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What Does The Future Hold Part 24: A Future Of Alpha-Dominance
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"What...does the future hold..." The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel,
says to herself out loud as she sits behind the small, circular table located
in the center of a dim-candle lit room in the ECW Arena. Ariel grits her
teeth together as she places her hands on top of the table, where numerous
tarot cards are laid out on "Only...I can see the future..." Ariel says with
a sly smirk on her wicked face as she is dressed in a short black skirt and
a tight-fitting black halter top.

The mysterious ECW Vixen licks her teeth as she slowly flips out one of her
cards and glances down at the card as she light from the candle casually
flickers "What...does the future...hold?" Ariel asks in an eerie, haunting
voice "I see a future..." Ariel smirks wickedly as her cold, dark eyes slowly
narrow "A future of...Alpha-Dominance..." Ariel hisses before she raises the
lone tarot card up to her blood-red lips and sinisterly kisses the tarot card
that foresees the future of Alpha-Dominance.

* * *

In a slightly darken corner of the arena, ECW's newest Extremist, the Alpha
Male Marcus Cor Von is pacing back and forth like a caged beast. Wearing gold
wrestling shorts, the powerful black man smacks his hands together, "The time
as come... the Alpha Male will dominate the land of Extreme... no one will
stand in my way... for I will unleash pain on them that they've never
experienced!" Marcus says as he psyches himself up for an upcoming match
later in the night.

The dimly-lit corner of the arena where Marcus Cor Von stands and as he
psyches himself up for his match, the light from above begins to casually
flicker. "What...does the future hold?" The haunting, sinister Vampiric
voice of Ariel hisses and echoes throughout the hallway in which Marcus
Cor Von is located at. "What...does the future hold for you...newcomer?"
The eerie voice of the Vampiric Vixen Ariel continues to echo as the air
around Marcus Cor Von begins to wickedly chill.

The Alpha Male turns his head to the left and to the right like an animal as
he looks around, "Who dares speaks to the Alpha Male?!" Marcus Cor Von says
as he balls his fists tightly.

"It does not matter who I am..." The hisses voice of Ariel echoes around
Marcus Cor Von "What matters is what I...foresee in your the
cards favor you...Alpha Male?" Ariel sinisterly says before the wicked,
vile Vampiric Vixen suddenly appears, standing behind the dominating, ECW
Extremist The Alpha Male Marcus Cor Von. Ariel presses her blood-red lips
together as she narrows her cold, dark eyes into a sinister glare, locking
her wicked eyes on Cor Von.

Marcus Cor Von sneers as he hears Ariel behind him and he slowly turns around
like a caged beast ready to pounce on it's prey. "The cards and everything
else is in the Alpha Male's favor..." Cor Von snaps as he breathes heavily,
"Now what do you want?! The Alpha Male's time is not to be wasted."

Ariel narrows her cold, dark and sinister eyes into a more vicious and vile
glare as she stares at the impress Alpha Male Marcus Cor Von "The future is
what should not be wasted..." Ariel hisses as she takes a step towards Cor
Von as she slowly licks her blood-red lips before flicking her slithering,
sinister together against her two small, razor-sharp Vampiric fangs "And...
the card told a tale...of Alpha-Dominance...and my cards are never wrong..."
Ariel pauses as the Vampiric Vixen casually sizes-up the Alpha Male "And
those who dare to threaten the power of the cards...shall be forced to bow
down to my master, Kevin Thorn!" Ariel says as she starts to sinisterly
breath heavily.

The Alpha Male grits his teeth, "The Alpha Male has laid down his
Alpha-Dominance on every field of battle... in every land that he's been
in.... That blood sucking freak boyfriend of yours will feel my fury when we
meet on the battle field..." Cor Von says as he takes a threatening step
towards the mysterious Vixen.

Ariel presses her blood-red lips together and sinisterly raises an eyebrow
"You should not tempt with the card's fate..." Ariel hisses as a sinister,
wicked smirk appears on her Vampiric face as she watches the dominating
Alpha Male stalk her as he takes another step towards the devious Vixen.
"You shall fall to the power of Kevin Thorn!" Ariel hisses before swings
her right leg into the air and slams her right foot firmly into the muscular
chest of Marcus Cor Von, pressing the heeled of her black heeled-boots
sharply into the center of his power chest.

"Ah!" Marcus Cor Von takes a step back after Ariel drilled her right
booted-foot into his chest and he grabs his chest in a bit of surprise.
"Cute...." The Alpha Male says with a sneer as narrows his eyes and steps
back slightly away from Ariel as if he's preparing to strike her down.

Ariel sinisterly slides her snake-like tongue against her wickedly white
teeth as the Vampiric Vixen slowly steps towards Marcus Cor Von as he
prepares to strike the Vampiric ECW Vixen down. Ariel raises her wicked
hands up and places her hands against her large halter-top covered chest
and begins to feel up her sinister chest in front of Cor Von "Ohhhh...mmm...
your future has been determined..." Ariel wickedly moans before Marcus Cor
Von has the chance to rush and strike down the sinisterly seductive tarot
card reader as Ariel slowly slithers down onto her knees in front of Cor Von
and immediately places her wicked hands against his gold wrestling shorts
and proceeds to viciously yank his wrestling shorts down from his waist.

"What the hell?!" The Alpha Male yells is a very surprised tone as Ariel rips
down his wrestling shorts to let out his fourteen-inch long Alpha Male cock.
Marcus Cor Von raises an eyebrow and looks down at Ariel with a confused look
when the Vampiric Vixen grabs his dick with her right hand.

Ariel slowly slides her wickedly wet tongue against her vicious teeth as she
glances up and locks her sinister eyes with Marcus Cor Von as she tightly
grips his cock with her wicked right hand "Your fate...lies in what the cards
foresee..." Ariel sinisterly hisses before she starts to slither her right
hand up and down Cor Von's hardening, thick black cock.

The Alpha Male grits his teeth as he looks down at Ariel with pure
animalistic fury burning in his eyes, "The Alpha Male's fate lies in nothing
but the field of battle!" Cor Von says with a slight moan as Ariel moves her
right hand like a snake up along the length huge black Alpha cock.

Ariel grits her teeth together before she lowers her sinister, hauntingly
black haired head down to Cor Von's black cock as she slithers her wicked
tongue out of her mouth and sinisterly lashes her wet tongue against the
thick, head of Cor Von's black cock. "Mmmm...ohhh...the future..." Ariel
moans and hisses as she slithers her wicked tongue around the head of Cor
Von's cock.

Marcus Cor Von licks his lips as he watches Ariel slither her wicked sharp
wet tongue around the thick head of his powerful cock, "Mmmmm..." The Alpha
Male moans as he gets a hypnotic look on his face as he looks into Ariel's
dark cold eyes as she skillfully moves her tongue around the head of his
cock. Ariel narrows her sinisterly cold, dark eyes with Marcus Cor Von as
the Vampiric Vixen has the Alpha Male locked into a hypnotic trance as she
opens her wickedly warm and sinisterly wet mouth before she lowers her
haunting black-haired head down to his cock and takes Cor Von's cock into
her mouth. Ariel presses her blood-red lips tightly around Cor Von's black
cock before she starts to sinisterly bob her head on his cock as she starts
to wickedly suck on his cock.

"Mmmmmm... mmmmm... ahh..." The Alpha Male moans as he slowly relaxes his
hands so they are no longer balled into fists. He continues to look down into
Ariel's cold, dark eyes as she hauntingly sucks on his huge black powerful
cock. Cor Von also starts to thrust his hips back and forth which moves his
cock between Ariel's blood-red lips at the same pace she's using to bob her
head on his dick.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Ariel wickedly moans against Marcus Cor Von's hard, thick
black cock as she easily guides her Vampiric head along the length of his
animalistic black cock. Ariel sinisterly lashes her slithering, wicked tongue
against Cor Von's cock and her haunting saliva drips against his black cock
while she starts to bob her head at a quicker pace, taking him deeper into
her wicked mouth as she begins to untie her black halter-top.

"Mmmmm... suck... that Alpha Male cock..." The Alpha Male Marcus Cor Von
moans as he feels a large portion of his fourteen inch black cock enter
Ariel's wicked Vampiric mouth. The Alpha Male's eyes roll back slightly as
Ariel whips her sinister tongue against the flesh of his cock as she keeps
her eyes locked with him to keep him under her control.

"Mmmmm...The future..." Ariel moans against Marcus Cor Von's thick, hard
animalistic black cock as she slowly lifts her sinister head off of Cor
Von's cock before glares up sinisterly at the Alpha Male. Ariel presses her
blood-red lips together as she starts to slowly slither up to her feet as
she removes her black halter top from her sinisterly hot, wicked body to
expose her large, wickedly rounded hot tits.

The Alpha Male slightly sways back and forth as he stands on his feet, and
his face still shows he's suffering from the hypnotic trance the wicked
Vampiric Vixen placed him under a few moments ago. "The future..." Marcus
Cor Von says, although several moments after Ariel has, and his tranced
induce remark brings a wicked smirk to Ariel face.

Ariel raises an eyebrow sinisterly as she slowly nods her head "Mmm...yess
the what matters, isn't that right...Alpha Male?" Ariel hisses
before releasing a haunting, wicked laugh as she feels up her bare,
sinisterly hot tits with her wicked hands before sliding her hands down her
body to her smooth, wicked waist and the Vampiric Vixen pushes her short
black skirt down from her waist to reveal her hot, sinister Vampiric pussy
to the new ECW Extremist, Marcus Cor Von "Obey the power...of which Kevin
Thorn controls...and lay before the cards..." Ariel hisses and commands as
she keeps her trance-setting, wicked eyes locked with Marcus Cor Von.

The Alpha Male Marcus Cor Von slowly nods his head as he obeys Ariel's
sinister command. He slowly lowers himself down to the extremely cold hard
floor and lays perfectly still as he now stares up towards the ceiling,
perfectly displaying himself to the wickedly hot Vampiric Lover of Kevin
Thorn. Ariel tilts her sinister, haunting black-haired head back before she
releases a wicked, devious laugh "You must obey the cards...they foresee
all..." Ariel wickedly hisses before the Vampiric Vixen slithers down to
the extremely cold floor of the ECW arena hallway and the wicked tarot card
reader lifts herself on top of the hard, animalistic black cock of Marcus
Cor Von, taking him into her wickedly Vampiric pussy. Ariel places her
sinister hands against his smooth, muscular black chest before she starts
to wickedly rock back and forth on his cock.

"Mmmmm... mmm..." The Alpha Male Marcus Cor Von just moans as he continues
to stare up towards the ceiling as Ariel rocks back and forth on his cock as
she lifts herself up and down on it as well. The powerful confident primal
Extremist begins to thrust his cock upward into Ariel's hot tight wicked
pussy as she slides her sinister hands over the smooth skin of his extremely
well developed upper body.

Ariel grits her teeth as she tilts her wicked head back and closes her
sinister eyes "Ohhhh...all must bow down to my master...Kevin Thorn!" Ariel
hisses as she wickedly and sinisterly rocks back and forth on Marcus Cor
Von's black animalistic cock "Ohhh...mmm...the future...the future looks
promising for Kevin Thorn..." Ariel wickedly moans as she sharply grinds her
Vampiric pussy against his cock and he starts to firmly thrust his cock up
into her tight, wicked pussy.

"Mmmm... ahhh... ohhhh mmmm..." The Alpha Male moans loudly as he keeps his
arms at his sides as he thrusts his cock up harder and faster as he slams it
up into Ariel's hot wicked pussy as she rocks wickedly on it. "Ahhh...
ohh..." The Alpha Male grits his teeth whenever Ariel slams her hot body down
on his huge Alpha Male cock.

Ariel slowly slithers her wet, wicked tongue against her teeth before she
leans down slightly so that her large Vampiric tits hang over the face of
Marcus Cor Von as the Vampiric Vixen roughly and wickedly slams herself
back and forth against Cor Von's hard, thick black cock "Ohhhh...mmm...ohhh
yesss..." Ariel hisses.

With Ariel's large hot Vampiric tits hanging over his tranced face, The
Alpha Male lifts head up and he swirls his tongue against both of her tits.
"Mmmm... ahhhh..." Marcus Cor Von grunts as he drives his powerful black
cock into Ariel's hot wicked pussy as sweat drips down his powerful black

"Ohhhh...mmm the in my the cards are always..." Ariel
moans and hisses before she lowers her head further down towards Marcus Cor
Von's neck before she gently slithers her wicked, wet tongue against the side
of Cor Von's black neck as she viciously rocks her hot Vampiric body on Cor
Von's cock, slamming herself down sharply.

"Ahhhh... uhhhh... mmmm..." The Alpha Male grunts and groans as he drives
his cock sharply into Ariel's pussy. The new Extremist clenches his teeth
together as his huge black cock starts to erupt and he shoots a huge amount
of cum deep inside of Ariel's wicked Vampiric pussy.

Ariel raises an eyebrow and smirks sinisterly before she leans her Vampiric
head closer to Marcus Cor Von's neck before pressing her two small, razor
sharp fangs against the skin of his neck " feast..." Ariel hisses
before she closes her eyes and starts to press her fangs into Cor Von's neck.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" The Alpha Male Marcus Cor Von lets out a primal scream of pain
as the Vampiric Vixen bites into his thick powerful neck. The trance Ariel
placed him under remains in full effect as she draws some blood from his neck
as he finishes cumming inside of her wicked pussy.

Ariel slowly lifts her head away from Marcus Cor Von's neck before she licks
her two small, razor sharp fangs after biting into the Alpha Male's neck.
Ariel presses her blood- red lips together before the Vampiric Vixen lifts
her haunting, sinisterly hot body off of Marcus Cor Von. Ariel grits her
teeth together as she wickedly glares down at Cor Von "The cards...are never
wrong newcomer...take note..." Ariel hisses.


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