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Why The Kat Got Fired
by Zezu (

I know the real reason why the Kat got fired, It was just after No Way Out
and this is what happened......

In the Women's locker room:

"That was unlucky, Trish. You deserved to win that match if it wasn't for
that asshole Regal' the Kat said.

"I know, it went well but I'm not bothered about Regal. Remember that
broken nose that he had. That was me, I punched him because I was titty
fucking him and he came in my hair. I FUCKING HATE THAT!" Trish shouted.

"The only thing was that for about half a second we could see your pussy."
said the Kat.

"You're fucking joking me."

"No.... but it looked good enough to eat."

The Kat gave Trish the look over, she was still wet because Steph threw a
jug of water over her and her tits were bursting out of her top. (Trish also
had a wet cunt, because she quite fancied a bit of Steph.)

"You know," Trish said "I think that it is a disgrace they won't let you
strip, I really want to see your naked body."

"Are you sure?" the Kat was startled.

"Yeah, you have a great body." Looking at the Kat Trish could feel the
urge, and really was getting quite nancy.

"Well, if you really want to see my naked." The Kat dropped her robe to
reveal her awesome body. Trish looked at her hot tits and shaved cunt and
wanted to pounce on her right there.

"Well, what are you waiting for, you've seen me now I want to see you."

Trish at first was shocked but then decided to show the goods. With all
her clothes off she was a fine specimen of an absolute BABE! Her tits
perfect, her ass toned and her skin ultra soft.

"Well what do you think?" Trish said.

"Definately good enough to eat." With that they embraced in a passionate
kiss. There hands were roaming all over their godly bodies. Trish then moved
down and started to kiss, the Kat's body. When she reached the Kat's pussy
she looked up to see the Kat's face full of excitement. She got her tongue
right in there and started to weave it about the Kat's hot pussy.

The Kat gave out soft sighs of pleasure, reaching down and playing with
Trish's hair and down to her chest and tits. Trish's nipples were solid and
the Kats tweaked them and twisted them, hearing a shout of pleasure muffled
by her own pussy.

"Put your finger in it. Please, baby." the Kat asked for more.

Trish pulled away and inserted two fingers into the Kat's pussy, she
repeated to rapidly move her fingers around. Making that swishy sound in the
Kats hot dripping cunt.

"Ohh....Ohh, Trish, ohh I'm...gonna.....cum."

Trish pumped her fingers faster and the Kat released her goo all ove
Trish's chest and tits. Trish cleaned herself off with a towel and then lay
down of the floor.

The Kat knowing what to do lay down beside her pussy and becan to much
away. Playing with her tis and nipples, Trish was already close to cumming.
There had been a long build up and she was bursting with tension. The Kat was
nawing at her pussy and breathing in her sweet smell.

"Oh my God, this is fucking great!" Trish claimed.

"What The Fuck is Going on." said a voice.

They both looked round to see the one and only Vincent McMahon standing at
the door, angry as fuck.

"What the hell are both of you doing?" he asked.

"She took advantage of me," claimed Trish, "I was getting changed and
she jsut jumped on me."

"That's bullshit!" said the Kat.

"No more, you can't take advantage of people like this, your ass is FIRED,
I'm gonna make sure you never work in this business again."

After that the King bought her some time but it was too late. Trish's
relationship with Vince had got her out of trouble.

This is the real thing that happened and the WWF didn't want you to hear


*This story was a bit of a joke, but tell me if it was any good, I thought it
was OK*

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