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Who'd Ever Thought
by Bronx Bomber

It was at the end of Invasion and Lita and Trish had won their match.

"I can't believe how much fun that was." Said Trish. "I mean, being able
to pull off Torrie's pants made me so horny, and then being able to see your
bra in the ring once again Lita, it made me so wet."

Lita was shocked to hear what Trish was saying but she had to agree, she
liked it.

"You know Lita, ever since we had our bra and panties matchback in
Hartford, I always wanted to know what you looked like without your clothes
on." Said Trish

"O is that so?" asked Lita. "Well you might get what you wish for."

Lita slowly took off her bra, showing off her nice firm breasts and her
hard nipples. Then Lita took off her pants, showing off her thong, which was
very nice looking. Then she bent over, shoving her ass high in the air to
tease Trish and took off her thong. Her ass was so tight and her pussy was
neatly shaven, looked like manythings had gone in and out of there many of

"You like what you see?" Asked Lita.

"Hell yeah." Said Trish.

"You could get more if you take off your clothes as well Trish." Said
Lita. And Trish wasted no time taking off her clothes. Her pussy was shaven
into a dollar billsign. Lita said she liked the way Trishhad her pussy

"Now, you want to know why they call me extreme?" Asked Lita

"Of course." Said Trish

"Ok, lets get started" And then they started to kiss. Lita shoved her
tongue in Trish's month, andTrish liked it. Then Lita started to go down,
kissing Trish's firm breasts. Then went down to her pussy.

"EAT ME OUT YOU SLUT!!!" screamed Trish. And Lita did so.

"OOOOOOOOOOO" Trish came very quickly; Lita seemed very good at eating
people out. Then Trish said she had anidea and went over to the side of the
room. While she was doing this, Lita was fingering her ass. She was moaning
and then Trish came over. She went down on Lita and tookher hand. She put a
cherry in her handand told Lita to put the cherry as far as she could into
her own pussy. Lita was able to fit half her arm into her pussy.

"Good, now it's my job to get the cherry out." Said Trish. And she shoved
her face in Lita's pussy. It took 10 minutes to get it out and after Lita
came 7 times.


Then Trish took it out with her mouth and then put it in Lita's mouth and
eat it. Lita did andthen they went into a 69er position.

"OGOD, YOU ARE SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!
MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!O FUCK YEAH!!!!!!! I'M GOING TO CUM SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!"

They both came 8 times in that position and then they couldup and got
changed. Trish said shecould get a ride with Steph cause she wanted to have
sex with her. Trish walked out and gave Lita's ass a quickslap and then left.
Before Lita left, she saw a beer bottle. She got anidea. She took her thong
down and shoved the bottle in her pussy and then pull up her thong. She loved
the feeling of something in her pussy. She walked off, looking for Stacy
Keilber to have some fun.

The End.

If you like this story or any of my others, please let meknow by e-mailing
me at or instant message me. My screen nameis Bronx
Bomber 586. I can make custom stories if you wish, just tell me the people
you want in them and if anything should happen in the story.

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