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What Does The Future Hold Part 18: A Future Of Full Blood
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"What...does the future hold..." The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel,
says to herself out loud as she sits behind the small, circular table located
in the center of a dim-candle lit room in the ECW Arena. Ariel grits her
teeth together as she places her hands on top of the table, where numerous
tarot cards are laid out on "Only...I can see the future..." Ariel says with
a sly smirk on her wicked face. The mysterious ECW Vixen licks her teeth as
she slowly flips out one of her cards and glances down at the card as she
light from the candle casually flickers "What...does the future…hold?" Ariel
asks in an eerie, haunting voice "I see a future..." Ariel smirks wickedly as
her cold, dark eyes slowly narrow "A future of...Full Blood..." Ariel says in
soft, haunting voice as she narrows her cold, dark grimace eyes on the tarot
card. The mysterious vixen raises the card up to blood red lips and presses
her lips against the card, oddly kissing the card. Ariel grits her teeth as
she lowers the tarot card down towards one of the flaming candles on the
small, circular table. Ariel licks her teeth as she places one of the corners
of the tarot card into the flame of the candle. The flame begins to slowly
rise against the tarot card as Ariel tilts her head back and releases a soft,
wicked laugh. "A future...Full Blood..." Ariel hisses as she slides her
sinister, wicked tongue against her teeth as she tosses her haunting black
hair back exposing the raw left skin of her neck as a stream of red blood
trickles down the left side of her neck, where her Vampiric lover Kevin Thorn
had feasted on her luscious, desirable neck

* * *

Elsewhere in the ECW Arena, in the locker room belonging to the Full Blooded
Italians are relaxing after a victorious night in the ring. Tony Mamaluke,
wearing black wrestling pants with red, white and green pattern on the waist,
is sitting on the leather couch, and Little Guido, wearing green wrestling
trunks is leaning against the table. Guido looks at the third member of the
FBI, the Full-Bodied Italian, Trinity, and he smirks, "Damn Trinity... you
really live up to that hot nickname...." Guido says.

"Yeah... you're as hot as our winning streak...." Tony says as both studdly
Italians compliment their associate.

Trinity, the stunning Full-Bodied member of the FBI, presses her lips
together as she smirks as she slides her hands through her soft, silky black
hair and slightly fluffs her hair a bit "Yo boys! You two are so hot out two keep heatin' me up!" Trinity replies with a slight Italian
accent as she folds her arms over her large, rounded chest and leans against
east-side wall of the locker room near the door, while the smoking, hot
Trinity is dressed in a skimpy, very revealing black single-pieced outfit.

Tony smirks a bit, "Hey babe... heating you up is like great motivation..."
Tony says as he leans back on the couch.

Little Guido smirks, "Hey, chill out Tony... we both know Trinity likes to
just mess around with us..." Guido says as he looks at Trinity and licks his
lips a bit, "And I don't mind if you are just messing with us Trin."

Trinity licks her lips as she winks at Little Guido Maritato " know
I love messin' round with you fine ass boys..." Trinity says with a smirk as
the lights in the locker room, belonging to the FBI, begin to gradually
flicker. Trinity raises her eyebrow and looks around the locker room,
slightly confused "Yo boys...did you see that?" Trinity asks as she places
her hands on her smooth, slender waist.

Little Guido nods his head, "Yeah I saw it... that was totally weird..."
Guido says as he folds his arms a bit as he looks up at the lights as they
flicker again.

Tony frowns and shakes his head, "That ain't cool... this is the new ECW...
and there's still light problems..." Tony says as he stands up from the

Trinity raises her eyebrow as she slowly glances around the locker room "Well least they just flickered and didn't..." Trinity is interrupted as
the lights inside the Full Blooded Italian's locker room sudden shut off,
making the locker room pitch black "Yo boys! Tony, Guido! Which one of ya
just did that? Which one of ya turned off the lights?" Trinity asks with her
slight Italian accent as she begins to feel around and stumble about in the
darkened locker room.

"It wasn't me! I'm no where near the light switch!" Little Guido shouts in
the darkness as he reaches backward putting his hand on the table.

"Don't look at me..." Tony starts to say before he changes his choice of
words considering the darkness the entire FBI finds themselves in, "I didn't
do it! I just stood up!" Tony says as starts to walk around the darkened
locker room with his hand against the wall as he tries to feel for the light

"What...does the future...hold?" The haunting, hissing voice of the Vampiric
Vixen Ariel suddenly echoes throughout the darkened Full Blooded Italian
locker room. "What...does the future hold...for the F...B...I?" Ariel asks
in a soft, haunting voice as the locker room remains pitch black.

"Yo! Who said that!?" The Full-Bodied Italian Trinity snaps as she turns
around in the total darkness of the locker room "Boys...ya hear that too?"
Trinity asks her fellow FBI members, Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido.

"Yeah I heard it!" Tony says as he looks around the pitch-black room as he
stands near the far west wall.

"Man... what is going that was totally freaky!" Little Guido says just before
there's a dark, deep laughter echoing in the pitch-black locker room.

"My Pet... why don't you tell them... what the future holds..." The dark
mysterious voice of Kevin Thorn says, answering Ariel's haunting question.

"Ok... that was even more creepy!" Tony yells as he presses himself back
against he locker room wall.

"You're tellin' me babe!" Trinity yells back "Yo! Whoever ya are you betta
watch out!" Trinity says as she tries to focus her eyes in the darkened
locker room before the slightly slowly begin to flicker on and slightly dim
the locker room as the Vampiric Vixen Ariel appears laying on the leather
couch inside the locker, with her sinister body completely naked.

Ariel grits her teeth together as she slowly sits up on couch and glares at
Trinity before glancing over and glaring at Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido
"Behold...the power...of Kevin Thorn!" Ariel hisses as she directs her left
hand over towards the locker room door as it slowly creeks up. Trinity
swallows as her eyes widen "Whoa...that's freaky!" Trinity says as red smoke
begins to pour into the locker room of the FBI through the opened door that
leads out into the hallway.

"Whoa.. whoa... whoa!" Little Guido shouts as he puts his hands up as the
door continues to slowly creek open. The leader of the FBI shakes his head
as he remembers his own in-ring encounter with Kevin Thorn and he clearly
wants no piece of it.

"C'mon Guido... we can take him!" Tony says as the fiery Italian stud balls
his hands into fists, but his bravado soon disappears as Kevin Thorn begins
to slowly step into the locker room, wearing black slacks, a blood red shirt
and black suit jacket.

The dangerous Vampire grits his teeth as he clutches a long black cane in his
left hand. "The future... shall come to be..." Kevin Thorn says as looks at
Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke before he locks with eyes with Trinity's.

Trinity's soft, innocent Italian eyes widen as she raises her hands up "Yo...'re crazy..." Trinity says as she slowly steps back as the dangerous
Vampiric Warrior begins to approach the Full-Bodied Italian, Trinity.

Meanwhile, Ariel licks her teeth as she slowly slithers off of the leather
couch and stands up. The Vampiric Vixen presses her lips together as she
narrows her cold, dark eyes into a haunting glare as she gazes at Tony
Mamaluke and Little Guido. "Come to me...obey..." Ariel hisses as she points
at Tony and Little Guido before motioning the two studdly Italians to
approach her "Obey...the future..." Ariel hisses as she begins slide her
sinister hands against her wickedly hot body.

"What the... hell..." Little Guido grits his teeth slightly as he shakes his
head, but then he finds himself slowly walking towards the hot Vampiric

"Hey Guido... what's with... hey!" Tony yells as he starts to also move
towards Ariel, and he noticeably tries to stop moving, but like Little Guido
he moves towards Ariel.

Kevin Thorn laughs slightly as he points at Trinity with his cane, "You...
come to me to accept your fate..." Thorn says as he keeps his eyes locked
with the Full-Bodied Italian.

Trinity shakes her head " ya betta back off!" Trinity yells in her
slight Italian accent as the dangerous Vampire begins to approach Trinity,
stalking the Full-Bodied Italian. Trinity tries to step away from Kevin
Thorn, however she seems to be frozen stiff in place, unable to move "What
the..." Trinity says as the feisty Italian's body begins to shake and

Kevin Thorn licks his fangs, "Welcome... to your future...." Thorn says as
he continues to approach the feisty Italian beauty. When he reaches her, he
slides the cold, metal head of his cane against the front of Trinity's body
as if he was examining her like a piece of meat. He then looks over his
shoulder towards the leather couch where Ariel is as the two male members
of the FBI stand frozen in front of her, "My pet... have your way with
them... their future... is in your hands..."

Ariel smirks wickedly as she slowly slides her tongue against her blood red
lips "Disrobe..." Ariel hisses as she slowly slides her hands against her
rounded, firm sinister tits as she eerily feels her own chest up "That is...
in your future..." Ariel replies as she keeps her wicked cold, dark eyes
locked on Tony and Little Guido as she slowly slithers down onto her knees
on the floor in front of the two Italian studs.

"Fuck... you..." Little Guido says in defiance, but as much as he tries too,
the Sicilian Shooter can't help himself and he lowers his wrestling trunks
down from his waist to reveal his thick eleven-inch cock. Tony grits his
teeth as he too lowers his wrestling pants, revealing his own ten inch cock,
"This ain't right... not right at all!" Tony yells as he steps out of his
wrestling pants.

Kevin Thorn nods his head approvingly before he looks at Trinity, "Prepare
yourself... I command you..." Thorn says as he holds the head of his cane
right against Trinity's chin.

Trinity grits her teeth together "'re fuckin' crazy!" Trinity yells
back as her deviant eyes slowly glaze and her eyes narrow as she looks ahead
at Kevin Thorn. Trinity slowly nods her head "As you wish..." Trinity slowly
replies and as if she was in a trance, Trinity reaches over her shoulder and
unzips the back of her black skimpy, single-pieced attire before she begins
to peel the clothing away from her stunning, hot Italian body.

Kevin Thorn licks his fangs as he nods his head approvingly as he watches
Trinity strip out of her single-pieced black attire. He sets his heavy metal
cane down on the floor and he removes his black suit jacket, "Now... Lower
yourself... kneel before me..." Thorn orders in a deep voice as he strips out
of his all of his clothing.

Trinity closes her eyes and slowly nods her head " master..." Trinity
replies in a trance-like state as she slowly lowers herself down onto her
knees in front of Kevin Thorn as she take his hard, monstrous cock into her
hands and begins to stroke his cock.

Meanwhile...Over by the couch the sinister Vampiric Vixen Ariel is down on
her knees in front of the obedient Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido. The
mysterious, nude tarot card reader guides her sinister her hands up and down
the hardening shafts of Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido. Ariel flicks her
tongue against her two small, sharp fangs before she lowers her eyes and
smirks wickedly "The future...belongs to myself...and my Master...Kevin
Thorn." Ariel hisses as she pulls Tony's cock closer with her left hand
and flicks her sinister, wet tongue against the head of his cock, while she
guides her right hand against the shaft of Little Guido.

"Ahhhh... yes... mmm... it does..." Little Guido moans a bit as the Vampiric
Vixen strokes his shaft. He closes his eyes and clenches his fists together
as he slightly moves his hips, pushing his shaft against Ariel's right hand.

Tony Mamaluke looks down at Ariel and he looks into her dark, cold eyes as
she traces her wicked tongue around the head of his thick Italian dick.
"Mmmm.... mmm..." Tony moans the hair on the back of his neck stands up when
Ariel presses the tip of her tongue right against the piss-slit of his cock.

Meanwhile... Kevin Thorn has his right hand on top of Trinity's head,
clutching a handful of her black hair, "Feast... on it..." Thorn commands
as he pulls Trinity's head towards his extremely thick Vampiric cock as she
keeps her hands around his shaft.

The Full-Bodied Italian Trinity slowly nods her head with her eyes remaining
closed "Yes...Master..." Trinity says in a soft voice with her slight Italian
accent. Trinity opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head down on the
cock on Kevin Thorn. The feisty Italian wraps her lips tightly around his
shaft and begins to smoothly bob her head as she tenderly guides her tongue
around his shaft as she begins to suck, while she gently moans against his
Vampiric cock as her warm saliva drips against his cock.

Meanwhile...The Vampiric Vixen Ariel slithers her sinister tongue on the head
of Tony Mamaluke's cock before she diverts her attention to Little Guido.
Ariel presses her lips together and smirks wickedly "You...obey...the Master
well..." Ariel says in a soft voice as she parts her lips and lowers her head
down on Little Guido's cock, taking him into her haunting and sinister mouth.
The vicious Vixen begins to quickly bob her head on Little Guido's cock as
she slaps her wicked tongue roughly against his shaft, while she quickly
strokes Tony's cock with her left hand, rubbing her sinister saliva against
his shaft as it drips down his Italian sausage.

Little Guido opens his eyes and moans as Ariel sucks and feats on his rock
hard cock, "Ahhhh... mmmm damn... it..." Guido moans as he continues to move
his cock, thrusting his shaft in between Ariel's soft pouty, sinister lips.
The Italian Stud puts his hands on his waist as he grits his teeth just as
Tony flips his own hair back. "Man... ahhh... this... is wicked..." Tony
moans as Ariel rubs her saliva all over his shaft with her left hand.

Meanwhile, Kevin Thorn has placed both his hands on Trinity's head and he's
making the Full Bodied Italian deep throat his Vampiric cock, "Yesss...
that's it..." Thorn groans.

Trinity gently taps her soft Italian tongue against Kevin Thorn's shaft as
the head of his cock hits the back of Trinity's throat, while the dangerous
ECW Vampire begins to thrust his cock into the hot, saliva-dripping mouth of
the feisty Italian, Trinity. "Mmmm...mmmm...master..." Trinity slightly moans
against Thorn's cock as she partially gags at the same time as Kevin Thorn
drives his cock deeper into her mouth.

Thorn smirks evilly as he pumps his shaft so deep into Trinity's hot Italian
mouth, "Yes... that's it... you obey very... very well..." The extreme
Vampire moans and laughs slightly as his large balls smack repeatedly against
Trinity's chin.

Meanwhile, back at the couch, Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido are now standing
closer together as Ariel keeps her sinister hands wrapped around their rock
hard cocks, "Ahhh... damn... damn... fuck..." Tony moans as Ariel controls
both male members of the Full Blooded Italians.

Ariel lifts her head up from Little Guido's cock and licks her sinister white
teeth as she tosses her haunting black hair back. Ariel narrows her eyes as
she glares up at Little Guido, before turning her head and glaring up at Tony
Mamaluke "You!" Ariel hisses in a commanding tone, directed at Tony Mamaluke
"Stand on the couch!" Ariel says as she locks her haunting eyes on Tony,
before looking back to Little Guido "And you..." Ariel hisses as she smirks
wickedly "The is in your best sit on the

Tony and Little Guido both nod their heads and they obediently comply with
Ariel's commands. "Sure..." Little Guido says as he sits down on the leather
couch and he leans back on it as he gets comfortable. Tony Mamaluke slowly
climbs onto the couch and he places a hand on the wall to help keep his
balance as both he and Guido Ariel look at the sinister Tarot Card Reader.

Ariel grits her teeth together as she tilts her head back "Oh...the future...
is always in the favor of Kevin Thorn..." Ariel hisses as she locks her cold,
dark eyes on Little Guido as she slithers up from the floor and mounts
herself roughly on Little Guido's cock, taking him into her sinister Vampiric
pussy. Ariel begins to smoothly and viciously rock herself back and forth
against Little Guido's cock as she opens her sinister mouth, taking Tony's
cock into her sinister mouth and begins to suck on his meaty Italian cock.

Meanwhile... The dangerous Vampire Kevin Thorn, quickly jerks Trinity's
bobbing head off of his monstrous cock, causing a small amount of her warm
saliva to drip out of her mouth and onto his thick, powerful Vampire cock.
Kevin Thorn slowly releases his hold on Trinity's black hair as he locks
his eyes with hers when she looks up at him, "Turn around... and prepare...
to receive... your Master..." Thorn commands in a dark wicked tone as he
grips his shaft with his left hand and smacks Trinity's cheeks with it.

Trinity slowly nods her head as her glazed over eyes close "Yes Master..."
Trinity softly replies as the tranced Full-Bodied Italian slowly turns around
and leans down onto her hands, as she bent over on the floor on her hands and
knees with her rounded, hot Italian ass facing the blood-lusted Vampire Kevin

Kevin Thorn slowly kneels down behind the hot Full-Bodied Italian and grits
his teeth together as he slides his right hand over Trinity's smooth, round
ass. "You shall serve me well..." Thorn says as he lines his thick cock up
with Trinity's warm. tight Italian pussy. The blood-lust driven Vampire then
rams his cock forward, forcefully ramming his shaft deep into Trinity's

Trinity grits her teeth as she tilts her head back "Ohhhhhh shit..." Trinity
moans as the blood-lust driven Vampire begins to thrust his monstrous cock in
and out of Trinity's hot Italian pussy.

Meanwhile...The Vampiric Vixen Ariel grinds her sinisterly tight pussy
sharply against Little Guido's cock as rocks back and forth against his cock,
powerfully bouncing up and down on his large slab of Italian sausage. While
the sinister, wicked tarot card reader rides Little Guido's cock as she slaps
her wicked tongue against Tony Mamaluke's cock as she bobs her head smoothly
as she sucks on his hard, meaty Italian cock "Mmm... mmmm..." Ariel haunting
moans against Tony's cock as she presses her sinister teeth against Tony's
shaft and begins to rake her teeth back and forth against his shaft as she
moves her head along his shaft, sucking and feasting on his Italian cock.

Tony Mamaluke puts his right hand on the back of Ariel's head as she
powerfully sucks on his thick Italian cock, "Ahhh... ohhh fuck... ohhh
god..." Tony moans as he feels Ariel's wicked tongue slide right against
the underside of his shaft as she devours his shaft.

Little Guido puts his on Ariel's sexy waist and he starts to thrust his cock
up into Ariel's hot sinister pussy, "Ohhh damn... uhhhh... shit..." Guido
groans as he lowers his head a bit and slightly brushes his tongue over both
of Ariel's large, round Vampiric tits.

Ariel slowly lifts her head up and grits her teeth together as she glares
up at Tony Mamaluke "Get behind...its in your future..." Ariel hisses in a
commanding tone as she continues to grind and rock her sinisterly hot body
on Little Guido's hard, meaty Italian cock "Ohhhh...the cards are in the
favor...of Kevin Thorn!" Ariel moans hauntingly as she tilts her head back
and arches her back slightly.

Tony nods his head and he steps down from the couch and moves to stand behind
the Vampiric Vixen. The younger member of the FBI licks his lips as he bends
his knees slightly so that he's able to slides his thick, saliva dripping
cock into Ariel's hot tight asshole. "Ohhh fuck..." Tony groans as Ariel
rocks back sharply onto Little Guido's cock in order to push back against
Tony's invading cock. The two studdly members of the FBI begin to alternate
thrusts as the Vampiric Vixen moves between them.

Meanwhile, Kevin Thorn has his left hand on Trinity's waist as he slams his
thick, monstrous cock in and out of the hot Vixen's pussy. "Who... do you
serve!" Thorn asks as he reaches forward and grabs Trinity's black hair in
order to jerk her head back towards him.

Trinity grits her teeth together as she squints her eyes opens as her head is
violently jerked back by the powerful, dangerous Vampire Kevin Thorn "Ohhh...
you...are my Master..." Trinity groans under the wicked trance Ariel and
Kevin Thorn have over the three Full Blooded Italians. Trinity licks her lips
slightly as her hot, rounded Italian ass slams back against Kevin Thorn's
muscular waist, forcefully taking his cock deeply into her hot pussy.

Kevin Thorn licks his sharp fangs, "You are correct... and you shall serve
me!" Thorn yells as he pulls his thick Vampiric cock out of the tranced
controlled Vixen's hot pussy. The extremely dangerous Vampire turns Trinity
over onto her back and grabs both of her smooth legs. After lifting them up
and spreading them apart into an almost V shape, Thorn leans forward and
slams his entire cock back into Trinity's pussy.

Trinity's hot, Italian body trembles as she releases a moan, feeling Kevin
Thorn's monstrous cock impale her tight, hot pussy "Ohhhhh shit...mmm...
yess..." The Full-Bodied Italian moans as The Vampiric Vixen Ariel rocks
back and forth wickedly between Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido.

Ariel grits her teeth together as she slides her hands against Little Guido's
smooth, semi-muscular chest "Ohhhh the what matters..." Ariel
groans wickedly as Tony Mamaluke obediently rams his cock deeply into her
sinister, hot ass. Ariel narrows her cold, dark eyes as she leans down and
flicks her slithering tongue against the left side of Little Guido's neck.

"Mmmm... god... damn... ahhh the future... is... pretty...good..." Little
Guido moans as he keeps his hands firmly on Ariel's sexy waist as he thrusts
his shaft sharply up into Ariel's hot wicked pussy.

Tony Mamaluke reaches around the mysterious Tarot Card reader's hot body and
he grabs both of her tits as he rapidly drills her hot tight ass with his
cock, "Uhhhh ahhh... ahhhh fuck... ahhh damn..." Tony groans as he and Guido
fuck Ariel with everything they throw at her as they both sweat heavily.

Ariel grits her teeth and tilts her head back "Ohhhh the future is now!"
Ariel hisses wickedly as she suddenly thrusts herself back against Tony
roughly and grinds her pussy sharply against Little Guido's cock at the
same time.

"Ahhhhh... ohhhh fuck..." Tony groans loudly as he tosses his black hair
back as he starts to cum inside of Ariel's hot, tight Vampiric ass.

A few short seconds later, Little Guido closes his eyes tightly as Ariel
viciously grinds her pussy on his shaft. "ohh... fuck!" Guido shouts as he
begins to cum inside of Ariel's sinister, hot pussy, so that now, both of
the sweating Full Blooded Italians are filling Ariel's ass and pussy with
their warm cum.

Ariel smirks wickedly as she feels the warm cum of both Little Guido and
Tony Mamaluke flow into her wet pussy and her tight asshole "Ohhhh...all
bow the power of Kevin Thorn!" Ariel hisses before she suddenly
swings her left elbow back, knocking Tony Mamaluke in the side of the head,
before she lifts her right knee up as she sits on Little Guido's lap and
drives her knee into his chin. Tony Mamaluke falls backward after Ariel's
elbow attack and his head hits against the edge of chair, and by the time
he hits the floor, he's knocked out. Little Guido is instantly knocked out
after Ariel's knee collides with his chin and jaw, and the Italian stud
slumps on the couch beneath the Vampiric Vixen.

Meanwhile, Kevin Thorn is continuing his powerful thrusts as he slams his
shaft in and out of Trinity's hot, tight Italian pussy. Trinity grits her
teeth as she reaches her hands up and places them against Thorn's strong,
powerful arms as he impales his monstrous cock deeply into her hot Italian
pussy "Ohhhh...ohhhh shit..." Trinity groans as she arches her back off of
the floor as she wraps her smooth, tanned legs around Kevin Thorn's waist
as she starts to grind her pussy against his cock " Master..."
Trinity moans in her tranced state of mind.

Kevin Thorn licks his fangs as he pounds Trinity's hot, wet pussy with his
Vampiric cock. Each of his thrusts are so sharp and powerful, that Trinity's
hot Italian body trembles every time his cock is driven deeply into her.
"Do... you... think you are worthy?!" Thorn asks as he fucks her even harder.

"Ohhh...I...ohhhh no..." Trinity groans as she closes her eyes and begins to
cum against Kevin Thorn's hard, monstrous cock as her pussy clenches around
his Vampiric shaft.

Kevin Thorn raises an eyebrow slightly after hearing Trinity's groan as she
cums on his pistoning cock. He grabs hold of Trinity's legs and forcefully
removes them from his waist, then he pulls his shaft out of her pussy as
Trinity continues to cum. Thorn stands up and glares down at Trinity, "Sit
up... and serve... your master..." Thorn orders as he kicks his metal cane
over towards Ariel and motions for her to pick it up.

Trinity slowly lifts her head up as she sits on her knees, locking her
glazed-over eyes with Kevin Thorn. The Full-Bodied Italian nods her head
" Master..." Trinity replies as she closes her eyes and leans her
head forward as she opens her mouth and accepts Kevin Thorn's monstrous,
Vampiric cock into her warm, wet Italian mouth. Kevin Thorn grabs two
handfuls of Trinity's sweat dampened hair as she starts to suck on his
thick, throbbing cock once more. Thorn licks his fangs as he glances at
Ariel as she holds his metal cane in her wicked hands. Ariel grits her
teeth together as she slides her tongue against her sinister white fangs
as she locks her cold, dark glaring eyes on her Vampiric lover, Kevin
Thorn as she slowly nods her head, while watching the Full-Bodied Italian
bob her head smoothly on Thorn's massive cock.

Kevin Thorn smirks and he looks down at the Full-Bodied Italian known as
Trinity as she bobs her head swiftly on his monstrous, Vampiric cock,
"Good... very good... you are... almost... worthy...' Thorn groans as he
starts to cum, filling Trinity's mouth with his hot, Vampiric cum. Trinity
moans softly against Kevin Thorn's cock as she gently taps her tongue
against the underbelly of his shaft as his warm cum fills up her hot, wet
mouth. Trinity tilts her head back slightly as she starts to swallows Kevin
Thorn's warm, Vampiric cum. Ariel grits her teeth together tightly as she
locks her cold, dark eyes into a solid, haunting glare as she starts to
slowly approach Trinity with Kevin Thorn's powerful cane in her sinister

Kevin Thorn takes a step back away from Trinity and he smirks evilly,
"Trinity... you... are almost worthy to serve me... and now... Ariel...
shall tell you... what your future holds...." Thorn says as Trinity remains
in her tranced state. He glances at his Vampiric Mistress and nods his head
slightly, giving Ariel a signal with the simple gesture.

Ariel flicks her tongue against her two small, sharp fangs as she stands
behind the Full-Bodied Italian Trinity "I see a future...a future...of
Full...BLOOD!" Ariel hisses as she raises the powerful cane of Kevin Thorn
up, only to swing the cane into the back of Trinity's head. Trinity's body
tenses up for a split-second as the metal cane strikes the back of her head
and then she falls forward, completely knocked out.

Kevin Thorn laughs as he stands over Trinity as he smirks at Ariel, "I see...
the cards were not in her favor..."

Ariel grits her teeth together as the Vampiric Vixen sneers down at the
fallen hot Italian Trinity before she glances over and glares at the
unconscious bodies of Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke " Master..."
Ariel says as she locks her cold, dark eyes with Kevin Thorn "The cards...
are always in our favor though...and the cards...they never lie..." Ariel
says in haunting, soft voice as she slides her slithering tongue against
her wicked white teeth, before tilting her head back and releasing a
sinister laugh.


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