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What Does The Future Hold Part 8: A Future Of Total Dam-nation
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"What...does the future hold..." The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel,
says to herself out loud as she sits behind the small, circular table located
in the center of a dim-candle lit room in the ECW Arena. Ariel grits her
teeth together as she places her hands on top of the table, where numerous
tarot cards are laid out on "Only...I can see the future..." Ariel says with
a sly smirk on her wicked face. The mysterious ECW Vixen licks her teeth as
she slowly flips out one of her cards and glances down at the card as she
light from the candle casually flickers "What...does the future...hold?"
Ariel asks in an eerie, haunting voice "I see a future..." Ariel smirks
wickedly as her cold, dark eyes slowly narrow "A future of...Total
Dam-nation..." Ariel says in soft, haunting voice as she places the card down
the small, circular table and tilts her head back as she closes her eyes and
licks her teeth.

* * *

In the locker room of Rob Van Dam, the former ECW Triple Crown winner is
relaxing on the leather couch, reading a comic book. He's dressed in a pair
of plain red workout shorts and one of his black RVD t-shirts. "Dude... man
I love these comics..." RVD says as he turns the page when the lights in
his locker room suddenly cut out, sending the room into darkness. RVD looks
around, "Whoa... looks like Paul bounced another check..." RVD says with a
light laugh as he hears the sound of eerie laughter coming from the far side
of the dark room. "Dude... who's out there?" RVD says as he sits up on the

"What...does the future hold..." The mysterious voice of the tarot card
reader, Ariel, echoes throughout the darkened locker room. "Has the future
been kind to you...Rob...Van...Dam?" Ariel asks in a haunting voice.

RVD squints his eyes as he looks out into the darkness, "Dude... the future
is always kind to... Rob... Van... Dam..." RVD says in his typical extremely
laid back voice as he points to himself while saying his own name.

"Is that so...Rob...Van...Dam?" Ariel asks as her voice appears to be getting
closer to the high-flyer Rob Van Dam inside of the darkened locker room "Are
the cards in your favor then..." Ariel asks softly as Rob then feels the
weight of Ariel on top of his lap as he sits on the couch.

RVD's body shivers a bit as he feels Ariel's wet, sinister tongue slide
against his neck, "Yeah... but damn... you're pretty freaky... doing that in
the dark..." RVD says as he puts his hands on Ariel, and because of the
darkness, RVD's hands end up on Ariel's large round soft tits. "Dude!" RVD
says in surprise. Ariel licks her teeth and smirks wickedly before she leans
her head closer towards the left side of RVD's neck. Ariel opens her sinister
mouth and presses her two small, sharp fangs against the skin of his neck
"Whoa! Dude!" RVD tries to shove Ariel off of his lap as he can feel her
lightly biting into the side of his neck. "That ain't cool!" RVD yells as
Ariel remains on his lap.

The lights inside of RVD's locker room slightly flicker on and the mysterious
vixen remains on top of RVD's lap, licking her sinisterly white teeth
"Mmmm...let's see if the cards are in your favor..." Ariel says as she turns
on his laps and straddles his waist more as she faces 'Mr. Tuesday Night' Rob
Van Dam. Ariel presses herself down against the crotch of RVD as she presses
her large, round chest against RVD's t-shirt covered chest. She grits teeth
and tilts her head back as she gently grinds her clothed body of a short red
skirt and black halter top against RVD's clothed body.

RVD raises and an eyebrow as he smiles a bit as Ariel mysteriously and
seductively grinds herself on top of him. "Dude... I can answer that... the
cards, as always are in the favor of Rob... Van... Dam...." RVD says as he
against points as himself as he says his own name while he finds himself
unable to look away from Ariel.

Ariel locks her cold, dark eyes with RVD as she places her black gloved hands
against the shirt covered chest of Rob Van Dam "I think...the future suggest
you remove this..." Ariel says as she grits her teeth tightly and narrows her

"That sounds good to me..." RVD says as he slowly nods his head while looking
back into Ariel's cold, dark eyes. The wrestler from Battle Creek, MI reaches
down to the bottom of his t-shirt and he slowly lifts it up and pulls it over
his head to remove it from his slightly hairy, but mostly smooth, toned,
muscular upper body. RVD then balls the t-shirt up and tosses it across the
dimly lit room. Ariel licks her teeth as she tilts her head back and slowly
lifts her sinister, hot body off of RVD's lap. The mysterious Ariel proceeds
slither down to her knees on the floor in front of RVD as her on the couch.
She presses her lips together and points with her left index finger at RVD's
red shorts and motions for them to come off, before she starts to untie her
black halter top. The extreme high flyer nods his head quietly as he lifts
himself slightly on the couch in order to push down his red shorts from his
waist. When his shorts are down far enough, RVD sits back on the couch and
slides his shorts down his legs completely before kicking them off. Once his
shorts are gone, RVD sits on the couch completely naked with his nice, thick
eleven-inch cock laying between his legs.

Ariel licks her teeth as her cold, dark eyes lock on the sight of RVD's
hard, thick cock "Mmmm...the cards are in your favor..." Ariel says with a
mischievous smirk before she removes her black halter-top from her sinisterly
hot body and exposes her large, rounded tits. She grits her teeth together as
she places black-gloved covered hands over her perky, firm tits and leans her
head in towards RVD's fully hard cock. She closes her eyes as she slides
sinister tongue out of her warm mouth and places her tongue against the
underbelly of his shaft. The sinister, mysterious vixen begins to guide her
tongue against RVD's shaft.

RVD leans back on the couch so that his body is completely relax, "Mmmmmmm...
damn..." RVD moans as he tilts his head back and closes his eyes as he feels
the soft, wet tongue of the hot tarot card reader caress his now fully hard
cock. Ariel slowly guides her sinister, wet tongue up RVD's shaft until she
reaches the head on his cock. She opens her wickedly warm and wet mouth and
lowers her head down on his cock. The sinister Ariel wraps her lips tightly
around his shaft and begins to smoothly bob her head on his cock. "Ohhhh
dude... that's extremely good..." RVD groans as he looks down at Ariel as the
seductive, sinister, mysterious Vixen bobs her head on his shaft. RVD's body
shivers slightly as Ariel's warm saliva drips down the length of his shaft to
his balls.

As Ariel soft, sinister lips slide and rub against RVD's shaft as she bobs
her head, she lowers her head further down on his shaft while she starts to
bob her head at much more quicker and rougher pace. "Ahhh... mmmm yeah..."
RVD closes his eyes as Ariel slowly gains more and more control of him as
she increases the pace of how she's sucking on his shaft. When Ariel starts
taking in more of his eleven-inch shaft past her dark red lips, RVD starts
nodding his head a bit in rhythm with how Ariel is bobbing her head.

Ariel begin to roughly lash her tongue against RVD's hard, throbbing shaft as
she violently twists her head continuously on his cock while bobbing her head
at quick steady pace. Ariel slowly lifts her head up from his cock and as she
does so she presses her teeth against she shaft and rakes her teeth against
his shaft while she lifts her head up. Ariel licks her teeth as she locks her
cold, dark eyes with RVD as her warm saliva drips down the length of his
shaft. Ariel stands up from the floor and places her gloved hands on the
waist of her short red skirt before she begins to slide the skirt down her
smooth, sinister legs to reveal her hot, wicked pussy.

RVD once again looks deep into Ariel's cold, dark eyes as he remains seated
on the long leather couch, "So Dude... what do I do now?" RVD asks, and his
question gives Ariel a smirk as she knows she has him on the path to total

Ariel licks her teeth and places her hands against her smooth stomach as she
begins to guide her gloved hands against her smooth sinister skin as she
feels up her wickedly hot body "Stand up..." Ariel says softly as she smirks.

RVD nods his head and he stands up from the leather couch. He looks down at
Ariel with a relaxed smirk on his face. "Ok... what now Dude?" RVD asks with
his usual laid-back manner.

Ariel closes her eyes and moans softly as she rubs her smooth gloved hands
against her large, perky tits "Mmmmmm...lay down..."

RVD nods his head again and he slowly kneels down on the floor of his locker
room. The high flying extremist then lays down on the floor completely on his
back and looking up at Ariel. "All right Dude.." RVD says, letting Ariel know
he's down the way she ordered him too. Ariel grits her teeth and closes her
grimace eyes as she slowly lowers herself down on top of RVD's face. Ariel
tilts her back and releases a moan as she feels RVD's lips against her warm,
wicked pussy. As if knowing what to do without being commanded to, RVD raises
both his hands and puts them on Ariel's smooth, sexy legs as he lifts his
head slightly. He presses his lips against Ariel's pussy before sliding his
tongue out. RVD then slowly begins to glide his tongue back and forth against
Ariel's smooth, hot, wet pussy.

Ariel licks her teeth as she begins to rub her gloved hands against her
round, large perky tits, feeling herself up as RVD works his tongue inside
of her hot, sinister pussy "Mmmm...ohhhh...the future is your favor..."

RVD swirls his tongue around in a circle as he taps it against the insides of
Ariel's hot wet pussy. He slides his hands slightly on the hot tarot card
reader's smooth thighs just as he starts sliding his tongue in and out of her
hot pussy. "Mmmmm...." RVD moans against Ariel's pussy when she slightly
grinds herself on his tongue. Ariel grits her teeth together as she begins to
slightly rock herself, while on top of RVD's face, against his tongue as it
circulates inside of her warm, tight, sinister pussy. RVD lifts his head up
some more so he can push his entire tongue deep into Ariel's warm, wet pussy.
RVD can feel his face getting slightly wet as Ariel smoothly rocks herself on
his face, as he thrusts his tongue in and out of her sinister cunt.

Ariel opens her eyes slowly and smirks sinisterly "'s time to let
desire...see our future..." Ariel says as she grinds her pussy against his
face a few times before she lifts herself off of RVD's face and stands up,
walking over to the long leather couch. Ariel licks her teeth as she lays
down on the couch and spreads her smooth, sinister legs apart.

RVD nods his head and he slowly gets up to his feet, "The future always looks
good to RVD..." RVD says as he walks over to the couch and lowers himself
onto the eerie, hot, mysterious mistress of Kevin Thorn. RVD slides his
saliva covered eleven inch cock into Ariel's warm, tight, sinister pussy and
he grits his teeth when he feels Ariel's cunt clamp around his cock like a
vice. "Ohhh shit Dude!" RVD groans as he has to move slowly as he begins to
thrust his cock in and out of Ariel's pussy.

Ariel closes her eyes and grits her teeth as arches her back slightly,
feeling RVD's hard, thick cock enter her tight pussy "Ohhhhh..." Ariel groans
as she places her black gloved hands onto RVD's arms and begins to push her
hot, sinister body against his cock as he thrusts his hard cock into her
tight pussy.

RVD grits his teeth slightly as he gradually is able to pick up momentum with
every thrust he makes. "Ahhh yeah.... mmmm....." RVD moans as he leans his
head upward as he uses his entire body to rock his cock deep into Ariel's hot
pussy. Each of RVD's thrusts is extremely smooth, which makes it easy for
Ariel to sharply push her body against him.

Ariel licks her teeth as she wraps her smooth, sinister legs around RVD's
waist and begins to grind her hot, sinister pussy against RVD's cock as he
slams his cock into her pussy "Ohhh...mmmm...the everything...
Rob...Van...Dam..." Ariel groans.

"Dude! Ain't... nothing wrong... with the future..." RVD moans as he drives
his cock sharply into Ariel's pussy. RVD lowers his head and looks down at
Ariel's face, which results in him looking deep into Ariel's dark, cold eyes.
RVD's body tenses up as suddenly puts his arms underneath Ariel and lifts her
up from the couch as he stands up. As he begins to fuck Ariel from a standing
position, the mysterious vixen unwraps her arms from his neck and leans back
so that she's almost hanging like a bat from around his waist.

Ariel closes her eyes her head and body hangs down from RVD's waist as he
slams his cock deeply and quickly into her tight, sinister pussy "Ohhhh...
mmmm...yesss..." Ariel groans as she crosses her black gloved hands over her

RVD begins to sweat heavily as he rocks his hips back and forth as he slams
his cock harder into Ariel's hot tight pussy. "Ahhhh... ohhhh damn dude!" RVD
moans as Ariel squeezes his waist tightly.

Ariel closes her eyes and licks her teeth as she skillfully pulls herself
back up and wraps her arms around RVD's neck as she starts bounce roughly on
his hard, thrusting cock "Mmmm...ohhhh..." Ariel grits her teeth as she

When Ariel pulled herself upward, RVD was in the middle of turning around and
just as Ariel wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, RVD stumbles backward
and falls back to sitting on the leather couch. "Ahhhhhh ohhh mmmmm!" RVD
groans as Ariel bounces roughly on his cock as if RVD's change in position
didn't bother her at all.

Ariel grits her teeth as she places her gloved hands firmly down on his
sweating chest as she rocks her body roughly on his cock, while she bounces
hard and quick on his cock "Ohhhh...mmm...has the future...been good to

RVD is breathing hard as Ariel slams herself down onto his throbbing
eleven-inch cock with reckless, lustful intent. "Ahhh... ohhh shit dude!"
RVD groans as he arches his back and slams his cock hard up into Ariel's
pussy. The former ECW World, Television and Tag Team Champion grits his
teeth together as he slowly, but suddenly starts to cum up inside of
Ariel's hot, tight sinister pussy.

Ariel closes her eyes and tilts her head back as she feels RVD's warm cum
shoot up into her hot, sinister pussy "Mmmm...the cards...are no longer in
your favor..." Ariel groans as she smirks wickedly, slowly down on his cock
and lifts herself off of his hard, cumming cock.

RVD moans as he feels Ariel lift herself off of his cock as a little more of
his cum oozes out from the piss-slit of his shaft. "Ohhh dude... that... was
extreme..." RVD moans as he breathes hard and closes his eyes.

Ariel licks her teeth as she sits on the couch with her eyes narrowed at
RVD, darkly. She presses her lips together as she sits back on the couch and
points at RVD, she nods her head commandingly and points down her smooth,
sinister pussy as she spreads her long apart "I see your future...
Rob Van Dam..."

RVD sits up on the couch and looks at Ariel and then at her hot, smooth wet
pussy, "Dude... that's... a good future..." RVD says as he slides off the
couch and moves between the eerie vixen's spread legs. RVD then lowers his
head down to Ariel's pussy and once again starts to lap his tongue against
her sinister, hot cunt.

Ariel tilts her back and grits her teeth together as she places her gloved
hands against her smooth, hot waist and begins to gently grind her pussy
against RVD's face. " you...want to know what I the future?" Ariel asks in soft, haunting voice as she places her
smooth, sinister legs on top of his shoulders and then gently wraps her
legs around his neck as he licks her pussy.

RVD nods his head slightly as he moans against Ariel's pussy, "Mmmmm mmmm..."
RVD presses his tongue into Ariel's pussy and swirls it around inside of her
pussy as she wraps a bit tighter around his neck.

Ariel grits her teeth as she tightens the grip of her smooth, sinister legs
around his neck "I see a future..." Ariel closes her eyes as she presses her
legs against the sides of his neck, constricting the air.

RVD starts to struggle a bit as Ariel begins to choke him out as he continues
to lap his tongue against her pussy. "Mmmmm... hey... dude!" RVD moans and
coughs into Ariel's pussy as he starts to pass out. Ariel grits her teeth
tighter as she constricts her sinister, smooth legs tighter around his neck
as she feels his body weaken. RVD's body is completely weakens and he passes
out, with his face pressed firmly against Ariel's pussy. When Ariel unwraps
her legs from around his neck, RVD's body slumps down to the floor completely
passed out.

Ariel licks her teeth as she opens her dark, cold eyes "Mmmm...I see a
future...of Total...Dam-nation..." Ariel presses her lips together and looks
down at the unconscious body of Rob Van Dam and smirks wickedly.


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