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What Happened In Room 357
by Drake

Torrie Wilson was a beautiful blonde diva in the WWE. Other divas in the
WWE were no for one certain thing that made them special. Lita was known to
be the best female wrestler. Trish Stratus was the one with the best chest.
Stacy Kiebler had the sexiest legs around. Torrie though was the total
package, a pretty good wrestler, a gorgeous face, nice chest and a killer
ass. She also had her own style with sexy outfits she wore. She had recently
won the WWE golden thong award as the woman who looked best at a WWE lingerie

Yes, things were going great for Torrie, that was until the WWE got a new
diva named Dawn Marie. Dawn Marie was a sexy brunette with a dark sexy tan,
huge breasts and a killer body, much like the other divas. Everything change
when Dawn Marie started dating Torrie's dad Al Wilson. It was apparent from
the beginning to Torrie that Dawn was only using her father and had no
genuine feelings for him.

It only got worse though, when on Smackdown Al proposed to Dawn and she
accepted. Torrie went irate attacking Dawn Marie right there and then in the
ring. Torrie was not willing to accept her father marrying this woman whom
she saw as nothing but a seductress.

This particular week on Smackdown Al Wilson Torrie's dad, was overseas, so
this meant Torrie could confront Dawn Marie without her dad there to hold her
back. She went into Dawn Marie's dressing room where the sexy brunette was
fixing her hair. She turned around and came face to face with Torrie.

"Woah Torrie hey don't be mad at me, your dad proposed and I accepted can't
you just learn to accept that?"

"No Dawn, I'll never accept that, you're using my dad and playing with his
affections, your not attracted to him, you don't even care about him."

"Your wrong Torrie I do care about your dad, however I am attracted to one of
the other Wilson family members."

Torrie looked at Dawn Marie with some confusion, who was she talking about?

"Its you Torrie."

Torrie's eyes grew big.

"Your eyes are so, so, beautiful. Your body is so indescribably sexy, and
your skin (caressing Torrie's stomach that's exposed in her black top) so
very smooth." Torrie pushes Dawn's hand away from her tummy.

"Look Dawn Marie I don't know what your trying to do but your engaged to my

"I know that, I also know that you wish I wasn't don't you?"

Torrie didn't answer.

"Well, what if I didn't marry your dad, as in I call off the engagement if
you do a little something for me in return." Dawn Marie caressed Torrie's
long blonde hair, Torrie noticeably uncomfortable turned her head away.

"Think about it Torrie I call off the wedding, and you come to my hotel room,
room 357." With that Dawn Marie slid her room card inside Torrie's black top.

About an hour later Torrie was standing outside Dawn Marie's hotel room. She
took a deep breath and knocked on the door. No answer. So she took the card
and slid in into the notch. It opened and Torrie made her way inside. There
sitting on the bed in a black robe was Dawn Marie, a devilish smile on her
face and holding a wine glass.

"So glad you could make it Torrie."

Dawn Marie stood up and caressed Torrie's blonde hair, she went to kiss her
on the neck, that was too much for her and she turned around and headed for
the door.

"Well, I guess you don't love your father that much after all." Dawn said.

Torrie stopped dead in her tracks, she turned around and looked at Dawn
Marie. Then lowering her head in defeat she walked back to Dawn Marie and
stood where she was before, right next to her.

"That's better" She smiled. Dawn Marie got a strawberry from the table by the
bed and push it at Torrie's mouth. She didn't open at first, but when Dawn
Marie insisted she took a bite of the strawberry. Dawn Marie then took a bite
of the strawberry herself. Then made her way back to the table and picked up
her wine glass. She took a drink of wine then offered the glass to Torrie.
Torrie reluctantly took the drink and guzzled the wine down in one gulp.

"Well, glad to see were loosening up Torrie."

Dawn Marie slowly slid her hand to the front of Torrie's black top and pulled
the zipper down. Underneath was a red bra. After pulling off the top Dawn
Marie gave Torrie a little kiss on the neck. She made her way to behind
Torrie. She slowly unzipped the back of her red mini skirt and slid it down.
She was treated to the sight of Torrie's panties black side string bikini
panties with little red ties on the sides. Torrie helped Dawn Marie get it
off her by stepping out of the mini skirt. Torrie was so nervous she almost
fell over in her black heels. She went back to the front of Torrie and untied
her black robe. As it fell to the floor Dawn Marie exposed her incredible
body, cover only by a black bra and panties.

Dawn Marie leaned in to Torrie, she slid one arm around Torrie's shoulder
and this time began planting soft kisses on Torrie's cheek. Then she began
kissing her mouth. Torrie had to protest a little at kissing Dawn Marie,
but soon her protest grew less and less. Then these two gorgeous women, who
disliked each other to say the least, locked up in a french kiss. Torrie's
hands slowly and nervously made there way to Dawn Marie's waist and caressed
her hips. Dawn Marie caressed the smooth tan skin on Torrie's back, as both
of their tongues battled for supremacy in each others mouths.

Their kiss seemed endless. Certainly it was a hot sight for anyone to see
male or female. These two gorgeous woman in such a hot wet french kiss as
their hands explored each others body. Dawn broke the kiss, but went back
to Torrie's neck and began planting more sweet little kisses on it. Torrie's
hands on Dawn Marie's hips felt the smoothness of her black silky underwear.
As Dawn Marie found the clasp on the back of Torrie's bra. With a quick
squeeze Torrie was unhooked. Torrie's heart was pounding this was apparent
to Dawn who was close to her and felt it thumping.

Dawn slid the straps down and let Torrie's bra slid to the floor. There
were her tits as perfect as Dawn knew they would be big but not overly huge
perfect size for Torrie's body. There were no tanlines at all. Just a nice
firm rack with pink quarter size aureolas. Dawn Marie squeezed both firm
tits in her hands as her kissing and sucking continued on Torrie's neck.
Then Dawn Marie went lower and began sucking on one breast while feeling up
the other. Torrie closed her eyes concentrating on the pleasure of the
sucking and tongue tickling on her nipple by the sexy brunette.

Dawn Marie grabbed one of Torrie's hands and placed it on Dawn Marie's bra
covered breast. She squeezed Torrie's hands letting Torrie know what she
wanted her to do. Torrie started to slowly squeeze Dawn Marie's breast while
her own tits were worked over by the brunettes mouth. Torrie was getting very
hot now and she knew she would only get hotter as Dawn Marie's hands went to
her panties. She didn't go to her pussy, instead she untied the side red

Now Torrie was naked except for her black heels. Dawn Marie stepped back and
admired the blonde in front of her. She practically licked her lips at the
sight of the sexy body that was as close to flawless as she had ever seen.
Torrie felt embarrassed to be eyed at like she was a piece of meat, and Dawn
was the wolf.

Dawn Marie took the blonde by the hand and led her to the bed. After Torrie
sat down Dawn Marie kneeled in front of her. "Open your legs I'm gonna make
you scream my name!" Torrie slowly opened her legs exposing a nice trimmed
blonde triangle of pubic hair. Dawn put her head between the blondes legs
and began licking her cunt up and down. Torrie kept trying to close her legs
but Dawn Marie kept them apart. She opened Torrie up and began licking her
already wet pussy on the inside. Torrie's hands dug into the sheets as her
box was munched on by another woman for the first time.

Torrie was holding back her moans as best she could not wanting it to be let
known how much she was enjoying this. One of Dawn Marie's fingers found the
blonde's asshole. Dawn Marie sucked her finger getting it wet and slowly
rubbed Torrie's asshole. Torrie couldn't help but moan at this new sensation
of a double assault on her pussy and her ass. Her legs raised in the air as
Dawn Marie's tongue was taking her over the edge. Dawn Marie slid her finger
up Torrie's ass. Dawn Marie sucked hard on Torrie's clit. Torrie felt the
biggest orgasm in her young life on its way, and it was the result of the
woman between her legs.

It had reached the point that Dawn Marie's licking and sucking and slapping
on Torrie's clit was too much and her body released her orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Dawn Marie!!!!! Yess baby ohhh God yesssssss!!!"

Dawn Marie held Torrie's spasming body in place as Torrie's girl cum coated
her face. Torrie's breathing was so heavy she thought for sure she was gonna
pass out. Instead her body landed exhausted on the bed with her legs wrapped
around Dawn Marie's head.

Dawn Marie brought the satisfied blonde into another french kiss, giving
Torrie a taste of her own juices on Dawn's face. When the kiss broke Dawn
sat on top on Torrie's lap and pushed her tits in Torrie's face.

"Unhook me" She told Torrie. Torrie unhooked Dawn's bra in the front freeing
her big tits with dark aureolas. She fed a breast to Torrie which she
hesitantly took in her mouth. Dawn Marie grinded her panty covered pussy into
Torrie's naked mound. Dawn went back and forth feeding Torrie one breast then
the other. She stroked the blondes long hair and lightly rubbed up and down
the smooth skin on Torrie's back. Dawn Marie was hot she wanted more then her
boobs sucked by this blonde hottie. She pulled her breasts away from Torrie
and slid her black panties down.

"Lay back on the bed, its time for you to give me some pleasure Torrie!"

Dawn Marie placed her pussy on Torrie's face and smothered her mouth with it.
Torrie started licking the dark pubic hair covered pussy of Dawn Marie's.
Torrie had somewhat forgotten about what Dawn Marie was doing to her and her
father, right now she only wanted to return the pleasure that Dawn Marie had
given her. So she licked and sucked on her wet cunt. Her tongue licking every
crevice on the bottom half of the sex crazed brunette. Dawn Marie squeezed
and pinched hard on her own nipples as she rode Torrie's face like a saddle.

She smiled looking down at the blonde vixen, her beautiful face in between
her legs.

"Tell me you like it Torrie, say you like it, I wanna hear you say it!!!!"

"I like it," she said quietly.

"Not good enough tell me you like it, louder!"

"I like it!"

"You like what?"

"I like eating your cunt, I like eating your pretty sweet cunt Dawn Marie!!!"

Hearing that hot talk from the goody-goody Torrie Wilson was too much to take
for Dawn Marie.

"Ahh yesssss here you go you blonde slut here comes your treat! Ahhhhhhhhhh
fuck yesssssss!"

Dawn Marie's female cum covered Torrie's face. Torrie licked it all up
finding the taste much sweeter than she imagined. Dawn Marie pulled her
close and hugged her tightly. After a while Torrie got up and began
getting dressed.

Don't forget your promise" She insisted.

"I'm a woman of my word Torrie, I won't forget not after all that we shared

She said with a wink and a smile. After getting dressed Torrie quickly left
the hotel room. Dawn Marie took a drink of wine and laid back in bed.

"Sure Torrie I won't forget my promise unless of course I allow your father
to change my mind." She laughed to herself.

The End

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