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What Does The Future Hold Part 15: A Future Of Submissions
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"What...does the future hold..." The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel,
says to herself out loud as she sits behind the small, circular table located
in the center of a dim-candle lit room in the ECW Arena. Ariel grits her
teeth together as she places her hands on top of the table, where numerous
tarot cards are laid out on "Only...I can see the future..." Ariel says with
a sly smirk on her wicked face. The mysterious ECW Vixen licks her teeth as
she slowly flips out one of her cards and glances down at the card as she
light from the candle casually flickers "What...does the future...hold?"
Ariel asks in an eerie, haunting voice "I see a future..." Ariel smirks
wickedly as her cold, dark eyes slowly narrow "A future...of Submissions..."
Ariel says as she raises the tarot card up and flicks her sinister, wet
tongue against the card before she tilts her head back and grits her teeth
"Mmm...a future...of Submissions..." Ariel repeats before the candles
surrounding the small room, slowly begin to flicker until the candles at once
black out, darkening the room of the mysterious tarot card reader, who
releases a wicked and sinister laugh.

* * *

In the backstage area, near the production area, ECW's color commentator,
the former two-time ECW World Champion, the man known as Tazz is drinking
a cup of coffee as he looks at a monitor and listens to the previous weeks
broadcast of ECW on SCI-FI. Dressed in a black suit with an orange button
shirt, Tazz finishes his coffee, "Man... Joey has to stop stepping on my
lines!" Tazz says with a chuckle as he tosses the empty coffee cup into
the trash can. As continues to watch the monitor, the display starts to
get filled with static, "Paul E must've bought cheap equipment again..."
Tazz says as he hits the top of the monitor, and as soon as he does, the
lights around him suddenly go out. Tazz pauses and tries not to laugh,
"Well... ECW is still the same... bad equipment and power going out" Tazz
says as finds a metal chair and sits down on it, choosing to sit down
instead of bumbling around in the pitch black Production area.

"What...does the future hold...for you Tazz?" The voice of the mysterious
Vampiric Vixen Ariel echoes eerily throughout the room that the production
equipment is in.

Tazz immediately gets up from the chair he just sat down on and looks around,
"What?" Tazz replies to the question as the eerie voice of Ariel has him
instantly on the defensive.

"Are the your favor...?" Ariel's haunting voice asks with a
wicked, sinister laugh as she seems be behind the ECW color-commentator.

Tazz spins around and glares into the darkness, but he sees nothing, "I'm not
one to be taunted.... so I'll make this clear... say what you want... and
maybe I won't choke you out!" Tazz shouts as he crouches down a bit, getting
into a wrestling position as he takes off his black suit jacket.

Ariel's sinister laugh echoes throughout the room "It may
question the future..." Ariel's haunting voice pauses as the lights begins
to slowly flicker on to illuminate the production area once again "Shall we
see...if the cards are in your favor..." Ariel says as sits behind Tazz on
top of one of the equipment trunks, dressed in a short green skirt and black
halter top with long black leather gloves on her hands and long black
high-heeled boots.

Tazz turns around with a very intense look on his rugged face, "Oh it's
you... Jesus Christ.... lady... you're lucky I don't choke you out for
fucking with me..." Tazz says as he remains in a fighting position.

Ariel licks her wicked teeth as she locks her cold, dark eyes on the ECW
color-commentator from Red Hook, Tazz "You shouldn't play with the future...
my cards...will control your fate..." Ariel hisses as she reaches down into
her left heeled boot and withdrawals a tarot card from inside of her boot.
Ariel raises her eyebrow and presses her lips together as she slowly lifts
the card up and glances down at the sinister tarot card "Mmmm...I see a
future...that involves...painful submission...and agony...and defeat..."
Ariel says in a soft haunting voice before she lifts herself off of the
equipment trunk and begins to approach Tazz.

Tazz grits his teeth together as he raises his hands, "Lady... I haven't said
this in a long time but... BEAT ME... IF YOU CAN... SURVIVE... IF I LET YOU!"
Tazz shouts, showing the same fire he did through out his long career.

Ariel grits her teeth together as she narrows her cold, dark eyes as she
locks her grimace eyes on the brawler Tazz. The Vampiric Vixen presses her
lips together as she steps in front of Tazz and places her sinister gloved
hands onto his chest that is covered by his orange, long-sleeved buttoned
shirt. Ariel flicks her tongue against her two small, sharp fangs as she
locks her cold, demon-like eyes with Tazz "I control...your fate now..."
The Vampiric Vixen pauses and presses her lips together "Your
my" Ariel says in a soft haunting voice.

Tazz looks back into Ariel's eyes, "Lady... my future ain't in no ones
hands!" Tazz snaps at her as he tries to grabs Ariel, but he finds himself
unable to move the way he wants too. "What the hell..." Tazz says as he
finds himself moving very slowly.

Ariel tilts her head back and releases a sinister laugh "I told you...your in my hands..." Ariel replies in a soft, eerie whisper as she
slides her gloved hands down Tazz's chest until she reaches his waist and
begins to untucks his orange-buttoned shirt from his black suit pants before
she starts to unbuckle his belt with her sinister gloved hands. Ariel grits
her teeth as she keeps her cold, dark eyes locked with Tazz's eyes.

Tazz grits his teeth as Ariel pulls his unbuckled belt through the loops of
his pants, "Lady... you're in for it now... I'm going to choke you out!" Tazz
yells as he manages to ball his hands into fists.

Ariel presses her lips together as she slowly slithers down onto her knees in
front of Tazz as she begins unzip and unbutton his black suit pants. Ariel
slides her sinister tongue along with wicked teeth as she begins lower Tazz's
pants down from his waist "I don't see that in my may
be in your future..." Ariel says with a sly, sinister smirk as Tazz's pants
drop down his feet and the Vampiric Vixen places her hands against Tazz's
orange boxer shorts and begins to lower them.

Tazz grinds his teeth hard against each other as Ariel lowers his orange
boxer shorts to expose his thick, Brooklyn ten-inch cock from them. "You
little... watch it... once I figure this out... you're going to wish you
didn't cross paths with the original human suplex machine!" Tazz snaps as
he struggles to move his body, still finding himself unable to fully move.

Ariel licks her lips soft, sinister lips as she wraps her wicked gloved hands
around Tazz's thick, hard cock and begins to stroke her hands against his
shaft. Ariel grits her teeth together as she tilts her head back "Isn't it future...can take a dramatic turn?" Ariel asks in a soft,
haunting voice as she begins to pump Tazz's cock in her hands at a quick rate
before she leans her head down and places her sinister, wet tongue on the
head of Tazz's cock and begins to circle her wicked tongue on his cock as she
narrows her cold, dark eyes.

Tazz grits his teeth together as he narrows his eyes as he looks down at her,
"Lady... this ain't no future... this is what happens when you watch too many
horror movies!" Tazz groans as Ariel whips her tongue wickedly against his
top of his now fully hard and thick cock as she pumps his fat shaft with her
sinister hands.

Ariel grits her teeth tightly together before she opens her warm, sinister
mouth and lowers her head down on his cock. Ariel presses her lips tightly
around his shaft and begins to bob her head at a sinister, slow pace as her
warm saliva drips against his cock while she bobs her head. "Mmmm...mmmmm..."
Ariel moans and hisses around his cock.

Tazz continues to grind his teeth together as she closes his eyes, "You...
fucking bitch... I'm going to put you in the Taz-mission... and choke you
out..." Tazz moans as Ariel sucks on his fat cock while tapping her sinister
tongue against the bottom side of his cock. Ariel lifts her cold, dark eyes
on Tazz as she presses her teeth against his shaft and begins to rake her
sinister teeth against the skin of shaft as she bobs her head quicker on his
cock. The Vampiric Vixen, Ariel, removes her hands from his shaft and places
them on her large, rounded halter top covered chest and begins to feel up
her own chest as she sucks on Tazz's cock. Tazz is breathing hard as he's
noticeably furious with what's going on. "You better stop what the hell
you're doing! Or else!" Tazz yells in anger and groans in pleasure at the
same time. When Ariel presses her teeth down tighter onto his cock, the ECW
Announcer clenches his teeth together, "AHHH FUCKING HELL!" Tazz yells in
pain as Ariel is almost biting his cock as she bobs her head back and forth
along the length of his shaft.

Ariel slowly lifts her head up from Tazz's cock, tossing her haunting black
hair back as she flicks her tongue against her two small, sinister fangs as
she laughs wickedly "Ohhh...the what is happening..." Ariel says
with a sinister smirk as she walks her warm, wicked saliva drip down Tazz's
hard shaft. The Vampiric Vixen grits her teeth as she slides her gloved hands
against her large, rounded chest as she feels up her own chest through the
material of her black halter top. Ariel stands up and steps towards the
practically immobile Tazz and removes her hands from her chest as she places
them on Tazz's chest and forces him to sit down in the steel chair, he was
sitting in previously.

Tazz sits on the chair with a bit of a thud sound that echoes in the dark
production area. Tazz looks at Ariel as he continues to glare at her with a
murderous look on his face, "Bitch... you're freaky as hell and I ain't down
with this!" Tazz yells as he continues to spit threats at the Vampiric Vixen.

Ariel tilts her head back and releases a sinister laugh "You better be down
with it...this is...your future..." Ariel says as she places her hands on top
of Tazz's shoulder as she straddles his lap and lowers herself down onto his
cock, taking him into her sinisterly tight, warm pussy as she keeps her short
green skirt and black halter top on her sinister, hot body. Ariel closes her
wicked eyes as she tilts her head back, exposing the raw skin on the left
side of her bitten-up neck from her Vampire lover Kevin Thorn as she begins
to rock smoothly back and forth against Tazz's hardcore, Red-Hook cock.

Tazz groans as he manages to lower his arms down after trying unsuccessfully
to grab Ariel's neck. "Uhhh... fuck..." Tazz groans as Ariel rocks smoothly
back and forth on his extreme dick as she starts to bounce a bit on his shaft
as well. "Lady you're future is going... to have me choking you out!" Tazz
snaps at Ariel once again as he tries to stand up from the metal chair, but
all he ends up doing is thrusting his cock up into her wickedly, tight pussy.

Ariel flicks her tongue against her two small fangs as she rocks and jerks
her sinister, hot body on Tazz's cock as she begins to sharply grind her
wicked pussy against his cock "Mmmm...the one...that involves...
submission...the cards...were are...submitting to the forces of
Kevin...Thorn..." Ariel hisses and moans as she begins to buck her hips,
riding Tazz's cock at a quicker rate as she begins to bounce rougher on his
hard cock.

Tazz eyes flare up with furious anger after hearing what Ariel has said to
him, "Lady! I am Tazz! I have never submitted! Fuck beating me... you'll
survive if I let you!" Tazz yells as he starts to violently move his body
and he ends up pumping his cock harder and faster up into Ariel's tight
wicked pussy as he tries to push the Vampiric vixen off of his throbbing
hardcore Red-Hook dick. Ariel licks her teeth as she rocks back and forth
against Tazz's cock as she places her hands on top of his shoulder and
leans her head into the left side of Tazz's neck and flicks her tongue
against the left side of his neck as she groans sinisterly while she slams
down harder on his cock. "Ahhh... shit... you... fucking bitch!" Tazz groans
as Ariel slams her self down so hard on his cock that the former ECW Champion
starts to cum inside of Ariel's wicked hot pussy. Tazz grits his teeth as
he can feel Ariel squeezing her tight cunt against his shaft.

Ariel closes her sinister her eyes as she tilts her head back as she rocks
faster and rougher against his hard cock "Mmmm...Tazz...the future...isn't
in your favor...the cards aren't in your favor...the cards are
my favor!" Ariel moans wickedly before she suddenly slams her entire
sinister, sweaty dripping clothed Vampiric Vixen body down on Tazz's cock,
forcing his cock deeper into her tight, warm and sinister pussy.

Tazz clenches his teeth tighter as he finds himself weakening as every drop
of his cum flows into Ariel's pussy, "Ahhh... bitch... you... I swear...
are going to get... choked... out..." Tazz groans as he stops moving his
weakening body as the Vampiric Vixen simply is now overwhelming the Human
Suplex Machine.

Ariel licks her sinister teeth as she releases a sinister laugh as she feels
Tazz's warm cum flood inside of her tight, wicked pussy " it's determine...your ultimate...fate.." Ariel hisses as she slowly down
and gently rocks on his cum-spent cock before she suddenly stops and slightly
lifts herself off of Tazz's cock in order to lay her back down against his
legs as he sits in the metal chair. Ariel grits her teeth together as she
crosses her arms over her black halter-top and lifts her smooth, sinister
legs onto Tazz's shoulders "I see...a future...of Submissions..." Ariel
groans before she constricts her legs around Tazz's neck as she slightly
hangs down like a bat from his neck.

Tazz grits his teeth as Ariel squeezes his thick, injury-prone neck with her
smooth, seductive legs, "Ahhh... what... the fuck..." Tazz groans as he tries
desperately to move as Ariel starts to choke him out, and the move Tazz
struggles, the tighter Ariel squeezes her legs.

Ariel flicks her sinister tongue against her wicked, red lips "ECW...will
bow my master...Kevin Thorn!" Ariel hisses as she presses her
powerful, seductive legs tighter against Tazz's weakened neck as she begins
to constrict his air supply. Ariel closes her eyes as she thrusts her legs
tighter together and releases a wicked laugh "The in my control!"

"Fuck... you... lady..." Tazz groans as he gasps for air, and within moments,
the man who has choked out some of the ECW's most historic wrestlers gets
choked out himself. Tazz slumps over as Ariel squeezes his neck so tightly
that she is slowly lowered to the ground as Tazz starts to slip from the

Ariel grits her teeth together as she unwraps her smooth, sinister legs
from around Tazz's neck and slightly flips over to stand on her feet. Ariel
narrows her eyes as she glares at the choked out Tazz with her cold, dark
eyes. Ariel licks her sinister teeth before pressing her lips together "The
cards...never lie...remember that!" Ariel hisses before places her left hand
against the raw skin of the left side of her neck "Sound...ECW...will choke
out to the power of Kevin...Thorn!" Ariel shakes her head as she sneers at
the ECW color- commentator "And no...that's not a's the


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