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What Does The Future Hold Part 12: A Future Of Hardcore Action
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel, is sitting behind a small rounded
table in a dimly lit room by various candles that surround the mysterious
Vixen. Ariel gently grits her teeth together as she looks down at her tarot
cards that are set out on the rounded table as the cards are facing down.
Ariel, dressed in a short red skirt and a black halter-top with long heeled
black boots, reaches down and turns one of the cards over to face up "What...
does the future hold?" Ariel says to herself out loud in a soft, haunting
voice "What...does the future hold?" Ariel repeats as she turns her head and
looks over her shoulder, getting a sly smirk on her wicked face as she spots
her Vampire lover, Kevin Thorn, standing behind her. Ariel licks her teeth
" master...what is your bidding..." Ariel says as she locks her
grimace, dark eyes on her mysterious lover as she places her black gloved
hands against her large, rounded chest of her halter-top and she begins to
feel up her own chest, while she tilts her head back and moans softly,
locking her dark eyes with her Vampire lover, Kevin Thorn. "Does it...
involve...the future?" Ariel asks with her body arches back and her lips
presses together tightly.

Kevin Thorn, dressed in his dark black slacks, blood red button shirt and a
sleeveless black vest, licks his fangs as he nods his head. "Yes it does my
dear Ariel..." Thorn says as he stands directly behind her and puts his
strong, cold hands on Ariel's shoulders. "Ariel... what does... the future

Ariel grits her teeth together as she narrows her and tilts her head back,
as she leans her head against her mysterious, Vampire lover Kevin Thorn "My
master...are you sure...the your desire?" Ariel asks in a soft
haunting voice as she places her left gloved hand on top of the tarot card
she had previously flipped over on the table and begins to slowly pick up
the tarot card from the table. The Vampiric Vixen presses her lips together
as she lifts her head and looks forward at the tarot card. Ariel's dark,
grimace eyes slowly lighten up and she smirks wickedly " Master...
I see a future...a future...of Hardcore Action..." Ariel releases a moan as
she steps the tarot card back on the surface of the small, rounded table and
slides her sinister tongue against her wickedly white teeth.

The powerful, dangerous extreme Vampire laughs darkly as he lets the result
of Ariel's prediction play in his head. "That... is a very... good...
future... for us..." Thorn says as he grabs a handful of Ariel's black hair
and jerks her head backward to reveal her sexy neck. Thorn then bends down
and presses his sharp fangs against the left side of her neck and proceeds
to bite into her.

Ariel closes her eyes as she feels the sharp fangs of her Master, Kevin
Thorn, presses against the soft and tender skin of the left side of her neck
"Ohhh my master..." Ariel moans as she feels his razord sharp fangs sink
into her neck. The mysterious tarot card reader places her hands on the front
of her halter top, that conceals her large, rounded chest and begins to
eerily feel up her own chest as she licks her teeth "
day...ECW will fear the name...Kevin...Thorn..."

* * *

In a secluded area of the arena, the fighting female phoneme known as Jazz
is preparing herself for a match against fellow ECW Vixen Trinity. As she's
preparing, the lights in the area she's in starts to flicker on and off as
the sound of footsteps starts to be heard. The dominating ECW Vixen, Jazz
pauses throwing her air-punches as she raises her eyebrow slowly and glances
over her shoulder. Jazz raises her eyebrow even more as she spots nothing
behind her despite hearing the footsteps. Jazz narrows her eyes as folds her
arms and peers down the empty hallway. Jazz shakes her head as she dressed
in a pair of dark purple wrestling shorts and a dark purple tanktop. "What
the hell..." Jazz says in a gruff voice as she stands her ground.

After a few moment the sounds of the footsteps fades away and the lights of
the empty hallway go out completely "You believe you are... truly hardcore...
don't you" A dark heavy voice says from behind Jazz in the now pitch black

Jazz grits her teeth and narrows her eyes as she balls her fists tightly.
Jazz releases a deep breath before she turns around and swings a left hook
fist and then right hook fist, hitting nothing but air "Who the hell are
you!?" Jazz yells in a gruff voice.

"I am... your future..." The voice says again, still from behind Jazz, "And
your future... as predicted will be filled... with Hardcore Action..." The
lights of the hallway flicker back on slightly, but the hallway is still
dimly lit. Kevin Thorn stands behind Jazz and firmly slams his hands down
onto Jazz's strong shoulders.

Jazz grits her teeth as she feels the impressive strength of Kevin Thorn on
her shoulders "Get the fuck off me!" Jazz dominatingly yells before she looks
over her shoulder and narrows her eyes "You're that vampire freak...with that
little bitch girlfriend!" Jazz yells as the strong Kevin Thorn is able to
force Jazz down to the floor of the hallway. Jazz thrashers and kicks as she
tries to struggle out of Thorn's grip "You don't scare me! I'm a
don't scare me!" Jazz yells.

Kevin Thorn laughs darkly, "Fear isn't what I need from you..." Thorn says
darkly as he uses his heavier body to pin Jazz down to the floor. "You say
you're hardcore... that's what I'm interested in..." Thorn says as he reaches
down and presses his hand right against Jazz's purple wrestling shorts and
firmly rubs her pussy through them.

Jazz grits her teeth "Get off me you bitch!" Jazz yells as she tries to push
the mysterious Vampire off of her. Despite Jazz's impressive strength, she is
no match against Kevin Thorn as he rubs her pussy through the material of her
purple wrestling shorts "Ohhhh you bitch..." Jazz groans slightly as she
closes her eyes, keeping her teeth gritted.

Thorn licks his fangs as he laughs once again, "Are you hardcore?" Thorn asks
as he rubs Jazz's pussy through her shorts a bit harder before he uses his
free hand to push up the dominating vixen's dark purple tanktop up over her
firm tits. Thorn then lowers his head and bites Jazz's left tit fairly hard
as he starts pull down her dark purple wrestling shorts.

Jazz opens her dominating eyes as she looks up and locks her eyes with the
frightening eyes of Kevin Thorn "Oh...get the fuck off me!" Jazz groans as
she feels Thorn biting on her left, semi-erected nipple. Kevin Thorn bites
down harder onto Jazz's left, semi-erect nipple as he pushes down her dark
purple shorts so that her smooth pussy is free. Thorn then presses his right
hand against Jazz's pussy and firmly rubs it, using his whole hand to work
over her cunt before stuffing two fingers into her tight pussy. As he begins
to thrust them in and out, Thorn lifts his head up from Jazz's left tit and
then flicks his sinister tongue against Jazz's right tits while keeping his
eyes locked with hers. Jazz's chest begins to move up and down as she breaths
heavily " fucker...get off me!" Jazz yells in a gruff voice as she
thrashers her body slightly only to have Kevin Thorn ram his two fingers
deeper into her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh fuck!" Jazz moans.

The extreme vampire continues to flick his tongue against Jazz's now fully
erect right nipple as he continues to thrust his fingers in and out of her
pussy. He lifts his head up and smirks at her, "Are you hardcore... the
future... will require it...." Thorn says in a dark, yet seducing voice as
he keeps Jazz pinned down on the cold hallway floor. With his body almost
directly on top of her own, Jazz can feel the Thorn's bulging crotch
pressing right against her leg.

Jazz shakes her head as she grits her teeth, placing her hands on Kevin
Thorn's chest, trying to push him off of her "Get off you bitch!" Jazz yells.
Thorn licks his teeth and laughs as he removes his hand from Jazz's pussy and
undoes his black pants and pushes them down. Keeping himself firmly onto of
Jazz, Thorn frees his massive thirteen-inch cock. Wordlessly, the powerful,
270 pound Vampire slams his entire cock deep into Jazz's hot, tight pussy.

"Ohhhh fucking bitch!" Jazz groans in a gruff voice as the powerful,
mysterious Vampire Kevin Thorn starts to roughly slam his hard, wicked cock
in and out of Jazz's tight, warm black pussy "Ohhh you shit head!" Jazz yells
as Thorn grinds his body against her.

Kevin Thorn grits his teeth as he stares down at Ariel with piercing eyes,
"You aren't hardcore..." Thorn says mockingly in his dark, heavy voice as
he moves his cock in and out of Jazz's pussy with sharp, stiff thrusts that
get faster and harder with each passing moment. Thorn puts his hands back
onto Jazz's shoulders and he pins them down to the cold hallway floor as he
fucks the powerful black woman.

Jazz narrows her eyes and delivers a hard, solid glare as she locks her eyes
with Kevin Thorn " fucking bitch!" Jazz yells as Thorn stiffly rams
his cock into her tight pussy. The powerful ECW Vixen, wraps her strong legs
around Kevin Thorn's waist and starts to grind her pussy against his cock.
The powerful Vampire's thrust stay extremely consistent as Jazz grinds her
self against his cock as he pistons it in and out her hold black pussy. Thorn
keeps his hands firmly on Jazz's shoulders, not allowing her a chance to sit
up. Thorn breathes in and out slowly, showing how capable he is to forcefully
slam his cock deep into Jazz's pussy without wearing himself out. Jazz closes
her eyes and arches her back slightly "Ohhh you bitch!" Jazz groans "You know
nothing about being extreme!" Jazz yells as Kevin Thorn slams his cock deeper
and harder into her tight black pussy.

"I know enough... to show you are not hardcore..." Thorn replies as he
increases the tempo of his thrusts. Thorn starts using his entire lower body,
mostly his powerful legs to gain extra force to drive his cock balls deep
into Jazz's hot black pussy. With his hands firmly on Jazz's shoulders, Jazz
has no way to fight back as every movement she makes just makes Thorn's cock
enter her cunt more sharply.

"Ohhhh fuck bitch!" Jazz yells as her body twists slightly and she
begins to cum hard against Thorn's cock.

Kevin Thorn laughs slightly as he feels Jazz's pussy squeeze his cock as
she cums. The powerful vampire then completely relaxes his own body as he
continues to fuck her and with one swift thrust Thorn starts to cum,
filling Jazz's black, wet pussy with his hot cum. "Ahhhh hahaha..." Thorn
laughs darkly as he looks down at Jazz with a dark smile on his face as he
fills her pussy with his cum.

Jazz narrows her eyes and grits her teeth as she suddenly pushes Kevin Thorn
off of her, as he barely resists "You bitch!" Jazz yells as she sits up on
the floor with angered, bitchy look on her intimidating face.

Kevin Thorn licks his fangs, "You are not hardcore..." Thorn laughs as he
leans forward and suddenly spits blood right into Jazz's face.

Jazz closes her eyes and moves back a bit "What the hell!" Jazz yells.

Kevin Thorn stands up, and pulls up his pants as he laughs, "There... is only
one... who is hardcore... and you aren't her..." Thorn says as he lights in
the hallway go out again.

* * *

Elsewhere in the ECW arena, Hardcore Holly, one of ECW's newest and toughest
extremists is in his locker room taping up his wrists as he prepares for a
tough match with Rob Van Dam. Dressed in a pair of blue jeans and an ECW
t-shirt, the sixteen-year veteran gets an intense look on his voice as he
lights of his locker room turn off. "What the fuck...." Holly snaps as he
stands up from the metal chair he's sitting on, picks it up and throws it
across the now dark locker room. It crashes against the wall and lands on
the floor with a loud thud. "This is better not be a fucking rib or someone
is getting their ass kicked!"

The wicked, haunting laugh of the mysterious Vampiric Vixen Ariel echoes
throughout the darkened locker room of Hardcore Holly "What...does the future
hold?" Ariel asks as her voice sounds as if she's surrounding Hardcore Holly
"Hardcore Holly...are the cards in your favor?" Ariel hauntingly asks "You
better hope they are..." Ariel releases another wicked laugh.

Holly puts his hands on his waist as he starts fuming, "'ve picked
the wrong person to fuck with..." Holly shouts back into the darkness as he
the temperature of his locker room starts to drop.

" have such a bad temper...that's not good
for your future..." Ariel says softly as Holly feels a soft gush of air blown
into his left ear and smooth hands of the mysterious Ariel pressed gently
against his lower back. "Do you want to know...your future?" Ariel asks
before blowing into Holly's ear once again.

"Lady... I don't give a flying fuck about the future..." Holly yells as he
turns around quickly and swings his left arm back to try and strike Ariel in
the darkness, but he hits nothing but air.

The lights inside of Hardcore Holly's locker room slowly flicker on as the
Vampiric Vixen, the mysterious Ariel is laying on the wooden bench in Holly's
locker room, her sinister body is completely nude with the exception of her
black gloves and her black heeled boots. Ariel licks her teeth as she locks
her cold, dark eyes on Hardcore Holly and she places hands on her large, firm
chest and begins to feel up her own chest "Only...I see the future..." Ariel
says as she gently grits her teeth.

Holly takes a look at the naked, hot vixen as she lays on the wooden bench
in an very inviting manner, "Lady... at the moment your future looks like it
involves a hardcore fucking..." Holly snaps as his eyes wander over Ariel's
sinisterly hot body. "Now what the hell do you want?"

"What I want?" Ariel asks as she licks her sinisterly white teeth "What I what you want..." Ariel says in a soft, haunting voice as she sits
up on the wooden bench and spreads her smooth, wicked legs apart showing
Hardcore Holly her hot, sinister pussy.

Holly can't help but smirk and laugh, although he laughs a bit sarcastically,
"Oh so you want to try and get HARDCORE with me? Lady... I'm Hardcore
Holly... and you just entered a world you ain't ready for!" Holly says pulls
off his ECW t-shirt, balls it up and throws it at Ariel. His t-shirt lands
right on her large round, firm chest, distracting Ariel slightly as Holly
pulls the buttons of his jeans off as he rips his jeans open.

Ariel removes Hardcore Holly's balled up shirt from her chest and throws it
down to the floor as she slowly slithers up to stand up from the wooden
bench. The Vampiric Vixen slowly approaches Holly as she licks her and slides
her gloved hands against her sinisterly hot body, while he removes his jeans.
"The cards...seem to be in your favor...for now" Ariel says with a wicked,
sinister smirk.

Holly steps out of his jeans as he somewhat glares at Ariel, "Lady, seem is
a word that doesn't apply to Hardcore Holly... cards are always in my favor!"
Holly snaps as her as he lowers down his white boxer briefs to free his
stiff, eleven inch hardcore cock.

Ariel presses her lips together as she slyly glances down at Hardcore Holly's
hard eleven inch "Mmm....maybe the cards are in my favor..." Ariel says with
a playful, yet wicked smirks as she tosses her haunting black hair back and
slithers down to her knees in front of Hardcore Holly. The sinister,
mysterious ECW Vixen places her smooth gloved hands around Hardcore Holly's
cock and begins to gently stroke his cock. Ariel glances up at Holly as she
flicks her tongue against her two small, sharp fangs "And now...we must
feast.." Ariel says with a soft moan before she lowers her head and opens her
mouth, taking Holly's hard cock into her warm, wicked mouth.

"Ah shit..." Holly groans slightly as Ariel takes a good amount of his cock
into her hot sinister mouth and closes her mouth tightly against his fat
shaft. "You're fucking hungry for a hardcore cock huh? Well fucking suck on
it..." Holly says as he thrust his hips forward, feeding all of his cock into
Ariel's mouth with one thrust so that the head hits the back of her throat
and his balls hit against her chin. Ariel moans against Hardcore Holly's cock
as she begins to hungrily bob her head on his cock, taking him deeply int her
warm, sinister mouth. Ariel closes her eyes as she reaches down and gently
pinches her own hard and perky nipples while she slides and slithers her wet
tongue against Holly's shaft while she bobs her head at a sinisterly quick

Holly grabs a handful of Ariel's black hair as he starts pumping his fat,
hardcore cock in and out of Ariel's hot wet mouth. "Ahhh yeah... you're
fucking hungry aren't ya... come on bitch!" Holly puts his left hand on the
back of Ariel's head and makes her take longer bobs of his cock so that
she's deep throating his shaft repeatedly.

"Mmmm...mmmmm..." Ariel moans against Holly's cock as her sinisterly warm
saliva drips down on his cock, while she quickly bobs her head. Ariel presses
her soft, wicked lips tighter around Holly's cock as she starts to jerk her
head back on Holly's cock, grinding her lips roughly against his shaft.

"Aw fuck... you're a cock hung bitch who like it hardcore... aren't ya?!"
Holly grits his teeth as Ariel almost devours on his cock as she 'snacks' on
his fat, meaty shaft. Holly then violently pulls his cock out of Ariel's
mouth, causing a good amount of Ariel's saliva to spill out of her mouth and
land on her large round tits.

Ariel grits her teeth as she looks up at Hardcore Holly and licks her
sinisterly white teeth "Mmmm...shall we see if the cards are in your favor?"

Hardcore Holly looks down at her, "Bitch, the cards are always in my favor!"
Holly shouts as he bends down and jerks Ariel up to her feet. "Bend on over
bitch..." Holy says as he turns Ariel around and shoves her on to the bench.
Ariel narrows her eyes into a glare as she grits her teeth while bending over
the wooden bench. The mysterious Ariel glances over her shoulder and licks
her teeth as Hardcore Holly stands behind her.

Holly grinds his teeth together as he stands right behind Ariel and he
presses his hard cock into her hot tight pussy. "You're pretty tight for a
slutty bitch..." Holly grunts as he pushes his entire shaft into Ariel's
cunt until his balls are pressing right against her skin. The 'locker room
enforcer' puts his hands on Ariel's waist as he starts pounding his cock in
and out of her tight pussy.

Ariel tilts her head back and licks her teeth "Mmmm...the future is what
matters Hardcore Holly...its good to have the cards in your favor..." Ariel
moans as her sinister, wickedly hot body slams back against Holly's hard
cock, as it deeply penetrates her pussy.

Holly grits his teeth as he focuses entirely on diving his cock in and out
of Ariel's hot tight pussy. "Uhhh ahhh yea... I don't give a damn... ahhh
about the future right now!" Hardcore Holly snaps as he keeps plowing his
big dick into her over and over again. Ariel closes her eyes as she bites
down on her bottom lip before she suddenly slams herself back against Holly's
cock at a rough, hard rate almost causing Holly to lose his focus.

"What the fuck you little bitch?! You want it hardcore?! You got it!" Holly
shouts as he tries to regain his rhythm as he starts to sweat heavily and
breathe hard. He continues to plow his shaft harder into Ariel's pussy, but
his thrusts become very uneven and erratic.

Ariel tilts her head back and laughs wickedly as she sharply grinds her pussy
against his cock as she slams herself back against Holly's cock at a harder
rate. "Mmmm...ohhh the cards have turned to my favor..." Ariel says with a
wicked smirk and laugh as her body rocks forward and back with Holly's

"No they haven't..." Holly says as he continues to move his cock in and out
of Ariel's pussy. The tough as nails sixteen-year veteran gives Ariel an
incredibly hard thrust and he suddenly starts cumming inside of her wicked
hot pussy.

Ariel laughs wickedly as she feels the warm cum of Hardcore Holly enter her
tight, sinister pussy "Ohhhh...mmmm...the cards are in my favor as always..."

Holly pulls out of Ariel's sinister tight pussy and grits his teeth, "You
little bitch... no one embarrasses Hardcore Holly!" Holly says as he grabs
Ariel's hair and pulls her back, not aware that she has a clear shot to kick
him in the groin.

Ariel licks her teeth as she smirks wickedly "The cards...are always in my
favor..." Ariel says in soft, haunting voice as Holly holds the mysterious
vixen by her haunting black hair. Ariel turns slightly before she raises
her right leg up and delivers a swift, hard kick to his groin.

"AW SHIT!" Holly yells as he grabs his groin and goes down to his knees as
he grits his teeth. He leans forward and he leans his head down against the
wooden bench.

Ariel tilts her head back and releases a sinister laugh " want
things hardcore..." Ariel says as she picks up the steel chair that Holly
had thrown at the wall towards the beginning of their steamy, wicked
encounter. Ariel walks back over with the steel chair in her sinister hands
as Holly keeps his head resting on the wooden bench after being kicked in
the groin by the Vampiric vixen. Ariel licks her teeth as she narrows her
eyes " shall be...HARDCORE!" Ariel yells before she raises the
chair up and then slams the chair against the back of Holly's head. The
chair makes a sickening thud as it collides with the back of Holly's head
and when Ariel lifts the chair up again, Hardcore Holly slumps to the
ground, totally knocked out and clutching his groin.

Ariel closes eyes and tilts her head back "Mmmm...the what
matters...soon ECW will find out that my master Kevin Thorn...and I...are
force to be reckoned with..."


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