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Disclaimer:No I Don't Own Brie,Nikki Or Any Other Trademarks That May Appear In This Fanfiction (The Only Thing I Do Own Is The Plot),None Of The Following Events Have Ever Happened Or Ever Will Happen And I Don't Profit From This Fanfiction Either

Plot-What Happened When The Cameras Stopped Rolling For Total Divas While They Were In Cabo? The Twins, Brie & Nikki, Share A Tender, Loving Moment In Their Private Resort Room, Which Turns Into Brie Getting Something She's Wanted For A Long Time.

Rating:Mature (Contains Bellacest)

Pairing-Brie & Nikki Bella

What Happens In Cabo
by Omegatwilight

"Thank god the cameras are finally done filming for the day, gosh I thought we'd be filming all night."

"I know right Brie!"

Brie and Nikki, the Bella twins, were laying on their bed inside their private resort room in Cabo, where total divas was, filming for an episode for season 2, it had been a long, long day and all either of the twins wanted to do now was just rest and relax, and now, they finally had the chance to do it.

"I mean hell Nikki, it's what, 10PM now, we've been filming since 8AM today. I'll be glad when the filming for this season is over personally."

"Hey, at least you looked slamming hot out there today Brie girl! I mean damn you rocked that bikini of yours like a true porn star would!"


Nikki laughed as brie stuck her tongue out at her, and then Brie, smirking said.

"Well at least mine left something to the imagination little miss oh my god my boobs are so huge and firm and juicy. I so need to wear the shortest bikini i have to show it off so men jack off to me."


"Oh yes I did! Whatcha gonna do bout it sis?"

Nikki grinned, and then grabbed her pillow and started to playfully hit Brie with it, Brie getting caught off guard but laughing as Nikki hit her, over and over with the pillow, Brie herself grabbing her own and trying to hit Nikki but failing epically at doing so.

"Wanna give up yet Brie? or do you think you can actually beat me at a pillow fight, when I've creamed you in them multiple times before, especially when we were children?"

"Ya had to bring that up! c'mon! Ok you asked for it Nikki!"

Brie smirked and then pounced Nikki, making them both drop their pillows and the two started rolling around trying to tickle one another, both laughing tremendously. Both Bellas were ticklish and eventually Brie couldn't take it anymore.

"Ach, stop! Stop! You win, you win! Geez, cant take a joke anymore can ya Nikki."

"Hah! Says you, your lucky you're my sis and your damn lucky I love you more then I love life itself and that I'd do anything for you, otherwise I would've kept on going heh."

"Awww, you stopped for me? How sweet."

Brie smirked and stuck her tongue out at Nikki, who smiled at her sister Brie was now laying on top of Nikki. Both Bellas had only their lingerie on, Brie had baby blue and Nikki purple-and as the twins lay there, quiet for a few moments. It almost seemed to the both of them as time stood still, as they stared into each others eyes as their lips slowly met locking them in a passionate embrace.

"Mmmmmmmmm, should we be doing this Brie, mmmmmmmmm!"

"It may be wrong but it feels so right Nikki, mmmmmm!"

Brie's hands started to wander on her sister's body as the Bellas continued kissing. Nikki feeling Brie's hands wandering her body moaned happily, especially when she felt her sister Brie sliding her bra off to reveal her huge firm tits, which Brie immediately started to play with, rubbing her thumbs on Nikki's nipples.

"Mmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk Brie, oh mmmmm, please don't stop doing that, it feels so good, mmmmmm."

"To be honest, mmmmmmm, always wanted to do this, mmmmmmm, your tits, mmmmm, are gorgeous."

Brie smirked as she heard Nikki's cute moans of pleasure throughout their kissing, which had gotten heavier and more lusty by this point, Brie had made Nikki's nipples hard and Nikki's hands had found their way onto Brie's ass, which she squeezed hard, making Brie moan and causing her thoughts to flow to something else.

"Mmmmm you know, seeing as we're mmmmmmm doing naughty things with each other that we mmmmm really shouldn't how's about I take your thong off and mine and we make love?"

"Mmmmmmmmm ahhhhhh isn't that mmmmmmm incest?"

"Nope it's Bellacest and it isn't wrong especially considering what we're doing now mmmmmmm."

"Well I trust you Brie mmmmm take me. Take me and show me what true love, the love you can only share with your sister. Your twin is."

"My mmmmmmmmm pleasure."

Brie smirked she was very much enjoying this and as soon as she slipped hers and Nikki's thongs off as well as her own bra for good measure. The two twins were completely naked and Brie immediately started grinding their already wet pussies together. Immediatly both Brie and Nikki felt a rush of erotic pleasure they had never felt before.

"Ahhhhhhh fuck mmmmmmm Brie, oh god take me. Please don't stop making love to me mmmmmm this, god this feels so good mmmm."

"I don't plan on stopping. I've wanted you forever Nikki mmmmm and now you're finally mmmmm all mine."

As Brie continued making love to her sister, both twins were getting hornier and hornier. Nikki it seemed especially was getting very turned on by the whole experience and that made her sister Brie happy. Brie had started sucking on Nikki's huge, firm juicy tits. Something else she had wanted to do, Brie knew that, if she kept making love to Nikki and if she got her horny enough, she would be able to make Nikki hers. Hers forever and when Nikki belonged to Brie and Brie only then Brie could finally be happy. As her tits got sucked on and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, Nikki was falling madly deeply in love with her sister.


"Mmmmmmmm someone's oh mmmmm very much enjoying this. I wont stop if you mmmmm promise me if you mmmm swear that you'll be my property. My beautiful huge boobed sister fuck toy lover mmmmmmm who lets me fuck her when I want whenever I want mmmmmmmm."


"Good mmmmm because that's something I've wanted to taste for so many years mmmmmm."

Brie knew her sister Nikki would always belong to her from now on. Nikki was hooked on being fucked and having her tits sucked by her sister. And both Bellas were enjoying it, both were very close to cumming. Nikki especially whose erotic side had surfaced tonight more then it ever had before and Brie, smirking made sure they both went crashing over the edge at the very same time. Causing both twins to shout each others names.



Both Brie and Nikki then laid exhausted next to each other. Though Brie held her sister Nikki now her incestuous property close to her in her arms, planting her lips on Nikki's quickly, she said to her sister.

"You know that your mine now forever don't you, Nikki?"

"I know I'm happy I am, as long as you do that to me every night. I'm glad my sister owns me and I'm glad we get to have Bellacest every night!"

"Heh, you know the old saying? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!"


Brie smirked, and then said, smiling.

"Well, what happens in Cabo, doesn't stay in Cabo, heh."

"Good though, I wouldn't mind if we lived here forever."

"Maybe we can, maybe we can."

Both Brie and Nikki, smiled as they kissed once more, before falling asleep in one anothers arms. For Nikki, tonight was the night that she became a lesbian and she became her sister's property which she enjoyed. For Brie, it was the night she finally got what she'd wanted for years-her sister. And for both twins, it was the start of something truly, truly magical and truly erotic.

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