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Plot: It's Thursday 31st Of May 2018 And After Having Finished Shooting Stuff For Total Divas For The Day Whilst In Miami, Lana & Paige Head Back To The Hotel They're Both Staying At Together, Not Knowing That By Doing So Their Lives Will Change

What Happens In Miami
by Omegatwilight

"I still can't believe we actually won that dance battle. That was amazing!"

"Paige, babe, we won because we're the best, and because the others sucked."

"Ha! I'll drink to that!"

Sitting in a club in Miami at 11:30 pm on Thursday 31st of may 2018 is WWE stars Lana and the Smackdown General Manager Paige, who around about 30 minutes ago finished off filming for the upcoming season of Total Divas, and elected to stay behind together in the club and continue drinking whilst the others went back to the hotel in the limousine knowing they'd have to make their own way back. The two have some of their drinks, a vodka and coke for Paige and a glass of red wine for Lana, before continuing to talk.

"Plus, we look fucking amazing. I mean, Lana, babe, you always look fucking gorgeous but god damn, you look absolutely fucking perfect tonight."

"Oh, thank you, Paige, I appreciate that, but you're far more gorgeous then I am. I mean look at you! Seriously, you could have absolutely anyone you wanted right now. Well, you could at any point, but now in particular."

"Oh, stop it, Lana, you'll make me blush!"

"I hope that I do. You're adorable when you blush."

Paige smiles and hugs her friend, who happily hugs her back. Paige and Lana had grown close recently, especially with Paige being Lana's general manager on Smackdown and the two generally finding they have a lot in common. They had become fast friends and the trip to Miami to film for Total Divas had helped them grow even closer.

" I'm really glad you're my friend, Lana. I've really needed a positive influence like you in my life lately, especially what with the whole having to retire from wrestling thing and having to do my best to try and get used to being general manager on Smackdown."

"Oh, Paige, I'm honestly thrilled I have someone in my life, who gets me, you know? Like, sure, I'm friends with the other women, but none of them really understand and get me like you do. You're the best friend a woman could ask for, so, of course, I'm gonna be a good influence on someone I care about a lot."

"Awww, you mean that?"

"Of course, I do!"

"You're the fucking best, Lana!"

Paige hugged Lana even more, Lana smiling at her best friend and holding her even closer. She finished off her wine as did Paige her vodka and coke. The two friends, the last two people in the club, sit there happily for a while, enjoying the nice, warm hug with Lana running her hand through Paige's hair gently before the bartender walks over to their table.

"I'm sorry to have to say this, but we're closing in about 5 minutes, so I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"Oh? What time is it?"

"It's 11:55PM, Miss Lana."

"Oh my, I could've sworn it was earlier."

"We must've lost track of time hugging, Lana, babe."

Lana smiles and laughs, as does Paige, the two separating their hug, finally.

Paige then looks at the bartender and says, "Well, could you possibly tell us the number of any local taxi firm that'll take us to our hotel? We have absolutely no idea about any of that sort of stuff and we can't exactly walk back there looking like this can we?"

"Of course, I can! If you'd like, I can go over to the bar and order one for you if you tell me where you're staying."

"Oh, thank you! Lana, babe, do you have the hotel name in your bag?"

"I do, hang on just a second."

Lana opens her bag and hands the bartender a card with their hotel name on it. The bartender looks at it, nods, and walks back over to the bar and makes a call. Whilst he does Paige and Lana check their bags to make sure they have everything, then stand up and walk together over to the bar.

As they do the bartender finishes his call, and seeing them at the bar he says, "You're taxi should be here in 5 minutes. If you don't want to wait outside you can wait by the door. I'll just take my time closing things down tonight."

"Oh, thank you! That's really nice of you, isnt it Paige?"

"Yeah! Thanks!"

"No problem ladies, have a good night now!"

"we will!"

"Yeah, definitely!"

Paige and Lana, both smiling and linking arms, walk over to the door of the club and stand there waiting for their taxi, looking out of the door as they wait.

"Maybe in the future we should go back with them."

"And ruin the fun of getting to stay out and drink and hang out with one another for a while longer?"

"You're right, Lana, babe. I have no idea what I was thinking."

Lana smiles as their taxi finally arrives.

The taxi driver opens the window of the seat next to him and says, "Lana and Paige?"

"Yup! I'm Paige and this is Lana, you here to take us to our hotel?"

"I am indeed. Ken, the bartender, called. Hop in the back and I'll take you there."

The two friends nod and get in the back and put on their seatbelts whilst the taxi driver closes his window. Lana and Paige put their bags next to themselves and close their doors and lock them, then the taxi driver says. "Ok, this should take about 10 to 15 minutes. There's still some traffic on the roads at this time of night."

"Not surpising, people work late after all."

"Paige has a point, they do. You are."

"Heh, this is the start of my shift. You're my first customers for the night. I'm working until 6AM."


"Yup, anyways, let's get going. The quicker I get you back to your hotel the quicker you two can relax and get some sleep."

The taxi driver reversed out of the spot he was in and continued to drive down the roads of Miami, Paige and Lana holding one another's hands and smiling at one another in the back of the taxi.

"Have I ever told you just how gorgeous I think you are, Lana?"

"Once or twice, maybe, but I never tire of hearing it."

Paige smirked and laughed, as did Lana, before Paige suddenly planted a kiss on Lana, who kissed Paige back with a passion. The two kissed for a short period of time before seperating, Paige saying, "Heh, sorry. I've always wanted to do that. I just find you so god damn attractive, Lana, babe. Its hard controlling myself around you."

"Oh, Paige, you should've told me sooner if you wanted to kiss me. You could've. I find you very, very attractive as well, you know."

"Really? You think I'm attractive?"

"Oh yes. I've always preferred women, and of all the women I've met, you are the most beautiful of all of them."


Paige blushes and looks down hearing Lana's compliment. Lana smiles and gently holds her face up and makes out passionately and lovingly with her with Paige kissing her back with an equal amount of love and passion. Lana, holding her friend Paige close to her, the two gaze into one another's eyes, losing themselves in them eventually separating their kiss, both women needing air.

"Wow, Lana, babe, I-I don't know what to say. I-I've never thought that you actually liked me."

"I do. I love you, Paige. You're the most beautiful, perfect woman I know. If I could I'd be with you. Hell, I'd break up with and dump my husband in an instant if you wanted me to."

"R-really? You'd do that for me?"

Before Lana can answer, the car comes to a stop, and both Paige and Lana realise that they're at the hotel their staying at. The taxi driver then says, "We're here ladies. Told you it wouldn't take too long. That'll be $10, please."

"Oh, that's cheap! I thought it'd be more this late at night," Lana says as she opens her bag and looks for her money.

"You'd think so, but our late night fees don't actually start until 1AM onwards."

"Makes sense," Lana says as she hands the driver his money.

He smiles and says, "i hope you both have a good evening!"

"We will! Thanks!"

"Yeah! Thanks!"

Paige and Lana grab their bags and get out of the taxi, close their doors and watch as the taxi driver drives off before Paige says, "Well? Would you?"

"Yes, I would. Why do you want me to be with you? Beacuse I will, Paige, I love you!"

"I-I-I love you too, Lana! I have for a long time and, I-I never thought you'd feel the same way about me and that we'd just be really close friends."

"Awww, Paige. Hey, I'm all yours now. I'll dump my husband tomorrow. Come on, let's go inside and go to your room and celebrate us being a couple now."

Paige wrapped her arms around Lana and smooched her, Lana smooching Paige back. The young British woman was thrilled that Lana was her lover now and her girlfriend. She had wanted this for ages and couldn't believe it was actually happening.

"Yeah! Let's celebrate, babe!" Paige says in a cheerful voice with a huge smile on her face.

As the two separate their smooching hug and walk into the hotel, hand in hand holding their bags and walk right over to the elevator, pressing the button for it to open. It does and the two walk in. It closes and Paige presses the button for the 5th floor. It begins to move and as it does Paige hugs Lana. Lana smiling and hugging her gorgeous British lover close to her.

"I really, really can't believe we're a couple now, Lana. I-I'm so happy. You know after all the shit I've been through, I fucking deserve to be happy, don't you think?"

"Oh, I totally agree, babe, and I promise you, I'm going to make you the happiest woman alive. I'm going to make each and every single day of your life a happy one."

"Oh, Lana, babe, just being with you and being able to wake up next to you will make me happy."

The two smile at one another and kiss again, this time very briefly as the elevator comes to a stop. Picking up their bags and linking arms, they walk out of it as soon as the doors open and walk down the hallway in front of them to Paige's hotel room's door, which she opens after getting the key to it out of her bag. The two walk in with Paige locking the door and turning around to see Lana had already stripped out of the few bits of clothing she was wearing and was standing by the bed completely naked. She showed off her body by slowly twirling around, giving her lover a good look at her tits, her pussy and her ass. Paige licking her lips watching it all, saying, as Lana stopped twirling around, "Oh, wow! I, wow! You look so fucking perfect! Just like you do in my dreams."

"Awww, you dream of me naked?"

"Of course, I do! Now I guess it's my turn, heh."

Paige did the same thing as Lana, stripping nude and then showing off her tits, pussy and ass by twirling around. Lana walked right over to her to watch, licking her lips and eyeing her lover up and down, obviously turned on by the gorgeous Brit.

"Mmmm, fuck, you are absolutely perfect, Paige. Just like I thought."

"Thank you, for the compliment, babe, but I still think you're more gorgeous then I am."

"How about we both agree that we're both the most gorgeous woman there is?"

"Ok, I'm good with that!"

Lana smirks, as does Paige, who then pushes Lana against a wall and starts to make out with her holding her hands apart from one another on the wall. Lana getting hugely turned on by the Brit taking control, returns the kiss with the same passion. With both her and Paige very much enjoying the moment, Paige never in her wildest dreams thought that this would be how her day would've gone today. That she'd wind up back in her hotel room with a nude Lana in front of her, and that Lana would be her lover, but it was all reality, and she was so very happy, and horny as well. Lana herself was also very happy that her gorgeous female British friend was now her lover.

"Mmmm, oh, Paige, mmm! As much as I love, mmm, our kisses, don't you want, mmmm, to celebrate on the bed?"

"Mhm, I do. I was, mmm, just wanting to, mmmm, do that first, heh."

Both women smirked as Paige let go of Lana, who crawled seductively on the bed on all fours, swaying her ass from side to side with Paige licking her lips watching before Lana laid on her back and beckoned for her lover to join her. Paige getting on without hesitation, she instantly straddled Lana and began to grind their pussies together, the two of them gasping and moaning at how pleasurable it was. Paige also grabbed, squeezed and began playing with Lana's big, fake tits, causing Lana even more pleasure and causing her to moan even more. Gazing lustfully at her British lover, who gazed the same way back at her as they fucked one another for the first time in their lives.

"Mmmm, oh, oh god, mmm, fuck, ahh! Lana, this feels so fucking good, mmmmm, oh god, ahhh, mmm! I'm, ahhh! I'm glad there's a few floors, ahhh, seperating us and, mmm, the other women! Ahhh, fuck, mmm!"

"Heh, mmmmm, fuck, ahhhh! I agree, mmmm! This is really fucking, mmm, ahhh, good! Mmmm, it's a good thing neither of the, mmmm, others can hear us. Ahhhh, oh fuck, mmm! They probably would, mmmm, be wondering what the hell, mmmm, is going, ahhhhh, on."

Both Paige and Lana were getting hornier and wetter with every passing second as they continued grinding their pussies together and as Paige continued to grope,squeeze and play with Lana's big fake tits,Lana could tell that Paige was getting a lot of enjoyment out of her big fake tits,and couldnt help but get turned on by that fact,as well as Paige's continued taking control of her,the big fake titted bubbly platinum blonde couldnt help but love the thought of her hot new british lover taking control of her in the bedroom,causing her to arch her back,pushing her tits into Paige's hands more as she moaned even more.

"Mmmmm, oh god, mmmm, fuck! Oh, Paige, mmmm, is, ahhh, is this as good, mmmm, as your dreams? I mean, ahhhh, mmmm, you've dreamt of me naked, ahhhh, mmmm! I'm, ahhh, sure you've dreamt of, mmm, fucking me at some point, mmmm!"

"Mmmm, fuck, ahhh, of course I have! Ahhh, and it is, its so good! Mmmm, oh fuck, ahhh, god I feel so, mmm, so fucking alive right now! Ahhh, oh god, fuck! I've never felt this, mmmmm, ahhh, this good before Lana! Oh, mmmmm, oh fuck! I don't know what your doing to me! Mmmm, good fucking lord, mmmm, but I'm loving it, ahhhh!"

Lana could tell that Paige was really, really enjoying having sex with her and Lana was also enjoying it. It was the best sex she had ever had in her life. Paige bought out Lana's wild side in the bedroom like nobody ever had before. Even more so when whilst still grinding their pussies together and feeling them both growing even wetter. Paige started sucking on Lana's big fake tits, going back and forth on them, causing them both, especially Lana, even more immense pleasure. Lana herself moaning and groaning and gasping as Paige sucked her big fake tits, enjoying it more then anyone could imagine.

"Mmmmm, oh, mmmmm, mmmm, Lana, ahhhh, fuck! Mmmmm, your big fake tits, mmmmm, they taste, ahhh, mmmm, so good! Mmmm, oh I'm, mmm, gonna love sucking on these!"

"Ohh Paige, ahhhh, mmm, suck on, mmm, my big fake tits as, mmmmm, as much as you want, babe! Mmmm, my body and I are, mmmm, all yours after all, mmmm!"

Paige happily continued going to town on Lana's big fake tits whilst still grinding their soaking wet pussies together. The two of them were at such a point that the pleasure they were getting from one another was so intense they were both finding themselves beginning to get close to the edge of climaxing. Paige was extremely happy and extremely horny. Lana was as well, though Lana was hornier then Paige at this point, deriving pleasure from more then just the sexual pleasure she was getting still turned on by Paige taking control of her in the bedroom.

"Oh, Paige, oh, oh god, mmmmmm, ahhh, mmmm! Fuck, oh god, yes, Paige! Mmm, keep, mmm, keep sucking my tits and grinding with me! ahhhh, oh god, fuck, this is, mmmm, the best I've ever felt, mmm, ever, ahhh!"

"Mmmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!" was all Paige could say in response as she was too engrossed at this point with eagerly, hungrily sucking on Lana's big fake tits. Lana began bucking her hips wildly as the truly immense pleasure they were both getting was beginning to get really, really, really intense and was bringing them both exceedingly close to the edge. So close that one final bit of grinding their soaking wet pussies together finally caused them both to crash violently over the edge, climaxing at the same time as well as both loudly moaning at the same time. Before Lana rested on the bed with Paige nuzzling her affectionately on Lana's big tits, she ran a hand through her hair as they both caught their breath.

"Heh, god, that was, that was... Well, words can't really describe just how fucking perfect that was. God, Lana, I love you so fucking much. I'm so happy your mine now. I'm so happy I get to wake up next to you every morning and I'm so, so, so happy we get to do what we just did every single day."

"Mmmm, Paige, i feel the same way. Truly I do. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. It will truly be utter perfection."

Paige smiled and gently kissed Lana on the lips, Lana herself smiling as Paige kisses her with Paige then saying, "Yeah it will. I can't wait to let everyone else know. Well, when the time is right, anyway."

"True, we have to handle this properly."

"Well, either way, I've got you in my life now, so I know that no matter what, whether people accept us or not, I don't care about their opinions. All I care about is you, Lana."

"And all I care about, is you, my lovely Paige."

The two star crossed lovers, smiling at one another, made out for a while longer before finally falling asleep, safe and happy in one another's arms. For the two of them their lives had changed forever. In the days, weeks and months that followed, Lana did indeed dump and divorce her husband, shocking the wrestling world, and then shocking them again when both her and Paige announced they were dating, though everyone accepted them happily, much to both of their relief.

For Lana this was the start of an entirely new chapter of her life. Having finally given into her inner most desires of being with a woman. Having always preferred women, but never having truly tried to find one to be with until her and Paige had finally gotten together. Her life was perfect and it was all thanks to Paige.

As for Paige, she was finally utterly, truly happy. She was the happiest she had ever been and it was all thanks to the woman of her dreams, Lana, who kept her promise of making every single day of Paige's life a happy one. Paige would never be sad again and approached every task in her life with the confidence of knowing she could do it, because she had the love and support of Lana, and in the end, that was all she had ever truly needed.

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