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What Does The Future Hold Part 25: A Future Of Heat
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel, is sitting behind a small rounded
table in a dimly lit room by various candles that surround the mysterious
Vixen. Ariel gently grits her teeth together as she looks down at her tarot
cards that are set out on the rounded table as the cards are facing down.
Ariel, dressed in a short red skirt and a black halter-top with long heeled
black boots, reaches down and turns one of the cards over to face up "What...
does the future hold?" Ariel says to herself out loud in a soft, haunting
voice "What...does the future hold?" Ariel repeats as she turns her head and
looks over her shoulder, getting a sly smirk on her wicked face as she spots
her Vampire lover, Kevin Thorn, standing behind her.

Ariel licks her teeth " master...what is your bidding..." The
Vampiric Vixen Ariel says as she locks her grimace, dark eyes on her
mysterious lover as she places her black gloved hands against her large,
rounded chest of her halter-top and she begins to feel up her own chest,
while she tilts her head back and moans softly, locking her dark eyes
with her Vampire lover, Kevin Thorn. "Does it...involve...the future, my
Master?" Ariel hisses with her sinister body arched back against Kevin
Thorn and her lips presses together tightly.

Kevin Thorn smirks darkly as he looks down at his mysterious black haired
Vampiric Mistress, "Yes it does my pet... Ariel... tell me... what does the
future hold..." Thorn commands in a dark voice as he locks his sinister eyes
on Ariel as she feels up her large round chest through the material of her

Ariel slowly raised an eyebrow in a sinister manner before she slowly
slithers her wicked tongue against her two small, razor-sharp fangs "Only...
I can see the future, my Master..." Ariel hisses in a soft, eerie voice as
the Vampiric Vixen lowers her hauntingly black haired head to glance down at
the tarot card that she had flipped over. Ariel presses her blood-red lips
together into a wicked smirk as the sight of the tarot card as the mysterious
Vampiric Vixen lighten-up with wicked excitement "Oh my Master!" Ariel says
as she turns in her face to lock her cold, dark eyes with Kevin Thorn "My see a future...a Future of Heat..." Ariel says as she feels up
her large, black halter-top covered Vampiric tits.

Kevin Thorn, who's wearing a sleeveless red vest and black pants, licks his
fanged teeth as he chuckles evilly, "Excellent my pet... that future shall
come to pass... and will be as you have foreseen..." Thorn says as he narrows
his eyes at the potential outcomes of Ariel's wicked prediction. Ariel tilts
her head back and closes her sinister eyes as she exposes the smooth,
delicious left side of her wicked, blood-lusted neck while she flicks her
slithering tongue against her two small, sharp fangs.

Kevin Thorn eyes the left side of Ariel's neck and he leans down, "You
always... serve me well..." Thorn says before he opens his mouth and starts
to press his sharp fangs into Ariel's neck. Ariel presses her blood-red lips
together as she slowly opens her cold, dark eyes "Ohhh my master...mmmm..."
Ariel hauntingly moans as the powerful Vampire feasts on the delicious,
sinful neck of the Vampiric Vixen known as Ariel

* * *

Inside the locker room of Extreme Expose, one third of the hot Extreme Dance
Trio and the 2006 WWE Diva Search Winner Layla El is loosening up as she
prepares for Extreme Exposť's exhibition which is taking place later on in
the night. As Layla stretches her legs, she starts to get the feeling she is
being watched, but she dismisses it as excitement as she continues her

Layla shakes her head and takes a deep breath "You're freaking out Lay..."
Layla says to herself out loud with a soft laugh before she bends over as
she remains standing to stretch herself out a bit. The adorable,
naturally-beautiful ECW Vixen newcomer is dressed in a pair of short, tight
black gym shorts and a tight-fitting white tank top. "Oh! Extreme Expose is
going to bring the heat tonight..." Layla says a loud as she psyches herself
up before the warning starts to eerily turn cold. Layla pauses her
stretch-out routine and glances over her shoulder "Geeze it's chilly..."
Layla says in her adorable British accent as she walks over to the wooden
bench inside of the locker room of Extreme Expose to pick up her white
colored workout jacket.

Just as Layla picks up her white colored workout jacket, the lights of the
locker room flicker slightly just as the door of the room starts to slowly
open with an eerie creaking sound as if the hinges of the door have never
been oiled. Layla slowly turns to look towards the opening door and sees
that the lights of the hallway are shining a mysterious red light as reddish
smoke slightly pours into the locker room. Layla's eyes go wide at the
supernatural sight just as ECW's blood thirsty Vampiric Extremist Kevin
Thorn steps into Extreme Exposť's locker room, now wearing a black suit
jacket in addition to his sleeveless red vest and black pants and he's
carrying his heavy metal cane with his left hand.

Layla swallows hard as she takes a step back with her adorable eyes widen
with fear "Whoa...whoa baby...what's going on here?" Layla says in a
frightened tone as she continues to back up inside of the locker room until
the adorable, energetic ECW Vixen Layla El is presses against the far wall
in the locker room of Extreme Expose. Layla soft, widened eyes lock with the
Vampiric Extremist as he creeps towards the innocent Extreme Dancer.

Kevin Thorn locks his sinister eyes on Layla's naturally beautiful body and
licks his fangs, "My pet was correct about her prediction..." Thorn says as
he slowly steps towards Layla and the locker room door closes slowly without
being touched by Thorn. Thorn smirks as he locks his eyes with Layla's wide,
fear-filled eyes, "Do you fear the future..." Thorn asks with a dark grin on
his face.

Layla takes a deep fear-filled breath as the sweet, adorable Extreme Dancer,
formally from SmackDown begins to tremble slightly as her adorable, naturally
beautiful eyes remain widened with fear "I...I...oh no baby...this doesn't
look good for Lay..." The fearful Layla El says cutely as she shakes her

Thorn smirks, "The future... is how my pet Ariel foresees it..." Thorn says
as he raises his cane up and slides the cold metal tip of it against Layla's
tight-fitting white tank top covered chest. "And she foresaw a future... of
heat..." Thorn says in a wicked tone as he slide the head of his cane down
the middle of Layla's tank top so that it comes to bottom of her tank to.
Thorn skillfully slides the tip of his cane underneath Layla's tank top and
starts to raise it as he keeps his eyes locked with the ECW's newest Vixen.
"You know what to do..." Thorn says as he uses his cane to lift up Layla's
tank top.

Layla swallows as her adorable eyes remained locked with the Vampiric
Extremist, Kevin Thorn, and her eyes turn a bit glassy as the naturally
beautiful Layla El becomes under the control of a wicked, Vampiric trance.
Layla slowly nods her head black-energetic frizzy haired head as gently
presses her lips together " you command..." Layla says in a
soft tone as she places her hands against her white tank top and smoothly
removes the white tank top from her naturally beautiful body as she exposes
her smoothly rounded, firm tits to the blood-lusted Vampire.

"Excellent..." Thorn says as he looks at Layla's firm, naturally large round
tits. Thorn lowers his cane and slips his right arm out of the sleeve of his
jacket, then he puts his cane in his right hand in order to slip his left arm
out of his jacket which then falls to the cold floor of the locker room.
"Lower yourself before your master..." Thorn says as he raises his cane and
places the head of it on Layla's right shoulder and presses down slightly.

" you command..." Layla says softly as she keeps her
glazed-over, glassy tranced eyes locked with Kevin Thorn as Layla lowers
herself down onto her knees in front of the vicious, powerful Vampiric
Extremist. Layla lifts her head up and in a tranced-like state locks her
adorable eyes with Kevin Thorn as she sits on her knees on the cold locker
room floor.

Thorn reaches forward slightly and leans his cane against the wall that is
behind Layla. "Now... you shall serve me..." Thorn says as he lowers his
black pants from his waist to free his incredibly thick and stiff Vampiric
thirteen-inch cock, which hangs between his legs like a dangerous weapon.
"Do not use your hands... only your tongue..." Thorn commands as he keeps
his eyes locked with Layla's glazed over eyes.

Layla slowly and obediently nods her head "As you wish..." Layla says softly
before she leans her head in towards Kevin Thorn's thick and hard Vampiric
cock, while keeping her glazed over eyes locked with Thorn as she slides her
wet, soft tongue out of her mouth. Layla gently places her tongue against the
thick head of Thorn's Vampiric cock before she starts to gently circle her
tongue around the surface, coating it with her warm, wet saliva.

"Yes... very good..." Thorn says with a dark, yet approving tone as Layla
moves her soft wet tongue over the head of his powerful Vampiric cock, and
drips of her saliva starts to slowly slide down the length of his cock. When
Layla tilts her head slightly to the right to lick the side of his cock,
Thorn smirks and licks his fanged teeth, "Now... take it into your mouth..."
Thorn commands as Layla returns to licking the large head of his stiff dick.

Layla closes her eyes as she slowly nods her head " master..."
Layla softly says as she opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head to
the Vampiric cock of Kevin Thorn as she allows his cock to enter her mouth.
Layla gently presses her soft lips around Thorn's thick cock and the
naturally beautiful ECW Vixen begins to gently bob her head on Thorn's
Vampiric cock as she starts to smoothly suck on his cock.

"Mmmmm yes... you obey very well..." Thorn moans slightly as Layla bobs her
head back and forth on his thick hard shaft. The blood thirsty Vampiric
Extremist removes his vest before he places his left hand on the back of
Layla's head and presses down in order encourage the hot Vixen to go down
further on his powerful cock.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Layla gently moans against Kevin Thorn's thick, powerful
cock as the naturally beautiful Extreme Dancer of ECW begins to smoothly bob
her head at a quicker rate causing her soft lips to rub against the skin of
Thorn's Vampiric cock.

Kevin Thorn licks his fanged teeth as he starts to push his cock further
into Layla's mouth. "Feast on all of it... serve me..." Thorn commands as the
large head of his cock hits the back of Layla's throat as she bobs her head
quickly along his meaty sinister dick.

"Mmm...ohhh..." Layla moans against Thorn's shaft as she opens her adorable,
trance-glazed eyes and looks up at Kevin Thorn as the naturally beautiful ECW
Vixen deep throats his massive, powerful Vampiric cock as her warm saliva
drips down against his shaft. Layla presses her lips together against his
shaft as she quickly and deeply moves her head along his thick, powerful

Kevin Thorn smirks evilly as he looks deep into the tranced-glazed eyes of
the adorable Extreme Expose member. "Very well done..." Thorn says as he
pushes Layla's head off of his hard, meaty, salvia covered cock, "Expose the
rest of yourself to me..." Thorn says just before he bends down to grab
Layla's arms to jerk her up to her feet.

Layla slowly nods her head as she keeps her glazed eyes locked with Kevin
Thorn's intimidating, fierce Vampiric eyes " you wish..." Layla
softly replies as she places her hands against her smooth waist and begins
to push down her short, tight-fitting black gym shorts. Layla pushes the
shorts down from her waist and down her smooth, stunning legs to reveal her
hot, smoothly shaven and beautiful pussy to the Vampiric blood-lusted
Extremist. Layla takes a deep, calm breath as she stands completely naked
in a trance-like state in front of Kevin Thorn.

Kevin Thorn nods his head approvingly as he picks up his cane before walks
towards a long leather couch and sits down on the middle cushion. Thorn
points his cane at Layla, "Come... and serve your master..." Thorn says in
a deep threatening voice.

Layla obediently nods her head "Yes...yes...anything you say, my Master..."
Layla softly says as she approaches the long leather couch that Kevin Thorn
is sitting on. Layla stands in front of Kevin Thorn before she leans forward
and places her soft hands against Thorn's strong, powerful shoulders before
she lowers her naturally beautiful body down onto Thorn's thick, powerful
Vampiric cock. "Ohhhh...ohhhh my Master..." Layla moans as Thorn's cock
deeply enters her tight, warm pussy as she sits on his cock, facing the
Vampiric Extremist.

Kevin Thorn remains sitting upright in a stiff position as the adorable 2006
WWE Diva Search Winner begins to rock back and forth on his cock. "Serve
me... raise... the heat that my pet Ariel foresaw..." Thorn commands as he
slides the cold metal head of his cane against Layla's right arm, which has
the tranced Vixen shivering at its touch.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh mmm...yes my Master..." Layla El moans as she closes her eyes
and tilts her black frizzy haired head back as the adorable ECW Vixen begins
to rock back and forth on Kevin Thorn's thick Vampiric cock at a quicker
pace. Layla gently slides her soft hands down from Thorn's strong shoulders
and places her soft hands against his smooth, muscular chest as Layla begins
to bounce up and down on his cock firmly, dropping on his cock at a smooth,
quick rate.

Kevin Thorn licks his fanged teeth as he looks at Layla El's lovely neck
as she bounces up and down on his stiff fat Vampiric cock. "Mmmm... enjoy
yourself... give yourself to the dark pleasure of your master..." Thorn
commands lustfully to the Vixen that is underneath his power. Thorn lifts
his cane up higher so that he's holding it by the middle of it's staff.
Thorn then tilts the cane slightly and slides the cold metal head of it
against Layla's lips as gradually increases her momentum.

Layla closes her eyes as her naturally beautiful body begins to slightly
tremble "Ohhhh...ohhh...mmmmm..." Layla moans as her bottom lip quivers as
she rocks and thrusts her adorably hot body against Kevin Thorn's thick,
hard and thrusting Vampiric cock. Layla cutely and gently slides her soft
hands against Kevin Thorn's smooth, muscular chest as she rocks and bounces
swiftly on powerful cock. Thorn slowly sets his cane down on the leather
couch and he then wraps his arms around Layla's beautiful body as he stands
up from the couch with incredible ease. The Extreme Vampire starts to
fiercely bounce Layla on his cock as the Vixen leans back away from him so
that her head is hanging down towards the ground as Thorn slams his thick
cock in and out of Layla's wet hot pussy. "Ohhhh...ohhh...ohhh yes my
master..." The tranced ECW Vixen, Layla, moans as Kevin Thorn roughly and
viciously slams his Vampiric cock deeply and quickly into Layla's tight
pussy as the 2006 WWE Diva Search Winner hangs upside down with Thorn
thrusting his thick cock into her pussy.

Kevin Thorn licks his fangs as he looks down at the tranced ECW Vixen as she
moans lust fully as he slams his incredible Vampiric cock in and out of her
pussy, "You... are now mine..." Thorn grunts a bit as he jerks her body from
side to side as she hangs downward while he fucks her pussy with sharp swift

"Ohhhh...ohh...mmmm...ohhhhh..." Layla loudly moans as sweat drips off of
her naturally beautiful body before she starts to cum against the Vampiric
cock of Kevin Thorn, at the same moment breaking the blood-lusted trance
that Layla was under. Layla slowly opens her eyes and glances up as she sees
the powerful, vicious Vampire Kevin Thorn ramming his thick cock in and out
of her pussy. Layla's adorable eyes widen as she breaths heavily "Oh no this isn't good..."

Kevin Thorn's dark eyes narrow as he sees Layla looking up at him as he
pounds her hot wet pussy with his cock. Thorn loosens his hold around Layla's
body and lets her fall slowly to the ground so that she doesn't hurt herself,
"Rise... and feast..." Thorn commands sinisterly as he bends down to jerk
Layla up to her knees so that her face is extremely close to his throbbing
Vampiric cock.

Layla lifts her head up and glances up at Kevin Thorn with a fearful look on
her adorable face before she shakes her head "Oh...I don't think so baby..."
Layla says in her adorable British accent as she starts to scoot away from
Thorn on her knees, as the vicious and violent Vampiric Extremist realizes
that Layla is no longer under his diabolical trance.

"Obey me!" Thorn yells as he grabs Layla by her frizzy hair and pulls her
head forward in order to force his Vampiric cock deep into Layla's mouth so
that head of it slams against the back of her throat.

"Ohhhh...ahhhh..." Layla screams around Kevin Thorn's powerful, thick
Vampiric cock as Kevin Thorn roughly and forcefully makes the adorable
Extreme Dancer bob her head quickly and deeply on his throbbing, thick
cock. The head of Thorn's cock viciously slams against the back of Layla's
gentle throat as her saliva drips against his shaft and as she starts to
gag on Thorn's massive cock "Ohhh...ohhh...ohhh..." Layla moans as she
tries to gasp for air.

Kevin Thorn grits his teeth angrily as he sees Layla gasping for air as he
slams his hard throbbing Vampiric cock, "Pathetic... you are unworthy... of
the future my pet foresaw..." Thorn grunts as he pulls his saliva covered
cock out of Layla's mouth moments before he starts to shoot his hot sticky
Vampiric cum all over Layla's sweat covered face.

Layla closes her eyes before she starts to turn her head away from Kevin
Thorn's Vampiric cock as he starts to shoot his warm, sinister cum against
her adorable, sweat dripping face " ain't good..."
Layla says as she feels the warm, diabolic cum splatter against her naturally
beautiful face.

Kevin Thorn licks his fangs as he finishes cumming on Layla's beautiful face,
"You're pathetic... refusing to feast..." Thorn says as he jerks Layla up to
her feet, "But I shall feast.... for both of us..." Thorn says as he forces
Layla to tilt her head back, exposing the left side of her neck. Layla
breathes heavily for she's full of fear, and the fear she's feeling is soon
justified when Thorn opens his mouth as he tilts his head in order to press
his fangs into the side of Layla's neck.

Layla tightly grits her teeth together as she closes her eyes, feeling the
sharp fangs of Kevin Thorn pressed against the smooth skin of the left side
of her gentle neck "Oh no Lay! This isn't good!" Layla says out loud to
herself as the Vampiric Extremist holds the innocent Layla El still so that
he is able to feast on his latest blood-lusted victim.

Kevin Thorn feasts on Layla's neck for several moments as Layla faints and
her body goes limp. He lifts his head away from her neck and Layla's blood
drips from his fangs and lips and he start to laugh evilly, "The future of
heat... has come to pass..."


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