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This is completely and totally a work of fiction.

What She Doesn't Know...
by Saturnalia

There are just some girls you can't replace. I was dating one, you see. She
was a busty, blonde 19 year old babe. Real sweet, too. For some reason, she
was attracted to me, a 17 year old virgin. Go figure. We'd been dating about
a month when my 18th birthday had been coming up. What was she going to do?
Well, knowing I was a huge wrestling fan, she was able to get us front row
seats to a WWE Raw event! What's more, backstage passes! She said that she
knew some of the guys backstage, which was a huge plus. Afterwards, she
promised that she would ring in my newfound manhood with a night I would
"never forget." Hey, you have to lose it sometime!

Well, my birthday finally came around and so did the show. It was a blast.
One of the highlights was definitely seeing the then Women's Champion, Trish
Stratus, wrestle in this tight one-piece outfit. Trish had known my
girlfriend, and she winked over us after her match. I guess she knew
something was up.

When the wrestling had finished up, my backstage tour began. Between meeting
the huge stars I practically worshipped, some of the legends of yesteryear
who were road agents, and the divas, I would say I was having the time of my
life. My girlfriend even personally introduced me to Trish, and even though I
only shook her hand, her smell was heavenly.

Well, after all was said and done, my girlfriend and I had ended up in the
parking lot, making out. Call it foreplay, call it a warm up, either way, we
were getting ready. And of course, what happens? Her cell phone goes off, and
as luck would have it, her father was in the hospital. I wasn't going to be
selfish, not after already having a blast that night, so we promised to make
up our extra-curricular activities on another day. As her car peeled away, I
had to take a heavy sigh. That was when I heard a voice behind me . . .

"Did she just leave you?"

It was Trish, she had apparently been going out to her car and saw my
girlfriend leave.

"Yeah, her father is really sick and she had to go," I replied.

"Oh, wow, she was raving about how much fun she was going to have with you
tonight," said Trish.

"Well, yeah, we were both really looking forward to it tonight. But what are
you gonna do?" I said, a little pitifully.

"Was... was tonight going to be your... first time?" asked Trish.

"Well... yeah, it was."

"Damn, I'm sorry." I felt like Trish was actually disappointed that I wasn't
getting any that night.

"Yeah, we had a room set out at the Marriott and everything. It was going to
be wild." Part of me felt like I was saying too much to a total stranger, and
yet, part of me didn't care.

"The Marriott? That's where I'm staying!" said Trish.

"Oh, really? Hey, do you think you could, y'know, give me a ride there or
something? I don't really want to pay for a cab." What was I doing? Asking
someone I didn't know for a ride in their car?

"Oh, yeah, sure. I can totally get you there. It is your birthday, after

And just like that, I found myself riding in Trish's car to the hotel. Yeah,
I was kinda quiet, and yeah, it was kinda awkward, but hell, I was a few
inches away from a total babe! Her smell was once again overpowering, making
me all the more uncomfortable.

We arrived, with painful small talk and all, at the Marriott. I helped Trish
with her bags, and we got into the same elevator.

"What floor?" she asked me.

"Third," I meekly responded.

"Oh, that's the same floor I'm on..." Something about the way Trish was
acting was striking me odd, but I wasn't going to say anything.

We arrived on the third floor, and, as luck would have it, she was in the
room right next to mine. She opened up her room with me carrying her bags
right behind her and found it to be completely trashed. After a call down to
the service desk, we found out the cleaning maid on that floor was fired
earlier that night.

"Ugh! I can't believe they would just leave a room this disgusting!" Trish
cried out.

"Well, hey, there's a sofa and a bed in my room. I'll sleep on the sofa if
you want the room..."

"Yes! Thank you! You're a lifesaver!"

So we settled down in my hotel room. Trish had gone into the bathroom to
change into whatever she was going to wear to bed. The phone rang, and it was
my girlfriend. She was calling me to tell me her dad was alright, but he had
to stay in the hospital overnight. And she was staying with him. I assured
her it was alright, she again promised me to make the night up, and then we
both hung up.

"Wow, you sound too sweet..."

It was Trish, standing in the doorway to the bathroom in a nightie. Not just
any nightie, but a practically see thru one. Her assets were all accented
perfectly with her all too visible matching black bra and panties underneath
the thin piece of cloth she was wearing.

"I wish I could find someone as sweet as you. Someone who would treat me
right. But, I only find assholes. They only want to get with me, and I'm just
not like that. I haven't been fucked in forever. I'm not gonna put out for
some asshole..." What was she trying to do here?

"Well, I'm sure you'll find someone soon..." I said, trying to reassure her.

"I'm not going to find anyone as sweet as you. And you're already taken by my

"Well, she's not really here, is she?" What was I doing? Did I really say

"You would... cheat on her? With me?" Trish asked, and I could tell I was in
a compromising position now.

"Well, I mean, I don't know, she was supposed to be here tonight. Tonight was
supposed to be special for me," I said in reply, still not sure what I was
doing or saying.

"It could still be special..."

With that, Trish flung herself on me. Her lips found mine, and we kissed,
deep and passionately. She grabbed the back of my neck and we went at it
harder. Trish slipped me the tongue, and we wrestled each other's mouths. I
felt like I was spinning, sitting here with Trish Stratus, the female
wrestling goddess, making out like I would with some other high school chick.
I broke the kiss, and I could already hear Trish panting with lust. She
slinked down, dropping to her knees, unbuttoning my pants on her way down. I
nearly tore my shirt off as I slipped out of my pants, leaving me in my

"Wait, are we really going to do this?" To my surprise, it was me who said

"Oh fuck yes," was Trish's only response. And with that, she tugged my boxers
down, exposing my already hard cock. She took a few pumps at it with her
hand, already talking dirty, saying things like "Oh yeah, big boy, you're
gonna have fun tonight. Trust me, mhm."

Trish's tongue snaked out and slowly licked up the head of my cock, causing
me to moan loudly and flip my head back. She took the entire head into her
mouth and sucked on it, causing an immense amount of pressure and pleasure to
already overtake me. Slowly, she worked her mouth down my shaft, and, even
slower, sucked her way back up. She was teasing me, sticking her tongue out
and licking up my cock once and licking her lips, leaving me wanting so much
more. She again moved her mouth down my entire length, and again pulled off.
She repeated this a few times, slowly building into it, really turning me on.

Eventually, she had worked up to a bobbing speed, and she was working me over
like a pro. She would take me in her mouth, slide my cock out of her mouth,
and take a pump or two with her hand, always having me stimulated. She began
to give me a handjob, pumping away, as she dropped her mouth and took one of
my balls in her mouth. She sucked hard on it, causing me to yelp out in
pleasure. Soon, she went back to the blowjob, bobbing up and down, up and
down. She was going so fast, I couldn't take it.

"Ah, damn Trish, I can't take much more."

Her response was taking my cock fully into her mouth and slipping me into the
back of her throat without gagging at all. I couldn't believe it, how hot,
wet, and smooth her throat could be. I had to blow.

"Oh, fuck, I'm about to cum!"

She took me out of her mouth and jerked away with her hand, furiously. I was
fully loaded, and my cum came erupting out. Trish, ever the tease, turned her
head away, and my cum sprayed all over nightie. Each shot hit her cloth-
covered body.

"Oh damn, well, it looks like I have to take this off now!" Trish said,
mocking disappointment.

Trish removed her nightie, leaving her standing in front of me in only her
bra and panties. She turned around and touched her toes, showing me her round
ass. She stood back up and backed up into me, grinding her ass on my pelvis
as she reached her head back and again kissed me. While we were frenching, I
slip one arm around her stomach and the other went up to her bra, unsnapping
it and letting it fall to the floor. Both of my hands instinctively moved up
to her tits, caressing and squeezing. She moaned into my mouth, clearly enjoy
the treatment I was giving her. Trish broke away and laid down, seductively,
on the bed. She motioned me to come forward with a finger, and I was drawn
in. I laid on top of her, and we again went back to wildly kissing each
other. Her scent was all over the place, and I was completely enamored
towards Trish.

I pulled away and started to slide down Trish, stopping to lick up each
breast of hers and then to softly kiss her stomach. Soon, I found myself at
her panties. I began to peel them away, leaving her completely shaven pussy
staring straight at me. I kissed and licked up her inner thighs, already
causing Trish to go wild. I softly blew on her pussy lips, and Trish was
messing her hair up in anticipation. Slowly, I reached my tongue out and took
a huge lick of her pussy. Then another, and another, and I had every
intention of eating her dripping pussy out, but Trish was screaming out at

"No, just fuck me! God, fuck me so hard! Let's see what you can really do!"

I moved up and aligned my cock with her pussy, slowly tracing her pussy lips
with my cockhead. I have to admit, I was nervous as hell. Trish called out
again to reassure me.

"C'mon stud! It's time! Stick your big, thick, juicy virgin cock in my hole!
Fuck me! FUCK ME! C'mon!"

I drove my hips forward and my cock went straight into Trish's pussy. She
moaned so loudly, it sent shivers down my spine. I slid all the way in,
connecting with her hips, which drove Trish wild. I started pumping into
Trish, slowly, savoring this moment. Here I was, horny as hell, just turned
18, losing my virginity to Trish Stratus, with my cock jammed in her tight

"Oh, c'mon! Fuck me harder! Uhhnn, harder, uhhn!" Trish was moaning out in

I started picking up the pace, really plowing my way into Trish. Her legs
wrapped around me, drawing me in. I was solidly slamming into her. She was so
turned on, and she reached her head up and kissed me, filled with lust, once
again. She moaned into my mouth so loudly as I was slamfucking her for all my

"Mmmmhhm, uhnn, ahhh, fuck me, yeah, god yes, fuck," Trish panted

"Oh, fuck, uh, fuck Trish. Take my fucking cock, fuck!"

"Oh, fuck, your cock, uh, my pussy, oh fuck!"

I was driving into Trish with reckless abandonment now. My virgin cock was
buried to the hilt in Trish's pussy. Her hot, soaking wet pussy swallowed my
dick, giving me the most amazing feeling as I was fucking her.

"Damn, don't stop! Don't ever fucking stop!"

"Fuck Trish! I'm not gonna fucking stop! Damn, you feel so fucking good!
You're so hot! Fuck! Ah, uh!"

"Uh, babe, I'm gonna, fuck... oh fuck, fuck, FUCK! I'm fucking coming!
You're, uhhh, making me, ah, cum! Fuck! FUCK!"

Trish's red hot slit spasmed madly, and she shook all over. She screamed out
as her juices flowed all over my cock. Trish orgasmed so fucking loudly, but
as her moans died, she started to wind down. But I wasn't finished yet.

I continued to spear Trish's cunt with my cock, never stopping for a second.
I was immersed completely in Trish, her full tits bouncing every time I would
drive into her drenched pussy, her face twisted in pleasure, he moist skin,
covered in sweat, and the amazing feeling of her hot, squirming pussy
covering my cock in velvet. I had to blow soon, but I was determined to bring
Trish to a boil once more.

"Oh, damn, Trish, this is, ah, so fucking incredible!"

"You're, uh uh, damn right it, uh, is! God, just keep giving me that, ah,
fucking cock! Fuck, you're so fucking hard!"

She was right. I was rock solid as I was driving into her, my cock a blur. I
slammed her so fast, so hard, and with so much passion, she was building back
up to another climax.

"Oh! I'm fucking gonna cum! Oh shit, oh fuck, uh, fuck me! Ah! FUCK, SHIT!

Trish arched her back, giving me a new angle on our fuck, which pushed me
over the edge.

"Fuck, fuck! I'm gonna fucking cum, Trish! I'm gonna fucking cum so fucking

I tried to pull out, but Trish, caught up in her own orgasm, locked her legs
around me even tighter and locked me inside of her. I was fully in, all the
way, and I felt the cum at the very tip of my cock. In one almighty gasp, I
exploded inside of Trish, sending stream after stream of hot cum barreling
into her stretched, soaked snatch. I groaned out loud as my last spurt of cum
erupted into Trish, and I pulled out, exhausted, and laid down beside her.
She was struggling just to breathe.

I couldn't believe what had all happened, between just meeting Trish to being
in the same room, to losing my virginity, all capped off with my warm load in
her pussy.

"You're the best fucking virgin there ever was, you fucking stud," Trish
managed to say out loud.

"Thank you, thank you Trish." I leaned over and kissed her fully on the lips,
without one thought of my girlfriend going through my mind. We cuddled there
on the bed that night, while everyone else was totally unaware of everything
that had happened. Some things are better left as secrets...

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