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Knockouts: Taylor Wilde, Daffney, and Lauren

Wilde and Crazy
by Number One (

Former Knockouts Champion Taylor Wilde has had a very stressful last number
of weeks, and the source of her problems can be summed up in one word:
Daffney. It all dates back to when Taylor enlisted Daffney's assistance in a
lenghty and elaborate prank against the Beautiful People. Daffney had one bad
run in with the devious duo, and she has blamed Taylor for it ever since --
going as far as stalking and harassing her to no end.

The unpredictability of Daffney was all that enveloped Taylor's mind for
weeks. But she managed to forget about it, at least for that night, as she
stood in front of a nightclub waiting for her best friend and backstage
interviewer, Lauren. It was a long wait for Taylor--at least a half hour went
by without a sign of Lauren. Finally, her cell phone rang and the Canadian
Knockout answered quickly.


"Taylor?!" The voice she heard belonged to Lauren, and from the tone of her
voice, she was in some trouble. "Taylor, help me!"

"Lauren?!" screamed Taylor. "Are you OK?!" She received no verbal response,
which chilled her to the bone. She only heard someone's sinister laughter --
which scared her even more, especially when she learned who it was.

"Hello, Taylor." The ominous voice she heard belonged to the psychotic
Daffney, and it was clear to Taylor that she was holding Lauren captive
somewhere in a crazed revenge plot against her.

"Daffney," Taylor said angrily, "what the fuck have you done with Lauren?!"

"Oh, Taylor," Daffney said coyly, "you really need to control your anger. I
don't know if it's because you're Canadian or you're no longer Knockouts
Champion, but you need to relax. I can recommend a few therapist for you to
see. Of course, some are better than others..."

"Shut your fucking mouth!" screamed Taylor. "Tell me where Lauren is!"

"Don't you scream at me, you little tart!" snarled Daffney. "You act so
concerned over other people, but where the fuck were you when those bitches
attacked me?! THEY CUT MY HAIR!!!"

"Maybe you needed a makeover," Taylor commented.

"You know, it's funny you should mention that," said Daffney, "because I've
been thinking the same thing about Lauren, and I promise you it won't be
pretty." Knowing full well the terrible things that Daffney is capable of,
Taylor quickly decided that it was time to get serious in order to save
Lauren. "If you harm her," warned Taylor, "I will kill you."

"Take it easy, Taylor," said Daffney. "Lauren and I are at her place. Come
alone...or else." The phone conversation ended there, and Taylor got in her
car and sped off. In less than 10 minutes, the former Knockouts Champion
arrived at Lauren's home and rushed inside. Once she entered, she found
Lauren sitting on a chair -- all tied up.

"Lauren!" Taylor exclaimed as she started to untie her. "Are you OK?"

"You shouldn't have come, Taylor," Lauren said softly. "Daffney..."

"I once defeated a massive monster to win the Knockouts Championship," Taylor
said confidently. "I can handle one crazy bitch." All of a sudden, Daffney
came from behind and attacked the blonde Canuck -- grabbing her by her hair
and clutching her arms behind her back. "Let me go!" Taylor screamed as she
struggled with the psychotic Knockout. "Lauren! Help me!" The lovely
interviewer was finally free from the ropes, but she was quite slow to get
out of her seat.

"You can't handle one crazy bitch?" Lauren said in a surprisingly mocking
tone. "How are you going to handle two?" Taylor stared in horror as she saw
that Lauren was made up just like Daffney -- sporting some freaky eye makeup
and an evil smile on her face. The transformed beauty then delivered a
vicious backhand slap on the face of her best friend.

"That was beautiful," Daffney said -- right before she and Lauren embraced by
passionately making out with each other. But the demented duo weren't done
yet. "Sweetie," said Lauren, "get the supplies. They're in my nightstand
upstairs -- top drawer." Daffney ran upstairs, laughing giddily all the way.
Meanwhile, Lauren remained in the living room -- intensely staring a hole
into Taylor, who slowly got herself up.

"What the fuck is your problem?!" the Canadian blonde screamed.

"Really?!" Lauren screamed back. "You're mad at me?! You dragged me into
this, Taylor. I have been getting harassed and berated by the Beautiful
People as well as Daffney nonstop, and it's all because of you! And what's
worse is that you never stopped to consider that I was suffering, too! All
you were thinking about was yourself!" The crazed blonde kicked Taylor right
in her stomach - twice -- and glared venomously at her as she was wincing in
pain. "You're supposed to be my friend," said Lauren.

"I am your friend," Taylor responded.

"You are a selfish bitch!" snarled Lauren. "And now it's payback time." At
that moment, Daffney came downstairs -- fully nude -- and brought the
"supplies": a pair of belts and a pair of strap-on nine-inch dildos.
"Excellent," Lauren said with evil glee as she grabbed a belt and a strap-on.
"Taylor," she said, "take your clothes off...NOW!" With a defeated
expression, Taylor did as ordered and disrobed slowly and steadily. Daffney
delivered the first blow taking her belt and whacking her right on her back,
causing the young blonde to go down on her knees in pain.

"Nice!" Lauren exclaimed. She later turned her attention to the hurting
Taylor. "As long as you're down there, sweetie," she said, "how about you put
your lips to good use and give Daffney what she wants?" Without protest and
out of fear of what the psychotic pair might do to her, Taylor slowly crawled
towards Daffney and started pleasuring her orally--placing her lips softly on
the TNA scream queen's shaved snatch.

"Ahhh...ohh..AAAHHH!" Daffney shrieked as she felt Taylor's tongue inside her
wet pussy.."Ohhhh...that feels so good!" All the while, Lauren stood idly by,
watching her best friend pleasuring her new partner in crime and torment. "I
told you, Daff," she said, "she's a nasty little slut, isn't she?"

"Ohhh, yeah!" exclaimed Daffney. Lauren decided it was time that she had her
turn at Taylor, and halted their act by whacking the petite Canuck with her
belt. "Taylor," she said, "you've had your fun with her. Now come here and
satisfy my needs. And you better do a damned good job of it." Again without
reply, Taylor crawled closer to Lauren and began performing the same act on
her that she just did with Daffney. Unlike with Daffney, Taylor was enjoying
orally pleasuring Lauren. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for
Lauren herself.

"Is that all you've got?!" Lauren screamed at her submissive lover while she
continued her act. The longer Taylor continued and tried to pleasure her, the
angrier Lauren became. With one snap of her fingers, she gave the order for
Daffney to whip Taylor three more times on her bare back. The Canadian beauty
now had five red welts on her back, and she was in intense, agonizing pain.

"I can't believe you," Lauren said angrily. "You put more work into
pleasuring Daffney than pleasuring me...your best friend!" She snapped her
fingers once more -- signaling for Daffney to retrieve the strap-ons. Once
the diabolical duo placed the objects around their waists, Lauren picked up
Taylor and glared menacingly at the physically tortured young blonde. "So,
Taylor," she said, "do you have anything to say for yourself?"

A nearly exhausted Taylor replied, "Bring it, bitch." With that succinct
comment, Lauren turned Taylor around and forcibly inserted her apparatus
inside of her and started fucking her right in her tight ass. The back and
forth penetrations agonized Taylor...


...but her screams put cruel smiles on the faces of Lauren and Daffney.

"Shut up, bitch!" screamed Lauren. "You're not in any real pain. At least,
not yet." The evil blonde motioned for Daffney to come over, and she placed
her nine inches in Taylor's other narrow region. Now, the former Knockouts
Champion was on the receiving end of a tortuous act of double penetration.
"STOP!!" screamed Taylor, who was on the verge of bursting into tears.

"Aw, poor Taylor," Daffney said mockingly. "She wants us to stop. We're
hurting her."

"No, Daff," said Lauren, "Look at her. She doesn't want this to end. In fact,
I think she wants it harder! You know how rough these Canadian bitches like
it." The wicked pair denied Taylor's plea and fucking her harder...and
harder. Lauren continued working from behind, Daffney continued her
full-frontal attack, and Taylor continued screaming and crying.

"AAAAHHH!!! STOP!!!" the tormented Knockout shrieked. "Please...I'm begging
you." Lauren and Daffney not only ignored her, but both ladies licked and
tasted each tear that Taylor shedded in pure agony. "Oh, baby," said Daffney.
"Your tears taste so delicious."

"You are so right, Daff," said Lauren. "Especially when she's in such
terrible pain." Both Knockouts cackled maliciously at Taylor and the
punishment they were dishing out towards her. To Taylor's shock, Lauren and
Daffney pulled themselves out of her and removed their strap-ons. They licked
Taylor's sexual juices from their objects and made out with each other
passionately, while Taylor laid on the floor, physically hurt and still
wiping away her tears.

"So, Taylor," Lauren said smugly, "was it as good for you as it was for us?"
Taylor, exhausted and hurting, regained her composure and finally got back on
her own two feet. She slowly walked towards Lauren and stared a proverbial
hole into her. "I just have one question, Lauren," said Taylor. "Why?
Daffney, I can see -- she's a deranged psycho, but you? You're my best friend
and you hurt me -- physically and emotionally. I just want to know why."

"I don't have to answer you," Lauren coldly responded.

"Maybe you don't," Daffney chimed in, "but I will."

"Daff...," said Lauren.

"She's in love with you," continued Daffney, "but she was too scared to tell
you. So she called me and she and I decided to cook up this plan to lure you
here. so she can have her way with you. I never harassed her at all. It was
actually the other way around."

"That's enough, Daffney," Lauren said angrily. Taylor slapped the
tempermental blonde right in her face. "You lied to me," she said. "Why
couldn't you have just told me how you felt?"

"I tried," replied Lauren, "but right when I was about to, you wouldn't let
me. You just went on and on about your little problems. I got sick of it. So
I decided to force my way into your heart...among other parts." Lauren
snickered evilly as she and Daffney surrounded Taylor. "And if I had it to do
all over again," she added, "I'd do the exact same thing." Both blondes
kissed each other romantically, followed by a make-out session between Lauren
and Daffney. In a surprising turn, Taylor locked lips with Daffney as well.

"Next time," said Taylor, "bring longer dildos."

The End

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