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Paring: Sasha Banks and Carmella

Time Period: Smackdown, May 30th, 2017

What Sasha Wants
by CudderN9neSonicDaHamiltonB.o.B

Fresh off the announcement of the first ever Money In The Bank Ladder Match, Carmella was backstage, excited, with James Ellsworth.

"Carmella, this is your moment! You're gonna climb that ladder, and-"

"This is the girl's locker room." Carmella said, just before they walked in.

"Oh, right... sorry." Ellsworth slowly backed away, and Carmella entered the locker room, as Becky and Charlotte, who she had just finish brawling with, side-eyed her and left, leaving her in the empty large room.

Carmella rolled her eyes and sighed, before heading to her locker. The second she took her hat off, she felt a hand, tangling in her hair.

"AH! WHAT THE FUCK!?" Carmella yelled, as the hand pushed her head forward, and she felt another hand, pushing her lower back. She was pressed against the locker from behind, unable to see who was behind her.

"You don't watch commercials on Raw?" Sasha asked, teasingly.

"What are you doing here!?"

"I'm managing Rich on 205 Live tonight." She said, beginning to remove Carmella's top.

Carmella started pushing Sasha's hands away.


Sasha laughed a bit, feeling Carmella's heart pounding faster and faster, as she pressed her chest against Carmella's back.

"You were talking all that shit, and now you wanna act shy?"

May 7th, 2017

"So... who ya snapchattin'?" Bayley asked, teasingly, as Sasha hid her phone.

"Nun ya business." Sasha replied, in the same teasing voice, as Apollo and Titus chuckled from the front seat.

Sasha opened the snap from Carmella that read "Summerslam weekend? Lmao, only time our schedules line up.".

"Hmm, Carmella. Interesting." Bayley said, as Titus and Apollo laughed, and Sasha immediately turned her phone face down.

"Stop reading my fucking messages!"

"Curiosity killed that cat."

"Yeah and it's gonna kill you next." Sasha threatened. Bayley smiled and rolled her eyes.

"So, you like girls now, huh?" Apollo teased.


"We're just messing with you... but you are being kinda secretive about those messages." Bayley shrugged.

Sasha said nothing, typing "don't think I can't pull up to Smackdown and get what I want", and hitting send.

"At the rate this traffic is going, we ain't getting to the hotel until halfway through Raw." Titus said.

Apollo laughed.

"It's Sunday."


Bayley and Sasha laughed too, as Sasha opened Carmella's message. She said "During the show?" with laughing emojiis.

Sasha lowered her eyebrows a bit and typed "I'm not laughing, you think I won't make you cum in front of the entire locker room and show them all who you belong to?"

"Okay, I just read something I didn't want to read." Bayley said, as Sasha's eyes got huge.

"I TOLD YOU TO FUCKING STOP!" Sasha yelled, punching her in the arm.


"What'd you read?" Apollo asked, with a laugh.

"Nothing." Bayley said, trying not to look at Sasha.

Apollo nodded, knowing it must've been something sexual, or really private, as Sasha glared at Bayley, while she hit send.

The car ride was awkwardly silent for a bit, as Sasha got a message from Carmella, saying "Maybe when you walk in I'll drop to the ground and kiss your feet so everyone will know right away that The Boss owns me."

Sasha looked over to see if Bayley read that message over her shoulder. She hadn't. Sasha typed "I'm gonna fucking take you the second I see you."

Carmella responded instantly. "If I don't take you first."

"I just... I never thought you'd actually show up, I-"

"You thought I was bluffing?" Sasha asked, roughly smacking her ass.

Carmella gasped, as Sasha tightened the grip on her hair.

Just then, she heard footsteps walking into the locker room.

Carmella desperately tried to push Sasha away, put Sasha wouldn't let go, and put her mouth on Carmella's ear.

"Don't deny me." Sasha whispered, in almost a begging tone, sending chills down Carmella's spine, as Natalya walked in.

"What did I just walk into?" She asked, confused.

"Tell her." Sasha demanded, forcing Carmella roughly onto her knees, as Natalya gasped and took a step back. Carmella winced at the impact.

"Tell. Her."

Carmella said nothing.

"Tell her, you fucking worthless piece of shit!" Sasha scolded, roughly kneeing Carmella in the back, and pulling her hair harder, as she grew angrier.

Carmella groaned in pain.

"I'm just gonna go now." Natalya said, beginning to leave.

"Not until she tells you what I want her to tell you!"

Natalya stopped in her tracks, sensing Sasha's tone of voice. Carmella stared at Natalya, her glazed eyes coming from a combination of pain, disbelief, and sexual arousal.

"Th-The Boss owns me." she said, weakly.

"Say it like you mean it."

"The Boss owns me." Carmella said, with more conviction.

"Now kiss my feet." Sasha smiled, letting her grip of Carmella's hair go, in order to begin taking off her shoes and socks, as Natalya awkwardly left.

Sasha roughly snatched a handful of Carmella's hair again.

"Listen, you stupid bitch, don't you ever embarrass me like that again! I don't care if Cass, Vince, or your own fucking parents walk through that door, you look them in the eyes and tell them who owns you, do I make myself clear!?"

"Y-yes Boss. I'm sorry, Boss."

Carmella heard more foot steps.

Sasha smirked at her, as Naomi walked in.

"Hey Sash-uh... what the..."

"The Boss owns me." Carmella explained immediately, as Sasha let Carmella's hair go, and layed on the bench, putting her right foot near Carmella's face.

"Open your mouth." Sasha demanded, as Naomi stood, unsure of what to do or say.

Carmella complied immediately, as Sasha stuck her big toe in Carmella's mouth.

"Well I'm just gonna change and be on my way." Naomi said, awkwardly walking to her locker.

"Suck the other ones too." Sasha said, completely ignoring Naomi.

Carmella did what she was told, as Naomi simply stared into her locker, as she changed clothes.

"You know what, you're a disgusting slut anyway, lick between my toes... yeah, like that."

Carmella worked her tongue in-between Sasha's toes, as Sasha took a deep sigh, beginning to slide her own hand into her pants.

"Lick up and down from the heel of my foot to the toes, like all over the sole. The whole bottom of my foot." Sasha instructed, as Naomi left.

Carmella continued, starting to nibble on the sides and top of Sasha's foot, without being told to.

"Fuck, you like doing that?"

"Mmhmm." Carmella nodded.

"Well good, I have another one for you. Open up." Sasha said, lifting up her left foot.

Carmella opened her mouth, for Sasha once again, immediately, and began sucking her other big toe. Carmella closed her eyes, imagining this happening in a more intimate setting, and in a less demeaning way.

April 12th, 2017

Carmella sat in her hotel room, looking nervously at her phone, almost afraid to send the message she had typed in Sasha's instagram inbox. But she nervously hit send. It was the first message she had ever sent to Sasha, via social media or text. The message read "Hey Sasha! Did you see me tonight?"

Carmella had spoken to Sasha a few times in NXT, and they frequently liked each other's social media pictures, but little did Sasha know, Carmella had slowly started to fall for her, from afar. She heard whispers that the WWE Draft the year before would bring her to the main roster, and she hoped it would land her on the same show as Sasha. They proved to be true, and Carmella was called up, but she was drafted to Smackdown Live, while Sasha remained on Raw. The Superstar Shakeup passed the night before, and Carmella wasn't moved to Raw, however, the rumors of Sasha being unhappy on Raw began to spread more and more. Sadly for Carmella, Smackdown Live didn't get Sasha, and instead got Lana, Tamina, and Charlotte Flair.

The phone vibrated, and Carmella gasped, before realizing it was a notification from Natalya's group chat, that included her and Tamina, that existed for the sole purpose of discussing stopping Charlotte from taking over the women's division. Carmella muted the group chat, and sat in her hotel bed, watching an episode of Friends.

She sat for a while, before receiving a notification from Sasha, that simply read "didn't watch". Carmella immediately typed "I wore a really dark shade of lipstick. Trying something new, haha!". She cringed at how awkward the message was. She wanted to un-send it, but it was too late. The little notification telling her Sasha read it had already popped up. Carmella stared at the phone for what felt like 3 minutes, before she read Sasha's response. A simple "lol". Carmella facepalmed, trying to figure out how to extend the conversation. "Wyd?" she typed. Sasha usually responded to text messages after about 7 to 10 minutes, however this time, she began typing instantly. "What do you want?". Carmella sighed, assuming she was starting to get on Sasha's nerves. "Nothing. I'm sorry.". Again, uncharacteristically, Sasha replied quickly, saying "Obviously you messaged me for a reason, I don't like small talk so get to the point lol".

Carmella sat for a while, debating on what to do. She decided to just come clean, and get it over with once and for all. "I know we don't know each other very well and we rarely talk, but I have feelings for you, and I thought they'd go away, but it's been a year and I'm still falling in love with you and I don't know why I'm telling you but I just had to get it off my chest." Carmella ran her hands through her hair, afraid to read Sasha's response.

This time, Sasha took her usual 10 minutes to respond, before saying "Aren't you dating Cass?". Carmella sighed, and typed "Unfortunately.". Sasha replied quickly, saying "I'm very flattered but I don't feel the same way.". Carmella simply typed "I understand." and tried to go to sleep. She laid with her eyes closed for about 2 minutes, before her phone vibrated. She opened her phone and nearly dropped it as she saw a message that read "You're sexy as fuck tho". The sender? Sasha Banks. Carmella freaked out a bit for about a minute before responding with "Thanks, not as much as you.". Sasha again responded quickly, saying "Snapchat name?.

Carmella gave Sasha her Snapchat username, and within minutes, received a selfie on snapchat, of Sasha, who was also in bed, with the caption "it's me". Carmella, still confused about Sasha's mixed signals, took a selfie that took about 20 attempts, and sent it to her with the same caption.

Sasha sent her a text message via snapchat. "I don't want a relationship or anything like that but I kinda wanna sit on your face.". Carmella's eyes got huge and she smiled a bit, as she took a deep sigh and responded. "Lol wow, so you just want sex?". Sasha responded immediately "Yeah but the way you're acting, I'm not sure if I want it.". Carmella's smile immediately disappeared. She typed "What do you mean?". Sasha replied, saying "You're gonna get your feelings hurt. You're coming into my DMs at 2 in the morning talking about you love me and shit, lmao. I'm not really looking for love, I'm just looking for someone hot to fuck, and dominate, but you're gonna be hurt when I emotionally neglect you afterwards.". Carmella knew it was true. Her heart was already hurting knowing Sasha didn't feel the same way, but all the talk about sex with Sasha was starting to make her lust take control of the conversation. Carmella typed "No I'm down haha. No strings attached.". It took a little while, but Sasha replied with "That's what Becky said. We were good friends. She hates me now. We're not friends anymore.". A fire of jealousy started to burn through Carmella's body from even thinking about Sasha hooking up with someone else. She wanted to ask more questions about her and Becky. It was at that moment she realized she should stop pursuing Sasha, but for some reason, she couldn't. She lifted a shirt and sent a picture of her semi-revealing bra, with the caption "You're gonna turn down this?". A few minutes passed, and Sasha responded with a picture of her ass, with the caption "you don't know how many friendships this has ruined" with some laughing emojiis. Carmella typed "We aren't close friends anyway.". She waited for what seemed like forever, before looking surprised at the long long text she received. "Ground rules. First off, when and if this happens, don't tell anyone. Best friends included, they shouldn't even know about this conversation. Secondly, I'm rough. Really rough. If you don't want to be called degrading names, slapped around a bit, or spat on, you have to let me know. And even then, I might get to caught up in the heat of the moment and do it anyway. Thirdly, don't call me Sasha during it, call me The Boss, unless you like me spitting in your face, cause that's probably what I'll do if you don't call me The Boss. And finally, you don't cum without permission. If you do, you'll be punished, and trust me, you won't enjoy it. I've warned you sufficiently to the point where if you come crying to me about how you want more than just sex with me, I won't feel bad. Infact I'll probably block you lmao.". Carmella uncomfortably stared at the last sentence of that message, before typing "Where do I sign? lol".

"CARMELLA!" Sasha yelled, as Carmella snapped out of her flashback and wiped her eyes, realizing she had let out a couple tears. She took Sasha's toes out of her mouth.


"I said now lick the bottom of that foot." Sasha said, coldly.

Carmella sat, surprised at Sasha didn't mention her crying at all. Sasha tilted her head in confusion. Carmella could sense the anger in her facial expression.

"Are you stupid!?"


"I asked twice now!"

Carmella began licking Sasha's sole as Sasha slowly softened her glare. Carmella noticed Sasha getting more and more into in, as her eyes started to squint, and her moans became more passionate, as she continued to pleasure herself.

"Fuck that turns me on so much." Sasha whined, unable to stay still.

"Are you close, Boss?"

Sasha moaned again and nodded.

"Can I finish you off, Boss?"

"Not yet, but I know you wanna taste." Sasha said, sitting up, and putting her fingers in Carmella's mouth.

"Mmhmm." Carmella said, nodding.

"Stand." Sasha said, standing up, pushing her fingers against the roof of Carmella's mouth. Carmella stood up as she was told.

Sasha removed Carmella's top, and her eyes got huge, as she noticed Carmella's Calvin Klein bra. She grabbed Carmella's throat, shoving her into the locker.

Carmella closed her eyes, as the pain in the back of her head pulsed.

"Are you wearing the matching panties!?" Sasha exclaimed, yanking Carmella's attire bottoms down, finding out the answer for herself.

"Yeah, I didn't kn-"

Sasha cut her off with a kiss, slipping her tongue into Carmella's mouth.

April 30th, 2017

Sasha sat in her hotel room, peeking over at Bayley, who was asleep in the other twin bed across the room. She slowly typed her Snapchat message. "Hey.".

It was 3am. And her last conversation with Carmella ended with a passive aggressive argument about Sasha's seemingly intentional mean attitude towards her. She wasn't expecting a response. Especially within seconds. The response read "Hi.". Sasha immediately sent "I love that picture you posted, I came to it earlier. If you're wearing those underwear whenever we fuck I'm gonna lose my mind."

Bayley rustled a bit in her bed, scaring Sasha, as Carmella sent "I'm still wearing them.", to which Sasha typed "Prove it." within seconds. Carmella sent "Be nice to me for a while and I might send pics.". Sasha rolled her eyes. Carmella had been complaining about Sasha's rudeness for a few days now. Sasha typed "Send pics please.".

Carmella opened it and didn't respond. Sasha frowned at the phone after 5 minutes, then typed "Please...". 10 minutes passed, with no response from Carmella. Sasha started to type "You know I only act the way I do so I don't fall for you.", but she immediately backspaced it, instead sending "I'm sorry for being a bitch the past few days.". Carmella responded immediately, typing "It's been more than a few days.". Sasha sighed, responding "Sorry. You know how I am.". She didn't get a response. Tears started to form in Sasha's eyes, realizing she would have to give a legitimate apology to get what she wanted. She typed "Carmella I'm sorry for ignoring you, and being short answered all the time, and acting like I don't care about you, I just don't want you to think this is more than what it is." which wasn't a complete lie. She was trying to convince Carmella that this wasn't an emotional thing, but she left out the fact that she was struggling to convince herself of that as well. Carmella responded saying "That doesn't mean you can't be nice to me, treat me with respect, and act like I matter to you.". Sasha winced, thinking about her treatment of Carmella. She simply typed "Sorry.". She didn't receive a response for a while. Just as she started to type a message apologizing again, she recieved a picture message from Carmella. She opened it, and saw her "friend with benefits" had been truthful, and she was still wearing the underwear. Sasha looked over at Bayley's bed, trying to decide whether she could masturbate without waking her up. She typed " I wanna just shove my face in your ass, babe.". Sasha gasped a bit, realizing she called her "babe", but it was too late, she'd already sent it.

Carmella was pinned against the lockers, as Sasha motorboated her ass, through the panties. Carmella took a deep sigh of pleasure, as Sasha bent her over, and began teasing her, by licking.

"Please pull them down, Boss."

Sasha immediately complied, beginning to tongue fuck her.

Carmella gasped, beginning to rub her own clitoris. She moaned more and more, but immediately stopped rubbing herself, realizing she was getting too worked up, and hadn't gotten permission to cum yet.

"Do you want to cum first, or?" Carmella moaned, her tone of voice erratic from pleasure and sensitivity.

"Hmm?" Sasha asked, turning her neck and crawling through Carmella's legs, to lick her clitoris.

"Oh my god! Boss, you're gonna make me cum b-but I don't have permission yet, can I cum please!?"

"Uh-uh." Sasha said, continuing to please her with her mouth.

"Oh god! You're gonna make me!"

Sasha backed up a bit.

"Control yourself." She said, before putting her tongue back on Carmella's clit.

Carmella winced, closing her eyes and grabbing Sasha's hair.

"I can't!"

"Then it looks like you better ask again."


"How bad do you want it?" Sasha asked, beginning to finger Carmella, causing her eyes to roll in the back of her head. She twisted Carmella's legs, so that Carmella's back was pinned against the lockers, while Sasha was on her knees in front of her.

"I'M GONNA DO IT RIGHT NOW, IT'S HAPPENING, CAN I PLEASE CUM PLEASE?!" Carmella yelled desperately, feeling herself going over the edge and doing anything in her power to resist it.

"Yeah." Sasha shrugged, casually, before continuing to please Carmella with her mouth.

Carmella repeatedly slammed the back of her own head against the locker, as her moans and screams rang throughout the locker room. She was unable to form words, as Sasha allowed her to ride it out. Carmella slowly let go of her death grip on Sasha's hair, almost surprised that her hand hadn't turned purple from how hard she grabbed it.

"My turn." Sasha smiled, kissing her again. Carmella tasted herself on Sasha's tongue, as she slid her hand down into her jeans and underwear, and began teasing Sasha's clit with her fingers.

Sasha immediately broke the kiss.

"You don't get to tease me, do it like you mean it."

Carmella smirked.

"I already got mine. I'll go as slow as I want."

Sasha tried to glare at Carmella, but she couldn't help but smile. Deep down, she liked the tables being turned.

"Don't you wanna hear me moaning your name?"

Carmella chuckled, and nodded her head yes, before increasing her pace and pressure.

Sasha moaned loudly.

"My name isn't 'uh'." Carmella said.

"Oh fuck!" Sasha moaned, turned on by Carmella's sudden defiance and dominance.

"That's not it either."

"Carmella, baby I'm so close!"


"Yes." Sasha moaned, as Carmella began to suck and kiss on her neck.

"I was a stupid bitch a minute ago, I'm your baby now?" Carmella asked, in Sasha's ear.

Sasha hugged her close.

"You're mine."

"I love you." Carmella whispered, sucking on her neck again.

"I-I luh-oh my god I'm gonna cum!" Sasha moaned out.

"You love what?"

"I'm cumming, fuck! Yes, Carmella!"

"Say you love me!" Carmella demanded, as Sasha rotated her hips, greedily grinding against Carmella's hand for more pleasure as she came.

Sasha said nothing, simply kissing her. She broke the kiss, and noticed Carmella's sad facial expression.

They awkwardly stood, looking at each other, panting for a while, until Sasha simply buttoned her jeans, and sat down, to put her socks and shoes back on.

Carmella found herself unable to move, and stood there, waiting for Sasha to say something.

"That was great."

"...yeah." Carmella said, unable to hide the heartbreak in her facial expression.

"Summerslam weekend, right?"

"That's 3 months from now."

"You can wait 3 months." Sasha smiled. Carmella didn't smile back.

"Can we go get something to eat together after the show tonight?"

"No." Sasha said, immediately, standing up.

"Can we hang out at all after the show?"

"Did you wanna fuck some more?"

"No, I just wanted to spend time with you."

Sasha sighed, and shook her head no, before turning to leave.

"Wow." Carmella said, aloud, trying not to cry.

Sasha turned around one last time to take a look at Carmella, but found herself unable to find the right words to say, so she turned around, and left the locker room.

After another 5 minutes of standing alone, Carmella sadly slowly began to re-dress herself.

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