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Where's Shane (A Tale of Sex and Paybacks)
by TheGameIsOn (

"Where's Shane?" This was the message that was being seen in arenas all
over the country on signs made by WWF Fans. It had been a couple of months
since anyone had seen Shane O Mac on TV. On any given day, Vince knew the
answer to that. Shane was doing backstage work for the WWF - planning shows,
writing scripts, running production. However tonite was different. Shane
had missed both Raw and Smackdown this week, with no explanation - not a
call, not an email, not a note. Vince was getting worried something happened
to him

"Goddamit, I know it's that little shit Bischoff. He's done something
to Shane. Or Lawler, Lawler's pissed at me for firing his bimbo wife. Or
maybe Bret Hart is finally getting back at me." Vince was beside himself.
When you are this powerful, you're bound to have a lot of enemies. In this
case, too many to pinpoint a prime suspect. Seconds later, Vince's cell
phone rang - a number very few people had.

"Mr. McMahon, we have Shane. We don't know what we're going to do with
him yet, or when you will get him back. I can assure you he is safe, however
I don't know for how long. Just remember one thing Mr. McMahon - Payback's
a bitch!" said a disguised voice on the other end of the phone.

Vince screamed into the phone, "Do you know who you're messing with? I'm
Vincent K McMahon goddamit. Just who the--"

"--fuck do you think you are?" finished Shane. He had just awoken from
what seemed like an eternity. All he remembered was being knocked out, which
must have been a couple of days ago. Shane looked around to see himself
chained to a bed, hands and feet in shackles. He was totally nude. Around
him was a dark room, very non-descript, with the only lights coming from what
looked like hundreds of candles.

All of a sudden Shane saw movement, as three hooded figures came towards
him. He could not tell who they were. A door opened on the far side of the
room, and a fourth figure appeared. With the wave of a hand, the figures
removed their hoods- underneath were three of the most beautiful, blonde,
FORMER employees of the WWF - Rena Mero, Stacey Carter, and Tammy Lynn Sytch.

Rena spoke for the group. "Shane, your father fired us at the prime of
our careers, the peak of our popularity. He used us - our talent, our looks,
and mostly our bodies. So now, we're going to have a little payback and show
him what it's like to have something he loves be used - that would be you.
You're ours now Shane, to do our bidding."

With that, the three women threw off their robes, revealing three of the
most beautiful naked bodies on the planet.

"You will not speak, you will only do as you're told. Any resistance
will be met with punishment."

Tammy walked over to the bed, grabbing a candle on the way. She slowly
dripped wax down Shane's chest, stomach, and legs. Shane almost screamed
from the pain, but kept it in. Oddly enough this was turning him on as his
cock began to twitch. Stacey was on the other side of the bed. She had a
large ring in her hands. She placed the ring over Shane's cock.

"Shane, you're here for us. You cum when we say you cum - not before.
This ring should help with that. If it gets to painful-good!" said Rena.
"Ladies- continue"

Stacey lowered her breasts towards Shane's mouth, slapping him in the
face with her tits. Shane tried to reach out for one, but his head would
only go so far off the bed. Stacey massaged her own breasts, making her
nipples hard to the touch. She lowered them to Shane's mouth, and covered
his nose and mouth with them. For a moment, Shane was being smothered by
tit flesh. He could not breathe. Well, he thought, I could think of better
ways to die. Finally Stacey raised up slightly and let Shane suck on her
tits, swirling her nipples in his mouth, biting on the erect buds.

Lower down the bed, Tammy had begun to stroke Shane's cock, making it
grow. Shane let out a moan of pleasure. Rena walked over to the bed and
slapped his dick. "Did I tell you to make any noise?" she said.

She grabbed Shane's cock and squeezed, making sure to inflict a little
pain, and than began to stroke his cock, giving him a handjob. Tammy had
lowered herself between Shane's legs and began to suck on his balls, taking
them into her mouth, rolling them with her tongue. Rena lowered her lips
over Shane's cockhead, teasing him with a blowjob. She placed her open lips
just over his head, not moving them. Shane bucked his hips, trying to get
more of his dick down her throat. Seeing this, Tammy squeezed Shane's
balls, making him yell, but also forcing more of his cock own Rena's throat.
Rena began to suck on Shane's tool, slowly going up and down his shaft,
until her mouth was tasting pubic hair.

While the two women were down below, Stacey had once again started teasing
Shane by placing her pussy right above Shane's face, just out of reach of
his mouth, as she finger fucked herself right in front of his eyes. Shane
wanted to taste that shaved pussy more than anything. His bulging cock was
straining against the cock ring, turning slightly purple. Stacey finally
lowered herself over Shane's mouth, as he began to fuck her with his tongue,
thrusting it deep inside her pussy. Stacey rode Shane's mouth, grinding her
cunt into Shane's tongue, again almost smothering him. This time, Shane
didn't even notice.

Tammy had lowered her dripping pussy onto Shane's cock, as she started
to ride his unit. She bounced up and down forcefully, making Shane feel
like his dick was going to break. She did not let up however as she bounced
harder and harder, each time banging her clit against Shane's abdomen. Rena
had climbed onto the bed, standing over Shane's body, her pussy facing
Stacey, her ass facing Tammy. Each woman knew their roles as Stacey began to
lick at Rena's neatly trimmed pussy, licking her cunt lips, sucking on her

Tammy grabbed onto Rena's ass, spreading her cheeks so she could lick
Rena's asshole. Tammy plunged a finger into Rena's anus, making her let out
a yelp. All three women were on the verge of cumming, as Stacey rode Shane's
face, faster and faster. Tammy was also cumming, while both women continued
to eat out Rena's pussy and ass. All three women came together, their juices squirting all over the place- onto
Shane's face and crotch, and onto Stacey and Tammy's faces.

The women removed themselves from Shane's body. Shane looked like a lost
puppy dog, with a "What about me?" look on his face.

All three of the women lowered themselves towards Shane's cock, lubing
it up so they could remove the cock ring. Once they got it off, Tammy and
Stacey began to lick and suck Shane's cock, while Rena watched. Every time
Shane moaned in pleasure, Rena slapped Shane in the face. He didn't care at
this point. He was ready to cum.

As Stacey and Tammy sucked him off, Rena could tell Shane was about to
orgasm. She too lowered herself to Shane's cock as spurt after spurt of cum
came from Shane-O-Mac's dick. With the torture he had endured, he felt like
he could cum forever. All three women took turns having themselves sprayed
with Shane's spunk. Rena's neck and tits were coated, Stacey had it in her
face and hair, and Tammy had it all over her mouth and chin. The three women
took turns licking each other clean, while Shane watched in disbelief.

During all this, no one noticed the fourth figure had once again entered
the room. The figure removed the hood and robe to reveal none other than one
of the most famous WWF Divas's of all- Elizabeth.

Shane had not seen her in ages, and the site of her nude in front of him,
with her gorgeous tits and trimmed but hairy pussy in front of him made his
cock surge again. Elizabeth was one of his fantasies growing up, and here
she was.

"You have two choices now. Your father released me too, probably cost me
my marriage. This was our form of payback. Your choices are simple - you
can go back to him and become a bastard just like your father. We'll let
you, we were never going to keep you here. Or, you can go back to him, but
belong to us. You do our bidding, work behind the scenes for us, and
whenever you want, you can fuck anyone of us, whenever, wherever, and however
you want." said Elizabeth, as he lowered her hands to her pussy, rubbing her
clit. Shane could not take his eyes off her pussy.

"I'm yours," said Shane, "but I want to fuck you first."

"Done" said Elizabeth, as she lowered her pussy over Shane's once again
hard cock.


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