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What Does The Future Hold Part 22: A Future Of Nightmares
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel, is sitting behind a small rounded
table in a dimly lit room by various candles that surround the mysterious
Vixen. Ariel gently grits her teeth together as she looks down at her tarot
cards that are set out on the rounded table as the cards are facing down.
Ariel, dressed in a short red skirt and a black halter-top with long heeled
black boots, reaches down and turns one of the cards over to face up
"What...does the future hold?" Ariel says to herself out loud in a soft,
haunting voice "What...does the future hold?" Ariel repeats as she turns
her head and looks over her shoulder, getting a sly smirk on her wicked
face as she spots her Vampire lover, Kevin Thorn, standing behind her.
Ariel licks her teeth " master...what is your bidding..." The
Vampiric Vixen Ariel says as she locks her grimace, dark eyes on her
mysterious lover as she places her black gloved hands against her large,
rounded chest of her halter-top and she begins to feel up her own chest,
while she tilts her head back and moans softly, locking her dark eyes with
her Vampire lover, Kevin Thorn. "Does it...involve...the future, my Master?"
Ariel hisses with her sinister body arched back against Kevin Thorn and her
lips presses together tightly.

Kevin Thorn, wearing black pants and a blood red button shirt with a black
suit jacket, looks down at his Vampiric mistress, "Ariel... tell me... what
does the future bring?" Thorn asks in a deep mysterious voice.

Ariel grits her teeth together as narrows her cold, dark eyes on Kevin Thorn
as she looks up at him "I shall...find master..." Ariel hisses as
she sits up straight in her chance and slowly picks up the tarot card that
she had flipped over previously. Ariel presses her lips together into a
haunting smirk " master...I see a future...a grave future of
Nightmares..." Ariel says softly as she flicks her wicked, wet tongue against
her two small, sharp fangs.

Kevin Thorn nods his head and laughs, "A future of nightmares?" Thorn licks
his own fangs as his eyes narrow, "The nightmares of what you have seen...
shall come true... sooner than one would expect... come my dear... let us...
go make the future... a reality..." Thorn says as he grits his teeth.

Ariel presses her blood-red lips together as she slowly rises to her feet
" master..." Ariel replies in a haunting hiss.

Kevin Thorn smirks, "Let... the nightmares... begin...." Thorn laughs

* * *

At the indoor loading bay of the ECW Arena, ECW's hybrid-wrestling Extremist
Elijah Burke is jogging in place while throwing punches into the air as he
warms up for a match later in the night. Wearing black warm up pants and a
black warm up jacket, Elijah starts to pick up the pace as he starts to run
in place, "Whew yea... tonight... Elijah Burke... is going to get a big
victory..." Elijah says to himself as he pumps himself up just as the lights
of the arena's loading bay suddenly go off. Elijah stops his warm up routine
and looks around, "HEY! Who turned off the light?!"

The sinister, haunting voice of the Vampiric Vixen, Ariel, fills the indoor
loading bay at the ECW Arena "That...isn't the question to ask...the question
should be...what...does the future hold?" Ariel hissing voice echoes
throughout the darkened loading bay.

"Hey, I know my future and it involves me dominating all the competition
inside of the ring..." Elijah says in a fired up tone of voice.

Elijah's self-positive attitude and demeanor is quickly disrupted as the
sound of Kevin Thorn's dark laugher echoes through the pitch black loading
bay, "Your future... no longer concerns that... Ariel has foreseen it..."
Thorn says.

Elijah looks around, "Man, this ain't funny... turn on the damn lights...
and I'll show you what I can do!"

" doesn't matter what you can do...the future has already
been told by the cards..." Ariel pauses as the lights within the loading bay
slowly flicker "And unfortunately for you and cards never lie!"
Ariel hisses as the lights in the indoor loading bay gradually come back on
as the self-confident ECW Extremist Elijah Burke looks directly in front of
him as he sees the Vampiric Vixen Ariel sitting completely naked on top of
a wooden crate as Ariel haunting slides her hands against her hot, wicked
body "The future...I saw...was one of Nightmares..." Ariel hisses as she
locks her dark eyes on Elijah.

Elijah looks at Ariel with a raised eyebrow, "Fuck girl... where I'm from...
that's an invitation for some stiff action..." Elijah says, and for a moment
he forgets that Kevin Thorn is nearby.

Elijah's attention is so focused on Ariel, that he doesn't noticed that Thorn
is right behind him, "That is an invitation..." Thorn says in a deep voice,
"And invitation... to your future..." Thorn adds as he grabs Elijah's black
warm up jacket to hold him still when Elijah starts to turn.

"What the fuck?!" Elijah yells as he looks back at Thorn, but then Thorn
shoves him forward which causes Elijah to stumble and falls to his knees a
short distance away from Ariel.

Thorn then looks his eyes with Ariel, "Prepare him..." Thorn commands as he
starts to remove his black suit jacket. Ariel grits her teeth together as she
obediently nods her head to her Vampiric Master before she slithers down from
the wooden crate and begins to approach the fallen Elijah Burke. Ariel crawls
towards Elijah on her hand and knees as she hauntingly stalks the athletic
Extremist and when she reaches him she places her sinister hands against his
black warm-up pants before she viciously rips them away from Elijah's black,
muscular body.

"What the hell... is going on?!" Elijah asks in a shaky voice after Ariel
ripped off his black warm-up pants, exposing his thick, black eleven-inch

"Your future... is beginning..." Thorn replies darkly as he keeps his eyes on
Elijah and Ariel while he starts to remove his own blood red button shirt.

Ariel licks her wicked teeth as she wraps her sinister left hand around
Elijah's black shaft and begins to stroke Elijah's black cock while the
Vampiric Vixen begins to remove Elijah's black warm-up jacket with her
right hand. Ariel locks her haunting, wickedly evil eyes with Elijah as
she grits her teeth and lowers her head towards his cock "The future...
is now..." Ariel hisses "Your your worst nightmare..."

"What... the hell... are you talking about..." Elijah asks as he looks down
at Ariel as she starts to flick her Vampiric tongue against his long black

"We will make you live... your deepest... darkness nightmares..." Thorn
answers as he neatly folds his blood red shirt and sets it on the ground as
he starts to unbuckle his belt. Ariel closes her eyes as she slithers her
wet, warm and sinister tongue around the head of Elijah's black cock as she
coats the head of his cock with her wicked saliva. Ariel taps her Vampiric
tongue against her two small, sharp fangs before she opens her wicked mouth
and lowers her head on Elijah's black cock as Ariel begins to bob her head
on Elijah's cock she slides her right hand wickedly against Elijah's smooth,
black and muscular chest.

"Ahhh... ohhh... god... damn..." Elijah moans instantly as Ariel smoothly
bobs her head up and down on his rock hard black cock as she completely
distracts him. Elijah closes his eyes and tilts his head back as he feels
Ariel's right hand moving over his smooth muscular chest.

"Good... very good..." Kevin Thorn says as he then begins to lower his black
slacks, unleashing his powerful, Vampiric thirteen-inch cock. Ariel slowly
opens her cold, dark eyes as she slithers her tongue around Elijah's hard,
thick black shaft as she bobs her head quicker on his cock as the Vampiric
Vixen feeds on Elijah's black cock by taking him deeper into her warm,
sinister mouth.

"Ahhh... whoa... fuck..." Elijah moans as he licks his lips as he is
completely enjoying the way Ariel is sucking on his hard black cock.

Kevin Thorn smirks a bit, "Enjoy it... while it lasts... your nightmare...
now begins..." Thorn says as he quietly walks towards Elijah and stands next
to him. Thorn leans down and grabs Elijah's head and forces him to open his
eyes as Thorn turns Elijah's head to face his cock.

"Wha... ahhhh what are... you..." Elijah moans as Ariel presses her lips
tightly on his cock just as Kevin Thorn roughly forces his thirteen-inch
prick into Elijah's slightly open mouth. "MMM NO!" Thorn's cock muffles
Elijah's screams and moans as the powerful vampire begins to jerk Elijah's
head back and forth on his cock.

Ariel slowly wanders her cold, dark eyes and locks them on Kevin Thorn as her
powerful, dangerous Vampiric lover forces Elijah Burke to suck on his hard,
powerful thirteen-inch Vampiric cock while the Vampiric Vixen known as Ariel
wickedly bobs her head on Elijah's black cock as her warm saliva drips
against his cock "Mmmmm... mmmm..." Ariel hauntingly moans against his cock.

"Yes... live your nightmare..." Thorn groans as he forces the black
Extremists known as Elijah Burke to deep throat his long, meaty Vampiric

Elijah can't help himself and he moans around Thorn's dick as Ariel keeps
sucking on his shaft. "Mmmmm fuck... nooo!" Elijah continues to protest as
he tries to push himself away from ECW's Vampires, but Thorn and Ariel keep
him in his place.

Ariel slowly lifts her head up from Elijah's cock and she grits her teeth as
she narrows her eyes while watching Kevin Thorn forcefully rams his Vampiric
cock deep into the mouth of Elijah Burke " Master...his worst happening now..." Ariel hisses as she flicks her tongue
against her two small, sharp fangs while she guides her left hand against
his hard black cock as she strokes the black ECW Extremist.

"Yes it is... my pet..." Thorn groans as he feels Elijah's mouth tighten
around his cock as the studdly Extremists struggles to get away from them.
Thorn continues to jerk Elijah's head back and forth as he fucks Elijah's
mouth. Thorn then pulls his saliva-covered cock out of Elijah's mouth, and
Elijah jerks his head away from Kevin Thorn's hands.

"Wha... what the fuck... this is... sick!" Elijah yells as he spits on the
floor as he tries to get the taste of Thorn's cock out of his mouth.

Ariel grits her teeth as she removes her right hand from Elijah's chest and
her left hand from Elijah's cock as she sits up on her knees and places her
sinister hands against her own large, firm and wickedly hot tits as she feels
up on her sinister tits " your future..." Ariel says in a soft
haunting voice as she licks her blood-red lips.

"It's not! It's fucking hell!" Elijah yells as he starts to stand up to get
away from them but Thorn knocks him down easily.

The powerful Vampire then forces Elijah onto his back, and then he looks at
Ariel, "Mount him my pet!" Thorn says as he holds Elijah down by placing a
foot squarely on Elijah's chest.

Ariel grits her teeth and nods her head " you
command..." Ariel hisses before the Vampiric Vixen slithers onto the
muscular, black body of Elijah Burke and firmly mounts herself on top
of his cock taking him deeply into her tight, warm and sinister pussy
"Ohhhhh...mmmmm..." Ariel moans wickedly as she places her hands against
Elijah's smooth, muscular chest and begins to rock back and forth on his
hard black cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhh fuck me..." Elijah moans in pleasure as Kevin Thorn moves his
foot off of Elijah's smooth, black chest.

Thorn smirks as he observes Elijah putting his hands on Ariel's waist as
Elijah starts to thrust his cock up willingly into Ariel's wicked tight
Vampiric cunt. Thorn looks at Ariel, "My pet... let him have a taste of
a dream... before his nightmare continues..." Thorn laughs sinisterly,
which goes unnoticed by Elijah who is once again enjoying the total
pleasure Ariel is giving him.

Ariel grits her teeth and tilts her head back as the Vampiric Vixen rocks
back and forth on Elijah's black cock as she starts to bounce and slam her
sinister body down harder on his black cock " Master...he will
soon face his worst nightmare..." Ariel groans hauntingly as she viciously
jerks her body against his cock.

"Yes he will... he most certainly will..." Kevin Thorn laughs as he watches
Ariel's body make sinister movements as she rides the large, black cock of
Elijah Burke.

"Ahhh... ohhhh fuck... me.... ohhh yea..." Elijah moans as he thrusts his
entire black shaft up into Ariel's hot wicked pussy.

Thorn smirks and licks his fangs, "My pet... get him on top of you... so
that his nightmare shall resume..."

Ariel licks her sinister teeth and nods her head " master..."
Ariel hisses as she presses her blood-red lips together and narrows her
haunting, fierce eyes as she glances down at Elijah Burke. "Your nightmare...
begins." Ariel says in a soft, sinister voice before she tightly presses her
knees against Elijah's waist and rolls over, so that Elijah is now on top of
the Vampiric Vixen.

"Huh? What?" Elijah looks confused as he finds himself on top of Ariel.
Elijah does gain enough of his composure back and with his cock already
inside of Ariel's pussy, he begins to quickly pump it in and out of Ariel's

Kevin Thorn licks his fangs as he quietly gets behind Elijah and shoves him
forward, "Welcome... to your nightmare..." Thorn laughs as he drives his
thick, meaty thirteen inch Vampiric cock into Elijah's tight black asshole.

"OHHHH NO! FUCK!" Elijah screams as his body is forced forward as Thorn's
cock enters his ass. Elijah tries to push back to get Thorn away from him,
but Thorn responds by fiercely slamming his dick hard and swift into his

Ariel licks her wicked teeth "Your now!" Ariel says as she
releases a wicked laugh as she sharply grinds her wicked pussy against
Elijah's cock.

"Ahhhh no! Stop! PLEASE!" Elijah screams and moans at the same time, even
though he pushes body smoothly against Kevin Thorn.

Thorn places his right hand on the back of Elijah's neck, "Ah yes... welcome
to your deepest fears... your future is coming true..." Thorn grunts as he
fiercely attacks Elijah's ass with his large thirteen-inch cock.

Elijah grits his teeth as tears start to run down his face, "Nooo... please!"
Elijah screams while he drives his cock deep into Ariel's pussy.

Ariel arches her back as she thrusts her sinister, hot Vampiric body against
Elijah's black hard cock as Kevin Thorn impales Elijah's tight asshole with
his monstrous Vampiric cock " Master..." Ariel hisses and moans as
she rubs her sinister hands against her wickedly hot tits "The
never wrong..."

Elijah's body starts to drip with sweat as he breathes hard and cries,
"Noo... fuck... noo... ahhhh... ohh god... noo..." Elijah moans as he thrusts
his cock as hard as he can into Ariel's cunt, He lowers his head down as his
grits his teeth, then weakly moans, "Yessss..." as he starts to cum.

Kevin Thorn laughs as he continues to stab Elijah's tight black ass with
his thick Vampiric cock, "Yes your nightmare has become reality... you
are pathetic!" Thorn grunts as he fucks Elijah harder as the talented
hybrid-wrestler fills Ariel's pussy with cum.

Ariel presses her blood-red lips together as she feels the warm cum of Elijah
Burke enter her sinister pussy "Mmmm...Master...the now..."

"Yes... it is..." Kevin Thorn nods his head and he violently jerks his cock
out of Elijah's asshole. The powerful Extreme Vampire yanks Elijah off of
Ariel's hot Vampiric body. "Ariel... hold him!" Thorn commands as he forces
the weaken Elijah Burke to his knees.

Ariel flicks her tongue against her two small, sharp fangs as she obediently
nods her head " Master as you wish." Ariel hisses as she crawls
behind Elijah Burke and forces him to sit up straight as she holds him from
any attempts to flee.

Elijah tries to gather the strength to escape, but his body is so weak that
his attempts are futile. Thorn stands directly in front of him and strokes
his throbbing monstrous Vampiric cock, "We know your fears... your
nightmares... and your future... you are weak... and worthless..." Thorn
groans as he verbally bashes the weaken Elijah Burke just moments before he
starts to cum on Elijah's sweat and tear covered face. Elijah jerks his head
back, but it doesn't prevent Kevin Thorn from completely covering the black
stud's face in hot, sticky Vampiric cum.

Ariel grits her teeth before she licks her blood-red lips as she watches the
warm cum of Kevin Thorn spray against Elijah's face "Mmmm...Master..."

Elijah sobs as he feels the last bit of Kevin Thorn's cum lands on his face,
"This... isn't right... it's not right..." Elijah cries.

Thorn laughs and looks at Ariel, "Ariel... my pet... put him out of his
misery... I am tired of him..." Thorn commands as glares at Elijah for a
moment before stepping away to let Ariel do her task. Ariel nods her head
as she lays back against the cold floor of the indoor loading bay and
raises her legs up as she lays behind Elijah. Ariel grits her teeth tightly
together as she drapes her smooth, sinister legs over his shoulders before
she tightly wraps them around his neck and begins to choke Elijah, forcing
him to fall back onto the floor along with Ariel.

"Ahhh... ahhh stop..." Elijah gasps for air as he gabs at Ariel's smooth
legs as the Vampiric Vixen chokes him out. Elijah slowly looses consciousness
and within moments, Ariel has completely choked him out.

Meanwhile, Kevin Thorn has gotten dressed and he glances over at his Vampiric
Vixen with a smirk on his face, "Excellent my pet..."

Ariel presses her blood-red lips together as she unwraps her legs from around
Elijah Burke's neck as she slowly rises up from the floor and stands in front
of her Vampiric lover, Kevin Thorn " Master...soon ECW will choke to
the power and force of Kevin...Thorn!" Ariel hisses.


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