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What Does The Future Hold Part 17: A Future Of An Extreme Queen
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel, is sitting behind a small rounded
table in a dimly lit room by various candles that surround the mysterious
Vixen. Ariel gently grits her teeth together as she looks down at her tarot
cards that are set out on the rounded table as the cards are facing down.
Ariel, dressed in a short black skirt and a black halter-top, reaches down
and turns one of the cards over to face up "What...does the future hold?"
Ariel says to herself out loud in a soft, haunting voice "What...does the
future hold?" Ariel repeats as she turns her head and looks over her
shoulder, getting a sly smirk on her wicked face as she spots her Vampire
lover, Kevin Thorn, standing behind her. Ariel licks her teeth "
master...what is your bidding..." The Vampiric Vixen Ariel asks as she
locks her cold, dark eyes on her mysterious lover as she places her black
gloved hands against her large, rounded chest, covered by the black
halter-top and she begins to feel up her own chest, while she tilts her
head back and moans softly, keeping her sinister eyes locked with the
bloodlust Vampire Kevin Thorn.

The dark haired, mysterious Vampire know as Kevin Thorn, dressed in his black
slacks, a blood red button shirt and a dark suit jacket slowly steps towards
his Vampiric mistress as she feels herself up through her black halter-top.
"Ariel... tell me... what does... the future hold?" Thorn says in a deep
voice as he slides the back of his left hand against the Vixen's right cheek.

Ariel grits teeth as she tilts her back slightly, presses her haunting black
haired-head against Kevin Thorn's midsection "My master...if it's the future
you want...then the future you shall receive..." Ariel hisses softly as she
slowly reaches forward and picks up one of her future-telling tarot card.
Ariel presses her blood red lips together as she raises her eyebrow and
smirks wickedly "My Master...I see a...Queen..." Ariel pauses and flicks her
wicked tongue against her two small, razor-sharp fangs "An...Extreme Queen...
my Master..." Ariel says in a haunting voice as she places the tarot card
back down on the table and turns in her chair slightly to look back and lock
her cold, dark eyes with her Vampire Master and lover, Kevin Thorn.

Kevin Thorn smirks slightly before he slowly slides his tongue against his
sharp fangs and teeth, "Excellent... that is a future... that shall truly be
a test... for her..." Kevin Thorn laughs darkly as he tilts his head and
looks down the hot, large-chested Vixen, "Ariel... I have another task for
you... my pet..." Thorn says as he pushes his right hand through Ariel's
dark black sinister hair.

Ariel presses her lips together as she turns completely in her chair to face
Kevin Thorn "Yes, my Master...what next bidding..." Ariel hisses as
she narrows her eyes into a soft, sinister glare.

Kevin Thorn pushes his black suit jacket open so that it expose the crotch of
his pants, "Ariel... I bid you... to feed..." Thorn says as he puts his hands
on his waist as he licks his fangs once again.

Ariel grits her teeth together as she tilts her head back, exposing the raw
left side of her neck, that has been feasted on previously by Kevin Thorn
" Master..." Ariel hisses as she licks her blood red lips before
she leans forward, while remaining seated and begins to unbuckle Kevin
Thorn's black belt from around his black pants.

Kevin Thorn slips off his black suit jacket and casually tosses it onto the
circular table that is now behind Ariel. "Mmmm... Ariel... you are so...
delicious..." Thorn laughs and as he brushes two fingers from his left again
against the left side of Ariel's neck as his Vampiric Mistress finishes
unbuckling his belt and slowly pulls it through the loops of his black

Ariel presses her blood red lips together as she locks her cold, sinister
eyes with Kevin Thorn as she places her left gloved hand against the
crotch of Kevin Thorn's black pants, feeling the impressive bulge forming
underneath. " Master..." Ariel hauntingly moans as she begins to
unzip and unbutton his black pants with her right hand as she rubs her left
hand against the crotch of Kevin Thorn's pants.

Kevin Thorn groans a bit as Ariel's left hand moves up and down against the
crotch of his pants, "Mmm... my pet... I do... enjoy the... delightful way...
you prepare your meals..." Thorn laughs slightly as Ariel completely unzips
and unbuttons his black slacks before she begins to lower them. Within a few
moments Kevin Thorn's monstrous, thick thirteen-inch Vampire cock becomes
exposed inch by inch as Ariel deliberately takes her time in lowering his
black pants.

Ariel grits her teeth tightly as she locks her sinister, dark eyes on the
sight of Kevin Thorn's monstrous, massive Vampire cock " Master...I
am at your command." Ariel hisses as she wraps her sinister gloved hands
around Thorn's massive shaft and begins to stroke his cock to hardness as
the Vampiric Vixen immediately lowers her head and places her sinister, wet
tongue against the head of Thorn's cock, before she begins to slither her
tongue around the head of his cock, coating him with her warm saliva.

Kevin Thorn close his eyes and places both of his strong hands onto Ariel's
slender shoulders, "Mmmmm my pet... savor the taste..." Thorn groans as he
focuses on the feeling of Ariel's wicked tongue slithering around the head
of his shaft like a snake as she moves both of her gloved hands back and
forth along the length of his powerful cock. Ariel gently taps her wicked
tongue against the head of Kevin Thorn's monstrous cock before she opens her
warm, sinister mouth and lowers her head as the Vampiric Vixen accepts Kevin
Thorn's cock into her wicked mouth. Ariel presses her blood red lips around
Thorn's shaft tightly and the mysterious tarot card reader begins to bob her
head on Kevin Thorn's cock as she begins to feast of her Master's meaty cock.
"Yesss... my pet..." Kevin Thorn groans as he opens his eyes and leans his
head backward to look up at the dark ceiling. Thorn keeps his hands on
Ariel's shoulders as he steps closer to Ariel in order to feed a bit more of
his thick Vampiric cock into Ariel's hot, wicked mouth.

Ariel closes her eyes as she moves her head smoothly against Kevin Thorn's
shaft as she takes her Vampire lover deeper into her sinister, Vampiric Vixen
mouth. Ariel's wickedly warm saliva drips against Thorn's cock as she moans
softly against his cock, while she slaps her tongue roughly against his
shaft. Kevin Thorn groans as he lowers his head and looks down at Ariel as
she begins to suck harder on his thick Vampiric dick. "Ahhh yess Ariel... you
serve me well..." Thorn groans as he lifts his right hand from Ariel's right
shoulder and he places it on Ariel's head. He firmly takes hold of Ariel's
black hair as he begins to move his pelvis slightly in order to fuck Ariel's
hot, wicked mouth with his shaft.

Kevin Thorn slides his tongue against his fangs before he suddenly jerks
Ariel's head off of his cock, catching the mysterious fortuneteller by
surprise. "Ariel... disrobe... yourself..." Thorn commands as he pulls Ariel
up to her feet.

Ariel presses her blood red lips together as she narrows her cold, dark
haunting eyes on Kevin Thorn "Yes my Master...anything for you..."

* * *

Inside the road agents office located in the ECW Arena, the Queen of Extreme
Francine is waiting for one of the agents to come to give her a message when
the lights of the office flicker on and off for several moments as a
mysterious red smoke starts to seep into the room from underneath the door.
Francine folds her eyes a bit and sighs as she rolls her eyes "Oh dear god
please...." Francine groans as the lights into the WWE/ECW Road Agent's
office flicker on and off continually. Francine presses her lips together and
shakes her head "Could those idiots be anymore late..." Francine complains to
herself, unaware of the red smoke seeping in through underneath the closed
door behind her. "First those idiots want me to wrestle...then they don't
reimburse me for my tanning sessions..." Francine continues to complain to
herself aloud while she's dressed in a short black skirt and a black top.

As Francine is about to voice her next complaint, the lights within the
WWE/ECW Road Agent's office suddenly turn off completely, sending the room
into total darkness which further annoys the ECW Original. "What the hell!"
Francine yells as she stands up and looks around inside the darkened WWE/ECW
Road Agent's office "Who turned off the fucking lights!?" Francine snaps as
she places her hands on her hips and shakes her head "This is so pathetic..."
Francine groans.

Francine shakes her head slightly and as she does the door to the WWE/ECW
Road Agent's office starts to open, and a dark red light from the hallway
fills the Road Agent's office as reddish smoke pours into the room, standing
in the doorway is the dangerous Vampire of ECW, Kevin Thorn, now wearing his
black wrestling tights and a sleeveless black vest, "Greetings... Francine...
Queen of Extreme..." Thorn says in a dark, menacing voice.

Francine slightly grits her teeth together as she raises her eyebrow a bit
"Who the...what the hell are you!?" Francine yells as she backs up a bit as
the dangerous Vampire Kevin Thorn begins to enter the red smoke filled,
red-lighted WWE/ECW Road Agent's office. Francine smirks a bit "Oh I know
who you are..." Francine nods her head "You hang out with that...Vampire

Kevin Thorn glares at Francine slightly before he licks his fangs, "My pet
performs her duties... quite well..." Thorn says as he slightly defends the
name of his Vampiric Mistress Ariel, "And... she had quite an interesting...
prediction of your future..." Thorn laughs a bit as he slowly steps towards
the violent Vixen.

Francine narrows her eyes a bit as she looks at Kevin Thorn "My future!? What
the hell are you talking about!?" Francine snaps at the dangerous Vampire as
he steps up to the true Queen of Extreme and places his powerful, strong
hands onto Francine pushing her back against the desk sitting in the WWE/ECW
Road Agent's office "Get your fuckin' hands off of me!" Francine yells.

Kevin Thorn laughs, "My hands... are the very least... of your problems..."
Thorn says as he looks down at the long-time ECW Original, "Your future... is
what matters... most..." Thorn says as he raises his hands up to the low-cut
collar of Francine's black top and easily rips her black top apart.

Francine grits her teeth together as the Extreme Queen places her hands
against Kevin Thorn's chest and attempts to push the dangerous Vampire away
from her, however she is unable to move the powerful, mysterious Vampire
known as Kevin Thorn "You're a freak!" Francine yells before Kevin Thorn
quickly rips down her short black skirt as now the Queen of Extreme stands
completely naked in front of the blood-hungry Vampire.

Kevin Thorn licks his sharp fangs and laughs slightly, "The freaks... only
come out at night..." Thorn says as he locks his dark, cold eyes with the
fiery eyes of Francine as lowers his dark black wrestling pants down. The
powerful Vampire keeps himself positioned in front of the Extreme Queen as
he steps out of his pants. With his pants off, and even with the dark red
light, Francine can easily see the monstrous thick thirteen inch cock that
is becoming hard between Thorn's muscular legs.

Francine raises her eyebrow and presses her lips together with a slight smirk
"Am...I suppose to be impressed?" Francine snaps as she folds her arms over
her large, bare firm tits.

Thorn raises his right eyebrow slightly as he unbuttons and then removes his
sleeveless black vest, "It does not matter if you are impressed or not...
what stands before you involves your future..." Thorn says with a slightly
wicked smirk on his face. Thorn puts his hands on Francine's wrists and he
roughly unfolds her arms to reveal her large, firm tits once more, "And your
future... begins... now..." Thorn adds in a deep dark voice as he roughly
turns the Extreme Queen around and shoves her forward so that she's bent over
the front of the desk.

Francine grits her teeth as she glances over her shoulder and looks at Kevin
Thorn with a glare "You fucking idiot!" Francine screams as Thorn steps up,
behind the Queen of Extreme as she bent over the desk. The dangerous Vampire
of ECW ignores Francine's comment as he firmly lays his left hand on
Francine's waist. Wordlessly, he grips his hard shaft with his right hand and
he then guides it to Francine's warm, tight extreme pussy. After releasing
his shaft, Thorn puts his right hand on Francine's waist and then he smirks
before he jerks the Queen of Extreme back towards him, making her impale her
own pussy with his thick, Vampiric dick.

Francine bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhh shit..." Francine groans as she
closes her eyes and slams back hard against Kevin Thorn's mighty hard and
thick cock before he begins to roughly and quickly slam his cock deeper into
Francine's pussy as he impales the Queen of Extreme "Ohhhhh fuck..." Francine
moans as she feels Thorn's hard cock ram into her extreme pussy.

Kevin Thorn smirks evilly as he pumps his shaft in and out of Francine's
pussy and his smirk becomes a full smile as he listens to Francine's moans.
"So easy... for you to give in to your fate..." Thorn says as he shoves
Francine's forward and pulls her back towards him so that each of his thrusts
are delivered more sharply when he drives his cock forward.

Francine tilts her head back as she begins to push back against Kevin Thorn's
hard, thick cock on her own momentum as she slams herself back smoothly,
smacking her rounded ass against Kevin Thorn's muscular waist, forcing his
Vampiric cock deeper into her warm, wet pussy "Ohhhh fuck yesss..." Francine
groans as she grits her teeth.

Thorn licks his fangs as he raises his hands from Francine's waist and he
then suddenly pulls his cock out of her tight, wet, extreme pussy. "Your
future... has already been determined..." Thorn says as he turns Francine
around and lifts her up onto the smooth desk. He makes her lay back on it
so that her head hangs off the far side of it, then he spread Francine's
smooth tanned legs so that he's able to impale his thick, hard Vampiric
cock back into Francine's cunt.

Francine grits her teeth as she arches her back off the of the surface of
the desk "Ohhhhh yesss..." Francine moans as she begins to wraps her smooth,
tanned legs around Kevin Thorn's waist as she starts to grind her pussy
against his cock, while he thrusts into her pussy. Kevin Thorn remains
standing upright as he thrusts his cock forward with sharp, swift movements
of his powerful hips. He keeps his hands on Francine's thighs and squeezes
them firmly as he deeply impales Francine's warm, tight pussy with his shaft
over and over again

Francine narrows her eyes slightly as she looks up and locks her eyes with
Kevin Thorn "Ohh...that's not extreme enough!" Francine moans as the Queen of
Extreme lifts herself off of the desk and wraps her arms around Kevin Thorn's
neck. With her smooth, stunning legs wrapped around Kevin Thorn's waist, the
violent Vixen begins to bounce and rock on Thorn's cock as he stands up,
slightly holding onto Francine as she slams down hard onto his cock, taking
him deeply into her hot, tight pussy.

Kevin Thorn smirks slightly as he just holds onto Francine as she bounces up
and down on his cock, "You have... no idea... of what your future holds..."
Thorn says with a slight groan as Francine comes down sharply on his
monstrous shaft. Gradually, the Extreme Vampire again starts to thrust his
cock into Francine's cunt, easily matching the pace she's using to bounce on
his thick cock.

Francine tilts her head back and groans as she slams down harder on Kevin
Thorn's massive Vampiric cock "Ohhhh...mmm...I'm the Queen of Extreme!"
Francine moans as she starts to sharply grind her pussy against Thorn's cock
as she rocks back and bounces at the same time on his hard, thick cock. Kevin
Thorn licks his sharp fangs as he sees Francine's vulnerable neck as she
tilts her head back. Thorn then suddenly increases the force of his thrusts
as he begins to violently ram his cock into Francine's pussy, breaking her
smooth rhythm and making her hold on tightly to his neck.

Francine closes her eyes as her extreme, hot body slams down violently on
Kevin Thorn's cock, as he roughly and deeply impales the true Queen of
Extreme "Ahhhh fucking yesss..." Francine groans as she thrusts her body
forward, grinding her pussy against his cock as sweat begins to drip off
of her experienced body.

"Your... fate... is not quite... reached..." Thorn groans in a deep voice as
he suddenly lifts Francine off of his cock and he stands her up in front of
him, but he doesn't let go of her hot Extreme body. Thorn turns a bit and
leans back against the desk, then pulls Francine in front of him and bends
her over so that he's able to force his Vampiric cock deep into her tight

Francine grits her teeth as she feels the Vampiric cock of Kevin Thorn enter
her tight asshole "Ohhhh fucking yesss..." Francine groans as she pushes
herself firmly back against Thorn's hard, thick cock "
extreme..." The dangerous Vampire doesn't say anything in reply as he begins
to thrust his shaft in and out of Francine's tight asshole. He begins to
sweat slightly as he reaches around Francine to grab her right hand and he
forces her to rub her own hot, wet pussy as he impales her asshole with his
hard, thick shaft.

Francine grits her teeth as she closes her eyes once again as Kevin Thorn
powerfully slams his hard cock deeply into Francine's extreme, hot ass
"Ohhhhhh...ohhhh yesss..." Francine moans loudly as she begins to cum against
her own hand as she forcefully rubs her wet, hot pussy by Kevin Thorn.

Kevin Thorn slightly grits his teeth together as he continues to deeply
impale Francine's hot, extreme ass, "Your fate... shall be... sealed..."
Thorn groans as he starts to cum inside of Francine's tight asshole,
flooding her ass with the hottest cum she has ever felt.

Francine tilts her head back as she hot, extreme body shake slightly as she
feels the warm cum of Kevin Thorn flood into her tight asshole "Ohhhh...
yeah...that feels good..." Francine moans with a smirk.

Kevin Thorn licks his fangs slightly as the last bit of his cum oozes from
his cock and into Francine's ass. He then shoves Francine forward as he pulls
his cock out of her asshole, and he suddenly glares at her. "It... is now
time... for your future to occur..." Thorn says as he grabs Francine's right
arm and twists it sharply as he turns her around to face him.

Francine grits her teeth as she narrows her eyes at Kevin Thorn "What the
hell!" Francine screams as Thorn tightly grips her right arm "Knock it off!"
Francine snaps as she tries to struggle from the dangerous Vampire's grasp.

Thorn smirks as he licks his fangs, "Hear me... Fear me..." Thorn says as he
suddenly lifts Francine up onto his back and he holds her arms spread out in
a crucifix position. Thorn then leans forward and powerbombs Francine down on
the floor of the WWE/ECW Road Agents office as he delivers the Crucifixion to
the Queen of Extreme. Thorn then stands above the now unconscious and
destroyed Francine as he licks his fangs, and then he laughs sinisterly "The
blood... of ECW... shall be mine..."


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