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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Ivelisse Velez (Lucha Underground, SHINE Wrestling, former NXT
as Sofia Cortez)

What Happens Underground Part 2
A Lucha Underground erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

OK, so to recap my what I said before - the name's Jay, and I'm a decently built white guy who works behind the scenes at Lucha Underground as a tech guy, and I was lucky enough to get to fuck the sexy ring announcer Melissa with by big, long cock. We up to date here? Good.

Now, as I mentioned before, hooking up with that sexy Latina was just the start of to be honest quite an epic run of luck when it came to incredibly hot babes that were around that show. Now I could go on and on about hook-ups I had with Santos at the tapings, after, before etc etc but I figured I'd tell the story of how I managed to get with another smoking hot babe, and this one was an actual wrestler for the promotion. Or Luchadora as I think they were called.

Anyway, another of the TV tapings were going on, some wild match involving many people and ladders or something, I didn't know what the Hell was going on. But I was away from the main recording studio, doing... Uh... Fuck, I can't remember. I was either going to check for something, or pick up something, or... Ah screw it, it doesn't matter and I'm sure you don't care either.

What does matter is that as I was going backstage heading in one direction a gorgeous, curvy, dark haired Puerto Rican stunner was heading towards me and she looked to be one hell of a foul mood. Ivelisse Velez. Wearing a tight, black ring outfit of a bra-like top that nicely showed off her tits, and booty shorts that did nothing to hide her amazing, thick ass, along with black boots. I'd later learn she had major experience in wrestling before then, having been in WWE developmental NXT, a contestant on WWE Tough Enough, and was a former SHINE Wrestling Champion. So yeah, allow me to brag and say I'd gotten a piece of a pretty big deal that day.

"Where the fuck is Son of Havoc?!" Ivelisse demanded with a glare, making sure to force me to stop by getting into my path.

"Uh... I don't know!" I quickly answered. I definitely hadn't seen a wannabe biker with a big beard and wearing a mask. "Probably hiding?"

"It would fucking figure he would be!" Velez snapped with a glare. "He screwed up and lost again tonight! And I do NOT associate myself with losers!"

"Then why do you hang out with him them? Couldn't you, hang out with some other guy who could win a match?" I suggested, trying to defuse her clear rage, as hot as it made her, for my own benefit and protection. I didn't want to mess with this chick who could no doubt easily kick my ass!

"Oh please... I have fucking standards!" She boasted as she glared at me. "You? You think you can even get to my standards?"

"Woah, hey! I'm no wrestler! I'm just a tech guy!" I said, raising my hands up. "I'm more of a lover than a fighter anyway..."

Ivelisse laughed at that, placing her hands on her shapely hips and eyeing me up. "You? A lover? That's a fucking joke... You don't look like you'd last a minute with the baddest bitch in the ring..." She referred to herself.

"Hey! I can handle myself just fine when it comes to a good time..." I said, smirking as I remembered a recent encounter with a certain smoking hot ring announcer.

She narrowed her eyes to glare at me again. "Sounds like bullshit to me... But since that piece of shit Son of Havoc won't show up, I might as well amuse myself somehow..." She said, before grabbing me by my Lucha Underground staff T-shirt, that went with my sneakers and my jeans, and before I knew what was happening I was being forcefully hauled down the corridor to a locker room. From how pissed off she was, I for sure wasn't going to try and stop her!

That led me to being shoved and bossed around, and only moments later I was down on my knees in front of her as she turned around and faced the wall of the locker room, looking back over her shoulder at me as she stuck out that amazing, thick backside towards me. "Let's see if you can please me better than that weak Son of Havoc ever has..." She stated as an order.

"Sounds like your man can't quite deliver in the ring, or out of it..." I thought aloud, my hands reaching up as obeying her commands like I was her new fuck toy I slowly pulled down those shorts, revealing those massive rounded cheeks in all their glory, which was enough to make me lick my lips already. Hey, I can dig being the one taking orders rather than taking the lead, and this might not be so bad after all.

"Less talking! Put that mouth to better use, and get to work on worshipping my fine fucking ass before I start kicking yours!" Velez snapped at me with another deep glare that showed she wasn't messing around.

Quickly nodding to her order, I took a hold of bother of those fleshy rear cheeks to give them a squeeze and them spread them apart, and with that I dived in between those cheeks and kicked it off with a long lick that went all the way up the crack, brushing over her pussy and then further to go over her asshole before reaching the top, making her groan and gasp as I travelled upward. Glancing up I saw a brief look of surprise at my lick before she glared again at me, and before she could giving me another telling off I dropped back down for another slow and long lick up her buttcrack, making her groan again.

Firmly gripping her cheeks I spread them, leaning in and not applying my mouth onto her asshole, sucking on that tight entrance while I squeezed those full and rounded assets of hers, hearing her clearly gasping from the motion I was using on her. A little kiss onto that puckered hole before I began to flick my tongue out against her, slight brushes at first to see her reaction, getting a hiss through shut together teeth as she looked back over her shoulder at me as I teased that stunningly thick Puerto Rican backside.

"Ahhhhh... Motherfucker!! You'd better... Ahhhhh... Make the most of this..." She warned with a intense stare down at me, watching my face being pressed up close to her ass as I licked at her asshole, still flicking out at her and working around the hole with a slow swirl. She felt very tight already even before I really started working over her, but hearing her groan and moan as I dined on her rump was music to my ears, and making me rock hard in my jeans.

"Mmmmm... At least you're not whining... Like that prick Son of Havoc does..." She commented with a moan, and I took that as somewhat of a compliment for my tongue work on her backside as I again moved down lower for another lick all the way up to the top of her booty, smirking as I felt just a little bit of dampness when I went over her pussy. She might not be willing to admit it, but it looked like ass play was getting her worked up.

I couldn't really respond, my face buried in deep to those fantastic, rounded butt cheeks as I started to push my tongue against that tight hole, making her groan and for the first time push that backside out against me even as my hands still gripped that more than ample flesh. It could have been just from reflex but as I heard her moan as I probed her asshole with my hungry tongue, I'd like to think I was getting her into this more and more with every flick, lick, and dabbing of my saliva onto her. As that booty was getting pressed against my face, I had to carefully tilt my head to draw in breath through my nose to avoid getting completely smothered by that massive, sexy backside that I felt now grinding back into me. In turn I had to move my head slightly to ensure my tongue remained probing and sliding across that hole which to call it snug would be a massive understatement.

Pulling back, I took in a gasp of breath and took the chance to grope those full rear cheeks again, glancing up to see the gorgeous former WWE developmental talent glaring back with another sexy, defiant gaze but with just the hint of desire in those smoking hot eyes. Well, if it was more she wanted, I was the guy to deliver and I looked back to that juicy ass and spit down onto her asshole, causing another clear groan to escape her. More was to come, in more ways that one, when I moved a hand over and used a finger to push into her backside, sending the saliva down with it as I boldly (considering this total babe could easy kick my ass in a heartbeat) began to finger fuck her stunning ass.

"Oh fuck!! Mmmmm... You actually... Ahhhh... Know what you're doing..." Ivelisse admitted, gritting her teeth again but sticking out that gorgeous rump as I pushed my finger in and out of her back passage, pulling out so I could again spit onto her asshole before working the digit back in for a couple of pumps. Hell, even if I didn't know what I was doing, I was going to make full use of this chance at one of the fulliest and thickest asses I've ever seen, watching how her butt cheeks were even slightly jiggling just from my finger banging motion as I worked into her very tight hole.

"Ahhhh... Then again... This isn't real fucking just yet..." She added, reaching a hand back to push my head away from her head, and wisely I took the hint by pulling my finger out of her backside, hearing her hiss from the withdrawal as I shifted back and stood up.

"You will have to do more than that to impress a real woman like me!" Ivelisse snapped as she turned around, and I could see a sexy tattoo of a flower right above her shaved and as I'd noticed before, already a little wet pussy.

"I'm damn game to try if you're willing to give me a shot." I said, maybe a bit too eagerly reaching down and undoing my belt, my action getting another stare from her before I dropped my jeans and pushed down my boxers to allow my nicely sized and thick to match cock spring free.

Velez didn't say anything for a long moment, looking right down at my shaft but I saw those smoking hot eyes widen just for a little moment before her game face snapped on, and she reached down to take a hold of my rock hard rod. "This... Is a lot better that I was expecting... Bigger than Son of Havoc clearly..." She somewhat complimented me as she gave me a testing stroke, and then another, and before I knew it she had me groaning as she was pumping me with a slow and steady pace.

"Well... Mmmmm... If you want to see if I can use it, I'm... Ahhhhh!!" I started to say but before I could finish she was squeezing my dick, another glare as surprisingly, but quite pleasantly, she moved to kneel down on the locker room floor in front of me, still jerking me off like she was sizing me up.

"You'll have to prove you won't cum in a flash first before you even think about getting a piece of the biggest bitch around!" She warned with another glare before she moving her long dark haired head towards my pole, parting her lips and right away taking my cock inside in a commanding way, sinking down so the head and then a couple of inches vanished up inside of a mouth that felt fantastically warm and nicely wet to match.

"Mmmmmphhh... Whhhhllll shhhhheeee hhhfff ueewwwww chhhhnnnn lllhhhhsssttt fffkkkkkhhhhrrr..." She taunted me, her words muffled by my dick being in her mouth as she went to work blowing me, planting those lips right around my shaft to let them grind across my length as she pushed down to maybe the halfway mark on me and then slowly raised back up to the head, teasing like she was going to pull off completely only to venture back down again.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm... Oh shit... Fuck that's good..." I'd experienced some great head before in my encounter with that sexy ring announcer, but feeling the oral hole of the former SHINE Wrestling Champion moving back and forth over my manhood was a completely different set of erotic pleasure. This was more focused, a hint of intensity clear in her bobbing motion while her hand just gripped my base now instead of stroking, keeping that rod straight for her to work over as she showed her focus to see if I really could handle some of what she had to offer.

"Mmmmm... Awwwwww shit!! Mmmmm... Yeah, that's fucking hot..." I moaned out, staring down at the pretty face of the Puerto Rican beauty as she steadily sucked on my long, white cock with steady back and forth motions, groaning slightly herself around my member as she worked that clearly far from novice mouth of hers over the top part of my length to leave a nice layer of her spit over me already.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh..." The badass Luchadora groaned again around my tool as she rocked her head towards and then sharply away from my crotch with a steady and starting to get forceful motion, like she was turning things into another gear as she figured out that I could indeed handle this kind of blowjob from her, as hot and pleasurable as it felt already to me.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmmphh... Mmmmm..." I did notice that she had one hand to hold my dick in place for her to swiftly suck on as her saliva was trickling down my inches, but her other hand appeared to be down between her legs. So it was either to rub her own pussy or maybe even finger her ass, I couldn't see from where I was standing and as she continued to expertly blow me I couldn't honestly give a damn.

"Awwwwwww fuck!! Mmmmm!! Fuck yeah... Fucking take that dick!" I moaned out as she pushed herself down further onto my rod, a glance up at me as her lips fought to stay wrapped around me but she made herself gag on my dick as the crown of me connected with the back of her mouth, only serving to make her expression look even hotter from the mix of discomfort and trying to remain looking pissed off at me. To her credit she didn't ease up for a moment as she gagged and made saliva rush down my already covered cock, continuing to bob her head quickly and now more forcefully like she was trying to still prove a point now in spite of the noisy, erotic gagging she was doing on my dick.

"Oh fuck yes... Mmmmm!! Holy fuck, you know how... Mmmmm... To fucking suck a dick..." I was able to groan out, going with the flow as I pulled my T-shirt up and over my head and dropped it to the floor, getting another glare from the sexy former NXT Diva known as Sofia Cortez while she deeply blew me, gagging over and over again every time she went down deep to near deep throat all of my length.

"Uhhhhllllkk!!! GAAAAAAAHHH!! Hhhrrrrkkkkk!! Gaaaaaaaah!!" Her muffled groans and nasty, raspy gags continued to escape her as was her saliva now, seeping past her lips that were fighting a loosing battle to keep wrapped around my length as she sucked me off, her spit now drooling off her lips, down her chin, and sexily dripping onto her top-covered chest as this intense and sloopy blowjob carried on.

"Mmmmmphhh!! GAAAAAAHHH!! MMMMPPPHHH!!" While she deeply and swiftly bobbed her head back and forth onto my now dripping with saliva shaft, her hand seemed to be now quickly working herself over underneath her in whichever hole, maybe even holes, she was using to pleasure herself with. A couple more sucks and one last loud gag, and she finally pulled away, letting out a long gasp of relief as she took in desperately needed air, staying down and releasing my cock before she locked eyes with me for another intense, and now far more filled with desire stare.

"Bigger than Son of Havoc is, and you can actually fucking last..." Velez informed me, not that after such an amazing blowjob that I even remembered that her and the masked wrestler were an item. She stood up, removing her hand from between her legs and using a looking slick with juices finger to point to a black travel bag in a locker a short distance away. "Get my fucking lube! You get one shot... Make it count." She warned as she used her other hand to wipe her saliva off of her own chin.

Being smart enough to not dare defy the pissed off but looking now quite horny beauty, I raced over to the bag and started fishing in. Distracted for a moment by what appeared to be black strap-on amongst the ring clothing, and wanting no part of even knowing if she had used that on her boyfriend or not, I pulled out the lube bottle in question and headed back across. Just in time as she had removed her top to show off her nicely rounded and sized tits to leave the dark haired stunner in just her black foots, similar to me only being in my footwear at this time.

"The fuck are you waiting for??" She snapped, turning around and assuming the position against the wall as she bent over in front of it and placed both hands on the brick surface, tossing her hair back to watch me as I stepped forward and poured a bit of lube down onto her asshole. Her groan only got louder as I again used a finger to pump in and out of that tight hole, now working in the lubricant as far as I could into her with a little extra poured out for good measure to get that big booty ready for a pounding.

"Ahhhhh... You don't fucking piss and moan when I tell you to do something either..." She murmured as I gave her backside another couple of thrusts with my finger, withdrawing so I could apply a generous amount of lube onto my already coated with saliva dick just to make extra sure I was going to be giving it to her with all that I had.

"Well, I ain't fucking stupid I like to think..." I commented after I'd set the bottle down, using my hands as I spread her full cheeks apart with one and used the other to line up my rod with her entrance, testing her hole with a couple of prods. Before she could yell at me again I forced my way in, causing us both to moan as she took my big white cock in her stunning, thick Puerto Rican ass.

"Awwwwww shit!! MMMMM... Ahhhhh fuck... " Holy fuck was this ever the best and tightest ass, let alone hole I think I'd ever been in before in all my days, feeling like a fucking vice all around my shaft even with all the lube I'd applied to myself and to her. I groaned as I just stood still with my cock a few inches deep into her backside as the sensations honestly overwhelmed me for a long moment, but thankfully she snapped me back into reality by pushing back against me, the trigger I needed to begin working my cock in and out of her.

"Ahhhhhh!! Mmmmm... We'll... Oooooooh FUCK!! Fucking see about that..." The former WWE Tough Enough contestant groaned as she stared back at me, casting long, approving gazes down at my crotch as I moved my hips towards and away from that magnificent, rounded booty to show she at least like what she was seeing of the glimpses of my dick entering and leaving that thick backside. From the way she was pushing that ass back against me as I pushed in with steady and stiff pumps, I could guess that this wasn't the first time she'd taken it up the ass before but I wasn't going to risk her wrath by daring to ask her about her anal experiences before.

"Mmmmm!! Come on fucker!! Ahhhhh... Harder! Deeper you fucking prick!!" She swore and snapped at me, her horny response making this all the more hotter to both watch and experience as I thrust my cock back and forth into her super snug hole, my hands firmly gripping her juicy cheeks that jiggled sexily from her strong to say the least pushing back motion to meet my shaft as I sent myself in.

"Oh shit!! Mmmmm!! Sure... Sure fucking thing babe... MMMM..." I grunted out as I stepped up to the challenge, my fingers digging into that smooth and rounded flesh of her ass as I started to put force behind my thrusts now that I was used to all the pleasurable friction around my manhood as I worked in and out of her asshole from behind.

"Ahhhhh.... MMMMM FUCK!! Oh fuck yes... Look at that fucking ass..." I marvelled as I stared down at that one of a kind backside that seemed built to be able to take some dick, my pumps now smooth and getting firmer and quicker as I attempted to give her and her juicy booty the sort of fucking they both deserve. She responded with a moan of her own, one hand now leaving the wall she was bending over against and going underneath her, and as her moan continued as I saw her arm rocking with a back and forth motion of her own it seemed clear she was once again rubbing her pussy while another sexual act was ongoing.

"MMMM!! Yes!! Fuck my ass!! Fuck me... AHHHHH... Fuck my ass like a real fucking man should!" The stunning dark haired Luchadora demanded, moaning as she took shots at her seemingly lacking both in the ring and in the bedroom boyfriend, but I was damn happy about that as it's led me to be deep inside of her snug to put it mildly back passage as I fucked her fat and sexy ass while she's bent over in front of me fingering herself, getting off on me banging that backside.

"AHHHHH... UHHHHHH!! Deeper!! Come on motherfucker!! MMMMM!! Harder into this fucking bitch's ass!!" She groaned her lusty, dirty demands while no doubt her fingers were briskly pumping in and out of her own wet snatch but I could neither see nor hear that motion going on underneath her, my gaze fixed onto those full butt cheeks and my shaft ploughing in and out of her asshole, and hearing just the sounds of our shameless moans of delight from this anal sex.

"Awwwwwww SHIT!! MMMM... Oh fuck!! Look at this... UHHHHH... Hot fucking ass!!" I moaned, feeling drops of sweat dripping down my face from the effort I was having to use in order to go in as deep and as hard as I could into that lovely and rounded backside, her back passage staying vice-like to grip my rod as I pushed in deep to almost go in to the hilt before pulling back to the half-way point and repeating the motion with a groan of desire.

"MMMM... Oh yeah... Feels so... AHHHHH MMMM... Fucking good!!" I was honestly surprising myself at being able to manage to last inside of this incredibly thick and tight booty but the feelings of pleasure I was getting from that same fine ass being pushed back against me from the babe bent over in front of me was fuel enough to keep on driving deep into that rump time and time again.

"FUCK!! Fuck fuck FUCK FUUUUUUCK!! MMMMM..." The former WWE Tough Enough contestant moaned out, her hand continuing to work over her starting to drip pussy, feeling her hand slightly bumping against my balls as I did my part and drove in deep into the ample, juice rump of the gorgeous female wrestler. It was only when I ripped my gaze away from those juicy, stunning ass cheeks to look over her sexy frame that I noticed her body was glistening with a layer of sweat, her own arousal and no doubt her fingering work having an effect on her.

"AHHHHH!! Oh shiiiiiiiiiit MMMMM!! FUCK... Keep... Keep FUCKING MY ASS MMMMMM!!" She yelled out her desire with another sharp gaze shot back at me even as a constant stream of moans escaped her, getting off on my fat and long white cock plunging in deep into her fantastic, thick Puerto Rican booty that looks and feels, from the still strong tightness all around my thrusting dick, made to be pounded like she's a anal expert porn star.

"AHHHHHH... Pull... Pull the fuck out!!" Velez groaned out the order and naturally, to avoid any kind of pain coming my way from the badass Luchadora who could even now still wreck me if I pissed her off, I pulled out of that tight ass with a moan of my own. "Fucking lay down!! NOW!!" She snapped and obeying I rushed down to lay on my back on the locker room floor, my rock hard cock pointing straight up at the ceiling.

I didn't have to wait long before her intentions were clear as she mounted me in a squatting style, reaching down and taking my dick back up into her ass to make us both groan out in pleasure, that back passage still as snug as ever despite my previous pounding motion, and she didn't stop sinking down until those juicy butt cheeks touched my crotch. Going basically balls deep with just the first motion! How I didn't cum there and then I don't know but the self proclaimed biggest and baddest bitch in Lucha Underground was in control as she started to bounce on my dick as if she'd done this position and act every single day of her life.

"UHHHHH!! OH FUCK!! AHHHHHH... So... So fucking close MMMMMM!!" The dark haired beauty moaned out, one hand grabbing her own tits as she rode my cock with an impressive, smooth and quick pace, while her other hand perhaps unsurprisingly went right onto her slick snatch, starting to rather feverishly rub herself while she handled my dick in her tight and thick ass at the same time.

"MMMMMM... MMMM!! You'd fucking better make me cum!! AHHHHHH!! MOTHERFUCKER!! You FUCKING HEAR ME?!??" She near screamed the warning as her head tilted back, going wild with the motion as she raised her backside up to over the half-way mark on my length before dropping down sharply and lustfully onto my dick, the slap of skin meeting sweat-covered skin sounding out along with both of our moans as she commanded the pace with a new level of anal-loving intensity.

"AHHHHH... MMMMM SHIT!! Gonna... UHHHHH!! Fucking try!!" I could only grunt out and watch that stunning, perfectly curved Puerto Rican body bounce away swiftly and forcefully on my lengthy and fat white dick, her tits jiggling nicely in response to her sharp riding rhythm and her long hair even swaying while some strands stick of her pretty face from all the sweat that's dripping now off of her.

"UHHHHHH... MMMM FUCK!! OH SHIT... MMMMM... HOLY FUCK!!" Likewise I was feeling the effects of the wild, needy pace set by the former SHINE Wrestling Champion, my chest heaving for air and sweat coating me as I lay on the floor and watched on as the drop dead gorgeous and talented Luchadora on top of me gave me a ride of a lifetime with her juicy booty masterfully bouncing up and down onto my meaty shaft.

"MMMMM!! OH FUCK... MMMMM FUCK YES!! Almost!! FUCKING... AHHHHHH MMMM..." With every near balls deep bounce on my pole came another dirty and long moan, making her appear more like a desperate, anal-craving slut rather than the talented and gorgeous female wrestler she's known to be. Trapped underneath her and stuffed deep right up into her still very tight ass, I knew which one of those I preferred as I watched her expertly ride my cock with everything she had left, while I had to try and muster up anything I had in me to keep from blowing my load and keep this intense fucking going on for as long as she demanded it go on for.

"AHHHHHH... MMMMM YES!! YES YES AHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUCK MMMMMM!!" Another almost scream coming from her, and it was then as a big lusty smile appeared on her face that Ivelisse Velez started to cum over her own fingers, arching back but still moving her juicy ass up and down on my dick while she slid her fingers rapidly back and forth across her dripping wet pussy.

"AHHHHHH FUCK... MMMMM FUCK... Fuck yeah!! UHHHHH..." I groaned and watched on, seeing her fingers darting over her folds as her digits and the rest of her hand got further coated in her fluids, and all the while she continued to ride my cock with that amazing, thick ass which had somehow gotten even tighter around my rod as she came.

"UHHHHHH... OH FUCK... SHIT... Gonna... MMMMM... GONNA CUM SOON!!" I warned with a deep grunt, my dick throbbing now inside that super tight back passage that was still being moved forcefully but at an easing off pace now by the babe who was impaled on top of me, looking hotter than ever in her sweat-soaked state as looking like she'd finished off experiencing her sexual peak she pulled her dripping with fluids fingers away from her pussy.

"Mmmmm... MMMMM!! You... You deserve some kind of reward... I suppose..." Ivelisse groaned as she mercifully lifted herself all the way up and off of my pulsating cock to leave me gasping, and wondering what kind of reward could come after being so deep in the hottest, thickest and tightest ass I was ever likely to experience in my life? "Up! Stand the fuck up!" She snapped at me, and as I'd done all the way through this fucking session I followed her orders and got to my feet, my dick ready to explode at any moment. I watched as she moved across the room, picked up her black shorts, and approached me, turning around and again bending over in front of me as she stepped into her bottoms. "Do it! Cum all over this bitch's hot fucking ass!!" She ordered, and gripping my dick I instantly obeyed.

"AHHHHHH... MMMMMM!! Oooooooooooh SHHHHIIIIIITTT MMMMM..." Only a couple of frantic pumps of my hand were needed to set things off, my spunk blasting out from my throbbing, thick and long white cock as I coated her juicy, Puerto Rican ass with my load, making her groan when the warm streams of jizz landed across both of her cheeks.

"MMMMM... AHHHHH FUCK... MMMMM... Fuck yeah..." I moaned as I stroked myself, plastering the same magnificent backside that I had been fucking and had bouncing away on my member, leaving my cum starting to drip off of those full, rounded cheeks by the time I had dispensed my sizeable load onto both of her read cheeks. It was only as my cock was going limp that the reason for her stepping into her shorts became clear as she pulled them all the way up, covering up that now cum-covered butt and making herself groan as no doubt the inside of those tight bottoms were smearing my jizz all over her cheeks.

"Mmmmm... Fuck, that feels good..." Velez stated as she turned around to face me, giving me a look over with a slight smirk on her sweat-covered face. "We're done here. Get dressed, and get the fuck out of here!" She snapped her order, moving herself to grab her top.

Thinking better of arguing against her command, and still worn out after all that wild sex and my own orgasm, I hastily put my T-shirt back on and hauled my boxers and jeans back on. For whatever reason, I also found it necessary to pocket the bottle of lubricant from off the floor as well - something I would be glad for much, much later. But that's for another story.

Approaching the door out, I was grabbed by the wrist, turned around, and pushed against it by both hands as Ivelisse smirked sexily at me. "You listen well, and fuck even better... I might just let you get a piece of this again... Or if you screw it up... I might make you do what Son of Havoc will be doing, and making you clean off every inch of my cock with your tongue... Starting with my ass..." She stated, making it further clear why she'd put on her bottoms so quickly after I'd cum over her backside. That poor masked bastard was in for it, and not in a good way.

In the next moment I was shoved out of the room and back into the hallway, the door slammed shut behind me. Taking a second to catch my breath, my bearings, and checking if I hadn't just imagined all of that, I wiped sweat off my forehead and headed off back to try and remember what the Hell I was supposed to have been doing in the first place before I had been fucking the thickest and best ass of my life.

To cut a long story short, whatever I had been doing couldn't have been that important as no one seemed to notice, or care, that I had vanished for about an hour and a half. I think someone commented that I needed a better antiperspirant from how I sweating and stinking, but otherwise there was no issue as far as my job was concerned. So some awesome sex and still getting paid. Win and fucking win, right?

As it happened, I didn't end up hooking up with Ivelisse too often after that encounter. She started hooking up with a tall guy called Angelico or something who seemingly kept that fine juicy ass more than stuffed full. Lucky bastard.

Then again, Ivelisse would be just the second babe around Lucha Underground that I got to fuck. The third? Well, like I mentioned before, that's for another time and another story...

* * *

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