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What Does The Future Hold Part 20: A Future Of An Original
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"What...does the future hold..." The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel,
says to herself out loud as she sits behind the small, circular table located
in the center of a dim-candle lit room in the ECW Arena. Ariel grits her
teeth together as she places her hands on top of the table, where numerous
tarot cards are laid out on "Only...I can see the future..." Ariel says with
a sly smirk on her wicked face. The mysterious ECW Vampiric Vixen licks her
teeth as she slowly flips out one of her cards and glances down at the card
as she light from the candle casually flickers "What...does the future...
hold?" Ariel asks in an eerie, haunting voice as she flicks her sinister
tongue against her two small, sharp fangs. "I see a future..." Ariel smirks
wickedly as her cold, dark eyes slowly narrow "A future of...An Original..."
Ariel says in soft, haunting voice as she places the tarot card down the
small, circular table and presses her blood-red lips together as she locks
her cold, dark haunting eyes with the burring flame of the candle in front
of her on the table "For one...ECW'll be a future...that
they'll wish I never saw..." Ariel hisses as she licks her wicked teeth
before slightly tilting her head back releasing a sinister, blood-chilling
laugh. "Because...the cards never lie..." Ariel says softly to herself with
a wicked smirk, before the candles surrounding the Vampiric Vixen slowly
flicker out, causing the haunting locker room of the Vampiric Vixen Ariel
and the Vampiric Warrior Kevin Thorn to become pitch black.

* * *

In the backstage area of the ECW, near where the extra equipment is stored,
ECW's Original Hardcore Icon, the violent, beer-drinking, cane-swinging
Extremist known as The Sandman is sitting on an equipment trunk, leaning back
against the wall with a case of beer right next to him. Dressed in blue jeans
and a white old-school Sandman Drunk 24/7 t-shirt, The ECW Original takes a
beer out of the case, pops it open and drinks it down in record time, "Gotta
get warmed up and loose..." Sandman laughs in his raspy voice as he grabs
another beer just as the lights in the equipment area start to flicker
rapidly. The Sandman opens his fresh beer, "Ok, who's the idiot looking for
an ass-kicking from the Sandman!" Sandman yells as the lights suddenly go off
and the entire area is thrown into darkness.

"What...does the future hold..." The haunting hiss from the Vampiric Vixen
Ariel echoes throughout the backstage area around The Sandman.

The Sandman drinks his beer and he scoots off of the equipment trunk, "The
future holds you getting my foot planted up your ass! Now turn on the fucking
lights!" The alcohol-fueled Extremist yells as he grits his teeth.

The Vampiric, mysterious tarot card reader releases a haunting, sinister
laugh "Oh...but only I can see the future..." Ariel says in a soft,
wickedly-chilling voice as the lights backstage begins to slowly flicker on
and the Extreme Vampiric Vixen is sitting on top of the equipment trunk
behind the beer-drinking Sandman as she slides her slithering, sinister
tongue against her wicked teeth while she moves her sinister hands against
her tight-fitting black halter top, feeling her own chest up.

The Original Hardcore Icon of ECW turns around and glares at the Vampiric
Vixen as she sits on the equipment trunk. "Bitch... I don't care if you see
a dog humping a fire hydrant..." Sandman snaps at Ariel as he balls both of
his hands into fists, "Now what the hell do you want?!"

Ariel presses her lips together as she raises an eyebrow "What concerns me...
is your future..." Ariel replies with a soft hisses as she pushes down her
haunting black panties down from her waist as sits on top of the equipment
trunk. Ariel grits her teeth together as she kicks over her black panties as
her sinisterly hot, devious pussy becomes exposed to the hardcore Sandman.
The Vampiric Vixen narrows her haunting eyes as she glares at The Sandman
while she lifts herself off of the equipment trunk and begins to approach
the ECW Original.

The Sandman raises his left eyebrow as he keeps his eyes locked on Ariel,
"Lady... I'm the Sandman... I don't just fuck with any cheap looking skank
that tries to get hardcore..." The Sandman says as he does look down at
Ariel's wicked hot pussy. Ariel flicks her sinister tongue against her two
small, sharp fangs as she unties her black halter top, before opening the
halter top and exposing her large, firm sinister tits. The Vampiric Vixen
tosses her haunting black hair back as she locks her cold, dark eyes on the
Sandman as she slithers down the floor in front of him and sits on her knees.
Immediately, Ariel reaches up and begins to unbuckle the black belt around
his jeans and once she removes his belt, the vicious Vampiric Vixen begins
to unbutton and unzip his jeans.

The Sandman once again raises an eyebrow as Ariel finishes unbuttoning and
unzipping his jeans. "Lady... you don't have any idea of how extreme this is
going to get..." The Sandman says as Ariel begins to pull down his jeans.
The Hardcore Icon of ECW folds his arms as Ariel frees his thick hardcore
eleven-inch cock as she completely lowers his jeans. Ariel grits her teeth
as she locks her dark, cold eyes with The Sandman's cock as she wraps her
sinister hands around his thick hardcore cock and begins to stroke her
sinister hands against his shaft, causing The Sandman's extreme cock to
become rigidly hard. The Sandman groans a bit as Ariel pumps his shaft with
both of her wicked hands, "Mmmmm... all right Lady... I'll bite... you wanna
get hardcore with the Sandman... fine..." Sandman says with a slightly groan
as he reaches over to the equipment trunk to get another beer.

Ariel lifts her head up and locks her sinister eyes with the beer-drinking
Sandman before she leans her head in towards his rigid, hard cock and places
her warm, wicked tongue against the head of his cock before she starts to
instantly slithering her demon tongue around the head of his cock.

"Mmmm... not bad..." The Sandman moans as he feels Ariel's wicked Vampiric
tongue move around the head of his hardcore cock. The tough as nails ECW
Original opens up his beer and starts to drink it as Ariel moves her snake
like tongue all over the sides of his shaft. Ariel slaps her sinister
tongue against the head of Sandman's cock before she opens her haunting,
saliva-dripping mouth and lowers her head on The Sandman's cock, taking
him deeply into her wicked mouth. Ariel presses her blood-red lips tightly
around his shaft as she starts to bob her head as the Vampiric Vixen sucks
on rigid cock of the Sandman.

The Sandman licks his teeth slightly as the hot, sinister Vampiric Vixen bobs
her head back and forth on his hardcore cock. "Ahhh... all right you got some
extreme ability in one department..." The Sandman says as he finishes his
beer and tosses the empty can behind him, when he thrusts his shaft forward,
pushing his cock deeper into Ariel's warm, wicked mouth.

Ariel slithers her tongue around The Sandman's shaft as she bobs her head
quicker on his cock, taking his cock deeper into her warm, sinister mouth
as her saliva drips against his rigid, hardcore cock. "Mmmm...mmmm...The
future..." Ariel hauntingly moans against his shaft, causing her wicked
moans to vibrate against his cock.

The Sandman grits his teeth together as the mysterious, twisted extreme
Vampiric Vixen devours his hardcore cock as she moans on it. "Ohhh-kay lady
you're worried about the future? Let me show you something from the past...
something hardcore and original..." The Sandman says in his raspy voice as
he puts his hands on Ariel's head and pulls her wicked mouth off of his
saliva-dripping shaft.

Ariel grits her teeth together as she glares up at The Sandman "The future...
is what matters..." Ariel hisses.

The Sandman smirks, "Lady... I don't give two cents about the future... I'm
hardcore..." The Original Hardcore Icon replies as he pulls the Vampiric
Vixen up to her feet. He turns her around and bends her over the equipment
trunk and pushes his shaft into Ariel's wicked, devious pussy and quickly
begins to fuck her with sharp, relentless thrusts.

Ariel narrows her cold, dark wicked eyes as she tilts her head back as she
feels the rigid cock of the Sandman enters her tight, sinister Vampiric pussy
"Ohhhhh...but you should care about the future..." Ariel haunting moans as
she pushes herself back against the hard cock of The Sandman before he begins
to thrust into her Vampiric pussy.

The Sandman laughs as he pumps his cock at a hardcore swift pace into Ariel's
cunt, "Fuck the future... I don't give a shit... ain't worth thinking or
caring about..." The Sandman grunts as he pounds Ariel's pussy with his stiff
extreme dick just as he reaches for another beer from the equipment trunk.
With one hand he pops it open and starts to drink it as he fucks Ariel, and
the beer spills out of the can and his mouth and lands on Ariel's ass cheeks
while The Sandman fucks her from behind.

Ariel grits her teeth as she glances over her shoulder and wickedly glares
at The Sandman as she starts to aggressively push her wickedly hot body
back against The Sandman's cock "'ll soon learn the

The Sandman finishes his newest beer and tosses it onto the equipment trunk,
"Yeah... yeah... whatever lady... life's a bitch and so are you..." The
Sandman groans as he violently drives his cock all the way into Ariel's hot,
deviously tight pussy when she pushes back against him. The former multi-time
ECW champion pulls his extremist dick out of Ariel's pussy and then shoves
his cock into her wicked asshole.

Ariel arches her back " don't know...what's in store for your
future..." Ariel hisses as she thrusts her wicked, tight asshole back against
The Sandman's rigid cock " ECW will bow down to
Kevin...Thorn" Ariel grits as she lifts herself off of the floor as she wraps
her legs against the Sandman's waist, while wrapping her hands back around
his neck as she starts to bounce on the rigid cock of the Sandman, with her
back against his chest, while slams down hard on his cock.

The Sandman grinds his teeth together as he wraps his arms around Ariel's
flat stomach as he starts to sweat heavily, "ECW... ain't going to bow... to
anyone... we didn't bow to Bitch-off and Wheelchair Wrestling back in the
day... and we ain't gonna bow... to you're fruity boyfriend..." The Sandman
groans as he slams his cock sharply into Ariel's tight asshole ass he bounces
roughly on his shaft as well.

Ariel grits her teeth " mocks...the name of Kevin Thorn..." Ariel
wickedly moans as she slams herself down harder on The Sandman's rigid cock
taking him deeper into her sinisterly hot, tight asshole as the Vampiric
Vixen begins to sweat.

"Like... I give a shit... I'm the Sandman... the original Hardcore Icon..."
The Sandman groans as he starts to cum inside of Ariel's hot Vampiric Ass as
she slams herself as hard as she can on his stiff throbbing hardcore dick.
The Sandman keeps pumping his cock into her asshole as he fills her with his
warm cum.

Ariel tilts her head back a grits her teeth into a wicked smirk "Ohhhh...the now..." Ariel haunting groans as she rocks against the Sandman's
cum-shooting cock.

The Sandman grits his teeth together as he finishes cumming in Ariel's ass,
"Hey lady... the future 'came'... and went..." The Sandman groans as he pulls
his cock out of Ariel's ass, but the Vixen keeps her legs hooked around his
waist and her arms around his neck.

Ariel narrows her eyes into a solid, cold glares as she shifts her eyes over
to the equipment trunk and sees the Sandman's Singapore cane resting against
the left side of the trunk. Ariel presses her lips into a smirk and licks
her blood-red lips before she releases her grip around his neck and waist,
lowering herself to the floor. Ariel tosses haunting black hair as her back
is facing the Sandman "Do you know...what's great...about...the future?"
Ariel asks in a soft, haunting voice as the Vampiric Vixen slyly reaches
forward and takes hold of the Singapore cane.

"No... but I bet you're going to tell me Lady..." The Sandman replies in his
raspy voice as he turns his back towards her and pulls up his jeans from
around his ankles.

Ariel raises her eyebrow and smirks wickedly "You never know...when you'll be
hit...with reality!" Ariel hisses before she quickly turns around to face the
Sandman while she raises the Singapore cane and cracks the cane vicious
against the Sandman's forehead.

The Sandman cringes his teeth and staggers backward following the vicious
cane shot Ariel delivered to his forehead. The cane shot busts Sandman's
forehead wide open and he starts to bleed as he tries to remain on his
feet, "That... all you got..." Sandman says in a daze state.

Ariel raises her left eyebrow as she flicks her tongue against her small,
razor sharp fangs "ECW...will Kevin Thorn...just!" Ariel
hisses before the Vampiric Vixen cracks the devastating Singapore once again
against the bloodied forehead of the Sandman. Following the second cane shot
from Ariel, the Original Hardcore Icon of ECW falls over and his head hits
against the edge of the equipment trunk before his body hits the floor. The
Sandman lays before Ariel in a pool of his own blood as his own blood flow
from his opened-up forehead.

Ariel slides her sinister, slithering tongue against her teeth as she glares
down at the fallen ECW Original "Soon...the blood...of ECW...will belong to
Kevin...Thorn!" Ariel hisses before she tilts her head back and releases a
sinister, cackling laugh.


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