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When Sorry Isn't Good Enough
by Revolution

On the final RAW of 2005, Mickie James got a little carried away with the
holiday spirit and planted a kiss on her idol Trish Stratus that had the
whole wrestling world buzzing. Trish didn't know how to react and she just
left Mickie alone. The next week, Trish was busy jogging up and down the
stairs in tight black spandex pants and a tank top when Todd Grisham stopped
her for an interview. She tried to get Trish's thoughts on the kiss but
Trish didn't want to talk about it. She just wanted to focus on her Women's
Title match at New Year's Revolution. After the cameras stopped rolling,
Todd told Trish that Mr. McMahon wanted to see her in his office right away.
Trish, all sweaty from her workout, jogged around the backstage area to Mr.
McMahon's office. She opened the door and found Vince sitting behind his
desk, watching RAW on his television.

"You wanted to see me?" Trish asked.

"Close the door and come in," Vince said. Trish shut the door behind her and
walked over to Vince.

"What is it?" She asked, taking a big drink from her water bottle.

"Trish, don't take this the wrong way but I have to know ... are you a

"What? A lesbian? Why would you ask me that?"

"Well I saw Mickie kiss you last week and you certainly weren't trying too
hard to stop her. So is that it, Trish? Have you given up men?"

"Give me a break, Vince, you of all people know shouldn't be asking that

"It's been close to five years since we were together. A lot can happen in
five years, Trish, you know that. People change, you've obviously changed."

"You're right, I have changed. Back then, I was a young naive girl. You used
me and took advantage of me because I let you. I thought I could sleep my way
to the top but in the past five years, I've busted my ass to become the best
woman you've ever had in this company."

"Yes you have, Trish, and that's why I've left you alone. I've never held our
past against you. But that's beside the point, Trish. The point is ... are
you a lesbian or not?"

"The point is that I'm not that naive girl anymore. I know exactly who I am
and what I'm doing now," Trish said as she put her hands down on Vince's desk
and leaned forward. She gave him an eyeful of her perfect breasts pouring out
of her black tank top. Trish's tits were glistening with sweat from her

"Yes we all change but we never forget the past. So Vince, my dirty old man,
do you really think I'm a lesbian?" Trish asked, leaning forward even more
and pulling off her scrunchy, letting her blond hair down. Vince reached
forward and grabbed the middle of Trish's tank top and with his strong hands,
ripped it apart, exposing Trish's breasts.

"Come to your sugar daddy!" Vince exclaimed. Trish pretty much jumped over
the desk and Vince pulled her in, and shoved his tongue down her throat.

"Mmm yeah kiss me you dirty old man," Trish said as she positioned herself
onto Vince's lap. He yanked back on her flowing blond hair then pulled her
back in and licked her tongue with some open mouth kisses.

"You taste as good as I remember ... maybe better!" He commented. Vince
rubbed Trish's toned arms then moved his hands onto her breasts as they
continued to swap spit. Trish leaned back, resting an elbow on the desk
and let Vince feel up her tits.

"Yeah ... You like big tits, don't ya?" Trish asked knowingly.

"You know I do Trish. I love big round tits ... and I didn't even have to
pay for these!" He said with a chuckle.

"Go ahead, Vince, suck on them. Taste my big tits you horny old fuck," Trish
encouraged. Vince manhandled Trish's big tits and sucked on her hard nipples.
Trish's breathing began getting slower as she felt her nipples being bitten
and sucked. She grabbed her boss, who was twice her age, by the face and gave
him a passionate kiss. Trish stood up and started unbuckling Vince's belt.

"Let's take these off and get right down to business," Trish said.

"You do know what you want, Trish, and I don't blame you for wanting this,"
Mr. McMahon said as he dropped his pants and let out his very thick ten inch
cock. The length was impressive enough but it was the incredible girth that
had Trish's mouth watering. Vince sat back down in his luxurious leather
office chair and grabbed his cock by the base.

"Can you still handle it, Trish?" He said, slapping his cock around.

"I'm sure going to try," Trish winked. She got down on her knees and moved
backwards so that she was all the way underneath Vince's desk. She pulled
his chair towards her so she had full access to his cock while she knelt
down underneath his desk. Trish cupped Vince's heavy balls with her right
hand and started stroking his big cock with her left hand. She worked up
some saliva in her mouth and then spat it onto Vince's cock. She wrapped
her lips around his thick ten inches and started sucking. She took six or
seven inches deep into her throat each time. Vince put his hands in Trish's
blond hair and helped her bob her head on his cock.

"SSSSSUUUUUUUUUUCK MY COOOOOOOOOOCCK!" Vince boasted. Trish kept going deeper
on that big cock and making loud slurping noises. She didn't even need to
come up for air because she was so skilled at breathing through her nose and
not gagging on the big piece of man meat in her throat.

"I'm Vince McMahon damnit! And I'm getting my dick sucked by the hottest
woman in the world under my desk! Damn it's great to be me!" Vince belted
out, talking to himself. Trish soon pushed his chair back and emerged from
under the desk, wiping the drops of saliva from her lips.

"Mmmm and it was so good to taste you again but Vince, oh my Vince, I want
you in my pussy one more time," Trish said with puppy dog eyes. He turned
Trish around and bent her over the desk.

"God damn what an ass!" Vince commented. He pulled down Trish's black
spandex workout pants and then her black thong, which was moist and warm.
Trish reached back and rubbed her pussy, waiting for Vince to fuck her.

"Ask me how you used to ask me, Trish. Just one last time," Vince asked.

"Oh Mr. McMahon, you strong, powerful, handsome man. Won't you please fuck
me with your big beautiful cock? Please, Mr. McMahon, please let me be fucked
by you," Trish begged.

"Ohh ohhh yeah that's what I remember, Trish, haha!" Vince laughed. He guided
his cock into Trish's tight wet pussy from behind and then placed his hands
on her shapely hips.

"Ohhh you're so big! Come on Vince, pound my pussy until you cum! Don't hold
back, Vince, give it to me hard and fast!" Trish encouraged. Vince held a
firm grip on her hips and started slamming into her. Trish reached forward
and held onto the front of the desk moaning wildly as her sixty year old boss
penetrated her pussy hard.

"Oh fuck your pussy is still so tight, Trish! Screw my billions of dollars!
Screw WrestleMania! Screw all my fame and fortune! Fucking you is the best
thing I've ever done in my life!" Vince exclaimed.

"Ooooh yeah Vince! Ohhh give it to me! Fuck my tight pussy! Ohhh god you fuck
me just right! Unhhhh huhhhh!" Trish moaned.

"I wanna cum on your fucking tits, Trish!"

"Do it, Mr. McMahon, cum on my big tits!" Trish got back down on her knees in
front of Vince and pushed her tits up and together. Vince gave his big old
cock a few tugs and he was cumming onto Trish's perfectly tanned tits.

shot his load all over Trish's chest. When Vince was done cumming on her
breasts, Trish stood up and gave him one long last kiss. She grabbed some
kleenex off his desk and wiped the cum from her chest. Trish pulled up her
thong and her black workout pants while Vince pulled up his pants and started
tucking his dress shirt back in.

"Vince, look what you did to my top," Trish said, holding her black tank top
that was ripped in half.

"Here, take my jacket to wear until you get back to your dressing room,"
Vince said. He took off his jacket and walked over to Trish, covering her up
with it.

A loud click sound echoed through the office and Trish and Vince looked at
each other confused. It was the sound of the deadbolt on the door being
opened and then sure enough the door opened and in walked ... Stephanie
McMahon! She dropped her briefcase in shock as she saw her father standing
there with his belt undone, sweating, and his usually perfectly combed hair
all messed up. Her eyes then turned to Trish, who also had her hair all
messed up and was wearing Vince's jacket.

"You have got to be kidding me, dad. How could you? And you Trish ... I
thought you were better then this. Just get out, I'm not even mad at you,
Trish, I'm disappointed with you," Stephanie said.

"It just happened, Stephanie, I don't know why," Trish tried to explain but
Stephanie shook her head. Trish took this as her cue to get out of the room
and not try to even explain the situation to Stephanie.

"How could you, daddy? You promised mom and you promised me that you were
never going to do this again," Stephanie said.

"I'm sorry, Steph, I've kept my word for the past five years but I screwed
up today. I didn't mean for it to happen but it did. I'm real sorry," Vince

"Sorry just isn't going to cut it, dad. Not this time! You really screwed up
and you've made me very angry! And when I'm angry, I can be a real BITCH!"
Stephanie scowled with a fire in her eyes.

"Please, Steph, don't tell Linda. I'll do anything to make it up to you. I'm
begging you to forgive me," Vince kept begging. There was only one person in
the world that could make him grovel and beg like this and it was his
daughter. Nothing in the world hurt Vince McMahon more then to have his own
daughter mad at him.

"Listen to me, dad. Five years ago when you and Trish were screwing around,
I got angry and I took it out on Trish because really I was too weak to
stand up to you. But times have changed and I've grown up. I'm not that
sweet looking skinny little brat anymore, dad. I'm thick, I'm voluptuous,
I'm a woman now and I'm not going to stand for your bullshit!" Stephanie
scolded, sticking her finger right in Vince's face.

"I understand, Steph, just tell me how I can make this better."

"SHUUUUUUUUUT UP! I'm a very powerful woman now and I know what I need to
do to make men fear me and respect me. Obviously, you need to be taught a
lesson, dad, so that you never do anything like this again," she said.
Stephanie grabbed Vince's pants and yanked them down, making them fall to
the floor.

"Turn around and face the wall," she demanded of him. Stephanie opened up
her briefcase and took out a big nine inch strap-on dildo. Stephanie lifted
up her black skirt and put it on. She told Vince to turn back around and
when he did, he was staring at the nine inch dildo.

"Get down on your knees, daddy, and suck this plastic cock!" She said with
a grin.

"No way!" Vince resisted.

"NOW!" She shouted. Vince scurried down to his knees in front of his forceful
daughter. He gently licked the strap-on.

"Don't make this difficult, daddy! Suck on it like it's a real cock!" Vince
grabbed onto the strap-on and started sucking on it like Trish had just
been sucking on his dick. Stephanie ran her hands through his grey hair and
shifted her hips, fucking Vince's mouth a little bit.

"That's it, daddy, suck it! Make sure you lick the balls too!" Vince went
underneath and licked on the plastic balls. He didn't even want to look up
at his devious daughter who was humiliating him. He kept on doing what she
said and sucking that big plastic cock. Stephanie pushed down on Vince's
head and started to move closer to him.

"Make sure you stick that tongue in my ass too, daddy," she insisted. Vince
went under Stephanie's dress, moved her panties to the side so he could lick
her asshole.

"Ohh yeah daddy, lick my asshole!" Stephanie moaned at feeling her father's
tongue in her ass.

"Ok that's enough for now. Now I want you to take off my shoes," she
instructed. Vince did what she said and took off Stephanie's heels. Stephanie
lifted up her right foot and shoved her toes in Vince's mouth.

"Suck on my toes, daddy! Lick my feet!" She said as she shoved her foot deep
into his mouth and made him suck on her toes.

"Now are you really sorry for what you did?" She asked.

"Yes Steph, I'm so sorry! Haven't I proved it enough already?" Vince asked.

"Not yet. Bend over, daddy! I'm going to make you never think about fucking
anyone but mom ever again!" Stephanie scolded. Vince didn't want to but
Stephanie glared at him with evil intentions. A defeated look came over
Vince's face as he got down on all fours for his bitchy daughter. He knew
what was coming and he tried to brace himself. Stephanie spat on the nine
inch strap-on dildo and then RAMMED it deep into Vince's ass!


"SHUUUUUUUT UP and take it in the ass daddy!" Stephanie yelled back at him,
slapping him in the back of the head. Stephanie is a very powerful woman and
she butt fucked Vince damn hard.

"Are you gonna cheat ever again?" She asked.

"No ... no ... never Steph ... ohh my ass hurts," Vince sighed in agony.

"Good but just to make sure," Stephanie said as she grabbed her father's hair
and fucked his ass as hard as she could for a solid minute making him scream!

"If you ever even think about cheating on mom again, I will take you in the
middle of the locker room and fuck you in front of all the wrestlers. Got
it?" Stephanie asserted.

"I've got it. I'm so sorry, Steph, I'm so sorry," Vince repeated with tears
in his eyes. Stephanie took off her strap-on, put it in her briefcase and
"Daddy's Little Girl" left daddy utterly humiliated.

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