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When Lita's Away, Matt Hardy Will Play
by Alex Rizzo

(Matt is pacing back and forth in his locker room, he is this close to losing
his mind. Stephanie McMahon walks in and is going to explain the night's
events to Matt.)

Steph: Okay, Matt. Tonight you and Jeff get over on Richards and Raven and at
the King of the Ring, you'll face Billy & Chuck, Rico & Rikishi, and Helms &
Mysterio. We're not sure who's going over in that match yet, but we're
positive it will not be you and Jeff, sorry.

Matt: Steph can I have a week off?

Steph: What?

Matt: A week off.

Steph: Why, might I ask?

Matt: Amy's recovering and I thought we might be able to celebrate.

Steph: Matt, I will not give on of my better mid carders a week off to screw
is girlfriend.

Matt: It's not just that.

Steph: We'll talk about it when we got more time, right now you got to get
ready for the show.

(Matt watched Steph's ass shake as she left the room. He couldn't believe
that cold bitch wouldn't give him a week off to, yeah, just to screw his
girlfriend. The show went off without a hitch, everything went as planned
for the night. Undertaker & RVD at King of the Ring in a double title match.
Matt left the arena and remembered something, she said they should talk
about it when they had more time. So Matt went back into the arena looking
for Stephanie, he asked around and everyone said she already left for the
hotel. Matt, a little aggivated left the arena, again, and headed to the
Marriot. And the front desk he asked where Stephanie McMahon was staying and
they told him the room. He got to the floor and the room and banged on the
door. No answer. He banged on it again and finally she answered the door.
She was obviously trying to sleep because she was wearing just a black tank
top and black cotton panties. She looked at Matt like she was about to kill

Steph: What do you want, wait, I already know, the answer is "no".

Matt: Wait, wait, hear me out.

Steph: No, dammit Matt, would you please leave me the fuck alone.

(Steph was closing the door but Matt blocked it with his foot. He slid into
her room and she was even more pissed.)

Matt: Steph please. Okay, yes, I am asking for time off to be with my
girlfriend, and in that time I will more than likly have sex with her,
without a doubt. But it's for her, think about Amy and how she's gone
through surgery and rehab and other things.

Steph: You do not have a very convincing arguement.

Matt: Please, Steph, I'm begging you.

(Matt gets on his knees and holds on to Stephanie around her hips.)

Steph: Matt, listen to me. If I just said "Okay" we'd have to rewrite two
weeks worth of story lines, angles, and booking for all mid card talent. Just
so you can get laid, not a fair deal. I can see that you are horny as hell
because you're acting like this. Matt, this is something I would expect of
your brother.

(She was right, this is something Jeff would do. He took a moment to analyze
the situation. Stephanie McMahon was in her panties and he was on his knees
inches away from her, hey wait a second. Matt looked up at Stephanie with a

Steph: What?

(Matt moved his hands down her legs and started to rub her calves. He moved
his hands back up to her butt and squeezed two handfuls of it.)

Steph: *giggling* What the hell are you doing? Stop that.

(Steph smiled at Matt as he kissed the top of her waist right under her belly
button. He moved down and kissed her thigh right next to her pussy.)

Steph: Okay, enough, you made your point.

(Matt gets up and backs Steph onto her bed. He continues to kiss her navel.
He is about to pull down her panties but she stops him.)

Steph: Let me go first.

(No objection there. Matt stood up and Stephanie positioned herself on her
knees at the edge of the bed. She seductivly unzips Matt's pants and his hard
on hangs loose out of his fly. Steph leans forward and stuffs his dick in her
mouth. She bobs vigorously on his member, drooling all down the length.)

Steph: Mmmph, *slurp*, hmmmm, hmmmm, mmmph, *slurp*.

(Matt takes of his shirt and takes his hair out of the pony tail and lets his
jet black curly hair fall over his face. Steph looks up at Matt with his dick
still in her mouth. Matt rests his left hand on the back of her head and she
continues. With his free hand Matt wedges Steph's panties in between her butt
cheeks. He rubs her soft buttocks and gives it a little smack to test its
firmness. Steph pulls her head up and fixes her underwear. Matt kisses her
neck and lays her on her back. He grabs the waistband of her underwear and
with one swift tug reveals her perfect, trimmed, cunt. She speads her legs
and Matt lowers his head in between her thighs.)

Steph: Oh Matthew, *sigh* eager aren't we. *giggle* I see you done this

(Matt did nothing except continue on with going down on his boss. Matt spread
her cunt lips apart just enough to dig his toung inside of her. Matt started
to dig his nose right into her clit as he licked her box.)

Steph: Oh shit, that's nice. Hunter never digs his big nose into my pussy
when he eats me out.

(Matt picks his head up and turns Steph onto her stomach. She positions
herself on all fours. As Matt spread her ass cheeks he noticed something
hanging out of her anus, a string?)

Steph: Hope you don't mind pulling a few strings to get ahead.

(Matt digs his face into the crack of her ass and bites down on the thread,
he pulls and sure enough, a marble sized bead pops out. He continues to pull
more and more beads out of her ass. He gets to what must be the last one
because it's stuck.)

Steph: Your gonna have to give that one a nice big tug.

(Matt once again bites down on the thread and starts to pull. The more he
pulls, the more of the big bead he sees. He gets it half out, but Steph sucks
it back in. Matt persists again, this time he gets it all the way out. The
peach pit sized bead made a loud pop as it got pulled out of Stephanie's ass.
Matt looks at her gaping asshole as it starts to close back up. He sees his
opportunity and shoves his toung as far as it will go into Ms. McMahon's

Steph: Oooh, be gentle.

(Matt shoves two fingers in her box as he toung fucks her anus. He pistons
his digits into her as he attempts to lick her intestines.)

Steph: Oh god, don't stop, please don't stop *sigh*.

(Matt pulls out his toung and violating digits. He licks his two fingers as
Steph rolls back onto her back. Matt takes off the rest of his clothes and
Steph takes her top off. She spreads her legs once again and Matt eases his
dick into her snatch, inch by inch.)

Steph: Mmmmmm, it's been awhile, can't you tell?

Matt: You talk too much during sex, maybe that might be a reason you haven't
been laid in awhile.

Steph: Shut the fuck up and fuck me.

(Yes ma'am. Matt shoves the last of his prick inside of Steph and starts to
viciously pound her cunt.)

Steph: Oh fuck me!

Matt: Would you? I'm trying to work.

Steph: *sigh* Sorry *sigh*.

(Matt continues to fuck Steph into oblivion. Everytime he thrusts in her tits
bounce and hit her in the chin. Matt slows down and Steph turns over to doggy
style. She fucks herself with his tool by backing herself onto his dick. He
looks down at Steph's box as it gets stretched by his prick and he gets an
idea. Matt pulls out of her.)

Steph: Why do you keep doing that?

(Matt then lines his slick prick up with her asshole. He doesn't take his
time and just shoves the whole thing in there in one push. He starts to fuck
his boss up her ass with the same vigor as he did her cunt.)

Steph: Ahhhh, oooh, that hurts, ahhhh, oooh, that feels better.

(Steph tried some muscle control to tighten her sphincter around Matt's cock
to no avail. Matt grabs Steph around her waist and lays on her a little as he
fucks he ass with all his weight behind it. Matt's dick slides in and out of
the hole with ease. He pounds her asshole like a jackhammer, and Steph digs
her face into a pillow.)

Steph: Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm.

(Matt stands on the bed with his dick still inside of Stephanie. He pulls all
the way out and then shoves it all in again. He pulls out, and shoves it in
again. He pulls out, shoves it in and continues to fuck her. Steph lifts her
face from the pillow.)

Steph: Don't tease me like that.

(Matt does it one more time for good measure and keeps fucking her. Steph
starts to inadvertantly rock back on his dick on her own. Matt stops to take
a breather as Steph takes control from her position. She cocks her head to
look at Matt and notices that he stopped and she's the one humping. She takes
his dick out of her ass and lays him on the bed, she climbs on top of him in
reverse cowgirl and impales her anus back onto his cock. She starts to bounce
on his dick but then Matt stops her. He pulls his dick out of her ass and
shoves it in the her pussy. She starts to ride again and he pulls out again.
Steph starts to catch his drift and plays along. She takes his dick up her
ass to the hilt, she leaves it in there for a minute, pulls it out and shoves
it in her box. Steph keeps on switching off. Matt holds his prick steady as
Steph penetrates herself in a different cavity every time she sits back down
on his dick. She took his cock back into her cunt and continued to ride him.)

Steph: You're really going the distance, I'm impressed.

Matt: Thanks.

(Steph looks back at Matt and starts to pick up her pace. Matt eyes her pussy
as she stretches herself out on it. Steph keeps riding, she gets a last boost
of energy before she cums all over Matt's cock and balls. She slows to a
complete halt and collapses on the bed. Matt turns her over onto her back and
starts to jerk off. Steph pushes her breasts together as Matt lets jet after
jet of his sperm hit her on the chest. Matt collapses on the bed as well
after his orgasim. Steph grabs her panties and wipes her chest clean. She
lays on the bed next to Matt.)

Matt: So, how's my break looking?

Steph: After that, your not going anywhere.

Matt: But you see, she needs me.

Steph: Oh no, your staying right here.

Matt: Dammit.

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