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Why Lita TOEtally Rules Part 1
by RageWWF

After a long Monday, I had just got home and I was going to check the RAW
preview for the night when I ran into a dream come true. "Spend 2 days with
Lita!", A Contest through, you had to answer 10 questions right to
be able to register for the contest, I did so, not with high as I never
win such contests. I worked my way through the week and it was Saturday
afternoon. I slept in late and was woke up to my phone loudly ringing, I
picked up the phone and managed to mutter out a greeting. I was met by a
female voice, "Is this Matt, Matt W?"

I responded "Yes."

The female said something that would throw me for a loop "Hello, Matt, I'm
Casey from calling to tell you that you are the winner of our "Spend
2 Days with Lita Contest."

I thought I was still dreaming. "What!? who is this!? are you kidding!?!?!?"

Casey responded "No I'm not, Lita will be at your house in a week."

I celebrated and said my goodbyes and I was thinking about my dream coming

A week had pasted and it was Saturday Morning, I glared out my window as rain
was falling, waiting for the limo to pull up. In about an hour, sure enough,
a limo pulled up, and Lita stepped out of the limo and headed towards my
house, hurrying through the rain, adrenaline pumped through me as I rushed
to meet her at the door. She came in and I welcomed her and asked her a few
questions, we talked for a good hour in my living room until she has a

Lita: May I use your restroom?

Matt: Of course! Down the hall and on the right.

I sat and waited for her return, as she walked back into the living room she
looked and had noticed she had tracked mud all over the carpet.

Lita: Oh I'm so sorry Matt! Lemme clean up!

Matt: Don't worry Amy, I'll get it.

I walked to my kitchen and got supplies to clean the carpet with, I cleaned
the carpet and put everything away, I came back into the living room and
noticed she had left! I began to freak when she walked in from my screened-in

Lita: Sorry again, I took my sneakers and set them outside so that won't
happen again.

I couldn't speak all I could do is stare at Lita's feet being hugged by her
white ankle socks.

Lita: Is something wrong Matt?

I stumbled over my words, trying to lock back onto to her mesmerizing eyes.

Matt: problem, I was wondering if you wanna see my bedroom, I
have pictures of you covering my wall.

Lita: Sure!

We both sat on my bed as I pointed around my room, we talked more, Lita
leaned herself against the headboard of my bed and stretched her legs, I sat
next to her, but as I moved up my bed, I caught a glance of her arches, I
got an instant hard-on. I sat next to her and I was almost sure she saw my
hard-on. I eventually began to stare at her smooth toes covered by her white
socks. She called me out.

Lita: Ok buddy what's with you staring at my feet!?

Matt: I, uh, you see, I'm sorry... I have a huge foot fetish and I've scoured
the internet to see your bare feet, but just seeing them in person, socked or
not, I'm so turned on.

Lita didn't say anything for a good 30 seconds, it felt like 30 years.

Lita: That's kinda cute, you like my feet huh? Well, Matt this is new for me,
but would you like to smell my feet?

I almost died.


I rushed to my bed side, kneeling with my nose inches away from Lita's socked
soles. I moved forward and took in a deep whiff of her feet, it smelled
delicious, I smelled her feet for about 30 seconds before Lita used her toes
to pinch my nose, I looked up to her.

Lita: Enjoying yourself Matt, my little footboy?

I nodded.

Lita: Well hun would you really wanna indulge your fetish? Pull of my socks

I did as told and I froze as the beauty of Lita's bare feet were right in my
face, I took her left ankle sock and stuffed in down my pants and began to
rub my hard cock with it, I put her right sock under my bed. I picked Lita's
right bare foot up with my free hand and slid my tongue from her heel to her
toes, Lita giggled at the feeling. I wildly licked Lita's right sole my
tongue sliding up and down her sole making it shine in the light. I moved up
to her toes and I popped the smallest toe in my mouth and began to suck. Lita
put her other bare foot on my face while I began to jerk off my cock, covered
with her sock, harder. I moved up her toes 'til i got to her big toe. I
licked Lita's big toe then popped her black polished big toe into my mouth
and sucked and sucked 'til I began to lick her big toe while it was in my
mouth. Lita used her other foot to push my off gently.

Lita: Matt, are you jerking off into my sock?

Matt: Yeah...sorry...

Lita: Its ok footboy, but if you go off into my sock, you'll be wasting cum.

Matt: What do you mean?

Lita: Stand up and put your cock on my toes, I'll show you.

I stood and placed my hard cock on her toes, Lita then began to massage my
balls with her toes. lita then began to jerk me off by placing my cock
in-between her soles and moving her perfect arches up and down. Lita her toes
on the head of my cock and pushed them together so she could massage the head
of my cock while jerking me off with her other bare foot. I felt cum boiling
to my cock, I was ready to cum.

Matt: Amy! I'm gonna cum!!

Lita: Don't cum on my feet Matt come up here quick!

I rushed to her and she popped my cock into her mouth and began to suck. Lita
maneuvered my cock deep into her throat. Lita then moved her mouth up and
down my shaft quickly as I screamed out.

Matt: Lita here I go, I'm gonna cum!

Lita quickly pulled my cock out of her mouth and jerked me off in front of
her face. I blew a hot load of cum onto her lips. I shot another load of cum
hitting Lita in the cheek and in her eye, then I shot my last load of cum
into Lita's red hair. I was breathing heavy.

Lita: Good job footboy I'm covered in cum (Lita giggled). I'll see you
tonight footboy, I need to go clean up. I want some cum on my feet when I
see you tonight.

I still had another day and a half with Lita and her perfect feet.

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