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Win A 2 Day Vacation With Stephanie Contest Part 1
by Steph's Pink Skirt

Vince held a meeting with his daughter about making her character more
down to earth. He suggested she hold a contest where the winner would get to
spend 2 days in Hawaii with the billion dollar princess.

Steph thought it over and asked, "But dad, how will it affect my

Vince said, "Well, if we show some footage of the vacation, I assure you
the slut chants would dissappear instantly!"

Steph grinned and thought it over... soon she agreed to the vacation and
it was immediately announced on Raw that night.

Stephanie McMahon starred at her computer screen that night watching how
many people would enter the contest.

She was amazed when it was announced, 4,578 people already signed.


Stephanie McMahon was in her dressing room. Tonight she would meet the 3
finalist and will pick one.

Stephanie had on a tight short dress exposing lots of legs!! Her breasts
blowing out of the dress bra-less with nipples showing up. She had her hair
straight down and looked so hot. She also had high heels with just straps.

Stephanie waited till 10:00 to announce the winner.

As time drew closer Steph walked down the hallway walking so hot.

WWF Crew turned down and starred at Steph's hot ass as she walked by. Each
man pulling down their pants for some reason!

Stephanie reached the room on time and was greeted by the 3 contestants.

Contestant 1: A GEEK!! Short pants... ugly!

Steph knew right then he was hittin the curb. She decided, if she wants to
show she has taste, she would choose the best looking man.

Contestant 2: Well, built, black hair brown eyes... perfect smile... Steph
nearly melted but he was real shy.

Contestant 3: FREAK!! green hair... orange eyes... black lips... you get the

Steph thanked all 3 and declared #2 as the winner.

His name was Steve. Stephanie showed Steve around the backstage arena. She
led him to her locker room. She told him they are going to have a good time.
But she must get ready for the plane ride.

Steve sat in the living room type area of the room and watched Steph's ass
and legs walk to the bathroom. She locked the door... and he so excited. He
thought of Steph and NOW he gets to spend 2 days with her... in Hawaii!!

Steve sat there patiently when Steph walked out of the bathroom wearing
black leather pants and a black shirt. Her tits were so amazing in real

Steph said, "All set Steve, shall we?"

Steph had her hand ready and steve carried her bags and escorted her to a
limo. He watched as Steph bent over to get in the limo and nearly froze as
her sexy ass bumped into his private.

The limo drove off into the darkness and soon reached the airport. As
Steph and Steve boarded for first class. They asked for a special room.

These particular airplanes had small compartments with 2 seats, a TV, AC,
and food. The room was packed but Steve sqeezed in and Steph got in and
closed the door. The ac turned on and Steph let the TV on.

Steph asked, "How do you feel?H

Steve replied, "Nervous. I've never been this close to a girl before."

"I'll change that. I'm not what you see on tv. I like to be different."

"You know Steph I... I... think you have the sexiest body in the world!"
Steve began to sweat.

Steph smiled, "You know... no one has ever said that to me....thank you."

Steve was shaking nervously.

Steph said, "Would you like to see more of it?"

Steve froze and said, "Hell yeah!"

Stephanie locked the door to the small box.

Steph said, "I'll tell you what, tell me the truth... have you ever
kissed, had sex with or saw a naked girl?"

Steve embarrassed said, ""

Stephanie leaned over and kissed him on his cheek leaving some of her
lipstick on.

Steve smiled and got hard at the touch of her lips.

Steph said, "I'll tell you what Steve, I'll let you see a part of my body
right now.

Steve nearly choked at her voice.

Steph added, "If i can see one of yours..."

Steve agreed.

"Ok... so choose... common what do you want? Not every one gets a chance
to see..."

Steve was too scared to admit it.

"Ok... ok... since you never been close to a girl, I'll show you something
you never seen before."

Steph unzipped her pants and pulled them down to her knees. She stared at
Steve who was freaking out. Steph told him to be calm. She pulled down her
thong and exposed her sweet tan private to Steve. Steve froze and glanced at
stephanies billion dollar pussy.

Steph begged, "Touch it, please?"

Steve laid a hand on her pussy hair and scratched it. Steph moaned
slightly to his rub. He rubbed it and Steph made his fingers take a u-turn
straight INTO her pussy. Steve felt her warm pink pussy and jiggled his
fingers. He moaned as Steph's pussy got warm and drew sweat on him.

Steph told him he should be the happiest man in da world. Steve knew it
and closed his eyes. Steph moved his hand down her sexy leg and pushed away.
Steph said."I have to save the best for later."

She pulled off her thong and gave it to Steve. He began to lick it by
Steph's demands. Steph pulled up her pants and fixed her body.

"MY TURN!!" Steph alerted.

Steve put the thong away for safe keeping and knew what she wanted when
she began to stare at his zipper. Steve didn't argue and undid his belt and
pulled down his haines. Steve had a 7' inch leaking dick. Stephanie saw
bigger but asked how he could hold that monster! Steve blushed.

Stephanie felt "GOOD" again and sqeezed between his legs. Steve knew what
he was in for. Stephanie began to lap her tongue on his dick. He yelled loud
and hard as Steph sucked his dick tip hard and fast leaving spit on purpose.
She sucked his dick and he grunted and paced up as she choked on his dick.

Steve finally yelled loud and began breathing hard.

Steph released his dick and said, "Make a wish!" Steph then blew air on
his dick and he exploded cum all over the place. She laughed and noticed his
tears coming out.

Stephanie wanted dick tonight but she said, "Maybe you need practice
before you can handle the princess's treasure.

She smushed back to her seat and helped poor sore and tore Steve fix his
pants. He relaxed and loved the pain. He wanted her ass and pussy and tits
and legs... but he knew it wouldn't been long before he had her in bed!

part 2 coming soon...Lots of action..lots!!

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