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What Really Goes On Backstage At The WWF: Part 1
By The Godfather

Raw is war comes on the air to the sounds of screaming fans and JR's
dramatic story lines. Backstage, Eddy Guerrero is set to defend his
European Title against Viscera who is already in the ring. "Mamacita!"
blares over the speakers as Eddy comes down to the ring. He is a little
confused as he looks around behind him and doesn't see Chyna, who usually
accompanies him.

Little does Eddy know just where she is. Chyna had been detained back
stage by Y2J, Chris Jericho. He was still little angry over being screwed
out of the European title by Chyna just a few weeks before. The camera
cuts to backstage and shows Y2J and Chyna exchanging blows. Chris knocks
down Chyna and then the camera goes back to the ring.

Still backstage Jericho puts out his hand to help Chyna up. As he pulls
her up, Chyna becomes overwhelmed by an urge to take him right there.
However, she decides to take him back to her dressing room. After they
arrive at her room, Chyna tells Chris to wait outside for a minute and that
she will be right back. A few minutes later, Chyna pulls open the door, but
stays hidden behind it. Chris walks in trying to figure out how the door
opened. Chyna then jumps him and throws a blindfold over his eyes.

At first Chris struggled to get free, but then he realized what was
happening. He reached out and felt the massive tits he had been wanting for
so long, but he couldn't stand the idea of not seeing them and he ripped
off the blindfold. Then, for the first time, Chris got to see those
beautiful 38 D tits and he also got his first glimpse at her gleaming,
shaved pussy. Chyna tore his shirt off and then went to work on his pants.
Chris stopped her there.

"Remember when you DDT'd me and Eddy go the belt?"

"Yeah, so why are you stopping this?"

"You told the world I had a small penis. Remember?"

"That wasn't real Chris."

"Just wanted to remind you what you said."

At that, Chris peeled off his tights exposing Chyna to a massive cock.
He was only partially hard and it must have been eight inches long. Chyna
remarked that she couldn't have been more wrong about him. She took him
into her mouth and he quickly swelled to full size. His full 11 inches of
cock was being slowly lowered into her mouth, all the way to the hilt.
Chris fucked her mouth until he felt his cum building. Then he pulled out
and spayed his jism on Chyna's huge tits.

Despite feeling a little drained, Chris' member remained rock solid and
Chyna guided him to the entrance to her pussy. Chris stuck it in her and
began pumping away, knowing full well it would be a while having cum so

Back in the ring, Eddy successfully defended his title and was surprised
that Jericho had never made the run in he was scripted to have made. He
made his way to the back and Chyna's dressing room. He knocked but got no
response so he went right in. He saw Chris pounding away on Chyna's pussy
and was immediately hard. Chris saw him but Eddy motioned for him to keep
quiet. Eddy stripped of his clothes revealing his modest five inch dick and
walked over to Chyna's back side.

Chyna was still not aware he was in the room, but she would know soon
enough. Eddy set up behind her perfectly toned ass and rammed all the way
in. Chyna let out a moan that the whole building must have heard before she
turned around to see Eddy. She had always fantasized about Eddy but never
thought he had any interest in her.

The two superstars thrusted in and out of Chyna's love holes for about
ten more minutes when Chyna felt Eddy's hot semen explode in her ass. He
pulled out, thanked her and left, leaving her and Chris alone.

Jericho continued to fuck her for another 15 minutes before he felt his
balls start to burn. "I'm gonna cum!" he yelled.

"Cum in my pussy now!" screeched Chyna.

Then, she felt his jism flowing through her pussy and she too orgasmed
from the sensation of Jericho's cum in her tight cunt. It was the best sex
either superstar had ever had.

...Meanwhile, in another part of the arena, Kane corners his former
girl friend Tori and she...


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