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Time Period: The week before Fastlane 2017

Paring: Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax

What's Below It
by CudderN9neSonicDaHamiltonB.o.B

"Nia! I'm so glad you're here." Charlotte said, rushing into the locker room. It wasn't until then that Charlotte noticed Nia had the distinction of being the only girl in the locker room she had to look UP to speak to.

"What do you want?"

Nia didn't even look at Charlotte, or acknowledge her presence. Had that been any of the other girls, the blonde four-time women's champion would've corrected that disrespectful behavior. Nia however, was different. She could get away with things that other girls in the locker room couldn't.

"I need you to take care of something for me."

"Something or someone?"


"I'm listening." Nia said, still refusing to turn around to face Charlotte, or show any interest in the conversation at all.

"She has what's mine, and at Fastlane, I need you to help me get it back."

Nia rolled her eyes.

"I will, but you have to give my what I've been waiting for since I got called up."

"Deal." Charlotte said immediately.

Charlotte didn't know exactly what she was agreeing to, but she assumed it was a shot at the Raw Women's Championship. What else could Nia possibly want from her? She knew for a fact Nia didn't need a tag team partner, and she'd been complaining for months about being outside of the title picture.

Without another word, Nia left the locker room.

It was Fastlane. Charlotte sat in her personal locker room, awaiting her upcoming match with Bayley. She had no idea what Nia's plan was, but she was confident that with both Dana and Nia on her side, there was no way that she could lose.

Just then, Sasha Banks stormed in.

"What the fuck did you do!?" She exclaimed.

"Excuse me?"

"They found Bayley in her locker room naked, sweaty, and unconscious, with bruises all over her, and they're saying she can't compete tonight! What the fuck did you and Dana do!?"

Charlotte's eyes got huge.

"What the hell!? I didn't do anything to her, I just got here!"

"Well now, Foley added you to me and Nia's match, and it's a triple threat for the vacant title."

Charlotte immediately stood up.

"What!? That's not fair!" she shouted, as Sasha smirked.

"Careful what you wish for."

Sasha left, as Charlotte nervously paced around her locker room. Now that Nia had a shot at the title, she didn't need to hold up her end of the bargain. If anything, Bayley being out of action made everything worse for Charlotte.

"You're on in 2 minutes" a talent agent said, peaking his head into her locker room.

Charlotte sighed and grabbed one of her trademark robes.

"Congrats, champ!" Dana exclaimed, high-fiving Charlotte, who was still in shock of how everything happened.

As the match began, Nia immediately began focusing on Sasha, relentlessly beating her down, throwing her to the outside, throwing her into both sets of steel steps, and even powerslamming her twice, before rolling her back into the ring, and walking back up the ramp. Everyone was confused, before Charlotte pinned Sasha, becoming the new Raw Women's Champion, while Nia didn't even look back.

"Yeah, thanks."

"Nia's plan worked really-"

"Shhhh!" Charlotte exclaimed, grabbing Dana by the wrist and pulling her into her locker room.

"What!? What's wrong!?"

"I don't know what the fuck Nia did to Bayley, and if anyone finds out I had anything to do with it, I could be in HUGE trouble."

" think they'd strip you of the title?"

"I could get fired! Go to jail!"


"I don't know!?"

Just then, Nia entered the locker room, saying nothing.

Charlotte and Dana simply stared at her, as she sat down on a nearby chair.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." She said, rolling her eyes.

"Dana, can you leave please?" Charlotte asked.

Dana nodded, and quickly left the room.

"What did you do to Bayley exactly?"

"I held up my end of the bargain. You never said I couldn't have fun while doing it." Nia shrugged, with a smile.

Charlotte shuddered a bit, at the thought of what Nia did to Bayley.

"Isn't Bayley gonna tell people what you did?"

"I attacked her from behind and knocked her out. She never saw me... or knew what was happening afterwards."

"Well, she's gonna want her rematch at Wrestlemania, but after that I can talk to Foley about getting you a title match." Charlotte said, not wanting to know 'what was happening afterwards'.

"Wait... you actually want to give me a title shot?"

", but that was the deal."

Nia looked confused for a little while, before she realized what Charlotte meant. Then, she started laughing.

"What's funny?" Charlotte asked.

"You think I wanted a title shot!?" Nia asked, laughing even harder.

"You said you wanted something you've been waiting for since you got called up."

"I don't want what's around your waist... I want what's below it."

The locker room fell silent, as Charlotte began connecting several dots in her head, as Nia basically started undressing Charlotte with her eyes.

"Nia there's clearly been a major misunderstanding here. I was under the impression that you wanted a title shot. Not... other stuff."

"A deal is a deal, Charlotte."

"I didn't know what I was agreeing to! I'm not into girls. Sorry."

"Bullshit. The way Dana's up your ass 24/7, you have to be fucking."

"She's my protege. I like guys, Nia."

"I want what you promised me, and I want it now." Nia said, locking the door.

"Nia, you can have a title shot and anything else you want, but we're not doing anything like that. I'll pay you, Dana can be your assistant for a week, whatever."

"You can either be like Alicia, and give me what I want, or be like Bayley, and have it taken from you."

Charlotte sighed, as Nia began walking towards her. Charlotte stood up, her back against the wall.

"Well, Nia, I guess I have to-"

Charlotte immediately punched Nia in the face, and tried to run past her, but Nia put her hand on Charlotte's throat and shoved her back into the wall.

"Could've just made this easy for both of us." Nia said, putting her other hand around Charlotte's throat, as Charlotte desperately tried to rip Nia's hands off of it.

As Nia continued applying pressure, Charlotte started turning purple. Charlotte desperately tried kicking at Nia's legs, but stopped when Nia slammed her head into the wall, her hands still around Charlotte's throat. Charlotte began tapping out, on Nia's wrists. Nia continued choking her for a few seconds before deciding to let go.

"What do I... what do I have to do!?" Charlotte asked, gasping for air.

"Well for starters, strip for me."

Charlotte started to tear up a bit, in frustration, realizing there was no easy way out of this.

"Nia, please, is there anything else I can do?"

"You can stop testing my patience and get naked."

"But what do I have to do after that?"

"We'll play it by ear, see how everything goes." Nia shrugged.

Charlotte sighed, removing her attire top, revealing her bra. She started to undo her bra and Nia grabbed her arms, stopping her.

"No. That's not how I want you."

"What?" Charlotte asked confused.

"Get down to your bra and panties first."

Charlotte rolled her eyes, and removed boots and socks, before beginning to remove her attire's bottoms.

"Wait!" Nia exclaimed.

"What now?"

"Turn around before you do it."

Charlotte sighed, and turned to face the wall, as Nia got on her knees behind her.

"Go ahead."

Charlotte slowly removed her attire bottoms, revealing her panties.

Nia immediately planted a kiss on the right cheek of her ass, before rubbing her face in it, earning a sharp gasp from Charlotte, who wasn't expecting it.

She gasped again, as Nia began slowly kissing up her ass, and up her back, all the way up to her neck, slowly standing up behind her. Charlotte closed her eyes, starting to pretend it was Roman Reigns, or Seth Rollins. That was until her fantasy was ruined by the sound of Nia's voice.

"You like that?" Nia asked.

"Not really."

Nia lightly put her fingers on the crotch of Charlotte's panties.

"Your body language says otherwise."

"I was thinking about guys."

Nia chuckled.

"That's gonna be hard to do when you're eating me out."

Charlotte's eyes became wide.

"Wait, what!?" She asked, turning around, only to be met by a kiss.

Charlotte sighed, annoyed as Nia began grabbing her breasts, through her bra.

"I'm not gonna be as rough as I usually am because I really really like you... I'm still going to dominate you, though." Nia said.

Charlotte just responded with a look of disgust before Nia began kissing her again.

Nia lowered her kisses to Charlotte's neck.

"Please don't leave a hickey."

That request went in one ear and out of the other as Nia left dark bruise after dark bruise on Charlotte's neck with her mouth.

"Mmm... fuck." Charlotte moaned, involuntarily.

"Admit you like that shit right now, bitch." Nia said, grabbing her chin, forcing her to make eye contact.

"It felt good." Charlotte shrugged.

"You like when I suck on your neck like that?"

"...I guess."

"It's a yes or no question."

Charlotte frowned.


"You're my bitch." Nia proclaimed, grabbing a handful of Charlotte's blonde hair and yanking it hard.


"On your knees."

Charlotte immediately complied, dropping to her knees for Nia.

"When I pull your hair like that, that means on your knees, okay?" Nia asked, helping her stand back up.

Charlotte nodded as Nia kissed her again.

"I can do whatever I want to you right now."

That statement made Charlotte frown even more as Nia reached around her back, to undo her bra. Once she got it off, she began slowly sucking on Charlotte's nipples.

Charlotte exhaled loudly.

"You like it?" Nia asked, continuing to tease Charlotte's right nipple with her tongue.

Charlotte said nothing, wetting her fingertips with her own tongue and squeezing her jealous left one. She once again, closed her eyes, imagining it was Roman Reigns. That helped a lot, as Nia switched nipples, causing Charlotte to moan.

Nia once again began kissing her. She kissed up her chest, up her neck, and all the way back to her lips. Charlotte kissed back, her eyes still closed.

As their tongues danced and the kiss continued, Nia reached her hand into Charlotte's underwear.

Charlotte moaned into the kiss as Nia began to please her. Nia broke the kiss.

"Open your fucking eyes." Nia demanded.

Charlotte sighed, her illusion of Seth Rollins pinning her against the wall and pleasuring her was ruined when she was forced to look Nia Jax in the eyes.

"You like that?"

"Yes ma'am." Charlotte nodded, not breaking eye contact.

"You better say MY name when you cum." Nia said.

Charlotte simply nodded again, moaning.

Nia increased her speed, making small, soft circles on Charlotte's clit and the surrounding area.


Nia smirked.

"N-Nia..." Charlotte stuttered.


"N...Nia!" She moaned louder.

Nia looked at Charlotte, confused for a bit.

"OH MY GOD! NIA! NIA!" Charlotte moaned out, as Nia realized what was happening.

"That's right." She smiled.


Charlotte's legs began trembling, as she finished her orgasm. Nia gave her zero time to recover, immediately grabbing her hair and yanking it hard. Charlotte moaned in pain, as she dropped to her knees.

Nia pulled down her own pants and underwear, standing in front of her.

"My turn."

Charlotte, having no more dignity to lose at this point, immediately complied, putting her mouth exactly where Nia wanted it.

"Fuck, Charlotte!" Nia moaned, surprised by Charlotte's aggressiveness and willingness. In reality, Charlotte was trying to get it over with as quickly as possible, but in Nia's head, she had completely turned her out.

"Oh shit, babe." Nia added, tangling her fingers in Charlotte's hair.

Charlotte became even more aggressive, and the sounds of her eating out Nia were now loudly audible.

"Holy fuck, Charlotte, I... fuck baby I'm cumming." Nia moaned.

Nia started moaning even louder, grabbing Charlotte's head and humping her face, as she orgasmed.

When she finished, she sat down on a nearby bench, as Charlotte slowly stood up.

"Bye." Charlotte said, starting to get dressed in her normal clothes.

Nia pulled up her own underwear and pants.

"Do I still get that title match?"

"Fuck off." Charlotte said, refusing to make eye contact.

Nia laughed.

"You still remember who's bitch you are, right?"

Charlotte said nothing.

"Let's see if it still works." Nia said, walking over and grabbing another handful of Charlotte's hair, yanking it.

Charlotte angrily shoved Nia away and Nia laughed even harder.

"See you around, bitch."

Nia winked at Charlotte and left the locker room. Seconds later, Dana walked in.

"Am I really up your ass 24/7?"

"Were you standing outside the entire time!?" Charlotte asked, grabbing a scarf out of her bag to cover up her neck.



" was kinda hot." Dana admitted, slightly embarrassed.

"Move." Charlotte said angrily, grabbing her bags, shoving Dana out of the way, and walking out of the door.

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