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What Does The Future Hold Part 14: A Future Of Extreme Desires
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"What...does the future hold..." The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel,
says to herself out loud as she sits behind the small, circular table located
in the center of a dim-candle lit room in the ECW Arena. Ariel grits her
teeth together as she places her hands on top of the table, where numerous
tarot cards are laid out on "Only...I can see the future..." Ariel says with
a sly smirk on her wicked face. The mysterious ECW Vixen licks her teeth as
she slowly flips out one of her cards and glances down at the card as she
light from the candle casually flickers "What...does the future...hold?"
Ariel asks in an eerie, haunting voice "I see a future..." Ariel smirks
wickedly as her cold, dark eyes slowly narrow "A future of...Extreme
Desires..." Ariel says in soft, haunting voice as she places the tarot card
down the small, circular table and presses her lips together as she locks
her cold, dark sinister eyes with the burning flame of the candle that sits
on the center of the small, circular table "For one ECW's a
future...of Extreme...Desire..." Ariel says as she licks her wicked teeth
before gritting her teeth together and tilting her head back "Extreme...
Desires..." Ariel says in a soft, haunting voice.

* * *

Down at the ringside ECW announce table located in the ring area of the ECW
arena, ECW's play-by-play man, Joey Styles is sitting at the announce table,
working on his notes for ECW's live broadcast on the SCI-FI network. Dressed
in a black suit jacket, black suit pants, a light purple button shirt and a
matching dark purple tie, Joey takes a moment to clean his glasses, "Once
again got to do this by myself... thank you Tazz for being late..." Joey
says, laughing a bit as he takes a moment to make fun of his broadcast
partner when Tazz isn't around. As Joey is about to resume working on his
notes, the lights in the arena starts to flicker on and off. When the lights
go out completely, Joey raises an eyebrow, "Now this is familiar..." Joey
says as he shakes his head and laughs a bit, remembering similar experiences
in the old ECW days.

"Joey...Joey..." The hissing, taunting voice of the mysterious tarot card
reader Ariel echoes throughout the darkened, eerie ECW arena "Joey...Oh...

Joey Styles raises an eyebrow and he turns in his chair to look around the
pitch black ECW arena, "Okay... that's a new wrinkle..." Joey says nervously
as he swallows a bit and adjusts his tie after hearing the eerie, siren like
voice of Ariel.

" you the future?" Ariel's echoing, hissing voice
asks in the pitch black ECW Arena.

"Umm sure... I do..." Joey replies as the sound of Ariel's voice has the hair
on the back of his neck standing up.

Ariel releases a wicked laugh "That's good Joey...Oh Joey..." Ariel's
hissing, sinister voice says as she softly moans. Suddenly, shocking the
voice of ECW, Joey Styles as the lights within the ECW Arena slowly turn on,
illuminating the arena.

Joey has to closes his eyes for a moment for his eyes to readjust to the
bright lights of the ECW Arena coming back on. Joey reopens his eyes and he
looks around to see that no one is around, "I'm either... going insane...
and talking to voices in my head... or this is the creepiest rib ever..."
Joey says as he slowly stands up from his chair to see if anyone is hiding
in front of the ECW announce table. As Joey Styles slowly stands up to look
over the ECW announce table, the gothic Vampiric theme music of Kevin Thorn
begins to play throughout the ECW Arena as red smoke begins to rise up from
underneath the ECW ring, as Kevin Thorn's eerie theme music continues to
echo throughout the arena. Joey Styles's eyes go wide as he can't believe
what he's seeing before his very eyes. "Oh my god...." Joey says as he
swallows hard. Joey remains standing as he also looks at the smoke rising up
from the under ring with a look of fascination on his face as well as fear.

As the red smoke continues to rise up from underneath the ring, causing the
red smoke shift over towards the ECW announce table, the Vampiric Vixen, the
mysterious Ariel slithers out from underneath the ring as she slides her
sinister tongue against her wicked teeth. Ariel crawls on the matted floor
of the arena until she reaches the ECW announce table and slowly slithers
up to sit on her knees. Ariel grits her teeth together as she places her
sinister hands against her large, rounded chest as she begins to feel up her
own chest. Ariel the Vampiric Vixen is dressed in a short black skirt and a
black halter top, with long black-heeled leather boots on her feet. Ariel
closes her eyes as she tilts her head back as the red smoke and the eerie
gothic theme of Kevin Thorn clears out as quick as it came. The Extreme
Announcer Joey Styles looks at Ariel with a shocked look on his face, even
though he's called every type of blood-bath match possible and witnessed
madness only an evil genius could imagine, the appearance of the wicked Ariel
kneeling in front of the announce table has he completely shocked. "What...
what is... what do... you..." Joey Styles stammers as he tries to put a
sentence together as he keeps his eyes locked on the Vampiric Vixen.

Ariel grits her teeth as she slowly slithers up to her feet and tables in
front of the ECW announce table. The Vampiric Vixen narrows her cold, dark
eyes and glares at Joey Styles as she slides her sinister hands against her
wicked body "Oh love..." Ariel says as she licks her two
small, sharp fangs and smirks wickedly.

Joey Styles swallows hard as his glasses starts to fog up, "What...?" Joey
says as his face is filled with confusion following what Ariel just says as
he can't help but look deeply into Ariel's cold, dark, wicked eyes before he
takes off his glasses so that he can see clearly.

Ariel presses her wicked, pouty red lips together as she lifts herself onto
the ECW announce table and begins to crawl the short distances to Joey Styles
as she begins to untie her black halter top "Joey...Oh Joey..." Ariel hisses
in a sinister tone "It's time...for your become a reality..."
Ariel says as she sits onto of the announce table with her sinister legs
spread out as Joey Style remains standing, now so that he stands in between
Ariel's legs. Ariel smirks wickedly as she removes her black halter top from
her sinister, hot body exposing her large, round and sinisterly nice tits.

Joey Styles, the voice of ECW, for the first time in his life, stands there
speechless as he stares at Ariel's hot, large round, firm tits. He tries to
compose himself and he blinks his eyes, "What... this... oh my god..." Joey
says as his face shows how shocked and confused he is.

Ariel grits her teeth as she places her sinister hands against her wickedly
hot tits and begins squeeze and feels up her own large chest. Ariel locks her
dark, grimace eyes with the Voice of ECW "It''re
love..." Ariel says in a soft, haunting tone as the Vampiric Vixen scoots
closer to Joey as she sits on top of the announce table so that she is able
to wrap her sinister, smooth legs around Joey's waist, jerking him closer to
the mysterious tarot card reader.

Joey Styles finds himself pressed up against the edge of the announce table
and extremely close to Ariel as her legs around his waist keeps him from
moving away. "Why... are... you calling me... you're... love?" Joey manages
to ask as he voice cracks slightly with each word he says as his tie dangles
from around his neck.

Ariel licks her sinister teeth as she removes her hands from her chest and
reaches forward with her right hand, taking hold of Joey Styles' dark purple
tie and pulls the Voice of ECW closer to her. "Because you love..."
The Vampiric Vixen replies with a hiss as she sits up on the table more, so
she can flick her sinister, wet tongue against the right side of Joey's face.
Ariel then smirks as she thrusts her body forward against Joey and unwraps
her sinister legs from around his waist, causing Joey Styles to stumble back
into his announcer chair behind the announcer table.

"Whoa..." Joey says as he finds himself composing himself after falling back
into his leather announce chair The longtime voice of ECW looks at Ariel with
wide eyes as she scoots to the edge of the announce table. "I... barely even
know you!" Joey says as he tries to understand what is going on. He once
again swallows as finds himself once against looking into the deep cold,
sinisterly seductive eyes of the Extreme Vampiric Vixen.

Ariel tilts her head back and closes her eyes "Oh Joey...Joey my love...the
future...will decide your fate..." Ariel says in a soft, haunting voice
before the sinister Vampiric Vixen slithers onto the lap of Joey Styles,
forcing him to remain seated in his leather announce chair. Ariel places her
hands sinister hands against his purple-buttoned shirt covered chest as she
starts to remove his black suit jacket.

Joey Styles finds himself moving a bit in order for Ariel to completely
remove his black suit jacket, to completely reveal his light purple-colored
buttoned shirt. "What... are you... talking about?" Joey asks as Ariel drops
his suit jacket down to the floor beside his announce chair.

Ariel leans forward as she brushes her large, rounded chest against Joey's
clothing covered chest "The future Joey....and I see future...involving
you...and me, my love..." Ariel hisses before she digs her sharp nails into
the light-purple button shirt of Joey Styles and proceeds to rip his button
shirt open, snapping the buttons off of the material of the shirt

Joey's smooth chest is immediately exposed after Ariel has ripped open his
light-purple button shirt. "Hey... that... was my favorite shirt..." Joey
says as he looks at Ariel with yet another shocked expression as she grabs
his purple-tie to jerk his head forward.

"Joey my love...that won't a few moments..." Ariel hisses as she
begins to untie Joey's dark purple tie from around his neck before licks her
sinister teeth and pushes Joey's leather chair away from the desk, as he
remains seated. Ariel slithers down to her knees on the floor, in between
the ECW announce table and Joey's legs. The Vampiric Vixen looks up, locking
her cold, dark eyes with Joey Styles as she reaches up and begins to unbuckle
the belt around his black suit pants

Joey swallows hard as he breathes a bit hard as he Ariel finishes unbuckling
his belt and slowly pulls it through the loops of his black suit pants.
"Ariel... I.. I'm not... you're love..." Joey says as he tries to reason with
the dangerous Vampire Vixen.

Ariel grits her teeth together as she tosses his belt down and begins to
unzip and then lowers his black suit pants "Joey...Oh Joey..." Ariel hisses
as she places her hands against his smooth, shiny blue boxer shorts after
lowering his suit pants down to his ankles.

Joey Style tightly grabs the armrests of his announce chair as Ariel slowly
lowers his boxer shorts to expose his fairly thick, eight-inch long cock.
"This... is... too extreme..." Joey says as shakes his head in disbelief and

Ariel narrows her eyes as she locks her cold, dark eyes on the sight of Joey
Styles' hard, thick cock. Ariel parts her lips as she licks her sinister
teeth, taking Joey's cock into her sinister, wicked soft hands as she tightly
grips his cock and begins to stroke Joey's cock "Oh love...this is
your future...our...future..." Ariel says in a soft, haunting voice before
she leans her head in and flicks her wickedly wet tongue against the head of
Joey's cock.

"Oh my god..." Joey moans instantly as Ariel's wicked tongue whips against
the tip of his cock as it becomes hard and rigid in her sinister hands.
"Ahh... this is not... my future..." Joey moans as he grits his teeth a bit.
Ariel closes her eyes as she slithers her wet, sinister tongue around the
head of Joey's cock as she moves her wicked hands smoothly against the hard
shaft of the Voice of ECW, Joey Styles. "Oh my..." Joey moans as he closes
his eyes tightly and continues to shake his head as Ariel strokes his cock
while tempting him by circling her tongue around his cock.

Ariel's warm, sinister saliva drips down against Joey's cock as the Vampiric
Vixen lowers her head and opens her sinisterly warm mouth, taking Joey's cock
into her mouth. Ariel wraps her wicked, pouty red lips around Joey's cock and
begins to suck roughly on his cock as she tightens her lips firmly around his
shaft as she lift and lowers her head on Joey's cock. Joey's eyes fly open as
he feels Ariel's lips press against his cock, and as she bobs her head up and
down on his dick, her soft, pouty, sinister lips drag against the flesh of
his cock. "Ahhh... ohhh Jesus..." Joey groans as he watches Ariel sexily suck
on his thick, hard dick.

"Mmmmm...mmmmmm" Ariel moans as she lifts her eyes up and locks her cold,
dark eyes on Joey Styles as she bobs her head smoothly, but quickly on his
hard, thick cock. Ariel flicks her wicked tongue against his cock before
she suddenly, and violently jerks her head on his cock causing her sinister
teeth to grind against his cock.

"AHHH CHRIST!" Joey screams in a fairly high pitched voice as he feels
Ariel's teeth rake sharply against his thick shaft. "Are you... crazy?!"
Joey says as he looks the vicious Vampiric Vixen as she licks her blood-red
lipstick colored lips.

Ariel lifts her head up with a haunting groan as she flicks her tongue
against her two small, sharp fangs " love..." Ariel hisses
as she tilts her head back and moans as she slowly stands up, keeping Joey
sitting in his leather announcing chair. Ariel lowers her skimpy, gothic
black panties from underneath her short black skirt, guiding her panties
down she sinister smooth legs. The vicious, mysterious and haunting Vampiric
ECW Vixen straddles Joey's lap as she lowers herself down on his
saliva-dripping cock, taking him deeply into her wickedly warm pussy.

"Holy... shit..." Joey groans as he knuckles turn white from how hard he's
holding onto the armrests of the leather announce chair. The Extreme
Announce clenches his teeth together as Ariel's tight wicked pussy comes
down completely on his thick cock. "Ohh God Damn it..." Joey groans as Ariel
settles herself completely on his dick.

Ariel presses her lips together as she places her hands on Joey's shoulders
and begins to rock her sinister, hot body back and forth on the Voice of
ECW's cock as she slightly jerks her body back, occasionally pulling on his
hard cock " love...the full of desire...
for love..." Ariel groans and hisses as she begins to bounce on the
Extreme Announcer's cock.

"Oh... my... god..." Joey moans as Ariel rocks her body back and forth on his
cock as she bounces on it. The longtime Voice of ECW once against tightly
closes his eyes as he tries not to think about Ariel even though she's moving
on his cock, making him go mad as she tempts him more and more. Joey keeps
his hands on the armrests of the announce chair, but he starts to loosen his

Ariel flicks her tongue against her wicked, sinister teeth as she closes her
eyes as she bounces and slams down on Joey's hard cock at a quick, rough pace
"Oh Joey...the in our love...the cards are in our love..." Ariel hisses as she tosses her haunting black hair back
as she leans head forward and flicks her wicked tongue against the left side
of Joey's neck as the vicious Vampiric Vixen rocks and grinds her sinister
body on his cock.

"Stop... ahhh... it... I... don't... want this future..." Joey groans as
Ariel grabs his hands and makes him put them on her large, wicked, round tits
as she traces her sinister tongue against the left side of his neck. The
proud ECW Original moves his hips slightly and accidentally thrusts his cock
up sharply into Ariel's pussy.

Ariel pulls her head away and grits her teeth as she tilts her head back as
she feels Joey's cock thrust up into her tight, sinister pussy "Ohhhh
yesss...Joey my love..." Ariel moans as she grinds her pussy against his cock
and the Vampiric Vixen begins to sweat.

Joey Styles's body is completely drenched in cold sweat as he is breathing
hard, "Ahhh... shit... ohhhh God noo!" Joey groans loudly as he starts to
cum inside of Ariel's hot, wicked tight pussy, filling her sinister cunt
with his warm cum.

Ariel arches her back and closes her eyes as she places her sinister hands
against her large, rounded tits "Ohhh...Joey my love..."Ariel moans as she
sinister pussy clenches tighter around Joey's cum-dripping cock. Ariel
slowly lowers her head and looks forward as she presses her lips together
and narrows her cold, dark eyes to lock them with Joey's worn and tired
eyes. "Ohhh Joey, my know what is said about love...don't you?"
Ariel asks with a sly, sinister smirk as she remains straddled on Joey's
lap, on top of his cock.

Joey looks at Ariel as he gasps a bit to catch his breath, "What... are...
you... talking about..." Joey Styles asks as he his body drips with sweat as
he moves his hands off of Ariel's hot body.

Ariel raises her eyebrow as she flicks her sinister tongue against her two
small, sharp fangs "Joey my love...Love...BITES!" Ariel hisses before the
vicious Vampiric Vixen lunges forward at Joey and presses her head against
the left side of Joey's neck. The mysterious, Vampiric tarot card reader
presses her sharp, razored small fangs against the skin of his neck, before
she presses her fangs into the left side of Joey's neck.

"OHHHH MYYYYY GOD!" Joey screams in his trademark high-pitched voice. The
Voice of ECW faints and his body slumps underneath Ariel as she presses her
fans against the left side of his thin neck.

Ariel slowly lifts her head away from Joey's neck and licks her two small,
sharp fangs. " taste good..." Ariel hisses as she
tilts her head back and groans "Mmmm...the cards saw...a great a desire...
and extreme desire...between the two of us...between you and I, my love..."
Ariel says in a soft, haunting voice as she talks the Voice of ECW, Joey
Styles, despite the fact that he has faint on top of her. "A future...of
extreme desires...the cards saw it...and the cards, never love..."


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