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Why Lita TOEtally Rules Part 2
by RageWWF

After a night of pure heaven, I was still in shock over the events that had
unfolded with Lita in my very own house. On top of it all, I still had
another full day with her! I swore to myself that I was dreaming, but, I
would be awakened to the truth this night....

....For our last night together, Lita had planned for us to go to dinner.
Around 7 PM sharp out my window, a limo pulled into my driveway, and without
hesitation I stepped out of my house to join my lovely date Lita. I wasn’t
sure on how I should dress, so I just wore something unique to my own style,
and as I stepped to the limo, I was relieved, Lita had wore something unique
to her style as well. I scanned my eyes slowly down her curvy body. Lita was
dressed in a fishnet long sleeve top, colored in purple, exposing her
tight-fitting black tank top underneath. She wore a pair of short-shorts a
light shade of brown. Lita was wearing knee-high striped socks, and at her
ankles, black combat boots, this would seem like a disappointment to a foot
fetishist like myself, but it was just a big a turn-on as ever. The place
she had picked for us to dine at was a good 20 to 30 minutes away. About 1/3
of the way through our trip she grew silent and just propped her boot-clad
feet on my lap, one crossed over the other, I glanced to her, nearly shaking
with excitement.

Me: Trying to tempt me or something?

Lita only flashed me a cute smile, that seemed inviting. I kept on looking
to her, I guess seeking some sort of direction.

Lita: Well what are you waiting for? You going to rub my feet or not footboy?

I quickly began to tug on the laces of her boots anxiously.

Lita: I hope your very, very, hungry tonight, I have quite the menu planned
for you.

I rose a brow to her, removing her black boots from her feet, revealing her
socked feet, they were just as glorious as they had looked the previous
night. I pressed my thumbs deep into the soft sole of her left foot and Lita
instantly closed her eyes and leaned back. I massaged her foot slowly,
moving my hands from her curved arches up to each one of her toes and back
down to her heel. I switched between her feet, left to right, right to left.
I had another raging hard on as I groped Lit's socked feet with my hands.
I became greedy, and went to pulled her sock off, she smacked my hand.

Lita: Don't ruin your appetite.

We had arrived at our destination, and I slipped the black boots back onto
Lit's feet and tied the laces loosely together. We went inside the restaurant
and we were taken to a private dining area, a room to ourselves, with food
scattered across a table, waiting for us. I went to sit down to eat as
normal, but Lita shook her head and directed me to the floor, by her seat,
I shrugged it off and did as she said.

Lita: Alright, time for dinner, but first don't you need a plate? Hmm.....I
know what will serve as your `plate' perfectly.

As she stopped speaking her foot moved back and forth dangling because her
legs were crossed, it took me a second but i got the hint, and ripped her
black boots off again. I took a minute to enjoy the view of Lit's perfect
feet, wrapped in her knee-high socks. I peeled one sock down her leg, to her
ankle, and pulled it off exposing her black-colored toenails and bare left
foot. I put her sock to my face and inhaled in ecstasy. I repeated the
process for her right foot. Both of Lita's feet sat, bare, infront of me
and she teasingly wiggled her toes.

Lita: Hungry?

Me: Do you even have to ask?

Lita: does mashed-potatoes sound?

Me: Perfect.

With that said, Lita scooped a mashed-potatoes onto her bare feet and once
again wiggled her toes getting her feet covered in them.

Lita: Eat up.

My hard-on could barely be contained as I laid on the floor and licked the
top of Lit's feet clean of the mashed-potatoes. I picked her feet up and
licked her soles up and down until her soles were only covered in my saliva.
I then pushed my tongue in-between Lit's toes, getting every last morsel
of the mashed-potatoes out. I licked my lips and looked back to her face. I
was again met by her cute smile.

Lita: Taste Good? I hope so. Now I think some roasted chicken sounds nice,
what about you?

I nodded mindlessly, like a dog that hadn't been fed for months. Lita
pulled her left foot up and pulled her toes apart, putting a piece of
chicken between each toe, she then lowered her foot so it was right at my
nose. I licked up her sole getting all the grease, and ate the first piece
of chicken, while licking in-between her big toe and second toe. I continued
down her foot, until her toes were clean of chicken.

Lita: I knew you would enjoy this dinner. Now, if you want dessert, I wanna
see if you can fit ALL of my toes in your mouth. If you can't, no dessert.

I narrowed my eyes at the challenge infront of me. I pulled her right foot
to my face and began to wrap my mouth around three of her toes, pushing the
other two into my mouth just barely. I licked all five of her toes as they
sat in my mouth, Lita giggled.

Lita: Wow! Didn't think you were capable of pulling it off. Well looks
like you get dessert after all.

I figured that what she meant by dessert, was that I would be licking more
food from her feet, I was completely wrong. She got down on the floor as
well. She kissed me romantically as she unzipped my pants, pulling my hard
member out. She pushed her hand up and down my member a few times before she
broke out kissed and sat back up in her seat. Once in her seat again, she
placed my erect dick in-between those curved arches, and jerked me off with
her feet. She pushed her feet up and down my shaft so quickly, I didn't
last nearly as long as I wanted to. Within moments I shot load after load
cum across her soft arches and ankles, she again smiled and giggled. After a
minute or so, Lita took her feet from me and cleaned my cum off them and
then put her boots back on, she told me to stand up, as she stood.

Lita: You can keep those socks as well, something to remember me by. I'm
sorry our little sexual adventures have to end, but I have a feeling this
isn't the last I've seen of you, My little footboy.

Lita kissed me deeply and left me speechless, in disbelief over the last two
days. All my fantasies had come true and more.

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