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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Wickedly Ziggler
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The scene fades in showing Dolph Ziggler, wearing jeans and a hooded sweatshirt, carrying his travel bags away from the front desk of a hotel and making his way to towards the elevators as a fan approaches him, "Hey you're Dolph Ziggler can I..." The fan instantly trails off when the once fan favorite performer gives him a dirty look.

"Oh you want an autograph? A picture? Bother someone else..." Ziggler snaps as he continues on his way to the elevator where he rapidly hits the 'call button' several times, even smashing the palm against it, as if it will bring an elevator down faster. After several long moments, the elevator goes 'ding', the doors open and without looking Ziggler tosses his bag into the elevator, nearly hitting SmackDown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss as he steps into the elevator.

Alexa, dressed in a pair of dark colored and tight fitting jeans with a blue top, steps to right in the elevator to avoid being hit by Ziggler's luggage "Umm... hey why don't you watch it!?" Alexa snaps, as she looks her eyes glaring at Ziggler as he enters the elevator

Dolph rolls his eyes, "It's not like you got hit..." Dolph says as he turns towards the elevator button panel and hits the one for his floor.

Alexa places her hands onto her slender waist and presses her lips together as she turns to look at Ziggler "Umm... I was going to get off the elevator..." Alexa replies to Ziggler with attitude, as the elevator cart begins to rise

"Then you should have gotten off..." Dolph snaps back

"Ohh...someone's a little testy..." Alexa says, raising her hands in mock surrender. "What's the matter? Someone piss in your Cheerios today?" Alexa asks with a smirk, tilting her red and blue alternating tipped blond haired head slightly.

"Shove it shorty..." Dolph says withot even looking at the reigning SmackDown Women's Champion.

Alexa Bliss smirks a bit and crosses her arms against her chest as she looks up at the taller Ziggler, with a wicked twinkle on her eyes "Ohhh... never heard that before" Alexa says sarcastically "So what's the problem? A new year, and a not so new Dolph Ziggler? Just the same... old... boring... out of touch Dolph Ziggler?"

Dolph just folds his arms and begins to tap his foot impatiently as the elevator continues its slow rise.

"Or... is the fact that you've been here like... what 10 years and still haven't really amounted to anything?" Alexa says with a taunting smirk. Dolph's body language becomes noticeably tense following Alexa's comment as he keeps his back to her. Alexa shrugs her shoulders "Or maybe... yeah maybe you're upset that no matter what you do, your biggest accomplishment is being known as a giant failure..." Alexa says as she casually steps around from behind Ziggler. Upoin seeing Alexa moving in front of him, he moves to turn away only for the five-foot tall starlet to move to stand directly in front of him. Alexa looks up at Dolph Ziggler and flashes her wickedly beautiful eyes up him, with a grin on her face "Or could it be the fact that you have to stand on the sidelines and watch the man who's achieved everything you ever wanted be with the love of your life... Nikki Bella?"

Dolph narrows his eyes as he glares down at Alexa, "I am the best damn wrestler in the WWE... everyone knows it... I have accomplished a lot and I should be respected by everyone... especially by a midget bitch like YOU!" Dolph snaps as he suddenly shoves Alexa , pushing her against the elevator's door.

Alexa opens her mouth in shock after being shoved against the elevator door by Ziggler, but she then smirks "Oh... did I strike a nerve? John Cena banging the one girl that has stolen your heart and you just can't seem to get over?" Alexa says, continuing to taunt him

"Shut the FUCK UP!" Dolph says as he grabs Alexa by the throat with his left hand and leans down so that he's nose to nose with her, "I can get ANY girl I WANT!" Alexa opens her mouth in shock as her petite body noticeably tenses and trembles slightly at Ziggler's sudden release of anger with his hand pressing against her throat. "And if you're try to FUCK with ME, you're going to regret! GOT IT?!" Dolph yells with such fierceness that he actually spits on Alexa's face.

Alexa slowly nods her and closes her eyes for a moment "Yeah...yeah... I got it..." Alexa says with a less confident voice than she had earlier

"Fucking little bitch... I've had it people like you..." Dolph sneers as he keeps his left hand around Alexa's throat for a bit before letting her go and shoving aside, right in front of the elevator's button panel.

Alexa raises her hands and holds her throat where Ziggler's hand had been, before she starts to smirk once again "What if... that's what I wanted?" Alexa asks, causing Ziggler to look at her with confusion for a moment.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Dolph asks rudely as he doesn't notices Alexa lifting her right hand up to the control panel towards the emergency stop button.

"What if that's what I wanted... to get fucked..." Alexa says with a sly smirk before she presses the emergency stop button, causing the elevator to come to a full stop.

Dolph glares at Alexas, "Another fucking short bitch looking for a thrill? I've had enough of those..." Dolph says with a roll of his eyes

Alexa places her hands onto her hips and presses her lips together looking directly at Ziggler "Afraid you'll fail at this too?"

Dolph breathes heavily as Alexa's question has him fuming, "You want to FUCK with me? DO YOU?!" Dolph asks as he gain grabs Alexa by her throat, this time pushing her up against the right side wall of the elevator, causing her to rise up onto the tips of her toes. Alexa swallows for amount and keeps her eyes on Ziggler before she nods her head. "On your god damn knees..." Dolph snaps as he lets go of Alexa's throat and proceeds to shove her down to the floor of the elevator. Alexa wickedly smirks up at Ziggler from down on the floor of the elevator before she reaches up and starts to unbuckle the belt around his jeans. Dolph licks his teeth as Alexa excitedly tugs the belt through his jeans as soon as she unbuckles it. Once she starts to work on undoing his jeans, Dolph takes a moment to remove his hood sweat shirt, revealing his well toned muscular upper body. Alexa tosses his belt aside before she proceeds to unbutton and unzip his jeans before tugging them down from his tanned and muscular waist. As soon as Alexa has his jeans down far enough, Dolphs large, meaty and rapidly hardening cock spring free from its denim confines. The former World Champion grips his cock at the base and begins to stroke it in order to get it fully harden so that by the time Alexa gets Dolph's jeans to his ankles, she is seeing his manhood at its most impressive state.

Alexa raises an eyebrow and glances up at Ziggler with a smirk "Nice..." Alexa says as she places her left hand on his shaft and starts to move her hand along the length

"Bigger than you'll ever see with anyone else!" Dolph snaps as Alexa works her length hand back and forth on his rigid cock. Alexa wickedly laughs before she leans her head forward and slides her tongue over the head of Ziggler's cock. Dolph lets out a moan as Alexa slides her tongue all over the crown of cock, twirling her oral organ around both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Alexa works the tip of her tongue against his piss-slit before she parts her lips and greedily takes him into her mouth. "Just another fucking slutty short girl..." Dolph says under his breath as Alexa wraps her lips around his cock after getting well over half of into her gullet.

"Mmmm..." Alexa moans and starts to bob her head forward to suck on Ziggler's cock. Dolph places a hand on on Alexa's head to push and hold her hair back so that his view is not obstructed as she rocks her head back and forth on his long hard cock. Alexa steadily bobs her head on Ziggler's cock, with her soft, pouty lips rubbing back and forth against his shaft as she perfectly sucks on his impressive tool.

"Ahhhh... yeah... suck it... suck that fucking cock..." Dolph says as the SmackDown Women's Champion does exactly that with her saliva dripping onto his shaft each time she moves her head forward and then dripping off when she pulls her head back.

"Mmmmm....mmmm" Alexa moans around Ziggler's cock as she bobs her head at a gradually quickening pace, with her saliva dripping down and coating more of his cock. The former World Heavyweight Champion starts to move his hips, pumping his cock in and out of Alexa's mouth as she briskly rocks her head on his shaft. Alexa moves her hands against Ziggler's muscular, tanned waist as she bobs her head forward, while he pumps his cock into her mouth, causing her saliva to splash against his shaft.

"Ahhh... mmm..." Dolph licks his teeth as the petite champion greedily slobbers on his cock, her spit dripping down her chin and onto her blue top.

"Mmmmmm..." Alexa lustfully groans as she turns her head and grinds her lips on his shaft, before eagerly dropping her head down. Dolph groans and smirks as Alexa stuffs his cock down her own throat, easily suppressing her own gag flex as she buries her face against this crotch. Alexa closes her eyes and breaths through her nose as she holds Ziggler's cock deep within her wickedly hot mouth, letting her saliva heavily drip down and the warmth of her mouth engulf around his cock.

"Alright..." Dolph mooans as he grabs a handful of Alexa's blond hair and starts to pull her head up from his spit covered cock, "On your feet..." Alexa licks her lips and looks up at Ziggler before she stands up onto her feet, while removing her blue top to expose her nicely rounded and perky tits. As soon as Alexa's tits are exposed, Dolph grabs them with both hands and leans down to lap his tongue against her nipples, first her left and then her right as he squeezes her breasts firmly.

"Mmmmm... ohhh yeah..." Alexa moans and wickedly smirks. Dolph twirls his tongue around Alexa's right nipple for several moments before turning his attention back to her left breast where he just swats his tongue against it's nipple while dropping his right hand down to undo the SmackDown Women's Champion's jeans. Alexa bites down on her bottom lip before she moves her hands down to her waist and starts to push her jeans down once Ziggler unbuttons her jeans.

"Turn around..." Dolph says as he lifts his head from Alexa's tits and forces her to face the elevator's right side wall before he kneels behind her and jerks her jeans down to around her ankles. The blond haired Superstar then grabs Alexa's ass cheeks, digging his fingers into her rump before spreading them apart in order to lap his tongue against the smooth, clean crack of Alexa's ass.

"Mmmmmmm... ohhhh..." Alexa lustfully moans and her body trembles as she feels Ziggler's tongue teasing and sliding along her gorgeous ass crack. As he runs his tongue up and down between Alexa's ass cheeks, Dolph squeezes them firmly and repeatedly, leaving slightly reddish marks where his fingers tips are placed. Alexa grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she places her hands onto the wall of the elevator, as she feels Ziggler's tongue patting and lapping against her sweet asshole.

"Mmmm...' Dolph moans as he tastes the entrance to Alexa's asshole before forcing his tongue past its puckered entrance as he continues to manhandle her rear cheeks.

"Ohhhhhh shit..." Alexa moans and her body tenses. Though considered to be an underachiever with his career, Dolph shows himself to me quite the overachiever where it matters at the moment as he works his tongue in and out of Alexa's anal passage, flicking the tip of his tongue up and down each pushes his oral organ as far as humanly possible into her backside. "Mmmmmm.... ohhhhh fuck..." Alexa lustfully groans.

Dolph Ziggler continues to work his tongue in and out of Alexa's ass as he buries his face right between the juicy gloves of her backside for several moments before he lifts his head away and stands up behind her. He grabs the back of Alexa's head by her hair as he presses his rock hard cock up against her rear end, "You fucking like that?"

"Ohh... fucking love it..." Alexa groans. Letting go of her hair, Dolph spins Alexa around and easily lifts her up against the elevator wall in order to perfectly guide her down onto his rock hard cock. "Mmmmmm... ohhh fuck..." Alexa moans as she feels his large cock entering her pussy, while hooking her legs around his muscular waist and placing her hands onto his strong arms as he easily holds her and pumps into her. Dolph wraps his left arm around Alexa's waist and places his right hand beneath her ass to comfortably hold her up as he works his hips sharply back and forth to drive his cock into her tight fuck hole.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh yeah..." The Wicked Witch of the WWE moans as bounces on his cock, grinding her petite body as she lowers.

"Awww... ahhh ahhh..." Dolph groans as he holds Alexa up as she bounces on his cock while looking down at her tits as they jiggle with the movements she makes. He continues to pop his hips to keep shoving his shaft deeply into Alexa's snatch

"Mmmmm...ohhhh yeah..." Alexa moans as moves her hands from his arms to his muscular and tanned chest, while her petite body easily bounces with each of Dolph's upward, deep and firm thrusts. The one time member of the Spirit Squad licks his teeth as Alexa rubs his muscular chest as he increase the rate and force of his thrusts while he removes his right hand from her ass, using just his left arm that's around her waist to hold her up. "Ohhhhh...ohhhh fuck yes!" Alexa moans as her petite body jolts against Ziggler's continual thrusts

"Ahhhh... awww... ahhh... mmm fuck..." Dolph groans as sweat drips down his face as he keeps up and intense rate of fucking the SmackDown Women's Champion.

"Ohhhhh...ahhhh...ohhh" Alexa moans and eagerly lowers on his cock, matching the pace of Ziggler thrusting into her. Dolph's balls smack against the bottom of Alexa's thighs with every thrust he performs until he places both hands on her hips and hoists her up off of his cock while turning in order to lower her to the center of the elevator's floor. Alexa licks her teeth and slyly looks up at Ziggler before she turns on her knees to face away from him, leaning forward onto her hands. Dolph spits on the palm of his right hand, grips his cock and strokes it as he gets down on his knees behind Alexa where he guides his shaft back into her tight wet pussy. Mmmmmm...ohhhhh fuck..." Alexa groans.

"Ahhh yeah..." Dolph moans as he grabs Alexa by her waist and begins to thrust his cock in and out of her cunt while jerking her back towards himself. Alexa presses her lips together and closes her eyes as she moves forward on her hands and knees with Ziggler plowing into her. The blond haired Superstar locks his eyes with Alexa's ass, watching her rear cheeks jiggle and shake when his hips collides with them every time he plows his shaft fully into her wet twat.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhhh" Alexa moans as she pushes her petite body back on his cock. Dolph clenches his teeth as he increases the pace of his thrusts, briskly pistoning his cock into Alexa's snatch while shifting his position to where he's crouching behind her as he fucks her. "Ohhhhh...ohhhhh fuck..." Alexa moans as sweat coats her petite body

"Awww... ahhhh... awww..." Dolph moans as he moves his hands to place them on Alexa's shoulders as he rocks on his feet and bucks his hips to slam his cock into her pussy continuously. Alexa bites down on her body lip as Dolph rapidly hammers his cock into her nicely wet and tight pussy. "Awww... ahhh... mmmm fuck..." Dolph moans as gives the SmackDown Women's Champion a good stiff fucking, relentlessly pounding her twat with downward angled thrusts from behind.

"Mmmmmm... ohhh fuck..." Alexa Bliss moans as pushes and grinds her petite body back on his cock. Dolph moves his left hand from Alexa's left shoulder and grabs her sweat soaked hair to pull her head back, making her look back at him as he continues his impressive pace of drilling her. "Ohhhhh... mmmmm... ahhhh" Alexa moans as his cock deeply rams into her pussy.

"Ahhhh fucking it take it... take it you fucking bitch..." Dolph grunts heavily with the effor he's putting into his thrusts.

"Ohhhhh....ohhhhhh!" Alexa moans with her petite body jolting forward. After several more thrusts, Dolph jerks his cock out of Alexa's pussy and moves back to a kneeling position behind her as he grabs her hips and flips her over onto her back. Alexa licks her teeth as she lays on the floor of the elevator, watching Ziggler stroke his cock, keeping it hard. Using his free hand to push Alexa's legs apart, Dolph gets between them to where he can guide his cock right back into her her pussy. "Mmmmmm fuck..." Alexa groans and arches her back as Ziggler pushes his cock into and resumes thrusting into her pussy

"Yeah... ahhh..." Dolph moans as he leans forward and plants both hands on the elevator's floor just above Alexa's shoulders as he works his cock swiftly in and out of her pussy.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh...mmmm" Alexa moans and hooks her legs around his waist as she pushes against his thrusts. Dolph lets his sweat soaked hair hang down over his face as Alexa uses her legs to pull him towards her as if trying to get him to shove more than his cock into her as he buries every inch of nonstop into her with every thrust. "Ohhhhh...mmmmm fuck" Alexa moans, breathing heavily and sweat dripping off of her petite body

"Ahhhh... ahhhh... ahhhhh fuck..." Dolph groans and clenches his teeth, his muscles tensing slightly as he is relentless with how he's popping his hips to continuously propel his shaft into the SmackDown Women's Champion.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhhh" Alexa moans tilts her head back as her pussy tightens around his cock. Feeling her pussy clenching tighter around his cock, Dolph kicks it into another gear, savagely slamming his cock balls deep into Alexa's pussy, making her arch her back and ass up off the elevator floor. "Mmmmmm... ohhhhhh" Alexa moans and her petite body trembles as she starts to cum.

"Awww yeah you fucking slut... ahhhh..." Dolph groans as he feels Alexa's pussy juices flowing over his pistoning cock while her legs loosen slightly from around his waist. The blond haired Superstar maintains his pace as if to showoff as his cock begins to twitch and throb noticeably.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Alexa moans as her almost limp-like petite body moves on the floor of the elevator. Breathing heavily, Dolph pulls out of Alexa's extremely well fucked pussy and moves to straddle her sweat covered body, straddling her chest as he starts to stroke his cock with his right hand while grabbing Alexa's head to pull it up from the elevator floor. Alexa lifts her eyes and looks at Ziggler as his cock is aimed directly at her face.

"Ahhhh ahhh fuck... ahhh...." Dolph moans as he rapidly strokes his cock, and though it takes him a few moments, he soon starts to cum, spraying thick ropes of jizz onto the face of SmackDown's reigning Women's Champion, with chunk wads of his spank splashing onto her forehead, cheeks and lips. Alexa licks her lips and slyly at Ziggler as the cum drips down her face

Once he's spent, Dolph lets go of Alexa's head, which lands with slight thud on the elevator's floor before he stands up. Dolph looks down at Alexa as he places his hands on his hips, "Think twice about fucking with me again..."

Alexa starts to sit up with a smirk on her face "You liked it..."

"I had better..." Ziggler snaps as he grabs his jeans to put them back on.

Alexa licks her teeth as she stands up from the floor of the elevator "I've had bigger..."

As soon as Alexa is too her feet, Ziggler unleashes a surprise super kick, that knocks her down and out. Ziggler sneers as he looks down at fallen SmackDown Women's Champion, "Don't be rude..."


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