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What Molly & Trish Did After Their Match
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

Molly Holly was scheduled to do battle with Trish Stratus on a fateful night
of Raw. Unfortunately for Trish, she was supposed to lose. Even worse was
that to retain her good standing as a viable threat, Test was to come down
and shove her into the barricade. Now they both a knew a girly throw would
just downplay the angle, but Test himself decided to up the stiffness to a
degree even Trish didn't see coming. He had thrown her in hard. To the point
where she let out a small scream of pain before regaining her composure. The
rest of the match was pretty academic. Molly would pin Trish 1-2-3.

"Night Molly and Trish." said Stacy Keibler as she left the ladies locker

"Night Stacy," Molly said in an upbeat voice as she opened up her locker and
got her towel and shapoo and everything else she needed to have to have a

"Great match Trish mind you i was a bit worried when I heard you cry out in
pain thank god it was only to sell that push Test gave you even more which
you did superbly may i say."

Molly said facing Trish who had her back to Molly and was facing her own

"Yeah...only a sell," she downplayed. In reality her shoulder was absolutely
killing her. It wasn't anything permanent she was sure, but it was sore as
all hell.

"What's wrong? You seem a little down," Molly asked innocently as she began
to remove her clothes in preperation for her shower. Trish reluctantly stared
at Molly's body. Alot of guys preferred Trish, but there was something so
attractive to her about the curves of Molly's form. She shook her head to
clear her mind.

"It's nothing really...I just..y'know thought I might get the title push,
considering how well the year went for me and the reactions I got from the

Molly smiled rather nervously. "Trish can I be totaly honest?" Molly asked
sounding as nervous as she looked

Trish nodded.

"Last year was all about you as far as the WWE divas went at least that's how
many of us felt and we admire and respect you alot me especially but we had a
word with the McMahons and we asked them if this year could be about more
than one diva and they said yes that's why you haven't been given the title
push." Molly admitted as the two hot women walked into the shower stalls.

"So you guys went out of your way to try and stop me? Why didn't you just
bring it up with me?"

Molly rolled her eyes. "Trish, we both know neither you nor I have say in who
gets what in this company. We had to go to Vince. It wasn't like if we asked
you, you could just say 'Ok, I won't win the title.' We all have to earn a
living around here, just like you do."

Molly was frank, but she made a good point. Trish decided to let it drop. She
started to reach behind her head to soap her upper back when she yelped in
pain and pulled back.

"What's wrong?" inquired Molly.

"Nothing," Trish said a little angry despite her anger wasn't aimed at Molly
it was aimed at Test (aka Andrew Martin).

"Come on let me see." Molly said sounding like a mum or something Trish
slowly turned around and showed Molly her back and instantly Molly saw the
bruise on Trish's right shoulder.

"Jesus christ Trish is that where Test rammed you into the barricade."
Molly said asking a stupid question

Trish nodded.

"Fuck me what the hell was that asshole trying to do kill you."

Trish smiled and said, "His character was."

"Character or not that's going a bit too far."

"I can handle hard bumps Moll."

Trish said defencivly of both her abilities and Test's.

"So can I but I expect the guys to remember I'll still a woman and despite
being able to take bumps i still can't take too stiff a bump and that is
definatly a major stiff bump." Molly said touching the bruise.

Trish couldn't tell what her body was doing. The bruise hurt, but Molly's
touch sent both shivers and soothings through it. All it once it felt both
sensual and relaxing.

"But really, I'll be all right."

Trish said, "Just need some time to let it heal."

Molly then for no reason at all gave the bruise a kiss this shocked both
herself and Trish who looked at Molly with a shocked expression on her face.

"What did you do that for?" Trish asked smiling slightly.

Molly smiled back rather bashfully. "My mum always said kiss it better
whenever I got a bruise so i just kissed your bruise better."

Trish smiled

"Thank you."

She then said, "Your wellcome."

An then as the two got showered and washed away the sweat Molly began to
think how she could help Trish forget about being shafted and forget about
the bruise on her shoulder it then came to her.

"Hey er Trish listen my date for tonight chickened out on me at the last
minute so now i've got an entire evening planned and nobody to spend it

Molly lied in part well she lied about the date for the night but the rest
of it was true.

"I was wondering if your not busy if you'd like to spend the evening with
me...I mean come out with me and do stuff that me and my date had planned to
do." Molly said quickly correcting herself for fear Trish may get the wrong
idea of what she ment by "spend the evening with me".

The WWE was putting on two shows in New York less than 50 miles apart, so
they had the next 4 days to relax. Trish saw no harm in taking one night to
spoil herself with a good friend. It's not like she had anything to worry
about the next day.

"Sure, I've got no plans; what did you have in mind?"

Molly grinned, thrilled at her acceptance, and simply replied, "Oh you know,
a little dinner, a little dancing, just going out and enjoying life when
you're not cracking skulls," she smiled.

Trish laughed happily. "Sure, did you wanna go once we get dressed? I have my
evening clothes with me here."

Molly did too, and so they got out of the shower, put on their clothes, and
headed out in a taxi to enjoy the splendor of New York.

Molly told the driver to go to "The New York Sky Scraper" Trish frowned but
then when they arrived she saw what "The New York Sky Scraper" was and it
wasn't a Sky Scraper it was actually a massive Cinema complex.

"What are we doing here?" Trish asked.

"Me and my date planned to see Lord Of The Rings 2 I haven't seen it yet and
I'm a big fan of Sir Ian McKellen's if you don't want too I can get your
ticket traded to see a diffrent movie and we can meet up when both our movies
have finished." Molly said.

"Heck no! I love fantasy movies," said Trish. It was true, she absolutely
loved the first, and being a wrestler, was thrilled any time she got to see
a movie that wasn't all ready on video. The movie was great, but for some
reason neither of them focused on it much. A number of times their hands
found each other on their armrest, making them grin and blush. Secretly
though, neither could really complain. They warmth of each other's touch was
quite pleasing. Once the movie ended, they went out to eat at Molly's
favorite Chinese restaurant. There, Trish was caught off guard with a
question from Molly;

"So, how're the men in your life?"

Trish who due to her determination to go far since first winning the woman's
title in 2002 at the Survivor Series had kept her sexual and relationship
life private before that time there where a load of joke rumors and other
rumors going around about who she was dating such as one joke rumor her and
Vince where really having a fair behind Linda's back Trish also found out
that Linda was actually the creator of that rumor other rumors where that
Trish and Albert or as he was known now A-Train where going together. But
the secret truth was that Trish was a lesbian she hadn't had a partner in
ages mind you she'd been on many dates with "none WWE women" to ensure
nobody in the WWE found out about it. Trish thought quickly, "Well with my
busy schedule I haven't had much time for fact I haven't had any
time for men I a very long long time." Trish said unable to hide her smile.

Molly nodded thoughtfully, "Yeah, me being a virgin, I can understand all
about that. But let me ask you something, since I guess you're more
experienced: do you ever have cravings for guys, or girls?"

Trish looked at her shocked, and Molly quickly added, "I've never seen you
in a relationship, and this is the new milennium."

Trish smiled, but secretly wondered if Molly was actually interested. "Yeah,
of course I get cravings, you've had them too, even if you've never had
experience, it's just natural."

Trish changed the subject quickly, "So if you're so virginal, why the sex

Molly smiled. "Because I'm desperate to loose my virginity of course but I
need to know a little infomation before I do." Molly said and so they
continued they're meal smiling at each other and chatting away and laughing
and giggling and cracking jokes and all sorts Molly felt she was doing a
good job of helping Trish forget about her woes and worries.

When dinner was over, Molly told her it was time to dance. Molly being how
she was, expected a nice ballroom dancing facility. But the place she took
her, entitled "Ruckus" was a total nightspot. Women in skimply clothing
where dry-humping their male counterparts. Alchohol was being thrown around
everywhere, and strangely enough, Molly Holly looked right at home. She lead
Trish on the dance floor. At first she felt awkward being in such a place
with a girl that held the reputation Molly did, but apparently she didn't
seem to care, and as time went by, niether did Trish. The two were quite
light on their feet, enjoying the grinding sensations each one made into one
another. Trish loved to feel her chest pressed up against Molly's, and loved
it even more when Molly's wonderful ass was pressed into her. The heat of
the dance and the club made her very turned on.

However when Molly went to put Trish's arms on to Molly's shoulders she
managed to get the left one on her shoulder but when she went to get the
right one up Trish moaned in pain.

"Sorry Trish I shouldn't of done that." Molly said.

"It's ok I guess the bruise just wanted to remind me that it was still there
and still sore." Trish said with a sad smile.

"How long do you think it will last before it either dissapears or begins to
go down?" Trish asked Molly who had a look of concern on her face.

"Hey, don't worry; it's still just raw, it needs a few days of rest to help
it. And since these days coming up aren't going to have any heavy wrestling
involved, you'll be good as new even faster."

Trish smiled, as Molly's words reassured her. She put her own arms around
Molly's shoulders, who's arms went around Trish's waist. They danced, staring
into each other's eyes. It was easy to tell Trish wanted her, but Molly was
obviously unsure. It was easy to see she enjoyed this, but hadn't had any
experience with a man, let alone experiment with a girl. After the dance, she
hesitated to look at Trish again. She glanced at her watch, and thankfully
the night was getting late.

"Wow, looks like it's about time for us to turn in."

Trish agreed, and so the two left the club and went back to Trish's hotel.
Before they left, Trish asked Molly to come up and ice her shoulder, since
her own muscles were still to sore to reach. Molly obliged, and followed

Once they entered Trish's hotel room Molly imidiatly got down to business

"Where do you keep the ice?" Molly asked.

"Top draw of the fridge." Trish said as she sat on the bed and took her top
off but left her bra on underneath. Molly got the ice pack from the top part
of the fridge and walked over to Trish she got into the bed and sat behind

"This may sting a little babe but it should also take the sting out and leave
it to heal." Molly said cautiously obviously she didn't want to cause Trish
anymore discomfort.

"Ok sweetie." Trish said.

Molly took a deep breath and then put the ice pack on the bruise.

Trish's body shuddered and she let out a soft moan. Molly wasn't expecting
this, and it quickly turned her on. The cool ice manage to send goosebumps
all across Trish's back as her body acclimatized itself to the chilled

"A little lower," Trish said.

Molly obeyed, and Trish eventually grew used to it. Molly would place it on
her shoulder at different points, making a circular pattern.

"Ah, that feels better all ready," Trish sighed. Molly stuttered a bit, but
managed to get out an, "I'm glad to hear that."

Trish then noticed Molly's discomfort and pondered. Was Molly getting aroused
by this? To find out, she decided to play a little game with her.

"Dear, would you mind rubbing my shoulder?"

"You mean with my hands or with the nice pack?" Molly asked the nervousness
still in her voice but she'd managed to get over the stutter.

"Hands please." Trish said hidiing her smile at Molly's nervous voice.

Molly put the ice pack on the bed and then began to give Trish a shoulder
massage touching another woman in this sensual way was making Molly more
aroused which was worrying Molly because 1.) She didn't think she was a
lesbian and 2.) She knew Trish wasn't even though she wasn't currently in
a relationship.

"Mmmm...that feels so good," said Trish in a low whisper.

Molly kept rubbing lightly over the injured area, but couldn't help getting
her thoughts lost in Trish's body, the temptation to move to the rest of her
body took every ounce of willpower to resist. Meanwhile, Trish's light moans
of relief, or so Molly thought, continued to drive her wild. After another
few minutes, Molly slipped. When Trish let out another soft moan, Molly did
the same. She freezed, as Trish tensed up and looked back up at Molly.

"Are you enjoying this as much as me?" Trish asked Molly bit her lip and then
nodded. "Good fancy moving on to the next step."

Molly took a deep breath and swallowed hard. "The next step?" She asked.

"This Molly." Trish said and with that she kissed Molly on the lips Molly
didn't resist mainly due to shock and before Molly had any chance of enjoying
it Trish broke the kiss.

"Do you want us to take the next step?" Trish asked.

"I didn't think you where into women sex...I didn't think I was into women

Molly said with a shocked expression on her face and lust in her eyes.

Trish giggled lightly. "Well it all depends. A man or a woman can be
desireable, but they have to make themselves desired. And God knows I want
you bad right now. Do you want me Molly?"

Molly didn't move as Trish got up, and circled her round to her back.

"Your eyes say you do," she whispered sensually into Molly's ear. "They say
you want my body, they say you want me to have your body. Now all you have
to do is agree with your eyes. Just say the word baby, and your fantasies
can come true."

Molly shuddered; she'd never been so hot for someone before, man or woman.
Whether or not she was experienced, she could not deny her own feelings.

"Y...yes...oh God yes!" whispered Molly.

Trish smiled having won the battle of wills and she moved Molly's hair out
of the way and unclasped the back of Molly's dress nad lovered it to her
waist and unclasped her bra before she began by kissing licking and sucking
on Molly's neck and shoulders while her hands fondled and played with Molly's
breasts and nipples.

The speed at which Trish worked startled the virgin, who could only breathe
and accept the sensations that overtook her body. She reached up and
interlocked her fingers with Trish's, working her own breasts over together
as Trish continued to suck on her neck and lick down her upper back. Molly's
head tilted back and her eyes shut as her breaths graduated into small moans.

Trish then moved around to the front laid Molly down on the bed and locked
they're lips together both girls moaned as they kissed and french kissed and
then Trish moved down to Molly's neck and spent a short time licking and
sucking and kissing Molly's neck and then moved down to Molly's breasts and
licked and sucked and kissed them and while one breast was in her mouth the
other breasts was being fondled effectionalty by Trish's experienced femanine

"Ugh...ungh!" continued Molly as her large breasts were being pleasured by
Trish. However, Trish didn't want to leave all the pleasure to Molly, and so
she sat up straight. She unclasped her own bra, and let her large breasts
loose, much to Molly's admireation. She started to reach when Trish pushed
her back down. Trish then leaned forward and hovered above Molly. Her nipples
were erect, but not so much as Molly's who had just been pleased. Slowly she
started to push her breasts against Molly. Their nipples tangled with each
other, causing both women to moan loudly.

An while they're breasts and nipples where being taken care of by the other's
Trish continued her attack on Molly's neck and lips french kissing Molly for
a while then continueing the attack on the neck licking it sucking it and
kissing it as they're breasts continued to get squashed against one and other
and they where both moaning together.

Molly for the first time took the initiative and bumped her crotch up into
Trish's, causing her to moan even louder. Trish eyed her and grinded her own
into Molly's. And so it became a contest to see who was more skilled. Trish,
seeing that she was losing, decided to end it, and slid her body down
Molly's, making sure to feel every part of her torso with her own. She moved
down to Molly's pants, and unzipped them. What she found shocked her. Molly
was wearing a tiny black thong. She looked up at Molly, intrigued, who just
smiled and shrugged. Trish could care less though, she was after what was
beneath. She pulled them down, and began licking Molly's inner thighs,
teasing her with oral pleasure.

After working on one thigh she moved on to the other and then she heard the
words she had been waiting for "Please Trish no more teasing I want your
tounge in me so bad." and with that Trish rammed her tounge as far into
Molly's cunt as she could get it cause Molly to scream in pleasure.

"OH FUCK ME YES!" Molly cried.

Trish smiled and just got to work on Molly's cunt with her tounge. Her tongue
was like a fiesty snake that writhed quickly and efficiently throughout
Molly's most inner sanctum's, causing her to repeatedly moan, louder and
louder and faster and faster. She finally hit Molly's clit; another thing
Molly had never experienced, and the sensation sent her over there edge with
pleasure. Molly's body was rocked with pleasure as Trish tongued her clit.
Molly could feel the waves of an orgasm begin to take shape.

Trish worked on the clit untill finally and ulltimatly Molly released her
orgasam for Trish to take care of and Trish swallowed as much of Molly's
juices as she could and the rest she let cover her face and once Molly had
finished she cleaned Molly's pussy out before laying next to Molly and
letting the two divas get they're breath back.

Molly could only shiver as Trish just smiled at her and took off the cum
covering her face with her finger and swallowed it. The last finger she put
above Molly, who openly drank it down happily. She moaned at the sweet taste
just slid down her throat. She was ready to repay the favor, and climbed on
top of Trish, and began a deep French kiss, mostly imitating the style Trish
had used.

Trish didn't care all she cared about was being with another woman after so
long without Trish gave back in the kiss 100% Molly then moved down and
imitatted everything Trish done except when she reached Trish's pussy after
removing her pants and thing Molly decided to use her fingers instead of her
face and she did exacterly that she started with one finger when Trish got
wetter she added a second when she got wetter she added a third and pretty
soon Trish was humping Molly's fingers and Molly was fucking Trish with her

"Deeper...deeper," commanded Trish as Molly obeyed, and went past her
knuckles all the way down to the the point where her three fingers met her
thumb and pinky. She turned her fingers inside Trish causing her to moan
even louder out of suprise. She turned to get the best position she could
with her thumb to stimulate Trish's clit. The friction was absolutely
immense as Trish could barely contain her moans from turning into shrieks
of pleasure. Trish's humping grew faster and faster and Molly kept speed,
as if she'd been doing this for years. Finally Trish moaned to Molly, "I'm
cumming...oh God I'm cumming! Oooooh!!"

And she erupted all over Molly's fingers and into her mouth. Trish's chest
slowly sank and she lightly sighed as Molly had finished the job.

Molly then got down and ate Trish out untill she was clean and then she
quickly moved up and kissed Trish so Trish could taste herself and Trish
smiled and said, "Ya know for a rookie your one hell of a good and quick

Molly just smiled.

"To be a good learner you need a good teacher." She said commenting Trish

For a couple minutes it was quiet, until Molly spoke up.

"We have work Monday right," asked Molly.

Trish confirmed that.

"I think I'm going to talk to Vince about giving you a title shot."

Trish simply smiled and said, "Hell with that, put us in a tag team."

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