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Which Way Did He Go!
(Copyright 2000,

During a house show Stephanie had interactions with Lita in a match that
saw Hunter interefere and the Hardyz coming to Lita's rescue. After the match
backstage, Hunter asked if Steph wanted him to drive her to a hotel because
he had a match little later and she was tired. "No thanks i'll ask Shane
because i'm tired of going in a limo with no one to talk to" said Steph. "OK,
go with Shane i'll stop by later to talk with Vince" said Hunter.

Stephanie waited in the parking lot talking to Linda for Shane to come
pick her up. "beep beep" Shane is here. "I gotta go" said Steph to her mom.
"bye" waived Steph. During the drive to the hotel Steph went to a sex shop
picking up a strap-on Dildo, but Shane didn't know it was a sex shop because
of the banner. "Driver, let's go" said Steph.

At the hotel, Steph wanted Shane to come up with her and talk. "So what
you wanna talk about?" said Shane. "I wanted to know when's the last time...
you know...had sex?" Steph asked. "Couple of months ago with Nora" said
Shane. "Why?" said Shane. "Because i was wondering if you're interested in a
little lapdance" said Steph. "Sure" said Shane, but he didn't know Stephanie
was gonna do it. "I'll be right back Shane" said Steph.

"I'll be waiting" said Shane. Stephanie came back with a bikini on. "What
the hell are you doing" said Shane shocked. "I'm giving you a lapdance"
responded Stephanie. But before Shane could say anything she was dancing and
rubbing her ass against Shane's crotch. Shane gulped as he couldn't beleive
what she was doing. He couldn't resist and got harder as she went up and down
like she was riding him.

"I'm horny" said Shane. Stephanie knew what to do. She took off his shirt
and rubbed her ass on his chest, then too licked his chest. "I'll be right
back, make yourself comfortable" said Steph. She went to go get honey,
chocolate syrup and whipped cream out the small fridge. She came back and
Shane was lying on the bed with just his boxer shorts. "I said relax
yourself" said Steph. She took off his boxer shorts and rubbed his cock.

"This might feel cold but i'll warm you up in no time" said Stephanie. She
poured all three condiments on his chest and balls. Shane layed back as Steph
licked all down his chest then licked his chocolatey covered balls.
"mmmmmmmm" moaned Steph and Shane. She then moved to his cock and licked the
top. Then wrapped her slutty lips around his manhood like no tomorrow. "OHHHH
YEAAA" moaned Shane.

Steph sucked the shit out of Shane until he was about to cum, then she
stopped. Shane then layed Steph on her back and poured only chocolate syrup
over her pussy, whipped cream around her tits, and honey on her stomach and
feet. Shane sucked her feet till all sweet honey was gone. He then moved to
the stomach and licked her belly full of honey. Shane ate the whipped cream
off her hard nipples and sucked the milk out of them. then he moved towards
her hole.

"YEA BOY, EAT MY CHOCOLATE FILLED CLIT" said Steph. Shane moved the pussy
lips aside and punctured his tongue inside eating until all his mouth was
filld with chocolate and her cum "oooooooohhhh yeessssssss Shane" yelled
Steph as she climaxed. Shane then lie on his back as Steph standed on the
bed. "What are you doing?" asked Shane. Without warning Stephanie peed all
over him. "oooooohhhh" moaned Steph.

Steph then sat on Shane's rock hard cock. She jumped for joy and hurt
while Shane screamed her name "STEPHHHHHANIEEEE, RIDE ME HARDER!!!!". "OOHHHH
SHANE, IT HURTSSSSS!!!!!" said Stephanie. "I'M CUMMING!!!" screamed Shane as
Steph got up and Shane jerked his cock on her stomach. He rubbed it all over
her till she swallowed it. "mmmmm" Shane be a goodboy and leave before
someone comes" said Steph. Shane left and nobody ever noticed.

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