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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Melissa Elizabeth Santos (Lucha Underground ring announcer)

What Happens Underground Part 1
A Lucha Underground erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Before I explain the events that resulted in one of the best nights of sex of my life, I'd just like to explain that until I took the job as a technical engineer for the El Rey Network, I knew absolutely nothing about pro wrestling, and even less about Lucha Libre. So when I was told I was being assigned to help make things run smoothly for the tapings of some show called "Lucha Underground" I wasn't exactly thrilled. But Hell, I was going to get paid and that's what mattered to me.

It was the third taping that I'd worked at, and I didn't understand any of the action that was happening. A load of guys in masks and a couple not flying around, crashing into each other and fighting when they weren't flipping around. Not exactly my scene. The women were hot as hell though,
and that's where this story gets to the point.

The show was going on and I was sitting back, checking the levels and making sure all the boxes were ticked and so on and so forth, you don't need the details of the paperwork. It was just before another match of some kind when there was an issue with the audio system, specifically the currently used microphone in the ring.

Melissa Elizabeth Santos - A gorgeous, brunette Latina with lovely long legs, a great looking ass, and similarly nice, rounded tits. That beauty could fill out a dress better than any catwalk model across America! For Lucha Underground, she served as the ring announcer and her sexy sounding voice was just right for the job - she seemed especially good at announcing one masked female wrestler "Sexy Star", making a show of that name calling. But that "Luchadora" is for another story.

Santos went to announce a match, but the mic cut out, leaving her mouthing and not being heard. She tapped the top of the mic, but no sound came from it. Not exactly a good sign. A glance to one of my El Rey co-workers only got a shrug, but as luck or fate or whatever would have it there was a spare mic right by our position. Thinking fast, I snatched it up and left the position, heading down to the ringside area in my jeans, Lucha Underground T-shirt (standard issue for the staff, not my first choice for damn sure) and sneakers.

"Over here! New mic for you!" I called out, getting her attention as she smiled, walking over in her high heels and nicely fitting red dress that went from over the top of her chest to down just above the knee. As she came close I held out the new microphone with one hand, and the other reaching in to take the other from her.

"Thanks!" She said, kneeling down as we switched mics and I had to try my best to not try and sneak a look either at those ripe tits or at a potential upskirt from her position. Instead just looking at her as I backed away from the ring, she seemed to be giving me a look over as moved back to continue her duties with a sly little smirk on her face. Looked to me like she was checking me out so I smiled back before taking off back behind the scenes and out of sight.

Allowing myself to brag for a moment, I certainly don't have exactly a tough time getting with chicks. I'd say I'm pretty handsome, not exactly a movie star or anything but my short brown hair and brown eyes seemed to do the trick. And keeping myself in good shape, again not a bodybuilder but far away from a couch potato also leans well to getting into panties to be blunt. Around this TV taping environment I guess I stand out being one of the few white men working here, which struck me as surprising considering the announce team as they called it spoke English, and most of whenever anyone spoke it was in English. As I said before I didn't understand wrestling or lucha one bit. Whatever sells and gets ratings I suppose.

Getting back to the point now - the tapings continued and wrapped up, crew dissembling the ring, bringing down the lights and everything else. Away from this in my "office" of sorts - a room set aside where I can check over equipment and do testing to make sure anything that's broken and can be fixed is fixed, I'd just finished logging the paperwork about the now formerly faulty microphone. I was planning on slipping out of the building soon after that I'd done that, but a knock on the door put a stop to that plan.

"It's open!" I yelled as I turned around, having not expected any company. I was friendly enough with the other tech guys and workers around here, the ones that spoke English at least, but I certainly didn't have an open invitation for people to come and go into my workspace.

The clicking heels of that gorgeous ring announcer was a welcome exception as she stepped in, and closed the door behind her as she gave me a smile. "Jay, isn't it? My hero with a microphone..." Melissa said as she stopped in front of me and placed her hands on her hips.

"Yep, I guess that's me!" I replied with a chuckle. Oh yeah, my name is Jay. Did I mention that? Guess considering what all happened something like my name isn't all that important. "Even fixed up this guy here so he's not going to mess with you anymore Melissa." I joked, holding up the microphone.

"But I'm sure you'd fix that problem for me, right? Or do you only just help the ladies out if they look like they're in trouble?" Santos teased with a bit of a flirty smile.

As unexpected as this was, it all sounded like it was going in a great direction as far as I was concerned. Keeping it cool, I placed the mic down and leaned back against the table of my work room, still with all the tools and spare parts I'd been using to check and double check that equipment with.

"Well having seen some of the women around here, I think they can handle themselves just fine. I just help out if I can, seeing as how it's part of my job and all..."

She nodded her head. "Of course we can handle ourselves... But how about you? Do you handle yourself? Or maybe you think you can get someone to handle you instead?" She clearly flirted, taking a moment to take a look over me. Shit! This stunning babe wanted a piece of me? I was down for that!

"If you're asking if I can handle you, you're more than welcome to try and find out." I replied with a grin, allowing myself to take a long look over her sexy body.

"Oh, you think it's that easy?" She smirked, stepping forward. "I'm not so sure a white boy like you can handle a real, Latino woman like me..." She said with a hint of lust, using a hand to reach down and brush over my crotch, raising an eyebrow as she looked back to me. "Think you can still handle me?"

"Think? Honey, I know I can... And this "white boy" is packing something I'm not sure you're able to handle." I said, going along with her game. Whether she wanted to see if a white guy can fuck or not was behind this, if she wanted to get some dick she was about to get it.

Smirking again, she reached down and undid the belt of my jeans, slowly slipping down in front of me as she tugged and brought them down to my ankles, looking up with another sexy smile as she reached up and then hauled down my boxer shorts. Now, when I said she was about to get some dick, I wasn't lying, and the look of wide eyed surprise on her face as she saw my long, and thick to match man meat hanging between my legs proved that she was about to get something that from my experience not every woman can so easily "handle".

"Fuck!! White boy is fucking packing something!" Santos grinned as she took a hold of my cock with both hands, not wasting time as she starting to rub and stroke my dick, making me moan and smile back as I gazed down at the beautiful ring announcer as she all too eagerly jerked me off to help get me hard.

"Something too big for you to handle?" I said back to play against her teasing from before, letting out a sigh of pleasure as for several moments her hands skillfully and swiftly moved back and forth along me to get me rock hard before probably a minute had even passed.

"Mind if I try and find out?" She said in truly dirty voice, licking her lips as she took away one hand so she can use it to brush her long brunette hair back, and using the other to stroke my dick and point it towards her pretty facial features.

"Fuck no I don't mind!" I quickly stated, and she replied with another gorgeous smile as she pumped my shaft a couple of times, leaning in to plant a little kiss on the top of my dick, enough to make me moan as did the next kiss. Gazing up at me she started to run her tongue across the tip of my shaft, a little swirling motion over the head while still working her hand over my rod, getting bolder as she moved her tongue further around to work around the whole crown a couple of times in a clockwise motion.

"Yeah, you like that Jay?" Melissa asked with another sexy grin as she used her hand to stroke off my size, surely already knowing the answer from my moans and the smile on my face as I looked down at her.

"You like me jerking this big fucking cock of yours?" Fuck that sounded so hot coming from her as she narrowed her eyes a little, running her palm swiftly up and down on me before moving back down and flicking her tongue against the base of my tool, slowly moving back up the side to the head to give it another swirl around, before she went back down and did the same upward lick to the other side, topped off with brushing around the head one more time.

"Mmmmm... Fuck yeah... God that's fucking hot..." I stated with a groan as she slapped her tongue against the head a couple of times, lightly dabbing saliva onto me before that hand got back to stroking me off again. Another smirk, and she pulled back to now spit down onto my cock, using her skilled hand to rub it over my length with a couple of pumps. This babe has done this before! Forget a microphone, she can handle a big stick of a different kind and it's got me moaning as she stays kneeling down and stroking my tool.

"Hot ain't the half of it... Let's see what you can handle..." Santos seductively said, gripping my base and guiding my dick into her mouth, making me moan again as those full, Latino lips became wrapped right around my long, white cock, the sight all the more sexier by her lusty gaze as she stared up at me and held the head of my dick inside her. Holy shit did that mouth feel amazing just by being in her, nice and warm and wet, making me groan in delight, especially when she started to work those lips on me, sucking on the top of my rod while making her hand brush up and down, again showing off that she knew what the fuck she was doing with my cock.

"Mmmmm!! Oh fuck Melissa... Mmmmm shit..." I groaned as I watched the stunning Lucha Underground ring announcer lightly bobbing her head onto my cock, taking a couple inches in before pulling up to keep the head inside, and then smoothly moving back down to repeat the motion. Keeping those smoking hot eyes looking up at me, she made sure to keep her hand pumping away on the rest of my rod while she sucked on the top portion, her sexy slurping sounds mixing with groans around my dick as she blew me steadily.

"Mmmmmffff... Mmmmm!! Mmmmmppphhh..." She muffled around my tool, using her free hand to brush her long brunette hair out of the way like she was a trained porn star on a shoot, and damn it from the way she was sucking my dick like a pro I'd say she must have either watched a bunch of skin flicks or been in them to blow me so damn good!

"Mmmm... Mmmmpphhh... Mmmmm!!" She groaned again, her hand stopping the stroking motion to grip me with a couple of fingers at the base, her head pushing down further now onto me to keep me moaning as she took more of my size into her mouth. Perhaps a bit too much as she hit a limit, her mouth widening as she let out a loud gagging noise around my dick but impressively got her full lips wrapped around me again.

"Awwwww fuck!! Mmmm... Fuck yeah... Suck that cock..." I encouraged, keeping my hands on my waist as I watched Melissa's head start to bob smoothly and with a nice pace onto my rod, feeling a nice layer of saliva being planted onto me from the way she was expertly blowing me. Her saliva was actually starting to seep out of her mouth, trickling slightly down her chin as every other time she pushed down deep onto me she gagged when I felt my dick smack into the back of her mouth. Was it wrong that it looked so fucking hot when that look of discomfort flashed over her face as she stared up at me when she gagged?

"Mmmmmpph!! GAHHHHH!! Gaaaaaaahhh!!" It wasn't fucking stopping her as she rocked her head back and forth onto my long dick, letting those pouty lips brush over my inches as she feasted on my meaty inches like it was her last meal. Maybe she hasn't had some dick in a while? Maybe not one as big as mine, but holy shit does she know how to work my cock, bobbing way and groaning around my fuck stick even as she continues to nosily gag and saliva drips from my cock and off of her chin.

"Mmmmmphh... Ahhhhhhh!!" She groaned, pulling off from my dick as I sighed in relief, and she took a moment to catch her breath, another seductive smile on her face as she licked her lips clean of her spit, and got her hand pumping away on my inches to work her saliva all over my manhood.

"Holy fucking shit... That's some of the best head I've ever had!" I said to her, and I wasn't exaggerating one bit. This chick has some serious cock sucking skills.

"Damn right it was!" Melissa said with a laugh as she pushed herself up to stand, glancing at the work table and making a space by shoving some of my tools back to the far edge and the wall. "So how about you repay the favour papi... And shove that big fucking dick in me and show this mamacita how a white boy likes to fuck!" She said with a lick of her lips, hopping up to take a seat on the edge of the table as she reached down and pulled up the bottom of her dress, showing off a tiny, black thong that appeared to be already a little wet. Damn! She was getting off on just sucking me off? She must really want some!

"My fucking pleasure..." I stated as I stepped out of my jeans and approached her as she eagerly and invitingly spread her smooth, long legs apart. Stepping in, I gripped my dick with one hand and used the other to pull her underwear to the side, revealing her sexy looking and completely shaved snatch that indeed looked already a little slick. Planting my bell-end against her folds was enough to make her moan as I decided to do a bit of teasing by rubbing the head across her entrance but not fully going in yet, and it was good enough to say the least to get me groaning with pleasure as well.

Reaching forward with her arms she grabbed the back of my neck, giving me one of the most lustful and intense looks I've ever seen in my life while wrapping those legs around my still T-shirt covered midsection. "Fuck. Me." She ordered as I felt her fingernails slightly running over the sides of my neck. That was an order, and I wasn't stupid enough to risk the wrath of a pissed off Latino beauty. Lining my dick up, I gave her want she demanded with a sudden, forceful thrust into her snatch and both of us moaned out as I watched her mouth hang open and eyes briefly widen in apparent shock. It seemed like she didn't expect me to feel so good inside of her already.

"Holy fuck!! That's... Mmmm... Fucking tight!" I stated, taking a hold of her waist still covered by her dress as I started to thrust my cock with a steady, controlled pace back and forth into her fantastically tight pussy that seemed to be clamping all around my cock. It was making have to start off like this, working my length into her so I could get used to the tightness, and as horny as Melissa is for my dick the moans she was letting out as I plunged firmly in and out showed this was meeting her approval. I glanced up at her again, seeing that wonderful, sexy look of her mouth staying open in seeming shock at the sensations of my fat rod stuffing into her box as her hands now gripped my shoulders for support, her legs staying wrapped around me as she sat on the edge of my work table.

"Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm!! Oh yeah! Yeah daddy! Mmmm!! Fuck that pussy!" She moaned out her approval as the beautiful ring announcer for Lucha Underground took my thrusts, her body just ever so slightly rocking against my motion as I picked up the pace, going a bit quicker and still nicely forceful now that I'd gotten used to how snug her snatch is.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmm more!! Come on... Ahhhhh... Fuck me! Fuck me with that big white cock!!" She licked her lips for a moment before groaning again, taking a long look down to watch my man meat plunge forward deeper now into her snatch before pulling swiftly back out as I repeated the motion to bang the horny Latina beauty.

Was it a sexual craving of hers to have some interracial sex with a white guy that was turning her on so much and begging for me to keep pumping her with these short and sharp thrusts? Maybe the fact that her tight pussy was clamping so much around my thick and long dick that it showed she wasn't used to having a cock of this size inside her, and she wanted more as I gripped her and shoved my rod in deep to that slick and snug twat? Probably a combination of both, but I honestly couldn't give a flying fuck about why she wanted this, she just wanted it and it was getting me almost balls in deep in one of the finest pieces of pussy I've ever fucked, not to mention fucking one of the sexiest women I've ever laid eyes on.

"Ahhhhh!! More!! Fucking more papi!! MMMMM!! Give me all of that big fucking dick!!" Santos lustfully gazed at me again, rubbing my shoulders and ensuring those lovely legs of hers stayed around my waist to make sure I couldn't suddenly stop my repeated, deep pumping motion. As if I was planning to pull my cock out of her stunning, tight and now nicely wet hole She wanted it, and I was more than capable of delivering as I sent my shaft pumping away into her box with another round of stiff thrusts.

"Ooooooooh!! MMMM... Yeah... You like that pussy Jay? Yeah? Yeah??" Her voice was higher as she moaned, again that horny open mouthed look on her face with her eyes half-open as the pleasure of my dick filling up her red hot snatch only fueled her needs rather than satisfy that burning lust. Again, I didn't need to say the answer as my own clear moans and the fact I continues to thrust my dick back and forth into her folds proved I was enjoying this just as much as she was.

"Ahhhhh fuck!! I fucking love that pussy... Fuck, it feels so fucking good..." I grunted with a grin as I let go of her waist, using a hand to push back her hair from her face, only her for her to grin back and grip my wrist.

"Think you could handle me riding the fucking shit out of your cock?" Was her blunt question as she teasingly leaned towards me so her nose touched mine, making me stop my thrusts into her.

"Be my fucking guest Melissa." I replied and no sooner did I make that statement, she released her grip both of my hand and my waist with her legs, commandingly pushing me away from the table so she could step down. Then she grabbed my T-shirt, using it to pull me around and them make me take the position she had been in to sit on the edge of my table, but not before she was making me raise my arms up as she hauled my clothing up and over, smirking with approval at my nicely muscular upper body.

"Not too bad, for a white boy..." Santos teased as she rubbed my chest with her hands for a moment before she reached to the top of her dress and started to slide it down her gorgeous Latina body. She had a great pair of rounded and ripe tits on her, far away from tiny beestings but not massive mountains either, just right for her shapely body and that sexy ass of hers.

Picking up her dress to pop it on the table beside us, it left us both in just our footwear as she climbed up onto my lap, and instinctively I took a hold of her toned waist. Putting on a show she flipped her long brunette hair back, arching back and pushing her tits out towards me as she reached down blindly and gripped my length, lining me up and then lowering herself down onto me as her knees rested on the table at either side of me.

"Mmmmm FUCK!! Oh shit... So fucking good... Fucking filling me up!!" Melissa exclaimed in delight as she eased herself down to almost the base of my shaft, deep enough for her liking at least and more than good enough for me as I similarly moaned out from being back in that awesome, tight and wet pussy. Again she gave me a lustful stare as if we'd been lovers for years rather than about a half hour, sexily running her tongue over her teeth as she took a hold of my shoulders, grinding her snatch down against my crotch as she hissed in delight.

"Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm!! Oh fuck yes!! Mmmmm!!" I could only moan out and watch as without any ceremony she started to ride my cock, not holding back either as she broke into a swift and steady rhythm to swiftly take my tool deep in and out of her needy box, already the smack of skin hitting skin ringing out when her rounded ass cheeks smack down into my thighs.

"Yeah!! Fucking ride it!! MMMM FUCK!! Oh shit... Fuck, that feels so fucking good..." I groaned as I had the perfect view of her as she bounced away on my dick, rapidly stuffing herself full with my cock as she only raised up a few inches to over the half-way point and then drove herself straight back to make us deeply moan. Add in the fact that I only had to glance down and see her breasts as they bounced from the forceful way she was fucking herself on my dick, and I had her pretty, moaning face just a nose away from mine, it all meant I had the damn best seat in the house right now.

"MMMM!! Oh FUCK!! Yessssss!! You love it!! You love... MMMM!! You love my tight fucking pussy, huh??" The stunning ring announcer was making more demands, even as it appeared she already had what she wanted in the form of my big, white cock impaling her snug, wet Latino pussy that remained pleasurably clapping all around my inches like this was the first time she'd ever taken a dick, but her perfectly timed and paced riding action on my member showed this was far from her first ride.

"AHHHHH... Say it!! Say it you... UHHHHH!! Big, white cocked mother fucker!! MMMM!!" Her fingers gripped into my shoulders, but the pleasure I was getting from that rapid bouncing pace as she raised and lowered her cock over my thick inches was more than enough to nullify that sting. With every bounce and every smack of her ass cheeks into my body her desire seemed to just grow and grown, but as we both continued to shameless moan, and as drops of sweat started to roll down our faces from how intense our fucking had been up until now, all I wanted was for her to keep on giving me the ride of my life just like she promised to do.

"Yeah!! MMMM!! I fucking love it!! God, your fucking pussy... MMMM!! Feels too fucking good on my dick..." I moaned out, finding my hands sliding up her sides as she came to a sudden stop on my dick, causing us both to groan before she once again skillfully rocked her shapely hips back and forth to grind her snatch against my rod to yet again show off her clear sexual experience. That response was certainly to her liking as she gave me another wide and sexy smile, suddenly dismounting me and slipping down between my legs.

"Awwwwww SHIIIIIT!! MMMM... Ahhhhhh FUCK!!" I groaned out as she took me back into her mouth and sucked on my cock with a round of deep and rather sloppy slurps, noisily working over my shaft with just her mouth but keeping her lips wrapped around my big cock as she went to town on me. Didn't look like she minded about the taste of her own pussy either, my dick glistening from her fluids all over my pole but were getting cleaned off by her blowing action, made all the more hotter by the now reoccurring theme of her gazing at me with desire in her smoking hot eyes.

"Mmmphhh!! Mmmm..." Melissa delivered another deep suck, seemingly remembering how much she gagged before when she tried to push down to far onto me, and she pulled off with a gasp and a smirk before she grabbed my thighs. "Fuck me! I don't care how, just stick this massive fucking cock back into me and fuck my brains out!!" She demanded before standing up and taking a long look over my dick.

"You want it? You'll fucking get it!" I swear I growled that out like some primal animal, and similarly going on just pure lust I grabbed a hold of her and damn near threw her down onto the table we'd been fucking against. The sexy ring announcer just grinned with glee as she propped herself up and assumed the position, sticking her fine Latina ass out and spreading her legs far apart for me, and it was an invitation I was not going to refuse as I stepped in and shoved my fat white dick one more time back into that heavenly pussy.

"OOOOOOOH FUCK!! YES JAY!! MMMMM!! Take me!! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEEEEEE!!" She wildly yelled out as I started to hammer away into her snatch from behind, holding her toned waist as I drove my dick back and forth into her box that was still as snug as ever, but now feeling dripping wet after all this intense and lustful fucking we've been engaged in for what feels like hours now. It didn't take long before I was ploughing in balls deep into her needy pussy, the slap of my body connecting against her stunning and curved frame ringing out to mix with our moans as I stuffed that wonderful snatch full with all of my fat inches.

"AHHHHH!! FUUUUUCKK!! OH MMMMMM... AHHHHH YESSSSSSS..." She shamelessly called out, surprising me by pushing herself back against my thrust to help me ram her deep, and give me another red hot visual treat of her lovely ass jiggling when it slapped backward into my waist.

"Awwwwww FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Yeah... You love this!! MMMMM..." I grunted, lifting a hand and using it to deliver a sharp spank to her booty which made her groan out and look back with another of those open mouthed, lost in desire looks on her gorgeous, sweat covered face. She looked a lifetime away from that professional and sexy looking ring announcer that she is for Lucha Underground, moaning and rocking back and forth against my pistioning motion as I hammered into the cock-craving Latina with every inch of my long, white dick.

"MMMMM!! Say it! Fucking say it Melissa!! AHHHHHH... Say you fucking love... UHHHHH!! My fucking cock!!" I honestly surprised myself with how filthy my talk was, but it was all thanks to how worked up the stunning brunette had gotten me as I continues to ram my man meat balls deep into her still pleasurably snug but now dripping wet so much that a little pool of her juices were collecting on the table I was fucking her over.

"MMMMM!! I FUCKING DO JAY!! I... AHHHHHH!! I LOVE GETTING FUCKED BY... MMMM!! YOUR BIG... FUCKING... WHITE... COCK MMMMM!!" The curvaceous beauty bent over in front of me managed to loudly moan out with such a lust-filled tone in her voice that it would fit right in to any major porn film, and speaking of fitting in my dick was staying stuffed into her wet and tight tunnel as I drove back and forth into her even as I had to rapidly draw in breath as keeping up this wild and intense pounding pace was wearing me out.

"UHHHH!! DON'T STOP!! I'M... OH GOD!! SO CLOSE!! MMMMM!! YEAH... YEAH YEAH YEAH!!" She almost whined out her cries of joy now, her head hanging down and her hair getting messy to say the least from the sweat that's running through her and similarly covering her gorgeous body, but still managing to push herself backwards to meet every one of my ramming thrusts into her snatch as I took her from behind.

Just as I was about to comment that I couldn't be far off from the end myself, the floodgates were opened as Melissa arched up away from the table and tossed her head back, sending her hair flying along with sweat as she unleashed a moan that I won't damn forget for the rest of my days. I groaned deeply myself as I felt first her snatch somehow getting tighter around my thickness as I thrust sharply and with force in and out of her, and then a rush of juices all across me length to confirm the fact the stunning Latino was cumming, and doing so hard, all over my big white dick. I could only clench me teeth, watching those butt cheeks shaking much like the rest of her as she moaned away and enjoyed no doubt an orgasm to remember, the sensations aided by the fact that I didn't stop pumping her from behind while she came.

"AHHHHHH!! MMMMMM FUCK... Holy shit!! MMMM..." I gasped as I let go of her waist, still giving her a couple of pumps in and out of her dripping wet folds but deliberately slowing the pace down along with the force I was putting behind them. I'd be lying if I said I did so to help her come back down to Earth, as it was just for my own benefit as I felt my dick throb inside of her snatch. Somehow I'd managed to not blow my load inside of her, and Hell, I'd managed to even outlast her and actually prove that this "white boy" could fuck, not that I really cared about that apparent challenge - I was over the fucking moon to have fucked one of the sexiest babes I'd ever come across.

"MMMM... Oh fuck!! Melissa... MMMM!! I'm gonna fucking cum soon!" I stated, wondering briefly how this could possibly end as I pulled out of her snatch, looking over first my dick to see all her juices dripping off of me, and then her pussy with her now looking less than fully tight like before lips that similarly had her love juices trickling down from them.

"Don't... Don't you fucking DARE even touch yourself!" Melissa said, unsteadily moving herself off from the table like her legs had suddenly turned to jelly after I'd rocked her world. She had a big and satisfied to say the very least smile on her sweat-coated face as she moved down to her knees in front of me and only gave me one of those dirty, lusty looks before she once again took my length into her oral hole.

"Mmmmphh!! Mmmm!! Mmmmppphhh!!" She immediately groaned around the dick she'd just cum all over and from the way she was swiftly bobbing her head up and down onto me as she held onto my waist she wanted all the spunk I had for her and left stood on the spot and moaning, I damn well wasn't going to object to her finishing me off like this! As I'd noticed before, she cared very little about how she was tasting and cleaning off her own pussy juices from off of my dick, maybe even being turned on by this from how she seemed to be moaning around my dick as she swiftly blew me, but she could just as easily be getting off on just the act of oral sex as she seemed to have done when this all started so long ago.

"AWWWWW SHIT!! AHHHHH FUCK!! OH MELISSA... MMMMM FUCK YEAH... UHHHHH..." I groaned her name out, and that in turn got her bobbing away even more forcefully back and forth along my length as I once again got to enjoy those full, made for sucking dick lips of her that wrapped perfectly around my thick pole. Even after having experienced what certainly looked like one of the strongest orgasms she'd ever had in her life, her naughty desires are making her still showcase all her sexual ability with another dose of expert sucking as she smoothly took my throbbing rod in and out of her soothing mouth.

"MMMM... OH SHIT!! MMMMM FUCK!! I'M GONNA BLOW MELISSA... AHHHHH... MMMMM..." I moaned again as my chest heaved for much needed air, watching her gorgeous face move down towards my crotch and then back away to repeat the motion as she showed that it's not just with ring announcing that she has a talent for using her mouth.

She certainly proved that to be completely true as I could only let out a long and loud moan as I started to cum inside of the mouth of Melissa Elizabeth Santos, making her eyes widen in surprise not from my release, but the large amount of jizz the first shot alone had sent into her. I was sure she smiled around my dick as she gripped my dick and started to pump my inches, opening her mouth and letting me see her collect my load as blast after creamy blast shot out and filled up her mouth with the odd tail end of a rope splashing onto her full lips. Like a true pro, she didn't stop stroking me off until the last, tiny drops dripped out of my slit, and it wasn't until she was satisfied that I was really spent that she let go of me and made sure I was watching as she pressed her lips together and with a single, filthy gulp swallowed down every bit of that massive load.

"Mmmmm!! Fucking tasty, for a white boy..." Melissa teased with a smirk as she moved up to stand up, letting out a sigh as she used a finger to wipe off the cum from her lips in order to suck them clean.

"Shit... You still on that trip?" I questioned even with a big smile on my face after without a doubt the best sex I've ever had. "I would have thought that I'd proved that, well, at least this white boy can fuck!" I pointed out.

She smirked, leaning back against the table we'd been fucking on and over. "You honestly think that's what this was about?" Santos teased as she reached over and grabbed her dress.

I shrugged my shoulders, since I didn't fucking care anymore. "Maybe? Maybe not? Maybe you just needed a good time, and I was the right guy at the right place."

"The right guy? You were more than just that Jay... You're good enough that anytime I need some fucking big dick filling me up, I'm going to come calling back here for a booty call." She grinned as she glanced briefly down at my dick before she started to get dressed again.

"Shit... I'm more than down with that!" I grinned. "Just give me some warning so I can clear a space on the table for us..."

"Fuck that! You'll be lucky I don't throw you onto the floor and take you there and then if I get worked up like this again!" She warns with another lustful look in her eyes, letting me get another look at her tits before she covers them up before blowing me a kiss as she strutted past and walked out of my work room with a big sway in her step.

As the door closed and I was left in just my sneakers with my clothes on the floor, I could only smile and chuckle at the unexpected but completely awesome series of events that had just happened. I took it all back, and thought to myself that I'm going to love this job!

Turns out, I did love that job, because as I said, that encounter was just one of many of the best nights of sex I had. Because as it turned out, there were plenty more gorgeous women around Lucha Underground who wanted some of my big cock...

* * *

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