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What's That All Aboot, Eh?
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

At around 12:00 PM, Edge (Adam Copeland), Test (Andrew Martin), and Trish
Stratus stepped off the plane. They had been in there for nearly a day, but
it was worth it. Each superstar stepped into the cold weather and smiled.
They were home. About a foot of snow was on the ground, but that didn't stop
the trio from exploring their native homeland of Canada and treasuring each
and every moment.

They had been sent from Vince McMahon to promote several WWF events that
would take place in Toronto in March, but neither Edge, Test, nor Trish
Stratus concerned themselves with work at the moment. Driving around town,
the trio gazed at sights, signed autographs, and did each and every they
planned since the announcement of the trip. Edge was displeased that Vince
McMahon did not allow Christian to go, but the thought of being back in
Canada dissolved his woes in a hurry. Plus, to top it off, Trish had been
hitting on him, as well as Test, a majority of the day. His worries of
Christian were dissolving... fast.

After their long awaited return to Canada, the trio retired to their hotel
room for the night.

"Man, Vince is cheap," Test comments, stepping into his room with his
other two friends following behind. "He won't even get a separate room for
you, Trish."

"That's all right," Trish replies, marching straight for the bathroom.
"We're like family, anyway. You guys are like my brothers."

"That's nice of you to say, Trish," Edge says, gazing at Trish as she
prepares to take a shower. She had been running around with the guys all day,
and her body glistened from the sweat that had accumulated.

Test and Edge both gazed at her with lust, admiring her tightly packed
top, glistening with sweat, and her shapely bottom, which had been confined
in a pair of leather pants throughout the day.

"You don't mind if I shower, do you?" Trish asks, unbuttoning the front
of her pants.

As Trish's pants drop to her ankles, revealing a red silk thong, the men
nearly collapse in a heap of adornment. She smiles at them, still awaiting
an answer.

"Sure...." Edge mutters, aimlessly glancing around the room as though
Trish's half-naked body didn't stand several feet in front of his eyes.

Trish retires into the bathroom and closes the door.

"Not bad, eh?" Test whispers, nudging his comrade slightly.

"Not bad?!" Edge repeats, "Andrew... did you see what I saw?"

"Sure did," Test responds, smiling broadly. "And did you notice the way
she was flirting with us today?" Edge nods agreeingly. "She kept rubbing up
against us `accidentally' and smiling at us. She wants us... badly."

"Ya think?" Edge wonders, peering at the closed bathroom door.

"Come on," Test says, grabbing Edge by the arm. "Let's go."

"She'll kill us for walking in on her," Edge assures his friend,

"Well...." Test starts, rising up, "I'm going. Stay back here if you
want..... but once I'm layin' it into her, you'll be wantin' a piece of the
action, I guarantee it."

Still a bit skeptical, Edge remains on the foot of the bed as Test marches
to the door. He removes his jeans and T-shirt, then, without warning, reaches
for the handle. Before his hand can even make contact with the door, it
flings open. Trish stands in the doorway, dressed in nothing more than a
towel that barely covers her extraordinary bosom. Test remains still, his
face filled with complete awe over the half-naked beauty that stands before

"Oh.... I'm sorry Trish..." he mutters, "I was just... just...."

"Going to take a shower," Edge chimes in, attempting to save his friend
from further humiliation.

"Yeah," Test agrees, nodding.

"And you were just getting ready before you got to the bathroom, eh?" she
responds, observing his bare body.

"Yeah," he agrees again, continuing to nod.

"I see," Trish giggles. "Well, here's the towel."

With that, Trish drops the towel to the floor, exposing her gorgeous body.

"Oops, dropped the towel," she lies. She knows Test's true intentions and
decides to play off his emotions. "Let me just get that for you."

She drops to her knees--a familiar position for her--and scoops up the
towel. As she gazes at Test's aroused member, she grins. Test tries to hide
his erection, but Trish replaces his hands with hers. She wraps both her
hands around Test's enlarged member, then, starting from the base, brings her
tongue along the side of it, leaving a trail of saliva behind. Reaching the
top of Test's prick, she gently slides the tip of her soft tongue along his
slit. Test's body rumbles with anticipation. Trish continues to lightly
stroke her tongue along his rod, until finally, wrapping her ruby red lips
around it. Trish glides back and forth along his prick, holding onto his hips
for closure and balance. Test moans in pleasure, running his fingers through
his lover's blonde hair.

"Oh, Trish... don't stop..." he begs, continuing to enjoy her tremendous

Edge, meanwhile, continues to sit at the foot of the bed, his hands
furiously running through his hair.

"Why the hell didn't I go with him?!" he asks himself, examining the
tremendous blowjob his comrade is receiving.

Trish notices the lonely Canadian sitting across the room, and, almost
reading his mind, calls him over.

"Are you sure?" he wonders, creeping over.

"Of course!" she assures him. "I've had more than this."

Eagerly, Edge disrobes and stands next to Test, disposing of all his
previous worries. He points his erection in the direction of Trish, who waits
with anticipation. Immediately, she lunges for his piece and wraps her lips
around its base. Test, finally able to talk clearly, glances at his
acquaintance with a sly grin.

"Told ya!" he mocks, bringing a small laugh between the two men.

As Trish glides along his shaft swiftly, Edge is overcome with an
overwhelming feeling of lust.

"I should have... oh.... listened to you..." he confesses. "Oh... keep
goin' Trish.... this is great."

Edge positions his hands behind Trish's bobbing head to steady himself,
as he is on the brink of collapsing from sheer pleasure. He guides her down
the length of his piece, then back up, thrusting his hips in stereo.

"OH! YES!" Edge screams, on the brink of climax.

Trish tilts her head back, ready for his climax. Edge fires momentarily,
filling Trish's mouth with his released load. She slurps it down with ease,
then giggles. Edge, out of energy, collapses to the floor. Trish smiles
devilishly, then returns to Test's member. She wraps her lips around the top
of his piece once more, sensing a climax is forthcoming. She teases him a
bit, groping his balls as she glides along the length of his piece swiftly.
Test can no longer resist. He fires his load unexpectedly, sending it
smoothly down the blonde goddess's throat. The unexpected release leaves
Trish fluttered momentarily, but sends Test to the carpet floor, along side

"Looks like I'll have to help myself," she says, standing over the two
fallen, exhausted men.

Trish heads to her bag. After a second of digging, she returns to the
bedroom with a jar of maple syrup, bought straight from a local shop in
Canada this afternoon.

"I hope you guys like syrup," she comments, opening the jar.

Trish drops the floor, several feet away from the fallen Edge and Test,
and proceeds to cover herself in the maple syrup. After finishing the jar,
Trish lays motionless, sensing that her lovers will awaken soon. Edge awakens
moments later, his breathing still a bit heavy. He looks around the room as
though he had slept for days. Trish's naked body, dripping with maple syrup,
sparks his arousal instantly. He crawls along the carpet floor, eager to
reach his syrup-laden goddess. Edge heads between Trish's legs, his tongue
ready to clean.

"Oh... you want some?" she asks playfully, pointing to her syrup-covered

Without answering, Edge buries his face in Trish's crotch. His tongue
extends and furiously, he eats out the Diva, licking each and every drop of
syrup that stands in his path.

"Oh! Yes... keep going.... ummmmm..." Trish moans softly.

Edge's hands slip beneath Trish's body, attempting to reach her beautiful
backside. She lifts herself slightly, allowing Edge's hands further access.
He uses his index finger to bugger Trish's cute asshole, bringing her an
overabundance of pleasure.

"OH GOD, YES!" she screams, on the breech of an orgasm. Her loud moans
awake Test, who immediately rushes over.

Test stands above Trish, his member fully aroused and extended.

"Ooo.... you want these tits?" she asks; a invitation Test cannot decline.

"Of course," he responds, lowering himself onto Trish's well-toned

Test gathers up a handful of syrup, using it to coat his rod as he
slides it between Trish's beautiful chest. She pushes her breasts closer
together, trapping Test's member like a mouse in a mousetrap. He thrusts
into her hard, using the floor for some grounding. His prick pokes through
Trish's barricades with each thrust, and Trish intercepts it with her tongue.
Combining Edge's double penetration and Test's recent pleasurable maneuver,
Trish's orgasm builds up inside of her.

"I'm gonna cum...." she announces. "HARDER! HARDER!"

Test and Edge respond in full, quickening their paces. Edge's tongue
flickers along Trish's clit, sending a shockwave of pleasure shooting through
her body. He invites another two fingers into Trish's tight backside, almost
sending her to climax. Test thrusts harder and harder into Trish's beautiful
chest, nearly causing him to loose his balance.

"AHHH! YES!" Trish releases a final scream before exploding in an orgasm.
Moments later, Test's second load is shot unannounced, and splashes into
Trish's face. Both men rise up, observing Trish's naked body, covered in her
own juices and syrup, and grin broadly at their masterpiece. Status smiles as
well, rising up from the floor.

"It's about time I clean up, eh?" she asks, examining her body. "C'mon,
fellas. Let's hit the showers."

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