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Whores Of Wrestling: What Ever Happened To Chyna?
by Anonymous

This is a fictional story featuring WWF characters Chyna, Stephanie McMahon,
Lita, Molly, Jackie and Trish Stratus.

Chyna was still sore when she arrived at the arena. Just the night before,
she had defended her woman's title against Lita, so she hoped her workload
would be light for the night's "RAW is WAR". It was about 1pm as she walked
in the door, so the building was mostly empty. She quickly went to the
women's locker room to change into her wrestling clothes.

She stood in front of a full length mirror and removed her sweats. She
couldn't help staring at herself when she was down to her bra and panties.
She had undergone numerous plastic surgeries to look as she does now, and
the diffence still amazed her. She caressed her large breasts beneath her
red lace bra and thought, "Best money I've ever spent."

She looked forward at her locker and noticed there was a note addressed
to her. It read:

Please report to my office as soon as you read this. I am having a
meeting in regards to the women's title situation.


Chyna had no earthly idea what this could be about. Why did Stephanie want
to see her? Had she done something wrong? In any event, Chyna quickly put on
her usual black leather costume and went to Stephanie's office.

When she arrived, she found that Lita, Molly and Jackie were already
waiting, sitting in chairs along the wall of the doorway. Stephanie was
sitting at her desk.

"Now that everyone has arrived, we can begin." said Steph is a very
business-like tone, "Today we are going to decide who will be the new WWF
women's champion."

"But I'm the women's champion," interpted Chyna, before she could catch

"Yes, you are," responded Stephanie, "But how badly do you really want
it? Do you wear it as just some prop to get you over with the crowd, or would
you do anything to hold that belt?"

"I'll do whatever it takes."

"So we shall see. I've called all of you here today to see who truly wants
to be the champion. To see how far you are really willing to go. Who want to
be first?"

Not sure what she was talking about, the four women remained quiet.

Steph flashed her trademark evil smirk. "Molly, you're fairly new here.
Stand up. How far are you willing to go to be the champion?"

"Pretty far, I guess." She was visiably nervous. Her head was tilted down
and she was shaking a little, her ample ass straining agianst her blue and
black spandex.

"Let's see," said Steph, "Albert, get in here!"

In walked Prince Albert, one of the biggest, hairiest, and ugliest of the
WWF's roster.

"Molly, I want you to give Albert the best blowjob he's ever had."

"But he's so hairy and disgusting!"

"You suck him off until he cums or you're fired!"

Silently, she complied. She approached the big monster, the moved her
hands along his shoulders and chest down to his stomach. Averting her eyes
from his freakish head, she inched down his pants until she revealed his
long dangling tool. She lifted it up and licked the tip and it quickly

"Suck it, whore!" yelled Steph, more than a little turned on by what was

Closing her eyes, Molly crammed it in her mouth, taking about four inches.
Fully erect, the size of the thing dwarfed her tiny face. She went in for
more, this time getting five inches of it. As she pulled her head back,
Albert reached his hands down, grabbing her blonde hair. When she went in for
more, her forced her head further than she had anticipated. She started to
gag, as the cock was jammed into her throat. She tried to stop, but Albert
was humping her head with great intensity. All she could do was sit back and
take her face fuck until it was completed. Only a minute had passed until
Albert started to grunt.

"Cum on the little bitch's face!" yelled Stephanie.

On cue, Albert pulled out his cock and sprayed a load all over Molly. Most
landed in Molly's mouth, but a splash landed in her left eye, and she started
to tear up.

"Well done, Molly."congradulated Stephanie, as the cute blonde tried to
compose herself, "Who's next?"

"I guess I'll be next." said Lita, as the wild redhead stood to attention,
"but I get to pick who I work with."

"I suppose that will be okay." replied Steph, eager to see what Lita had

Lita ran out the door and quickly returned with Matt and Jeff Hardy. With
them standing before her, she quickly stripped off all her clothing but her
bright pink thong. She then pulled down both of their pants and went to work.

Lita couldn't get that much dick into her mouth, but she made up for that
with her energy. She moved her head rapidly, going from one dick to the other
with a great flury. She then took both cocks in her mouth at the same time,
sovoring the pre-cum that seeped onto her tongue.

"Fuck me." Lita pleaded, as she quicked removed her thong, revealing a
beautiful closely trimmed pussy. She got on all fours, then Matt started
doing her from hehind. Very turned on by having an audience, she started to
orgasm upon insertion. Jeff put his dick in her mouth and her moans came out
more as a hum. Lita was getting it from both ends, sliding from one cock onto
the other.

"I always knew you were a whore." said Steph, as she started to moan

"I want some of that cunt."said Jeff, who then tagged his brother.

Jeff positioned himself on the floor, then Lita, facing the same
direction, slid down on top of him. As she began to ride, Matt put his cock
in her mouth. It wasn't long before she spit it out and let out a lound
shriek of an orgasm. Her knees began to buckle underneath her, and she fell
to the floor.

The two Hardys got on their knees on each side of her face and masturbated
at the extreme goddess. They soon jizzed all over her. She caught as much as
she could in her mouth, but much of it glistened as white sploches in her red

"Lita, that was great." confessed Stephanie,"Jackie, would you like to
display your talents next?"

"I suppose." said Jackie, rising from her chair.

At that point Test walked into the room. He approached Jackie and went to
kiss her, but she shrugged him off and went strait for the dick. She yanked
his pants down violently and started licking his knob. As soon as it
hardened, she swallowed it, pulling Test closer by his balls. After resting
for a split second, she sucked on it again, this time deap throating it, even
getting the testicles into her mouth. She knew what she was doing.

"Oh my God you're a whore!" said Steph, as she soon was cumming from
behind her desk.

"You think you can put that thing is my ass?"asked Jackie.

Before Test could form the word "Sure", Jackie pushed him onto the floor
and squatted over him. Prying her ass open, she lowered herself down slowly,
taking the long shaft into her big but tight ass one inch at a time.

"YESSSSS!!!!" screamed Jackie, as she started riding faster. The cock was
going in and out of her ass with incredible speed and friction, as it wasn't
long before Test let out a groan, and shot his load up Jackie's ass.

Jackie pulled herself off him and dropped on her stomach. Everyone could
plainly see the cum slowly seep out of her asshole, the white jizz sparkling
on her dark skin.

"Another great performance." said Stephanie,"And that brings us to our
current women's champion, Chyna."

"I don't know what you have in mind, Steph."said Chyna,"But I'm not doing
anything like that."

"You will do it and you will like it."stated Stephanie, matter-of-factly.

"Remember who you are talking to. I've been on the cover of Playboy. I've
guest starred on 3rd Rock. I have numerous film and television offers coming
my way. You can't just boss me around like these other whores."

"Oh, can't I?" said Stephanie, as she walked over and got in Chyna's face,
"Just remember you were just some transvestite looking freak before you came
here. Everything you are, you are because of us. So if I ask you to do
something, you do it and you thank me for the oppurtunity, you fucking slut."

Chyna's temper gave way. She unleashed a ferocious right forearm, catching
Steph at the side of the face and sending her onto the floor. Blood trickled
from the side of Stephanie's head.

"You fucked up now, bitch." said Steph, as she clapped her hands. In
walked Farooq and Bradshaw, who made a b-line for Chyna.

"What the hell are you doing? Let me go!"

Chyna tried to fight them off, but it was no use. Against her struggles,
they pounded her down, them gave her a double powerbomb.

With her adequately subdued, they stripped her clothes off and went to

"Nothing personal, but money talks." said Bradshaw, as he shoved his cock
in her ass. She let out a wimpering scream. Farooq slid underneath her, and
started fucking her cunt.

"Fuck the bitch harder!" yelled Steph, as she stared to moan.

"You heard the boss lady." said Farooq, as the both started slammimg her
as hard as the could. The ninth wonder of the word started crying as she was
being probed deeper than ever before.

After a few minutes, they switched positions, with the more endowed Farooq
now ramming the ass. They were now bouncing her body around like a rag doll,
as they slapped has ass and pulled her hair.

"Now cum in the slut's mouth!" demanded Stephanie.

The obliged, first Bradshaw, probing her throat as his semen sprayed.
Chyna was forced to slallow in all, but soon gagged and vomited the semen
onto her chest. At the same time, Farooq dropped a load onto her hair. It
dripped forward onto her forehead and eyes, eventually covering most of her

Chyna, with man-goop freshly sticky on her face, looked up at Stephanie.
Stephanie smiled broadly and enjoyed saying the words, "Chyna, you're fired."

Chyna picked up her clothes and ran out of the room crying. Everyone
shared a laugh, until Lita finally asked,"So, who is the new women's

"Well," began Steph, "After much consideration, I've decided that the new
women's champion will be Trish Stratus."

"Trish?" yelled Jackie, "But she's not ever here!"

"Yes I am." said Trish, poking her hear out from under Stephanies desk.

"Did I say you could talk?" said Stephanie, pushing Trish back down
between her legs.

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