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What Does The Future Hold Part 6: A Future Of Extreme Lessons
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"What...does the future hold..." The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel,
says to herself out loud as she sits behind the small, circular table located
in the center of a dim-candle lit room in the ECW Arena. Ariel grits her
teeth together as she places her hands on top of the table, where numerous
tarot cards are laid out on "Only...I can see the future..." Ariel says with
a sly smirk on her wicked face. The mysterious ECW Vixen licks her teeth as
she slowly flips out one of her cards and glances down at the card as she
light from the candle casually flickers "What...does the future...hold?"
Ariel asks in an eerie, haunting voice "I see a future..." Ariel smirks
wickedly as her cold, dark eyes slowly narrow "A future of...Extreme...
Lessons..." Ariel says in soft, haunting voice as she places the card down
the small, circular table and tilts her head back as she closes her eyes and
licks her teeth.

* * *

Elsewhere in the arena, ECW's extreme teacher, Matt Striker, wearing a white
button shirt, a dorky red tie and black slacks, is writing his name are a
large chalkboard. "Mmmm... perfect..." Striker says as he steps back to
admire his own penmanship. Striker turns and goes over to his desk to get a
thick dictionary off of it when the lights in the room he's in starts to
flicker on and off. Striker raises an eyebrow, "Now that is quite strange..."
Striker says as the lights go off completely, making the room completely

"Mmmmm..." Ariel moans softly within the darkened room used for Matt
Striker's Classroom "What...does the future...hold?" Ariel asks in a haunting
voice as her voice seems to echo throughout the room, sending chills up the
ECW teacher, Matt Striker's, back.

Striker drops the dictionary he's holding down on the floor as he spins
around to scan the dark room with his eyes. Striker puts his hands on his
hips, "Ok... this is not smart..." Striker says in a shaking voice as a reply
to the mysterious Ariel's question. "And that question... is not possible to

"Ohhh..." Ariel laughs sinisterly "I know...the future...I can see the
future..." Ariel says as Striker feels the warmth of Ariel's body presses up
against him inside of the darkened 'classroom'.

Striker takes a step away from Ariel after letting her press her body
against his own for a few moments. "That... that's impossible... the future
is unknown... the only thing a person can see is the past because it's
written..." Striker says as he steps backward and bumps into the chalkboard.

Ariel places her hands on top of Striker's shoulders as she pushes him
against the chalkboard and leans in as she flicks her wicked tongue against
Striker's lips "Ohhh...but I can...and I see a future of Extreme...
Lessons..." Ariel says before the lights in the 'classroom' slightly flicker
on into a dim lighting. The mysterious tarot card reader presses her lips
together as she looks at Striker and slowly a wicked smirk looms of her face.
She grits her teeth together as she reaches down and begins to unbuckle the
belt around his black slacks.

Matt Striker looks at the mysterious tarot card reader as she unbuckles his
belt and slowly pulls it through the lops. "What... are you talking about?
The only... extreme lessons that happen is when I try to educate... the ECW
idiot fans..." Striker replies as he clears his throat.

Ariel slowly lifts her head up and narrows her eyes at Striker as she raises
her left gloved hand up and places it around Striker's neck "Don't disrupt
the future..." Ariel says as she slides his belt off completely and slithers
down to her knees in front of Strikers as she begins to remove his black

Striker's eyes go wide as he presses his body back against chalkboard as
Ariel lowers his black slacks down his legs, revealing his plain white briefs
that he's wearing. Ariel slowly begins to lower them down as well, revealing
his decent, nine inch cock. "This is... wrong... and immoral... I'm a
teacher..." Ariel looks up at Striker and smirks wickedly as she wraps both
of her black gloved hands around Striker's hard, nine-inch cock and begins to
guide her sinister hands up and down Striker's cock as she strokes off the
ECW extreme teacher. Ariel closes her eyes tilts her hand, moaning softly as
she moves her hands quicker against his shaft. Striker closes his eyes as
Ariel strokes his hardening cock. The former New York City School Teacher
lightly bites his bottom lip as he lets out a grown, "This... is not... part
of any lesson plan..."

Ariel opens her eyes as she leans her head in towards Striker's cock and
presses her sinister, wet tongue against the head of his cock. The mysterious
vixen begins to drag her tongue around the head of his cock as she circulates
her tongue. She gently lashes her tongue against his cock as she removes her
left hand from around his shaft and begins to untie her black halter-top.
"Uhhh... this is not... proper behavior..." Striker moans as Ariel laps her
tongue against the head of his thick stiff nine inch cock. Striker shakes his
head constantly as he tries to think of a reason for Ariel's behavior. Ariel
lifts her head away from Striker's cock, tossing her dark black hair back as
she grits her teeth and stands up as she removes her black halter top to
reveal her large, rounded tits. Ariel smirks before running her tongue
against her teeth, as she reaches forward and roughly grabs hold of Striker's
white buttoned shirt and jerks the former school teacher towards the desk,
forcing him onto the desk as well.

Matt Striker barely has any time to react as he realizes he's laying onto of
his own desk in the middle of his 'classroom'. He puts his hands down on the
desk and starts to sit up, "Young lady... this is not proper behavior... this
lesson is not correct..." Striker says as he weakly tries to reason with the
lustful mistress of the Extreme Vampire Kevin Thorn.

Ariel licks her teeth as she lifts herself onto the desk with Matt Striker
as she lifts her short black skirt up slightly above her waist to reveal her
smoothly shaven, hot and wicked pussy. Ariel grits her teeth together as she
mounts and lowers herself down on top of Striker's hard cock. She places her
hands against his smooth, muscular chest as she clenches her pussy tightly
around his cock "Mmmm...ohhhh...the future is never wrong..."

"Ahhh... uhhh... the future... doesn't exist yet... and what you're doing now
is... extremely wrong..." Striker groans as Ariel tightens her pussy around
his cock. The former school teacher clenches his eyes shut as Ariel pushes
him to lay back down on the desk. Ariel tilts her head back and licks her
teeth before she starts rock her sinister, hot body back and forth on
Striker's cock as she begins to ride the former New York City school teacher
at rough, wicked pace. Striker grits his teeth as Ariel uses her hot,
voluptuous body like a weapon. "Ahhh... ahhh..." Striker whimpers as Ariel
grinds her hot, sinister, tight pussy back and forth on his cock before she
begins to bounce on his stiff cock.

Ariel leans her head down as she starts bounce freely on Striker's hard cock
as she rocks her wicked body forward. Ariel lowers her head to Striker's neck
and gently flicks her tongue against the left side of his neck before she
gently presses her two small fang-teeth against the skin of his neck. Striker
jerks his heard to the right as Ariel teases biting into his neck. "Ahhh...
what... are you!" Striker moans as Ariel drops herself down on his cock as
sharply as possible. Striker lets out several whimpers of pain as Ariel
dominate fucks him on top of his own desk.

Ariel lifts her head back up as she tosses her dark black hair back as the
sinister and mysterious Ariel begins to rock roughly back and forth on his
cock as she arches her body and slams down on Striker's cock at an extreme
angle "Ohhhhh...ahhhhh..." Ariel moans as her wicked body begins to drip of

Striker sits up quickly the instant Ariel drives herself down onto his cock
in such an awkward angle that the intelligent Extreme Teacher screams out,
"Ahhhhh... owwww!" Striker screams as Ariel once again puts him back down on
the desk. Ariel slowly comes to stop on his cock as she lifts herself off of
Striker and then pushes herself off of the desk as she stands at the side of
his desk. While Striker remains laying on the desk, Ariel leans down and
wraps her hands around Striker's cock and lowers her head as she guides his
cock into her wicked, sinister mouth. Matt Striker's eyes roll back in his
head as he feels Ariel's warm mouth on his thick, nine-inch long cock once
again. "Ohhh... ahhh...mmmmm..." Striker whimpers as Ariel tortures his
aching cock with her hot, moist mouth by sucking on it slowly.

Ariel wraps her lips tighter around Striker's cock as she slowly lifts and
lowers her head on his cock while she lathers his cock up with her warm, wet
saliva. She closes her eyes as she gently twists her head on his cock as she
lowers her head further down, taking more of hard cock into her sinister
mouth. "Ahh... ohh... no more... please... no more..." Striker cries out as
Ariel takes her time as she takes more and more of his thick shaft into her
deviously delightful warm wet mouth. Striker can still feel the effects of
Ariel coming down in an extreme angle on his cock. Ariel smirks around
Striker's cock as she presses her wicked teeth against his shaft and begins
to rake and graze her teeth against his shaft as she lift and lowers her head
on his cock.

"Ahhh... ohh... noo... ohhh noo..." Striker groans as he arches his back as
he feels Ariel's teeth bite down onto his meaty cock. The former New York
City School teacher clenches his hands into fists as he starts to cum inside
of Ariel's mouth, giving the hot Vampire Tarot Card reader a mouthful of his
spunk. Ariel holds Striker's warm cum in her mouth and slowly lifts her head
up from his cock before she tilts her head back and swallows his load of cum
with a haunting groan. Striker lays back on the desk, panting and sweating.
His white button shirt is soaked with sweat and he closes his eyes as lays on
the desk completely speechless. Ariel licks her teeth as she places both of
her gloved hand against her large chest before she lowers them down smooth,
hot and sinister body as the mysterious tarot card reader begins feel her own
body up.

Striker slowly composes himself as he opens his eyes and looks at Ariel as
she stands near the desk, "What... are... you..." He asks in a fearful voice.

Ariel presses her lips together as she smirks wickedly "That is none of your
concern..." Ariel says in a haunting voice "Are the cards in your favor?"
Ariel asks Striker.

Striker gives Ariel a blank look after hearing her question, "What... are...
you talking about..." Striker asks as he locks eyes with the sinful ECW

Ariel raises her eyebrow "I guess not..." Ariel says softly before she starts
to laugh sinisterly.

Striker sits up more on his desk as he looks at the laughing tarot card
reader, "What... what do you mean..."

Ariel smirks wickedly before she leans forward, face to face with Matt
Striker "A future lesson...don't...mock what the future holds..." Ariel says
softly before she suddenly spits the warm cum of Matt Striker, that she had
swallowed into his face.

"AHHH!" Striker screams as his own cum is spit right into his face. He
instantly reaches for his face and begins to frantically try and wipe it off
and he falls off the desk and down to the floor.

Ariel tilts her head back and laughs wickedly "Mmmm...the


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