet
pussy "Ohhhhh..." Ariel moans tilting her head back and closes her cold,
dark eyes for a moment as sweat drips off of her sinister body.

Doug grits his teeth together as he slowly pulls his cock out of Ariel's
pussy after he's spent and he collapses on the couch next to a whimpering
Danny. "Mmmm that was a good fuck..." Doug says as he closes his eyes.
Danny has his eyes closed as Ariel grinds her ass down on his cock a bit

Ariel licks her teeth as she slowly gets off from on top of Danny and stands
up, straightening out her black halter-top. Ariel then grits her teeth as she
places her hands against the material of her black halter top and begins to
eerily feel up her own large, round chest once against. "Mmmm...what...does
the future...hold?"

Doug shrugs his shoulders as he keeps his eyes closed, "Shit I don't know you
tell me..."

"My future involves an ice pack..." Danny says in a low voice as he leans
forward, lowering his head down and closing his eyes as he tries to deal with
the pain Ariel caused him.

Ariel bends down slightly and picks up one of the nightsticks belonging to
the one of the Basham Brothers, she then holds the nightstick up with her
right hand "I see a future...a future...of RIOT!" Ariel says with a wicked
smirk before she swings the nightstick, smacking Danny on the left side of
his head.

"Ahhh..." Danny screams slightly following the blow from the nightstick as
he slumps forward to the floor, hitting his head hard and knocking himself

Doug keeps his eyes closed as he thinks Ariel is giving Danny a blowjob
again. "Hey babe... give me one of those too..." Doug says, completely
unaware of what his own future holds.

Ariel grits her teeth "I'd love too..." Ariel says in haunting voice before
she swings the nightstick, striking Doug in the side of his head as well.
Doug doesn't scream out instead his whole body jerks towards the right and
he's draped over the armrest of the couch. The force of Ariel's blow cleanly
knocks Doug Basham out without any trouble. Ariel tilts her head back as she
releases hold of the nightstick, causing the nightstick to crash to the floor
of Paul Heyman's office. Ariel laughs sinisterly as she narrows her cold,
dark eyes on the unconscious Basham Brothers "Oh...and tell your boss...
LIGHTS OUT!" Within a brief moment after Ariel says the final comment, the
lights in Paul Heyman's office suddenly black out, causing his office to go
pitch black.


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