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Who's Tough Enough
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the 2005 Royal Rumble, Tough Enough Alumni Maven and Miss Jackie are
watching the Royal Rumble match. Maven smirks as he watches Chris Benoit,
Hardcore Holly and Eddie Guerrero work over the Million Dollar Tough Enough
winner Daniel Puder before Holly throws the cocky youngster out of the ring.
Maven laughs as he looks at Jackie, "That'll teach him to run his mouth,

Miss Jackie smiles and shrugs her shoulders "I don't mind...I think he's
pretty hot." Jackie says with a laugh.

"Oh come on Jackie, didn't he come up to you and say what you went through
during Tough Enough 2, with the knee injury and everything else, wasn't
nearly as impressive as what he did?" Maven laughs some more, "If I was you,
I'd be just a little pleased Chris, Eddie and Bob beat the tar out of him."

Jackie laughs a little "You're right...but his eyes are so dreamy, I barely
remember what he said to me.." Jackie folds her arms "You know, Maven, if you
ask me...I think you're a bit jealous."

Maven points his hands at himself, "Me, Jealous? Of Him? Well, he did have it
a lot easier than we did, all he did was not get voted off..." Maven starts
to laugh just as both he and Jackie hear the familiar sound of someone
slamming their hands on top of an equipment in frustration comes from behind
him. Maven turns around and smirks, "I wonder who that can be..."

Jackie moves her head a bit to look around Maven with her arms folded, Jackie
smiles as she sees Daniel Puder "Hey Danny..." Jackie says.

Daniel looks in the direction of Jackie and Maven and he frowns, "Oh I bet
you two are going to gloat about what just happened to me aren't you?"

Maven tries not to laugh as he looks at how red Daniel's chest is, "Well,
kinda..." Before Maven can start ripping into Daniel, he's slightly elbowed
in the stomach by Jackie.

Jackie looks at Maven with a smile " nice..." Jackie says as she
steps around Maven and starts to approach Daniel. Jackie smiles sweetly "You
did really great out there."

Daniel folds his arms, "I would've done a lot better, if those three old guys
didn't gang up on me, I thought it was every man for himself..."

Maven smirks, "Maybe if you were really tough enough, you would've eliminated

Daniel glares at Maven, "What's that supposed to mean Baldie?"

Jackie shakes her head as she places both of her hands gently on Daniel's
shoulder "Don't listen to him...he's just jealous."

Maven frowns, "I'm not jealous Jackie... Danny boy here had it very easy
compared to what we went through... come on, he didn't have a hardcore
training session from Tazz... he had to kiss Mae Young."

"Sounds like you're jealous to me buddy boy," Daniel smiles a little, "And
I'll say right now, kissing Mae Young is a lot tougher than anything you can

"Bullshit..." Maven folds his arms.

Jackie sighs and shakes her head "Now boys...don't fight, I'm sure there's a
fair away that we can determine who is the tougher Tough Enough Champion."

Daniel tilts his head to the left as he looks at Jackie's abdominal area, "I
can come up with a few ideas of how I can show you how tough I am."

Maven shakes his head, "Dude, Jackie doesn't look anything like Mae Young, so
get your head out of the gutter."

Daniel raises an eyebrow, 'Man you must have a thing for her if you keep
busting my chops about doing something you don't have the guts to do."

Jackie places her hands on her hips "Why don't we have a little competition
to see who truly is Tough Enough?" Jackie raises her eyebrow "I don't...why
don't we have a push-up about a fuck-off?"

"A fuck-off contest?" Maven raises one of his thick eyebrows.

Daniel licks his lips, "Oh I love the sound of that..."

Maven shoots him a glare, "You don't even know what she has in mind."

"I can guess... a hot chick says fuck... the possibilities are endless,"
Daniel smirks.

Maven shakes his head before he looks at Jackie, "What do you have in mind?"

Jackie laughs a little "Well Maven...actually...Daniel has the right thing in

Maven's jaw drops in disbelief, "He did?"

"Oh yeah... I know where this is going..." Daniel rubs his hands together
eagerly, "Let me guess, first one to blow his top is the loser, right?"

Jackie nods her head "Sounds fair, right?" Jackie smiles before Daniel and
Maven have a chance to answer "Good...follow me then..." Jackie says as she
starts to walk away from Daniel and Maven, heading in the direction of the
locker rooms.

*** A Short Time Later ***

In the one of the many locker rooms, Maven and Daniel are standing with their
arms folded, dressed only in their boxer-briefs as they wait for Jackie to
come out from behind a screen. Daniel looks over at the screen and smirks,
"If she's just going to wear a referee shirt, that'll be hot..."

Jackie steps out from behind the screen and smirks "Do you think this is
hot?" Jackie asks as she places her hands on her tanned waist as stands
completely naked in front of Maven and Daniel Puder.

Maven nods his head and licks his lips, "I sure do... damn Jackie... you're
hotter now than you were during those bikini contests during the summer..."

Daniel looks up and down Jackie's body as he gets a cocky smirk on his face,
"Mmmmm damn... I'm hard as a rock just looking at you..." Daniel says as he
reaches into his boxer briefs to pull out his eight-inch long cock. Daniel
then smirks at Maven, "I doubt you'll measure up to me."

Jackie licks her lips as walks over to Daniel and Maven. Jackie looks down at
Daniel's nicely sized cock and nods her head with a smirk "Not bad there..."
Jackie says as she bends over while standing and takes Daniel's stiff cock
into her soft hands. Jackie begins to slowly moves her right hand up and down
Daniel's hardened shaft.

"Hey... I'm bigger than that..." Maven says as he lowers his boxer-briefs to
reveal to both Daniel and Jackie his ten-inch long dick. "Who cares... this
hottie has my dick in her hands," Daniel licks her lips, "And I bet she'll
suck my dick first..."

Jackie smiles at Maven, then at Daniel as she wraps her left hand around
Maven's cock "Now two have to be nice." Jackie says as she begins
to move both of her hands up and down the shafts of Maven and Daniel.

"Hey I'll be cool Jackie," Maven licks his lips as he moves his hips forward
to push his cock against Jackie's hand, "Cause I know I'm going to win..."

"Don't count your chickens buddy boy..." Daniel grins as he places his hands
behind his head before he looks down at Jackie, "Come on Jackie... show this
chump my cock is better... blow me first..." Jackie smiles and licks her lips
as she slowly brings her head down to Daniel's cock. Jackie opens her mouth
as Daniel feels Jackie's warm breath against the head of his cock. Before
Jackie goes down on his cock, she pulls her head away and presses her moist
tongue against the head of Maven's cock.

"Looks like she got tired of your dick really quick," Maven laughs as he
feels Jackie's soft tongue slide all over his cock making him moan a bit.

"Oh she's just being a little tease... she's warming up on you before going
to me, the main event..." Daniel smirks. Jackie gently pats her moist tongue
against the head of Maven's cock before she turns her head back to Daniel's
thick cock. Jackie opens her mouth and lowers her mouth onto Daniel's cock.
Jackie wraps her soft lips tightly around his shaft as she starts to slowly
bob her head up and down along Daniel's solid hard cock.

Daniel moans as he moves his hands through Jackie's hair, "Awww yea... now
that's what I like.... suck that cock Jackie..." Daniel smirks at Maven,
"Told you she'll suck my cock first..."

"Cause you were being a little baby..." Maven folds his arms. Jackie begins
to bob her head quicker on Daniel's shaft as she laps her tongue and saliva
around his cock, while she twists her head a bit on his cock.

Daniel gets a big grin on his face as he tilts his head back, "Ohhh shit...
Jackie, you sure now how to suck a tough dick..."

Maven shakes his head before he places a hand on the back of Jackie's head,
"Come on Jackie, my dick is getting cold..."

Daniel looks at him and laughs, "Now who's being the baby?" Jackie slowly
lifts her head up from Daniel's cock, that drips of her warm saliva. Jackie
laughs a little as she flips her hair back and turns to Maven's cock, while
she remains bent over. Jackie holds Maven's cock steady with her left hand
as she lowers her head onto his cock. She wraps her lips around his cock
and starts bobs her head on his cock as she drags her wet tongue along the
underside of his shaft while she begins to suck his cock.

"Mmmmmm that's it Jackie... Show Danny what you can do with a really big
dick..." Maven groans in pleasure as he closes his eyes. He moves his hips
forward again to push his cock against her lips. "Man, when you have a big
dick... and not some pin dick... a girl like Jackie can do a lot with it."

Daniel frowns, "Hey, your dick is not that much bigger than mine."

"So what, I'm still bigger..." Maven replies. Jackie softly moans against
Maven's cock as she widens her mouth, taking an half-inch of Maven's cock
into her warm mouth. Jackie tenderly bats her skilled tongue up Maven's
shaft before she gently work the tip of her tongue into Maven's piss slit.
While Jackie continues to bob her head on Maven's cock, she wraps her right
hand back around Daniel's cock and begins to massage her saliva against his

Daniel gets a small smile on his face, "So... Maven has a bigger dick for
your mouth... but I bet I can fuck you better than anyone else, including
the bald guy you're blowing."

Maven looks at Daniel a scowls a bit, "Man you sure know how to fuck up the
mood... I'm getting blown here..."

Daniel shrugs, "Hey this is a fuck-off contest... and it's time to fuck..."

Jackie slowly lifts her head up from Maven's cock and laughs while nodding
her head "You know...Daniel's right..."

Maven frowns for a moment then he smirks, "All right... who gets to fuck you
first Jackie, me or the Million Dollar wuss here?"

"I do of course," Daniel says as he pushes Maven aside, "You can have a shot
after I set the standard."

Jackie shrugs "I don't mind..." Jackie licks her lips "I could be blowing the
one...who isn't fucking me."

"Fine with me... get on our fours... and blow Baldie... this way you won't
scream to loud" Daniel smirks as he strokes his cock.

Maven rolls his eyes "Oh get over yourself..." Maven then licks his lips, as
he takes a step back so he's in position for Jackie to suck his dick when she
gets into the position Daniel wants her. Jackie smiles and positions herself
down on the floor, getting on her hands and knees as she holds her head up
into the air. Jackie leans forward and holds her tongue out as she gently
taps her tongue against the underside of Maven's stiff shaft.

Daniel takes a moment to admire Jackie's hot backside as he kneels down
behind her. "That's a hot ass..." Daniel says as he pushes his cock into her
pussy with a sharp thrust. He places his hands on her hips to pull her back
against him as he pushes into her.

"Ohhhhh..." Jackie moans as she continues to gently pat her tongue against
the underside of Maven's cock. Jackie twists her tongue slightly as she
begins to drag her tongue back up his shaft. Jackie looks up at Maven and
smiles slightly as she begins to gently pushes back against Daniel's cock
in her warm cunt.

"Mmmm and she's got a tight cunt too.... Maven... you're lucky I'm loosening
her up for you..." Daniel grunts as he shoves his thick cock repeatedly and
roughly into her pussy, making Jackie move forward.

"Yeah... whatever... Jackie's mouth is awesome..." Maven shoots back as he
grips his cock by the base so he can hold it steady for Jackie.

As he drills her pussy, Daniel laughs at Maven's remark, "Only because I'm
shoving her forward every time I pump her full of my cock..." Jackie's head
moves back and forth each time Daniel thrusts his cock into her and then
pulls hips back. Jackie's nicely round backside slams back against Daniel's
waist as she tightly sucks on Maven's cock. Daniel fucks Jackie's pussy with
some hard thrusts while Maven pulls his cock out of Jackie's warm wet mouth.

"Ok Daniel... you had your turn... now I want to show her what I got..."

Daniel smirks at him, "I ain't done yet..." He pumps his dick harder into
Jackie's pussy.

Maven folds his arms, then he smirks, "Hey Jackie, isn't the rule of a
fuck-off that the first one to cum loses?"

Jackie smiles and nods her head "Ohhhh....ahhh...fuck..." Jackie moans.
Jackie takes a deep breath as she looks back up at Maven "Yeah....that's...
the rule..." Jackie says as she starts to breath heavily, while she sweats.

"Fuck!" Daniel yells as he pulls out of Jackie's tight pussy. He points at
Maven then at Jackie, "All right big man... let's see what you got."

"With pleasure..." Maven smirks as he rolls Jackie onto her back. He spreads
her legs and lays on top of her while easing his shaft into her pussy. Once
Maven's dick is inside of Jackie's pussy, the original Male Tough Enough
winner starts pumping into her like a piston, using fast hard strokes to fuck
Jackie's perfectly shaved pussy.

Jackie grits her teeth as she closes her eyes "Ohhh Maven...fuck..." Jackie
moans as she wraps her smooth legs around Maven's waist as she starts grind
her warm pussy again Maven's cock after each thrust.

"Yeah.... you like the way I fuck ya... don't you..." Maven smirks as his
head starts to shine as he begins to sweat. Maven grabs Jackie's arms and
holds them above her head as he pulls out of her pussy and drops his cock
back inside of her. Maven throws all of his weight behind every one of his
thrusts, and Daniel raises an eyebrow as he's impressed by Maven's work.

"Shit... I ain't going to let you win like that...." Daniel sneers a bit as
he gets next to them and rolls them over so Jackie is on top and Maven is
flat on his back. Before either of them can get use to what just happened,
Daniel gets behind Jackie once again and slams his stiff prick into Jackie's
asshole with one thrust.

Jackie quickly tilts her head back "Ohhhhh fuck!" Jackie cries out as she
feels Daniel's cock in her asshole. The sudden surprise causes her drop down
on Maven's cock with hard force "Mmmmm...ohh...shit!"

"Hey... what the fuck are you doing..." Maven grunts as he feels all of
Jackie's weight come crashing down on his cock when he thrusts up into her.

"You think I'm going to let you impress Jackie like that? I'm gonna show her
how a real man fucks..." Daniel grunts as he rams his hips forward to propel
his hard dick deep into the depths of Jackie's ass. Jackie grits her teeth
as she bounces quickly on Maven's cock after each thrust Daniel powerfully
delivers her tight asshole. Jackie starts rocking back against Daniel's cock,
when Maven manages to thrust up into her pussy.

"Awww.... shit..." Maven groans as he tries to push up as hard as he can
into Jackie's cunt. "Ohhhh god dam..." Maven moans louder as he starts to
cum inside of Jackie's tight pussy rather earlier than he expected as Daniel
slams his cock hard into Jackie's ass once again. Jackie grits her teeth as
she brings a hand up to wipe the sweat rolling off of her forehead and into
her eyes as she continues to bounce on Maven's softening cock, while Daniel
deliver a hard thrust to her tight asshole that jolts her forward on Maven's

"What's a matter Maven.... blew your top?" Daniel laughs as he wraps his arms
around Jackie's waist. The Million Dollar Tough Enough winner starts to stand
up, pulling Jackie up with him to fuck her up the ass from a standing
position. Jackie looks over her shoulder at Daniel with a tired smirk as she
stands up.

"Fuck..." Maven curses under his breath as he sits up on the floor.

Daniel pulls Jackie back against him, pressing his sweaty chest against
Jackie's back. Thrusting his crotch forward, Daniel continues to fuck Jackie
as he smirks, "Ohhh yea... I'm going... to fill your ass up..." Daniel grunts
and starts to cum inside of Jackie's tight asshole a few moments later.

Jackie tilts her head back as she closes her eyes, feeling Daniel's warm cum
fill up her tight asshole "Ohhhh...fuck..." Jackie moans.

Daniel gets a smirk on his face as he pulls his cock out of Jackie's asshole,
"Looks like I win..."

"You fucking cheated..." Maven says as he gets to his feet.

"Oh don't be a sore loser... Jackie knows I won... right Jackie," Daniel
looks her with a satisfied look on his face.

Jackie turns around with a smile as she folds her arms, beads of sweat drip
off her tanned body "Actually..." Jackie laughs a little "I won..."

"You won?" Daniel looks at her as sweat drips down his tired face. Maven
starts to laugh as he starts to figure it out. "What the hell are you talking
about, I fucking won!" Daniel yells slightly.

Jackie shakes her head and licks her soft lips "No...Daniel I
see this was a Tough Enough Fuck-off competition..." Jackie smiles proudly
"Since I am a Tough Enough winner too...and I didn't cum...I'm clearly the

"Of fuck off!" Daniel yells as he gets pissed off and balls his fist.

Maven laughs as he gets to his feet, "She just did... and she won..."

Jackie laughs and nods her head with a smile "I guess...I am Tough Enough..."


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