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When Loathe Turns To Lust
by Angela (

Triple H glared at the pretty blonde woman known as Stacy Keibler when she
walked past him in the hallway "Got a problem?" she asked and he smirked.

"I won't as soon as you get out of this hallway" he replied taking a sip from
his water bottle.

"I hope you choke on it" she replied starting to walk away when suddenly she
was jerked around and he was spitting the water all in her face "It's not
funny when Carlito does it and it's not funny when you do it either."

Hunter laughs, "I think it is..." Stacy glares at him and slaps his face.
Hunter grabs her wrist and twists it, "That was a mistake bitch..."

"Owww... let go you jackass..." Stacy whimpers as Hunter twists her wrist

"I would suggest you think about that before you do it again and in fact
maybe you should be punished this time for it" he says thoughtfully as he
begins walking down the hall yanking her behind him.

Stacy tries to get free her wrist, "Just because you're... Stephanie's
husband... doesn't mean... you can go... doing whatever you want..."

Hunter laughs a bit as he kicks the door of his private locker room open. He
then throws Stacy inside the room before he closes and then locks the door.

"Stephanie has nothing to do with this.... this is between you and me Stacy"
Hunter replies moving behind her kissing her neck, while his hands find their
way inside her skirt one hand slips inside her panties stroking her pussy
which earns him a soft moan.

"Mmmm Hunter stop it..." Stacy tries to push Hunter away from him, but he
pushes two fingers inside of her pussy.

"Ohh... Hunter I... I thought you hated me?" Stacy cried out after feeling
his fingers moving inside of her, making her gasp softly.

"Well I do but you know what you are still so sexy that I just had to get a
little piece of you" Hunter smirks.

Stacy whimpers a little, "You just want to fuck me..."

Hunter grins, "You're a smart girl..." Hunter then rips Stacy's sleeveless
top with his free hand. Stacy tries to cover herself but Hunter stops her by
kissing her deeply.

"Don't tell me you don't want to play the game baby?" Hunter asks roughly
pinching her nipples.

"Oh, Hunter, I just."

"You just what baby... I know that punk kid Orton can't keep you happy tell
me, Stacy, how is Randy in bed?" he asks as she looks at him horrified.

"R-Randy's... a great... guy... in bed... he's... a stallion..." Stacy
replies as Hunter lowers his head and sucks on her right breast. Stacy closes
her eyes tightly and moans, "Ohhh..."

"How much of what you just said do you actually believe?" Hunter asked moving
between her legs and tugging down her skirt and panties to simply stare at
her pussy for a minute.

"What's wrong Game?" she asked smirking

Hunter looks up at her and smirks, "You're pussy has less hair than a teenage
girl's..." He replies before he leans close to lick her pussy.

"It's... oh yes baby... called shaving" she replied moving to grab his head
making sure he's staying right where he's at Hunter immediately feels wetness
on his tongue and he moves his free hand to spread one side of her pussy open
wider. Hunter moves his tongue inside of her pussy making Stacy moan louder
as he slides it in and out of her cunt.

"Oh, Hunter, do me baby" she cried out trying to buck against his mouth "I
want to watch you do my pussy."

Hunter stops licking her for a moment and resumes rubbing her cunt with his
fingers, "Who eats pussy better... Randy or Me?"

Stacy moans softly, "Y-you do..."

"That's a good diva" Hunter replied laughing.

Stacy moves over to and sits down on the small couch opening her legs "Come
on Hunter show me how much you like my pussy?" Hunter takes off his clothes
before he moves over to Stacy and uses his fingers to open up her pussy. He
moves his head and begins licking up and down her slit. Hunter then grinds
his big nose against her pussy, which makes Stacy arch her hips a bit as she
squeezes both of her breasts with her hands. He circles her pussy with his
tongue feeling the wetness rapidly increasing and then he simply cant take
it anymore and he almost slams her down on the couch, easing his big cock
inside her pussy thrusting in and out while he keeps her legs spread wide.

"Ohhhh ohhh fuck... your cock is fucking huge!" Stacy moans as she moves
against him. "You're... bigger than Randy..."

"No comment" Hunter replies as he continues slamming in and out of her harder
before moving to hold her hips down.

"Hunter... I... I want this.... want you."

"And... I thought you hated me..." Hunter laughs a bit as he plows his cock
in and out of her.

"I... I dooooo..." Stacy moans as she suddenly climaxes. Her back arches
sharply as she enjoys her orgasm.

"Sure you do Stacy" he replies rolling her over and slipping into her ass
from behind "You feel good you little slut I love feeling my cock in between
your legs pounding you until you scream."

Stacy pushes back against him and moans, "Ohh... I am a slut... I love
cock.... particularly ones like yours..." Hunter wraps his arms around her
waist to drive his cock into her asshole harder with each thrust. Stacy
whimpers in pleasure as Hunter drills her ass before she moves one hand
between her legs to slide two fingers into her pussy to fuck herself as
well. Hunter moves to grab her breast squeezing it in his had before moving
his finger all around it lightly brushing the nipple which immediately sends
Stacy into another strong climax that leaves her almost panting in response.

"Ohhh god Hunter... you're so much better than Randy..." Stacy moans.

Hunter smirks and pulls out of her ass, "Then show me how much you appreciate
how good I am... suck me dick..." Hunter sits on the couch and Stacy turns
around. She takes his cock in her hand and pumps it up and down as she lowers
her mouth onto the tip.

"Awww yeah...ohhh... that's it" he replies watching as she practically eats
his cock moaning when she flicks her tongue against the tip. Stacy goes all
the way down licking his balls before moving back up the other side of his

"Ohhh yeah baby..." Hunter's body tenses up as his cock erupts like a
volcano, shooting cum straight up. Stacy moves her face over his cock and
gobbles up all the cum she can.

"That was incredible" she says watching as he lays his head back closing his
eyes, "And you know what Hunter your not so bad after all."

Hunter smiled moving his hand through Stacy's hair "Neither are you Stace."


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