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What Does The Future Hold Part 19: A Future Of Passion
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel, is sitting behind a small rounded
table in a dimly lit room by various candles that surround the mysterious
Vixen. Ariel gently grits her teeth together as she looks down at her tarot
cards that are set out on the rounded table as the cards are facing down.
Ariel, dressed in a short red skirt and a black halter-top with long heeled
black boots, reaches down and turns one of the cards over to face up "What...
does the future hold?" Ariel says to herself out loud in a soft, haunting
voice "What...does the future hold?" Ariel repeats as she turns her head and
looks over her shoulder, getting a sly smirk on her wicked face as she spots
her Vampire lover, Kevin Thorn, standing behind her. Ariel licks her teeth
" master...what is your bidding..." The Vampiric Vixen Ariel says
as she locks her grimace, dark eyes on her mysterious lover as she places
her black gloved hands against her large, rounded chest of her halter-top
and she begins to feel up her own chest, while she tilts her head back and
moans softly, locking her dark eyes with her Vampire lover, Kevin Thorn.
"Does it...involve...the future, my Master?" Ariel hisses with her sinister
body arched back against Kevin Thorn and her lips presses together tightly.

Kevin Thorn, dressed in blood red colored slacks and a black button shirt,
smirks darkly as he looks at his mysterious Vampiric mistress, "Oh yes... it
does Ariel... it most certainly does..." Thorn says in a deep voice as he
slightly licks his fangs, "Ariel... tell me... what does the future hold?"

Ariel presses her lips together as she tosses her haunting black hair back
before she slightly lowers her head to glance down at her tarot cards that
are laid around the small, circular table. Ariel grits her teeth together
as she slowly reaches forward and picks up one of her future-telling tarot
cards "Only...I can see the future, my Master." Ariel hisses as she narrows
her sinister cold, dark eyes as she glances down at the tarot card "I see a
future...a future of Passion..." Ariel pauses as she slides her slithering
tongue against her sinister teeth "A future...of wicked Passion...for one
ECW Vixen."

Kevin Thorn laughs slightly and sinisterly, "Mmmm... that is... a very good
future Ariel..." Thorn slides a hand through Ariel's dark, black hair as he
looks down at Ariel's large, halter-top covered chest. "And that future must
be... very close to happening... Ariel... stand up..." Kevin Thorn commands
as he steps back away from Ariel.

Ariel nods her head slowly and stands up as she tosses her haunting black
hair back to expose the raw left side of her neck where Kevin Thorn has
bitten her previous times in the past. The Vampiric Vixen turns around to
face her Vampiric Master as she flicks her sinister tongue against her two
small fangs "Yes... my master?" Ariel asks with a sinister smirk across her
wicked face.

Kevin Thorn smirks, "Lower your attire... and turn around my pet..." Thorn
says as he licks his fangs and motions towards Ariel's short red skirt before
he unbuckles the heavy leather belt he's wearing.

Ariel raises her eyebrow as she smirks slyly "Yes my Master, anything for
you..." Ariel hisses as she places her hands on her waist and begins to push
down her short red skirt off of her hips as she guides the skirt down her
smooth, sinister legs while hot, shaven, wicked pussy becomes exposed to her
Vampiric lover, Kevin Thorn "Oh my Master..." Ariel hisses softly "I see a
future of Passion...for you...and I..." Ariel says as she slides her sinister
tongue against her pouty, wicked blood-red lips while she steps out of her
short red skirt and turns around, leaning over the small, circular table
where her tarot cards lay about.

"You are... quite right Ariel..." Kevin Thorn says as he undoes his blood
red colored pants and lowers them down to his feet and steps out of them.
Thorn grips his monstrous thirteen inch cock and gets closer to his hot
Vampiric mistress, "Prepare yourself Ariel..." Thorn says as he bends his
knees slightly and pushes his shaft into Ariel's wicked, tight pussy.

Ariel grits her teeth as she arches her back slightly, pushing her hot and
sinister body back against the thick, monstrous Vampiric cock of Kevin Thorn
"Ohhhh my Master..." Ariel hisses as she closes her eyes as she begins to
push her sinisterly hot body back against Thorn's monstrous cock.

Kevin Thorn puts his hands on Ariel's waist and pulls her back towards him
as he pumps his shaft in and out of Ariel's wicked pussy, "Ahhh...mmmm... my
pet..." Thorn groans as he drives his shaft deep and hard into Ariel's pussy.

Ariel opens her blood-lust eyes and glances over her shoulder at her
Vampiric lover, Kevin Thorn, as he thrust his powerful, monstrous cock into
her wicked, tight pussy " Master...the in our
hands..." Ariel hisses as her sinister body slams back against Thorn's cock
as she locks her cold, dark eyes with the Vampiric Master.

"Yessss... it is... Ariel..." Thorn groans viciously as he increases the
pace and force of his thrusts. He moves his right hand from Ariel's waist and
puts it on the back of Ariel's head, then he grabs her dark black hair and
jerks her head back towards him, "Ariel... the passion of the future... is
here... and the blood... of ECW... is ours... for the taken..." Thorn groans
as he sharply slams his cock deeper into Ariel's wicked pussy.

Ariel nods her eyes as the Vampiric Vixen grits her teeth, feeling Kevin
Thorn's monstrous thick, hard cock slam deeply into her tight, wicked pussy
"Ohhhh Master...the blood of ours..." Ariel haunting
moans as she slightly repeats Kevin Thorn.

Kevin Thorn closes his eyes as he feels Ariel's sinister pussy squeeze his
shaft as he pumps his Vampiric cock hard and fast into her. Thorn then slows
down and he pulls his shaft out of Ariel's wicked pussy. "No one... will
stand in our way..." Thorn groans as he turns her around and lifts Ariel up
to put her on the table, and then he forces her to lay back. Thorn then
spreads her legs and slams his thick, monstrous cock back into her pussy.

Ariel arches her back and slides her sinister tongue against her two small,
sharp fangs "Ohhhhh my Master!" Ariel hisses and moans after Kevin Thorn
powerfully rams his Vampiric cock deeply into the pussy of his blood-lusted

Kevin Thorn breathes heavily as he grabs Ariel's halter top with his powerful
hands and rips it apart, exposing his Vampiric mistress's large, round tits.
"Ahhh... Ariel... we shall... paint ECW... with the color of blood..." Thorn
groans as he blood lust filled eyes become darker as he fucks Ariel on the

Ariel nods her head as she grits her teeth while her body slides against the
small, circular table as Kevin Thorn rams his monstrous cock deeply into her
Vampiric, sinister pussy "Ohhhh...yesss...Master...the color of blood..."
Ariel hisses as she wraps her smooth, sinister legs around the waist of Kevin
Thorn and she starts to sharply grind her pussy against his monstrous cock.

The Extreme Vampire Kevin Thorn grist his teeth as he ravages Ariel's wicked
cunt with powerful, swift thrust. He grabs Ariel's arms and pulls her up so
that she's sitting on the table as he fucks her, "Ahhh... ahhh... the
passion... of blood... and lust... will... make... everything... ours..."
Thorn groans as locks his dark blood-lust filled eyes with Ariel's cold, dark

Ariel grits her teeth as she tilts her head back "Ohhhh...yessss My Master...
everything will be ours!" Ariel haunting moans loudly as she begins to cum
against Kevin Thorn's Vampiric cock.

Kevin Thorn grits his teeth as he feels Ariel's warm cum flowing over his
cock as he pumps his shaft in and out of her cunt, "Ahhhh... time... to
feast!" Thorn groans as he starts to cum inside of Ariel's hot, wet, wicked
pussy. He then tilts his head to the left and leans forward to bite into
Ariel's sexy neck as he fills her pussy with his hot Vampiric cum.

Ariel closes her eyes as she leans her head back, feeling the sharp fangs of
Kevin Thorn, pierce the skin of her neck "Ohhhhh my master..." Ariel softly
hisses as she slowly licks her lips.

Kevin Thorn feeds on Ariel's blood as he finishes flooding her pussy with
his cum. Thorn then lifts his head from Ariel's neck, his fangs and mouth
dripping with Ariel's blood. He smirks evilly at Ariel, "Let... the blood...
run... forever..."

* * *

Elsewhere in the ECW arena, the lovely Extreme Backstage Correspondent known
as Rebecca DiPietro is near the ECW interviewing set looking over her notes
as she prepares to interview Rob Van Dam later on in the night. As Rebecca
is focusing on her notes she doesn't notice that Kevin Thorn suddenly appears
behind her as the lights around her start to dim. Thorn, wearing his blood
red colored slacks and black button shirt, licks his fangs as he raises his
right hand and slides two fingers down the middle of Rebecca's back.

The sultry, alluring Rebecca DiPietro grits her teeth as she tenses up
slightly as she feels the cold touch of Kevin Thorn's fingers against her
smooth, tanned back as she's dressed in short black skirt and a black,
open-backed, top. Rebecca looks up slightly and raises her eyebrow as the
lights above her flicker casually. "What the..." Rebecca says as she slowly
and cautiously glances over her left shoulder.

Kevin Thorn stands behind her as he slightly narrow his eyes into a dark
glare, "Your future... has been decided..." Thorn says as he locks eyes with
the beautiful Extreme Correspondent, "And your future is now..." Thorn says
in a dark, slightly menacing voice, as he looks deep into Rebecca DiPietro's

Rebecca's soft, alluring eyes widen with slightly fear as she turns around
completely to face the dangerous, vicious Vampire known as Kevin Thorn.
Rebecca swallows as she starts to slowly back away from Kevin Thorn
"You''re...that...that Vam- Vampire..." Rebecca says as the sultry
Extreme Correspondent begins to tremble as Kevin Thorn approaches her, while
she tries to back away.

Kevin Thorn licks his fangs as he slowly approaches Rebecca, and as he comes
towards her, Thorn maneuvers himself so that he blocks her from making any
type of escape attempt. "Are you afraid?" Thorn asks in a menacing voice.

Rebecca bites down on her bottom lip, innocently, as she frightfully shakes
her head "Ummm...uhhh...n-n-no..." Rebecca stutters a bit in fear as she's
completely backed up against the ECW Extreme Interviewing set.

"Yes you are..." Kevin Thorn laughs slightly, "There's nothing to be afraid
of... when there is something better to feel instead..." Thorn says as he has
completely backed Rebecca against the ECW Interview set wall. Thorn raises
his left hand and slides the back of his fingers against Rebecca's cheeks,
then down her neck and then to her chest. The dangerous blood lust driven
Vampire locks eyes with Rebecca as he smirks, "Remove your clothing..." Thorn
says in a commanding tone, that expresses he will harm her if she doesn't

The sultry, alluring Extreme Correspondent, Rebecca slowly nods her head
"Ok...ok..." Rebecca softly replies as she takes a deep breath before she
slides the straps of her black, open-backed, top off of her slender
shoulders. Rebecca lowers her head, breaking the eye contact with the
dangerous Vampire Kevin Thorn, as she guides her straps of her top off of
her shoulder and down her smooth arms as he large, rounded extremely hot
tits become exposed.

Kevin Thorn nods his head approvingly as he slightly studies Rebecca's large,
round, firm tits as she removes the her top. "Keep going..." Thorn commands
as he unbuttons his black shirt, and with each button he undoes, his smooth,
powerful upper body is revealed to the terrified Extreme Correspondent. After
he finishes with his shirt, Thorn unbuckles the heavy leather belt that he's
wearing as well as he keeps his sinister eyes locked on Rebecca DiPietro.

Rebecca raises her eyebrow and presses her lips together slightly "What...are
you...going to do with me?" Rebecca fearfully asks as she slowly pushes her
short black skirt down from her slender, but rounded hips. Rebecca guides her
black skirt down her smooth, stunning legs as she reveals her black-laced
panties that were underneath.

Kevin Thorn licks his fangs slightly as he pulls his belt through the loops
of his blood red colored slacks, "I am... going to bring you... to your
future... exactly as my Ariel... predicted..." Thorn answers as he locks
eyes with Rebecca, as he drops the belt and undoes his slacks. "Kneel before
me..." Thorn orders as he locks his blood lust filled eyes with Rebecca's.

Rebecca bites down on her bottom lip as her soft, innocent but alluring eyes
are locked with Kevin Thorn's sinister eyes before she slowly nods her head
"Yes..." Rebecca DiPietro replies as she nods her head against before she
reluctantly lowers herself down to her knees in front of the dangerous ECW

Kevin Thorn smirks slightly as he then drops his blood red colored slacks
from his waist, revealing his fat, monstrous Vampiric thirteen-inch long
cock. "Please me... and you shall earn your future..." Thorn says as the
sultry Vixen stares right as his intimidating shaft.

Rebecca slowly lifts her eyes as she fearfully looks up at Kevin Thorn
before she slowly nods her head "Yes...I...will..." The sultry Rebecca
DiPietro replies as she leans her hands forward, taking Kevin Thorn's
large, intimidating cock into her soft, gentle hands as she begins to
stroke his thick, rigid shaft. Rebecca soon leans her head down as well
as she gently places her wet, warm tongue against the head of Kevin
Thorn's Vampiric cock and begins to slowly circulate her tongue

Kevin Thorn places his right hand on top of Rebecca's head as the scared
Vixen slides her soft, wet tongue around the large, thick head of his shaft.
"Mmmm... yes... continue..." Kevin Thorn groans slightly as he steps closer
to Rebecca, which causes the tip of his cock to dip slightly into her mouth.
Rebecca closes her soft, alluring eyes as she gently taps her wet, sultry
tongue against the head of Kevin Thorn's large, Vampiric cock. The Extreme
Correspondent opens her hot, wet mouth as she lowers her head on his cock,
taking him into her soothing, seducing mouth. Rebecca wraps her lips tightly
around his shaft before she starts to smoothly bob her head on his cock.

Kevin Thorn grits his teeth slightly as the hot Rebecca DiPietro moves her
head back and forth as she sucks on his fat, meaty cock. As she takes more
of his shaft past her lips, Rebecca has to open her mouth a bit wider to be
able to suck on his shaft easily. "Excellent... your future... is looking...
very... promising... exactly as Ariel predicted..." Thorn groans as he
praises Rebecca in his own twisted way.

Rebecca slowly opens her eyes and lifts her soft, alluring eyes to gaze up
at Kevin Thorn while she moans softly against his Vampiric cock as she
quickly slides her head against his cock, sucking the dangerous Vampire's
cock with ease and perfect momentum. Kevin Thorn slides his hand to the
front of Rebecca's head and pushes her off of his shaft. When the head of
his cock leaves her mouth, it causes a fair amount of Rebecca's saliva to
drip from her mouth. "Stand up..." Thorn commands as removes his hand
from her head.

Rebecca bites down on her bottom lip as she slowly scoots back away from
Kevin Thorn before the sultry ECW Extreme Correspondent slowly stands up.
Rebecca swallows as her soft, seducing eyes lock with the vicious Vampire.
The dangerous Vampire keeps his eyes locked with Rebecca as he puts his
hands on her waist, before taking hold of Rebecca's black-laced panties,
"Your reward... will be your future..." Thorn says as he quickly tears
Rebecca's panties off of her body with ease. The extreme Vampire raises his
hand before Rebecca can protest before he simply says, "Turn around..."

Rebecca presses her lips together slightly as she raises her eyebrow before
she nods her head and obediently turns around with her smooth back and hot,
rounded backside facing Kevin Thorn. The extreme blood-lust driven Vampire
puts his left hand on Rebecca's lower back and has her bend forward, which
forces her to point her ass out a bit more. He then bends his knees far
enough and proceeds to forcefully push his warm saliva dripping thick cock
into Rebecca's warm, tight pussy. Rebecca grits her teeth as she closes her
seductively alluring eyes as Kevin Thorn's thick, monstrous Vampiric cock
enters her warm, tight pussy "Ohhhh shit...that's extreme..." Rebecca
DiPietro the Extreme Correspondent moans as her hot, sultry-Vixen body
guides back his hard cock.

Kevin Thorn keeps his hand on Rebecca's lower back as he begins to thrust
his cock in and out of her warm, tight extreme pussy, "Ahhhh... you're
future... will be... filled... with passion... as my Ariel... predicted..."
Thorn groans as he steadily increases the pace and force of his thrusts.
Thorn lays his free hand on Rebecca's waist and pulls her back with his one
hand has he drives his cock deep into her pussy.

Rebecca tilts her head back "Ohhhh...ohhh...mmmm..." Rebecca moans pleasantly
as Kevin Thorn's hard, throbbing Vampiric cock slams in and out of her tight,
warm pussy.

Kevin Thorn slides his right arm around Rebecca's waist and he holds her
against him as he pumps his rock hard cock in and out of Rebecca's tight,
extreme pussy. "Ahhhh... accept your future!" The Extreme Vampire groans
as he grabs the back of Rebecca's hair with his left hand.

Rebecca bites down on her bottom lips as her hot, sultry-sweating body
continually slams back against Kevin Thorn's hard Vampiric cock as rough,
quick rate "Ohhhh...ohhhh mmmm..." Rebecca moans softly.

He lets go of Rebecca's hair and pulls out of her pussy. Thorn then forces
Rebecca down to the ground and turns her onto her back, where he then spreads
her legs and sharply plunges his monstrous cock back into her pussy. Who...
is your master..." Thorn asks with a deep grunt as his entire cock violates
Rebecca's hot, wet pussy over and over again.

Rebecca grits her teeth as she leans her head back against the floor as she
wraps her smooth, stunning-sultry legs around his waist "Ohhhh shit..."
Rebecca groans as she starts to grind her pussy against Kevin Thorn's
throbbing Vampiric Cock.

Kevin Thorn firmly places both of his hands on Rebecca's shoulders and pins
them to the cold floor. "I... am your master... say it... it is... your
future..." Thorn grunts as locks his blood-lust filled eyes with Rebecca's
as he gives the sultry Extreme Correspondent the best fucking of her life.
Each of Thorn's thrusts are so hard that she violently arches her back after
each one he gives her.

Rebecca closes her soft, seducing and innocent eyes as her pussy clenches
around Thorn's cock tightly as she begins to cum "
master..." Rebecca moans.

Kevin Thorn licks his fangs as he feels Rebecca's hot wet pussy squeeze his
cock as her body trembles as she cums, "You shall serve me... well..." Kevin
Thorn grunts, "And you... are forever... mine..." Thorn grits his teeth
together as he begins to cum inside of Rebecca's pussy, flooding her wet
pussy with his hot Vampiric cum.

The Extreme Correspondent's lower lip quivers as she feels the warm, Vampiric
cum of Kevin Thorn flood into her warm, sultry pussy "Ohhhh...yess...I am...
your's..." Rebecca moans softly.

Thorn narrows his eyes as he finishes cumming and then he pulls out of
Rebecca's pussy, "Your future... will continue..." Thorn says as he stands
up, leaving Rebecca laying on the floor in ecstasy, "And... the future... of
ECW... will be painted in its original blood..."


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