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What Does The Future Hold Part 26: A Future Of Exposure
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

The mysterious tarot card reader, Ariel, is sitting behind a small rounded
table in a dimly lit room by various candles that surround the mysterious
Vixen. Ariel gently grits her teeth together as she looks down at her tarot
cards that are set out on the rounded table as the cards are facing down.
Ariel, dressed in a short red skirt and a black halter-top with long heeled
black boots, reaches down and turns one of the cards over to face up "What...
does the future hold?" Ariel says to herself out loud in a soft, haunting
voice "What...does the future hold?" Ariel repeats as she turns her head and
looks over her shoulder, getting a sly smirk on her wicked face as she spots
her Vampire lover, Kevin Thorn, standing behind her.

Ariel licks her teeth " master...what is your bidding..." The
Vampiric Vixen Ariel says as she locks her grimace, dark eyes on her
mysterious lover as she places her black gloved hands against her large,
rounded chest of her halter-top and she begins to feel up her own chest,
while she tilts her head back and moans softly, locking her dark eyes
with her Vampire lover, Kevin Thorn. "Does it...involve...the future, my
Master?" Ariel hisses with her sinister body arched back against Kevin
Thorn and her lips presses together tightly.

Kevin Thorn smirks evilly as he looks down at his Vampiric Mistress, "Yes it
does my pet..." Thorn replies as he slides his right hand through Ariel's
dark black hair, "Ariel... what does the future hold?" Thorn asks and he's
wearing a black sleeveless vest and matching black pants.

Ariel raises an eyebrow and presses her blood-red lips together "The what's to be desired my Master..." Ariel hisses as she flicks
her slithering, wicked tongue against her two small, sharp fangs. The
Vampiric Vixen Ariel glances forward and looks down sinisterly at her tarot
cards before reaching forward and picking up one of the devious cards. The
sly, sinister smirk slowly creeps onto the wicked face of Ariel "Oh my
master...I see...A Future...of Exposure..." Ariel states as she flicks her
sinister tongue against the far right corner of the tarot card.

Kevin Thorn smirks darkly and he laughs, "Perfect my pet... that future
shall be as you predicted..." Thorn says as he moves his right hand to the
back of Ariel's head and pulls her head back all the way so that her sexy
blood stained neck is exposed.

Ariel grits her wicked teeth together as she closes her eyes "Oh my
master..." Ariel hisses as the dangerous Vampire, Kevin Thorn, leans his
head down towards the luscious, sweetly sinister neck of Ariel.

* * *

Later in the night, the slyfully seductive Extreme Expose member known as
Brooke is coming out of Extreme Exposé's dressing room to leave the arena.
Her friends Kelly Kelly and Layla have already left to catch an early flight,
but Brooke stayed behind to watch the rest of the ECW broadcast. She sets
her bags down as she turns to look back into the room to see if she forgot
anything. Brooke releases a soft, sweet sigh before she shrugs her shoulders
"Looks like I got everything..." Brooke says to herself aloud as she dressed
in a pair of tight-fitting jeans, a black t-shirt and a black jacket. Brooke
reaches to closes the locker room door behind her, shutting the door as she
reaches down to pick up her traveling bags that she had set down just moments
before. Brooke smiles to herself as she starts to walk down the hallway,
lighting tossing her soft dark brown hair back as she cutely walks.

As Brooke begins to walk down the hallway, behind her, the lights start to
flicker and they turn off one by one. The brown-haired Extreme Vixen is
completely oblivious to what's happening behind her as the sounds of heavy
footsteps start to echo behind her. Brooke pauses for a moment and raises an
eyebrow after hearing the heavy footsteps behind. Brooke presses her lips
together as she slowly glances over her shoulder to find nothing behind her
expect the now darkened hallway. "Weird..." Brooke says before she shrugs her
shoulders "Oh well..." Brooke says as she tosses her dark brown hair back
once again before she takes a step as she prepares to continue her walk.

As Brooke looks down the hallway as she walks, the remaining lights in the
hallway begin to flicker and go out one by one, but after a moment they come
back on but lighting the far end of hallway with a eerie red light. Brooke
stops walking instantly when she sees the supernatural sight and takes a step
back when she sees the powerful Extreme Vampire Kevin Thorn walking towards
her from the red-lit area of the hallway. Brooke soft, slyly innocent eyes
widen at the intimidating sight of the Vampiric Extremist Kevin Thorn slowly
approaching the lone member of Extreme Expose. Brooke raises an eyebrow and
starts to slowly smile "Mmm...that's hot..." Brooke says as she slowly licks
her lips as she watches Kevin Thorn approach her.

The bloodlust driven Vampiric Extremist continues to slowly approach the hot
Extreme Vixen, and he's dressed in a dark red jacket in addition to his black
vest and black pants. "Your future has been foreseen..." Thorn says in a
deep voice as he continues to get closer to the Extreme Expose member.

Brooke bites down on her bottom lip slyly as she keeps her sly, seductively
innocent eyes locked on the hot, blood-lusting Vampire "Oh
future?" Brooke says with a smirk, pressing her soft lips together "That's
hot, very hot..." Brooke says as she slowly drifts her eyes down to look at
the bulging Vampiric crotch of Kevin Thorn.

Kevin Thorn smirks slightly and licks his fanged teeth, "Yes... my pet has
seen the future... and it shall come to pass..." Thorn says as he now stands
directly in front of the hot Extreme Expose member. "And you shall submit to
the future... and... my power..." Thorn says as he slowly removes his jacket
which falls the floor behind him.

Brooke raises an eyebrow "Damn...this is hot..." Brooke says with an eager,
lusty smile as she takes a step closer to the dominating, fierce Kevin Thorn
"I knew I was going to like ECW..." Brooke says with a soft laugh as the
slyly adorable ECW Vixen suddenly lowers herself down onto her knees in the
hallway in front of Kevin Thorn, slightly catching the Vampiric Extremist by
surprise with Brooke's eagerness.

Kevin Thorn looks down at Brooke and raises his left eyebrow, "What you like
does not mater... only the future and my dominance matters..." The Extreme
Vampire says as he begins to remove his sleeveless vest to reveal his
powerful upper body. "Start... your future..." Thorn commands just after
Brooke starts to raise her hands up to Thorn's pants.

Brooke presses her lips together and nods her head "Mmm...oh you don't have
to tell me..." Brooke says slyly as she places her hands against Kevin
Thorn's pants and the hot Extreme Expose member begins to pull down his
pants, freeing his large, thick monstrous Vampiric cock.

Kevin Thorn's powerful thirteen inch and fully hard cock hangs between his
legs like a weapon just waiting to be used. Thorn steps out of his pants and
smirks evilly, "Now... serve me...." Thorn commands just as Brooke once again
anticipates what he wants by wrapping her hands around his cock.

Brooke bites down on her bottom lip as she seductively, but adorably glances
up and locks her soft eyes with Kevin Thorn as she starts to gently stroke
her hands against his Vampiric cock. "Mmm...ohhh yeah...that dick feels
nice..." Brooke smiles as she starts to move her hands at a slightly quicker
and smoother rate, brushing her soft hands against the skin of his thick,
powerful shaft.

Kevin Thorn narrows his eyes a bit as he places his left hand on Brooke's
head and starts to pull her head towards his cock, "Serve me... now...."
Thorn says as he pushes Brooke's head towards his cock and her pouty lips
press softly against the head of his shaft.

Brooke raises an eyebrow as her soft, luscious lips are pressed firmly
against the think, large head of Thorn's Vampiric cock "Mmmm...sure thing."
Brooke says in a soft, seductive voice before she opens her mouth and lowers
her head on Thorn's cock. Brooke gently presses her soft lips around Kevin
Thorn's Vampiric cock and the sly, innocent Extreme Vixen begins to smoothly
bob her head on Thorn's cock as she starts to suck off the dangerous Vampiric

"Mmmmm yes... serve me... welcome the future that has been foreseen..." Thorn
moans and licks his fangs as he begins to thrust his monstrous Vampiric cock
in and out of Brooke's warm, wet and soothing mouth as she bobs her head
smoothly on his extremely thick cock.

"Mmm…mmm..." Brooke softly moans against Kevin Thorn's Vampiric cock as
she gently laps her tongue around his cock, coating it with her warm and wet
saliva, while she continues to suck on his cock. Brooke presses her soft lips
tighter around his Vampiric shaft as she lowers her head further down, taking
him deeper into her soothing mouth. "Mmmm...awww yeah..." Brooke softly
groans as she feels the head of Kevin Thorn's cock lightly tap against the
back of her throat before she starts to move her head at a quicker rate, deep
throating the fierce ECW Vampire.

"Yes... mmmmm..." Thorn moans approvingly at Brooke's skillful actions as she
deep throats his entire thirteen inch cock without any trouble at all. The
Extreme Vampire pulls on Brooke's brown hair. "You... are indeed worthy... of
the future..." Thorn groans as he then jerks Brooke's head off of his cock
and pulls her up to her feet with incredible ease, "Expose yourself to me..."
Thorn commands with a deep lust filled voice as he forcefully removes
Brooke's black jacket.

Brooke cutely grits her teeth together "Mmm...oh...damn you're getting
rough..." Brooke replies with a smirk after Thorn roughly removes her black
jacket. Brooke takes a step back so that the slyly adorable ECW Vixen and
lift her black t-shirt off of her gorgeous, adorable body to expose her
smooth, tanned body and her rounded, hot tits. Brooke drops her t-shirt to
the floor before she starts to unbutton her jeans and she begins to push
them off of her waist to expose her white panties.

Kevin Thorn licks his fangs as he steps towards Brooke, "I shall be what the
future needs..." Thorn replies as he roughly presses his right hand against
Brooke's white panties once they are exposed and he begins to rub her pussy
through the material of her panties. After a brief moment however, Thorn
grabs Brooke panties and he tears them from her lower body, exposes her hot,
wet smoothly shaved pussy.

Brooke presses her lips together as she looks up at the fierce, dominating
Vampire and she locks her lust filled, seductive eyes with him as she stands
completely naked "Mmmm...this is hot..." Brooke says before the Vampiric
Extremist suddenly places his hands on Brooke's smooth waist and he lifts her
up into the air, before lowering her down on his thick, hard Vampiric cock
"Mmmm ohhhh fuck!" Brooke moans as she wraps her smooth, tanned legs around
Thorn's waist as he starts to thrust his cock into her pussy while standing.

Kevin Thorn wraps his powerful arms around Brooke's hot body, "Submit to the
future..." Thorn says as he lifts Brooke up and down on his monstrous cock
as he impales it deeper into her pussy with every one of his thrusts. The
dangerous blood lust driven Extremist lowers his head slightly and rakes his
fanged teeth against Brooke's firm round tits as she rises and falls on his
powerful shaft.

Brooke grits her teeth and tilts her head back, feeling Kevin Thorn graze his
fangs against her rounded hot tits "Ohhhh...awww...yeah..." Brooke moans as
she starts to rock back and forth on Thorn's cock, gently grinding her pussy
against his cock "Ohhh mmm...fuck this is hot!" Brooke moans louder as she
starts to bounce up and down on his cock as he powerfully and quickly slams
his cock up into her pussy.

Kevin Thorn presses his sharp fangs harder against Brooke's round hot tits
and teases the Extreme Expose member with the threat he might bite into her
skin. "Mmmmmm yes welcome the future..." Thorn grunts as he slam fucks the
hot tight wet pussy of the hot Extreme Vixen.

"Ohhh...mmm fuck freak..." Brooke moans as she starts to lightly
sweat and breath heavily while she grinds her pussy sharply against his hard,
thick Vampiric-thrusting cock. Brooke smoothly slams down harder and rougher
on his cock each time as she jerks her hot, adorable body smoothly on his

Kevin Thorn smirks as he watches Brooke lustfully slams her hot body up and
down on his powerful cock. "You... shall serve me well..." Says as he lifts
the hot Extreme Expose member off of his cock and he drops her down to the
cold floor of the hallway. Thorn turns her around and forces her onto all
fours and he then slams his entire Vampiric cock into Brooke's hot ass.

Brooke grits her teeth before she glances back over her shoulder and smirks
at Kevin Thorn "Awww yeah...fuck that ass..." Brooke moans as she starts to
push herself back against the fierce Vampire's cock.

Kevin Thorn firmly grabs hold of Brooke's hips as he pounds her tight ass
with sharp swift unrelenting thrusts. Each one of the Vampiric Extremist's
thrusts causes Brooke's body to jolt forward but that just encourages her
to slam back as hard as she can against Thorn's cock. "Yes... the future
is near... it shall be as foreseen..." Thorn grunts as he drives his cock
deeply into her asshole.

"Mmmm...awww fuck yeah..." Brooke groans as she tosses her slightly
sweat-dampened dark brown hair back as she firmly pushes her hot, rounded
ass back against Thorn's thick, monstrous Vampiric cock "Mmm...ohhhh shit!"

Kevin Thorn grits his fanged teeth as he keeps fucking Brooke's ass with his
powerful cock, "Ahhhh... mmmmm... turn... and accept... the future... and...
my dominance..." Thorn commands as he pulls his throbbing Vampiric cock out
of Brooke's ass and he stands up behind her.

Brooke presses her soft, luscious lips together as she slowly turns around
on her knees and lifts her head to glance up at Kevin Thorn "Mmm...I'm ready
to take whatever you have..." Brooke says with a sly smirk as she reaches
forward and wraps her soft hands around his throbbing cock as she guides his
cock into her warm, wet mouth.

Kevin Thorn licks his fanged teeth as Brooke strokes the lower half of his
throbbing thirteen inch cock as she sucks on the head, "Mmmmm excellent...
you shall serve me... and now... you shall feed..." Thorn groans as he begins
to shoot his hot Vampiric cum into Brooke's warm, wet accepting mouth.

"Mmmm..." Brooke moans as she twists her lips around the head of Kevin
Thorn's cock as his throbbing Vampiric cock begins to release cum into her
warm, wet mouth. Brooke tightly sucks on Kevin Thorn's cock, milking every
drop of cum from his cock before she lifts her head up and swallows the
warm, sticky Vampiric cum in her mouth.

Kevin Thorn grits his fanged teeth together as looks down at the Extreme
Expose member, "Excellent... you are now mine... as is the blood of ECW...
and the future as my pet Ariel... foresees it."


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