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Whispered Cravings
by squidney24

Sasha has never been a person to lack confidence. Her entire life, Sasha has always believed she was destined for greatness. She worked hard, and she achieved. Sasha achieved her dreams and didn't need the help or validation of anyone along the way. All Sasha needed was herself, and Sasha knew that. She already knew she was the best at anything she did. Which, was why her friendship (then eventual relationship), with Bayley, was so...confusing.

Bayley is the most genuine, kind person Sasha had ever come across in her life. Sasha has no idea how Bayley is able to believe in so many people. See the best in everyone around her all the time. Bayley manages to be the most supportive person in the corner of everyone around her. Sasha, though, had never needed support in her life, because she did it all on her own. Why would she need someone to tell her she's good at anything when Sasha already knows that?

Which is exactly why her growing friendship with Bayley became so confusing. Bayley always made sure to compliment Sasha at every turn. It was astounding how much time Bayley would take to assure Sasha that she was beautiful and amazing and strong and talented. It was unnecessary. But, it felt nice. Sasha knew all these things about herself, but there was something about having someone else tell her them. A pleasurable feeling that would course through her at the reassurance that someone as good as Bayley thinks Sasha is this amazing.

Over time, Sasha began to crave these compliments. The bond between Bayley and Sasha grew more intense. As Sasha spent more time with the woman, a deep admiration and respect developed for Bayley. Sasha knew how valuable and honest Bayley's opinion was, and there was something almost intoxicating about Bayley's compliments. Sasha needed to hear them. When Sasha was alone, she would imagine hearing Bayley compliment her in other ways. She would imagine a taller, feminine body pressed against her and a hot voice against her ear. The things this Bayley would murmur in her ear would send shivers down Sasha's spine.

These feelings intensified and bottled up inside Sasha until she couldn't hold them back anymore. After another win against Charlotte on Raw, Sasha is greeted alone in the locker room by Bayley. Bayley's body curls around her in a hug and enthusiastic compliments meet Sasha's ears. And, something inside Sasha snaps. Her hands grasp at Bayley and harshly tug lips onto hers. Without her consent, Sasha hears her own voice begging for Bayley. Begging for Bayley's mouth, Bayley's hands. She needs her touch. She needs Bayley's voice in her ear. At that moment, Sasha felt like she might die without it.

That was the first night. Their first time in that locker room. Sasha, high on her victory, being shoved against a locker by Bayley, legs wrapping tightly around Bayley's waist. Bayley held her up against those lockers and fucked her through two orgasms before Sasha finally felt satiated.

The relationship that ensues afterward is everything Sasha ever fantasized about. All of those nights Sasha had imagined long fingers deep inside her or a hot tongue coaxing her to orgasm became a reality. For a while, Bayley was a little quiet. In the beginning, the only sounds from Bayley were deep grunts in her ear. And, although a sweaty Bayley grunting into her ear while fucking her was sexy, Sasha still felt like she needed something more.

And, lately, she has finally gotten it. Recently, Bayley has tended to whisper in Sasha's ear while she fucks Sasha with her fingers. Bayley will lean up so her mouth is right against Sasha's ear, ease two fingers gently into Sasha, curl them inside her just how Sasha likes, and then murmur praises into her ear with a husky voice.

It started after Sasha and Bayley clenched another consecutive tag victory on Monday Night Raw. Both returned to their hotel room, high on their win, mouths and hands finding each other instantly as a door slammed shut. Sasha felt herself quickly shoved up against the door, and Bayley's hands moving to dig into her ass. Their lips moved sloppily against each other as, already, Sasha could feel the beginnings of slickness between her legs. At a nudge from Bayley, Sasha hopped up, wrapping her legs around Bayley's waist, and moving her lips to Bayley's neck. Sasha hears Bayley's hand collide with the door to hold herself up as Sasha's tongue and lips work their way down Bayley's neck.

At the base of Bayley's neck, Sasha lets her teeth clench tightly around soft skin. Instantly, a growl leaves Bayley's mouth. The sound sends a shiver down Sasha's spine, and Bayley easily carries Sasha over to their room's bed. On the bed, clothes are quickly removed. Sasha can tell that Bayley is desperate for it tonight. Both are so high off their win that much of their usual teasing can be skipped. Sasha can tell she is already soaked, so ready and wet for Bayley. Before Sasha's mind can catch up with her, both of their clothes have been shed completely.

Bayley's naked body is pressed up against hers. Now, it's Bayley's lips, tongue, and teeth working Sasha's neck. A jolt of pain shoots through Sasha as she feels Bayley bite down on her neck. The feeling of Bayley marking her mixing pleasure in with the pain and ripping a gasp from Sasha's throat. At the sound, Bayley moves her thigh to press between Sasha's legs, trying to intensify Sasha's pleasure further.

A quick grunt leaves Bayley's mouth. Sasha can just barely hear a "so wet" murmured into her neck, but the second Sasha clearly makes out the words, a loud moan reverberates around the room and Sasha thrusts herself further into Bayley's thigh. At the intense reaction to her words, Bayley pauses momentarily. Bayley's body is resting above her, pressing gently into Sasha. After the slight hesitation, Bayley's mouth slowly moves until it's resting against her ear. Bayley's breaths against her ear only make Sasha wetter.

Sasha feels hands move down her body, pausing momentarily to cup her tits and circle her nipples before continuing their descent. A tongue is working behind her ear as Bayley's hand glides down her stomach and comes to a stop on the inside of her thigh. Sasha squirms, trying to nudge Bayley's hand closer to where she needs her the most.

Bayley's fingers rub gentle circles against Sasha's thigh, and Sasha tries to force the haze out of her mind. She needs to get Bayley inside her. Sasha licks her lips and forces a "please" from her throat. Apparently, the plea was all Bayley was waiting for because two fingers glide easily inside Sasha's pussy, aided by her abundant wetness. A thumb presses lightly into her clit, and Sasha's breath catches in her throat.

Bayley's fingers begin moving inside her while her thumb rubs tightly against her clit, and Sasha feels so hot. And wet.

Bayley is fucking her slow but so good. Her fingers move in and out, curling up every other stroke to hit that one spot that makes Sasha let out a quiet gasp or a light whimper.

Nothing else can make Sasha feel this good. Bayley's next stroke inside her goes deep and her thumb presses harshly against her clit. Sasha releases a loud moan and a choked, "Please."

Bayley hums her approval against Sasha's ear, "Yeah. Love to hear your voice. So pretty. Such a good girl."

A shiver travels down Sasha's neck to the base of her spine as Bayley's smooth voice glides into her ear. The unexpected praises shoot straight to Sasha's heat, and she feels herself briefly clench around Bayley's fingers. The momentary second of extra tightness only intensifies the pleasure as Bayley's fingers push inside her again. Another gasp leaves Sasha's mouth at the feeling, and her hips jerk upward toward Bayley.

Bayley has increased the pace of her fingers, still pumping inside Sasha rhythmically. Bayley's thumb presses hard against Sasha's clit every time her fingers stroke deeply inside her. The two feelings of pleasure intertwine and combine, sending shockwaves that rock her entire body. Sasha feels light and high, listening intently to the sound of Bayley's voice against her ear.

"You feel so good. So wet. Always do so good for me, Boss."

Sasha lets out another whimper at the name. Bayley's fingers are gliding in and out of her easily. Sasha is soaked, and she can feel her wetness coating Bayley's fingers. Bayley's fingers curl and harshly push upwards again, forcing another gasp from Sasha.

"Yeah. Just a little longer, Sasha. You're so pretty like this. So amazing."

Sasha can feel herself getting close. Each pump of Bayley's fingers inside her driving her higher. The string of compliments only pushing her there faster. Sasha feels Bayley's fingers press deeper inside of her while she licks that one spot right behind Sasha's ear.

A loud moan escapes Sasha's throat, "Oh. Bay-ugh. Bayley. Please. Please."

Bayley begins pumping her fingers harder inside of Sasha, voice encouraging her, "Keep going, angel. You're so close. Just a little longer and you can have what you want. Gonna give you anything you want. So perfect for me."

Sasha's eyes close tightly, and her body begins to tense up. Sasha feels Bayley's other hand move up her taut stomach to her tit, and Bayley's fingers tease gently across Sasha's nipple. The ghost of pressure rips another whimper from Sasha's mouth. Sasha pushes everything else away, concentrating only on the feel of Bayley's hands on her and the sound of her voice against Sasha's ear. The contrast of Bayley's fingers fucking her, harsh and ruthless, while Bayley's voice gently waves into Sasha's ear with a constant chant of "Beautiful. So strong. God, so amazing, Sasha. You're perfect," driving Sasha desperate and wild.

After another harsh curl of her fingers inside Sasha's wet pussy, Bayley's fingers press deeply inside of Sasha and stay still, while her thumb presses into Sasha's clit, moving in tight, quick circles. Sasha's arms wrap around Bayley's shoulders, nails scratching into her back. Sasha is whining loud, her breath increasing rapidly until she's panting loudly, gasping air desperately into her lungs.

Another white wave of pleasure rips through Sasha as a harsh pinch of her clit causes her walls to clench around Bayley's resting fingers. A whimper releases from Sasha's lips at the feeling and she loudly gasps, "Yes. Yes. Please, Bayley. Like that. Oh god. Bay. Bay."

Sasha is right on the edge and can feel her walls tightening around the fingers resting inside of her as Bayley's thumb rubbing against her clit pushes her right to the edge. Sasha feels Bayley's teeth bite the skin behind Sasha's ear as a finger pinches her nipple with just the right amount of pressure. Bayley's thumb presses harder into Sasha's clit, the wetness from Sasha's pussy soaking her clit enough to allow the tight pressure to combine with harsh circles that have Sasha pushed almost over the edge. Before she can come, Sasha is able to pull herself together enough to hear Bayley's voice one last time:

"Take what you need. You earned it. So amazing. I love you, princess. Come on."

As the last command leaves Bayley's mouth, everything inside of Sasha tenses before releasing all at once in a burst of intense, overwhelming pleasure. Sasha blacks out completely for a moment, losing her connection to reality, only able to feel the waves of pleasure breaking her apart. Sasha is whimpering, and her body jerks up towards Bayley as she clenches repeatedly against Bayley's fingers. Sasha's eyes are closed tightly, and she has no control over her body at that moment.

Bayley keeps moving her thumb in light circles around Sasha's clit, and her voice is still in Sasha's ear, murmuring, "mhm. Good girl. Yeah. Feels so good, right?"

Sasha's body relaxes as she allows Bayley to coax her through the last waves of pleasure. Bayley keeps the pressure against Sasha's clit as Sasha's body works through her orgasm. Sasha holds tightly to Bayley, little whines leaving her throat when Bayley presses her thumb a little tighter to Sasha's clit. The final waves of pleasure coast lightly across Sasha's skin as Sasha regains control over her own body. She nuzzles herself into Bayley's neck and presses a tired kiss to the soft skin. Finally, Bayley slowly removes her fingers from inside Sasha, and the pressure on Sasha's clit disappears. The departing feeling sends one last burst of pleasure through Sasha, and a final whimper of Bayley's name escapes Sasha's mouth in a quiet exhale.

Bayley rolls off Sasha before tugging Sasha gently into her side. Compliantly, Sasha moves into Bayley's embrace, face pressing into Bayley's neck and hand coming to rest around Bayley's waist. Bayley's arm scratches lightly up and down Sasha's back. Sasha's eyes close, and she releases a gentle hum at the feeling. Both stay quiet for a moment, breaths slowly evening out as they remain close in their embrace.

Bayley breaks the silence, quietly asking, "That good?"

Sasha smiles tiredly against Bayley's neck, replying, "Mhm. Amazing. Perfect."

Sasha feels a nod against her head before Bayley presses a gentle kiss to her hair. Sasha's brain is tired and hazy, still mostly blissed out from her orgasm. As Bayley's nails continue to stroke up and down her back, Sasha can feel herself being tugged towards sleep. Right before Sasha allows herself to succumb to her pleasurable exhaustion, she mutters, "I love you, Bayley."

As Sasha fades into a deep night of sleep, she hears Bayley whisper, "I love you, Sasha. So much."

Sasha falls asleep in Bayley's arms, floating into her dreams that night on clouds of love and pleasure.

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